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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Dences
Post Content
The Galactic Times

Chiron, Neptune, Equinox and More ~ 15 March 2010

By accident I recently encountered another manifestation of the Chiron to Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. In as much as Aquarius intends to bring us all together and Neptune seeks to get everyone into the stew of humankind and aid humankind toward greater insight and consciousness, and given that Aquarius implies devices and systems electronic, this all amalgamates to sound like the presumed goal of the Internet. Add Chiron’s ability to present something that’s good for you and bad for you at the same time (like soaking up the rays of the Sun, using certain herbs to heal, cell phones), the Internet again comes to mind. True, we can now communicate with virtually everyone at any time at the speed of electrons and/or satellite signals - solar eruptions notwithstanding. We can more easily book travel, shop, pay bills and visit some quite cool astrological sites.

At the same time, the Internet has degraded work place productivity, created a way for people to post scathing opinions anonymously and create pseudo-identities. A rash of agenda-driven websites claim to be serving humankind with their lobbyist-ridden backing. Every week more and more links to YouTube “must sees” enter my mail box, as do invites to a number of new social networking sites guaranteed to specifically meet my demographic. The list of time consuming, negative clutter from the Internet thing I’d be chagrined not to have, now grows exponentially. With smart Internet phones bad drivers are worse. Sites like Chat Roulette (save time and do not go there) pollute the airwaves. Then there are all those damn solicitation e-mails that tell you why something about you is inadequate without what their superior stuff offers. All this works to inflame the less than ideal side of Chiron. And I still maintain that Eris, goddess of discord, with an extra sensitive button regarding inclusion, remains agitated and annoyed by the inclusion-exclusion criterion of social networking sites. Along this line, when Facebook shuts down the page of a poodle wearing a tin cap because the pooch competes with a polarizing radio and television pundit for more friends, things are askew.

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