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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Mar 20, Saturday. The Moon occults the Pleiades in the early morning hours just prior to the Sun moving to zero Aries on this Equinox day of equal day and night. [link to www.newgrange.com]

The Sun is the seasonal metronome of the Earth. Metronome comes from the Greek word metron meaning measure and nomos meaning rule or defined. Metronome then is a definite measure of time. The dictionary definition says it is a device used to mark time by means of regularly recurring ticks or flashes at adjustable intervals. Each year the Sun rises or sets along the horizon reaching due east and due west at the Equinoxes.

There are four primary Solar Gates each year when the Sun reaches the Solstice and Equinox points. Ancient cultures understood the importance of these gateways and aligned with them through ceremonial intent. As we remember our place as conscious co-creators it is vital we find ways to acknowledge and honor these ceremonial solar gates. This doesn’t necessarily mean adopting old ways. Rather it is about healthy finding the ways that have value and meaning now for the purpose of utilizing the energy of the Sun and the information coming in through these solar gates. The Sun is the source of light, life, energy, and health. We have been programmed to fear the Sun and how it ages us and causes skin cancer. However, the Sun carries vital life force and light information to our bodies and it is important to take time to enjoy the Sun at least a few minutes a day whenever possible. Sunlight helps to attune (or entrain) our bodies to the light frequencies of planetary ascension. It also aids in dispelling depression when used wisely. See more at link.
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