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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle EM
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Mar 13, Saturday. The Moon passes by Neptune (27 Aquarius 08) and Chiron (27 Aquarius 54) before entering Pisces. The critical mass of inspiration and hope that supported the planetary assemblage point shift with the announcement of the results of the 2008 presidential election on the 4th of November that year, at the time of the first Saturn opposition to Uranus, was instrumental in resetting the planetary Akashic Field also known as the Unified Field. Since that time, many shadow issues have come up for further transformation.

This has often felt disappointing and discouraging after such a beautiful outpouring of love that swept around the globe along with a sense of hope that had not been felt in a long, long time. Despite the appearances that seemingly are counter to all so many had hoped for the template was activated, the energy field was set and we are simply in a time of clearing ALL that is not in alignment with the mass shift in consciousness based in love and hope for humanity that took place at that time. The celebration was inspired by the election but the feelings and energy that created that assemblage point shift was not about politics it was about the vision and hope for a better world, because the political system isn't what is going to change this world. It is the feelings and actions of the people that will create the change. We still have 2 more Saturn Uranus oppositions. The first is April 27 and the last one is July 26.

It is more important than ever that we keep dreaming the dreams of a New Earth reality as our dreaming energy taps into and co-creates from the Akashic Field (the field of all possibilities) the place from where all creation arises. The Moon is amplifying the Chiron Neptune planetary initiation intended to heal the wounds that prevent us from fulfilling our divine destiny. Then as the Moon moves into Pisces the energies of compassion and mystical union with the divine that comes when we are trusting in and acting from our inner knowing are being transmitted over the next couple of days. From Celestial Timings
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