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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle EM
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[link to www.fredpajorden.se]

8 March - 27 March, what You can expect from this period of energy


This god is one of Omeotls four sons, he had many figures and many names. In his many different aspects he´s associated for example with the night sky, the winds that blow during the night, to the north, the earth, black obsidian, magic, shamanism, war and strife. He was seen as the god of change through conflict. He is called smoking mirror when he´s associated with shamanism and obsidian. Obsidian is used in shamanism to travel.

He is seen as the god of darkness.

According to myth, it was this god who, together with Quetzalcoatl created the Earth after they have killed the Earth Monster Cipactli, they tore her into pieces. In this battle Tazcatlipoca lost his one foot when the monster bit it off. From the different parts of the monster they created the mountains and valleys and the rest of the Earth's surface.

It was Tezcatlipoca who tricked Quetzalcoatl to drink Pulque so that he became drunk and made a terrible mistake.

He is associated with number 10, the energy to create reality of an idea. Challenge and patience.

Depending on the intention you have had with your desires for change, You will this period have every opportunity to get them to grow and become real. Show the energy that you want to create and make it grow.

From the darkness comes the light, be patient, everything has its time.

For you who have not managed to push away the dark past, there is now a huge opportunity to change your life. Use the energy to create and feel joy and spread it as much as possible in your life.

This is one of the most powerful energy periods, it is important that you have a positive clear intention this period.

Whatever you create this period will show in future periods.

This period is a good time to send a loving greeting to the near ones You no longer have in this life. You can get much help and love this way.

Thank You for reading.

 Quoting: Harmony 890447

Very timely -- thanks again afro
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