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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Dances
Post Content
This Week's Moonscopes Forecast
For the week of March 7 to March 13

Sunday, Monday(*v/c-am): the Moon is in Sagittarius
Keep the expansive, playful energy of Saturday (see last week's forecast) going into the beginning of this week. Jupiter and Mercury are in a strong aspect (connection) to the Moon (square - in Pisces) and will add to the active mental atmosphere already in place. Trust deep hunches and flashes of intuition.

Monday pm, Tuesday, Wednesday(v/c-evening): the Moon is in Capricorn
The sign Capricorn likes to get down to business and to get things done. Saturn, the planet that rules (is closely associated with) Capricorn, is currently traveling through the sign Libra which likes to be imaginative and artistic. This Libra placement puts Saturn in a square aspect to the Moon. Venus, the planet that rules Libra, is currently traveling through the sign Aries. This puts it in a square aspect to both Saturn and the Moon. Creativity and practicality are simultaneously invigorated and moving along side by side.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday am(v/c): the Moon is in Aquarius
Mars is still running around in Leo and as such is in a sign opposite to the sign the Moon is in right now. Aquarius likes to be as inventive and ingenious as possible and this Martian energy will enliven that even more by kicking things into high gear.

Saturday pm: the Moon is in Pisces
Ok, time to wind down and treat yourself to some quiet time, some escape-from-the-world time. Let your mind wander into fantasyland and then just lay back and enjoy the view.

Check your astrology chart to find which house (section of your chart) has the current Moon sign on the cusp (the beginning edge) & apply Forecast information to that area of your life as well.
For example, the Moon is in Leo and one of the suggestions is to entertain - however Leo is located in the 12th house of your chart, which is an inward energy place...then have a small, quiet gathering. By contrast, if Leo is located in the 1st house of your chart, an outward energy place...have a party! Don't have an astrology chart? Click here .

It is interesting to note when the current Moon is in the same sign as your birth Moon and to see how the flavor of that day carries through the next 30 days.

Current Planet Positions:
Sun - Pisces, until Mar. 21
Mercury - Pisces, until Mar. 18
Venus - Aries, until Apr. 1
Mars - Leo, until June 7
Jupiter - Pisces, until Jan. 23, 2011
Saturn - Libra, until Oct. 6, 2012
(Virgo, Apr. 8, 2010 - Jul. 22, 2010)
Uranus - Pisces, until Mar. 12, 2011
Neptune - Aquarius, until Feb. 4, 2012
Pluto - Capricorn, until Nov. 20, 2024

Current Asteroid Positions:
Ceres - Sagittarius, until Oct. 9
(Capricorn, Mar. 20 - June 8)
Pallas - Scorpio, until Oct. 8
Juno - Taurus, until April 18
Vesta - Virgo, Nov. 20 - Aug. 10
(Leo, Feb. 17 - May 27)
Chiron - Aquarius, until Feb. 18, 2011

Current Asteroid Transits:
Ceres - Envelope and support an expanded world view.
Pallas - The focus is detachment & when, how, or where to use it.
Juno - Solid, steady relationships are priceless and worth every effort.
Vesta - Service to others with no complaints or regrets.
Chiron - Regeneration comes in unusual forms.

Note: Timeframes for Moon signs, void-of-course periods, and current planet & asteroid positions are noted for Eastern time zone (USA). Please adjust according to your own location. Times are not given if the void-of-course Moon occurs for a very short period or if it occurs during the night (based on Eastern time zone).

* v/c = Void-of-Course - When the Moon is void-of-course, spend time working on projects already in progress, creative endeavors, or self-improvement. Void-of-course simply means that no planets are aspecting the Moon. It's best not to start new projects, sign important agreements, or go shopping when the Moon is void-of-course because the result will probably be unsatisfactory in some way.

** Mercury Retrograde - the speed of the planet slows down considerably. Communications, paperwork, electronics, and traffic can become very mixed-up or delayed during this time. A situation will be in the process of changing, so wait until Mercury is direct to finalize anything. In general, maintain a slower, more cautious pace in daily affairs. Always allow at least two days before (to slow down) and after (to resume regular activities) a Mercury retrograde period. [link to www.moonscopes.com]
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