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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Dances
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Feb 28, Sunday. The Sun conjuncts Jupiter around the time of Virgo Full Moon exact at 8:38 am Pacific time. This meaning the fullest waxing rise of the Moon was last night as the Moon will already have begun to wane by Moonrise tonight. The Full Moon is a fulfillment or fruition point and appears full for at least three nights, the night before the exact Full Moon, the night of and the night after. Once each year the Moon is Full in Virgo illuminating the ancient mysteries concerning the patterning of life, and the natural cycles and rhythms that helps us to know what time it is. Virgo also represents the archetypal mysteries of the Priest/Priestess whose primary function is to honor the sacredness of life through ceremonial celebration.

The brilliant work of the late Nicole Christine was dedicated to creating a safe and sacred container for awakening the Priest~ess within for those who desire to connect or reconnect with these mysteries. The Virgo archetype has the ability to function from the impersonal in dedication to a sacred function. In her book Temple of the Living Earth Nicole reminds us:

…Priestessing, past or present, honors all Life as sacred. The Priest~ess interfaces with life at the non-judgmental level of patterns, energy flows, and vibrational fields rather than the judgmental level of personality and issues…
From Celestial Timings
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