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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Dances
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Message from the Masters
March 17, 2010

Anshallah! Asi, Asi, Asi.
Greetings from the Light, With the Light and Within the Light!
We have spoken to you previously regarding the opening of the seven star gate systems that are opening over your coming time. It is that in this now, that the energies have escalated and the Lenhe, the Aetnalin, the Urnallum systems are opening concurrently. The openings of these began in a staggered way with first the Lenhe aperture beginning to unfold, then three weeks later the Aetnalin and this week the Urnallum.
This is a trinity of star gate systems that are connected to passageways throughout reality. With their openings come great waves of energy that affect each of you as if you have been caught in a cosmic wave that carries you unfettered. Since each of you is harmonized throughout creation with aspects in every facet of reality you are greatly affected. As the systems open the doors to greater reality, their veils and your cognizance of greater remembering is opening too.

These star gate systems are connected by vast corridors throughout creation that can carry your consciousness into yet unknown areas of experience and awareness. With this comes first the feeling of blankness, as if your words will not come, your thoughts taper off, forgetfulness and general confusion at times. This is a brief occurrence.
As the electromagnetic forces affect your thinking processes that also signal within your DNA rememberings of your beginnings, your journeys throughout time and your abilities to connect directly with your multi-dimensional aspects to work in unison as fully realized beings who care created from all things as all things are created of you.
At the same time that your awareness is opening, so are your emotions. You will have days during which you feel completely out of balance, tears will flow and anger will arise. This is the releasing of more that you had hidden from yourselves. You will wonder where the grief originates. It is cosmic. That which is the perception that things have been and continue to be out of balance and the original source parts of you thrive to set this right. To find the balance within you hearts and souls, within the world in which you live and beyond.
This may seem at times to be impossible. You may feel insignificant in your being as one tiny drop in an infinite soup. You must know that your consciousness is the consciousness of the whole. Whether you realize this in the forefront or your sub consciousness, that which is you, your consciousness is always connected and therefore part of the greater One. What you feel, what you know, what you think are all communicated to all of creation. As the star gate systems reopen all of your communications are being sucked into the corridors, telling creation of your collective experiences. And the balance wrestles with the imbalance.
As a collective you are sending mixed messages into creation. Many of you are afraid of the coming times. There is no reason for this. Some of you feel powerless and insignificant. Still no reason. Others of you wish for change but do not know how to act on this. There is no reason for your silence or your stillness. These are merely human perceptions that cause you to miss out on the fullness of your lives, the very journeys of your souls.
The perceptions that you have developed are based largely upon the comments or opinions of others around you. You are not them or the creation of them. They are you, and together with you aspects of the greater One doing the best that they know to have their own journeys. Rise beyond the need for validation. Rise above the need to be something or someone who is simply significant for in that narrow perception comes limitation. The limitation of your perceptions that you are anything but perfect.
Rise beyond the need to stand out. By your lack of need you canít help but shine. By your refusal to be in compliance, to fit, to be understood, you are light years beyond that which had mired you in your neediness. As a unique being in all of creation you are not only beautiful but also entirely contributive to the outcome of the coming times.
The power of you stands in harmony with all of reality and has no need to justify, to judge, to force an outcome, instead by living it the outcome gently comes to the forefront and all other possibilities fade into what might have been.
This is the power of you. The light that shines in each of you. That which is the source, which lives within you and cannot die. Step aside from impossibility. It does not exist except in opinion and lack of motivation. Whatever you desire is possible. Whatever you need is given if you are willing to receive it.
As these times escalate you will find that not only you are changing in balance, so is your Earth. As part of dense reality it is also required to balance. We have stated this previously. You have seen of late as the star gate trinity unfolds that your planet responds with reorganizing the dispersal of her weight. She has shaken, she has moved, and in that the electromagnetic emissions that have occurred have causes great anomalies in your weather patterns. Major storms. Huge amounts of rain or snow or none. Winds that cleanse the air and are at the same time destructive to that which you have built or that which is unstable. Take note of this. The more stable each of you becomes in your very being, the more stability you will witness around you.
[link to lightworkers.org]
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