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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Dances
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March Daily Highlights by Cayelin K Castell

Mar 01, Monday. Mercury enters Pisces and Moon enters Libra passing 7 degrees SSW of Saturn tonight or tomorrow.
Mar 02, Tuesday. The Moon was conjunct Saturn late last night or early this morning depending on your time zone.
Mar 03, (3/3) Wednesday. Moon in Scorpio, Venus conjunct Uranus
Mar 04, Thursday. My Birthday! The Pisces theme with Mercury (6 Pisces) Jupiter (10 Pisces) Sun (14 Pisces) Uranus (25 Pisces) and Venus (26 Pisces) today and Chiron is entering Pisces April 20 for the first time in nearly 50 years. The asteroid Juno (5 Taurus) trines Pluto (5 Capricorn)
Mar 05, Friday. Moon moves into Sagittarius
Mar 06, Saturday. The nearly first Quarter Moon is passing 1.4 degrees NNW of Antares
Mar 07, Sunday. The First Quarter Moon (16 Sagittarius 57), Venus moves into Aries and trines Mars, Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Mar 08, Monday. Mercury is 1.1 degree SSE of Jupiter only 6 degrees from the Sun so not visible
Mar 09, Tuesday. Mars is 7.5 degrees SE of Pollux in the evening sky and the Moon is passing by the North Node (19 Capricorn)
Mar 10, Wednesday. Mars stations direct, The Moon moves into Aquarius
Mar 11, Thursday. Venus squares Pluto
Mar 12, Friday. The Moon is approaching Chiron and Neptune today exact tomorrow amplifying the Aquarian mysteries as well as the Chiron Neptune conjunction.
Mar 13, Saturday. Moon passes by Chiron and Neptune before entering Pisces
Mar 14, Sunday. Daylight Savings Time Begins in USA. Sun conjuncts Mercury (24 Pisces) and Moon passes 5 degrees NNW of Jupiter only 11 degrees from the Sun so most likely only visible in the morning sky with a low horizon line and binoculars.
Mar 15, Monday. The Ides of March known for the assassination of Julius Caesar. Pisces New Moon (25 Pisces 10) conjunct Uranus (26 Pisces) and passes 6 degrees NNW of Mercury only 1 degree from the Sun
Mar 16, Tuesday. Moon moves into Aries, Sun Uranus conjunct 26 Pisces.
Mar 17, Wednesday. St Patrick’s Day. The Moon is 6 degrees NNW of Venus 16 degrees from the Sun visible in the evening sky after Sunset. This is the first Venus Moon conjunction since Venus rose as an evening star last month and an important ceremonial point in the Venus cycle.
Mar 18, Thursday. Mercury opposite Saturn. The Moon moves into Taurus
Mar 19, Friday. Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox when the Sun crosses Zero Aries marking the magical balance between the hours of day and night. Also the Moon is visible approaching the Pleiades
Mar 20, Saturday. On this Equinox day the Moon occults the Pleiades visible in Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Panama
Mar 21, Sunday. The Sun opposes Retrograde Saturn meaning Saturn is rising as the Sun is setting. Plus the Sun trines Mars who just stationed direct on March 10. The Moon is 8.6 degrees N of Aldebaran about 69 degrees from the Sun in the Evening sky.
Mar 22, Monday. The Moon moves into Cancer crossing the center point of the Sacred Hoop and the Galactic Cross. Mars Sextiles Saturn
Mar 23, Tuesday. The Cancer First Quarter Moon (2 Cancer 42)
Mar 24, Wednesday. The Moon is visible approaching Mars (1 Leo) tonight with the exact conjunction in the early morning tomorrow.
Mar 25, Thursday. The Moon enters Leo at 2:39 am Pacific Time and catches up to Mars at 5:15 am Pacific. The Sun squares Pluto reminding us Pluto goes retrograde just about two weeks from now on April 6.
Mar 26, Friday. The Moon is visible approaching Regulus, the bright star marking the heart of the Lion
Mar 27, Saturday. The Moon moves into Virgo at about 4 am Pacific Time
Mar 28, Sunday. Daylight Savings Time begins for the European Union. The Moon is at perigee (closest approach to Earth) Mercury reaches (22 Aries) conjunct the fixed star Baten Kaitos, the belly of the whale
Mar 29, Monday. The Libra Full Moon (9 Libra) is always followed by Easter Sunday this year on April 4.
Mar 30, Tuesday. Passover Begins. Mars is apehelion or furthest from the Sun.
Mar 31, Wednesday. The Moon moves into Scorpio and Venus moves into Taurus
[link to shamanicastrology.com]
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