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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
GRB Detection Date: 10/03/02 19:53:06.42 UT
GRB Notice Date: Tue 02 Mar 10 19:54:34 UT
Center of Error Pattern RA: 195.344d {+13h 01m 23s} (J2000), Dec: +74.581d {+74d 34' 51"} (J2000),
Error Pattern Size (diameter arc min): 6 min
Distance to Sun: 110.03
Distance to Moon: 83.99
Type of Notice (see web page for details): Swift-BAT GRB Position
Comments from GCN: SWIFT-BAT GRB Coordinates. This is an image trigger. (The RATE_SIGNIF & BKG_{INTEN, TIME, DUR} are undefined.) A point_source was found. This does not match any source in the on-board catalog. This does not match any source in the ground catalog. This is a GRB. This trigger occurred at longitude,latitude = 119.60,-1.81 [deg].
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