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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle EM
Post Content
Pisces New Moon:
Reinventing Ourselves
by Simone Butler

In 25 years of doing astrology, I have never seen a year as unpredictable as 2010. Systems are failing and people are freaking out. Earth changes are wreaking devastation. Yet all the while, new and improved forms are rising from the ashes. We are reinventing ourselves on every level - it's an exciting time to be alive! The changeable energies can be downright terrifying. Yet they enable us to throw off our false identities and become our authentic selves.

From Election Day, 2008 thru this August, chaotic Uranus opposes sensible Saturn. Uranus reflects the current destabilization of entrenched systems and panicked resistance to change as well exhilarating breakthroughs and new beginnings. This energy will accelerate in June, as Uranus and Jupiter (which magnifies everything it touches) make a preliminary foray into Aries to square Pluto. This sets off a firestorm of change which culminates in 2011-12. Uranus and Pluto last tangled in the 1960s; a similar cultural revolution is at hand. Only this time the stakes are higher, as consciousness races to its evolutionary peak.

© 2010 Simone Butler
All rights reserved
[link to www.mooncircles.com]
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