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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
V407 of Cygnus
The March 2010 Unprecedented
Stellar Explosion in Cygnus

An Astronomical & Astrological Exploration
Nick Anthony Fiorenza
Copyright © 2010 Nick Anthony Fiorenza, All Rights Reserved

The Astronomy & Astrology of V407 Cygni's Stellar Explosion

V407 Cygni is a "symbiotic variable" star, which are close interacting binaries (pairs of stars) usually containing a red giant star and a hotter, smaller white dwarf star. Binaries often orbit a common center of gravity and nest inside a shared nebulosity of stellar dust.
An unusually bright and unexpected outburst from what was thought to be a rather mundane and slightly variable star in the constellation Cygnus was detected by two Japanese astronomers, Koichi Nishiyama (Fukuoka, Japan) and Fujio Kabashima (Saga, Japan), in images taken on March 10, 2010 (10:48 UT). An independent discovery of this outburst was also made by Tadashi Kojima. This indicates a slow nova outburst that may have been in progress since 1936. This article explores the timely discovery and significant placement of V407 in Cygnus and sidereal Aquarius.

A Nova or any type of stellar explosion, such as that occurring with V407 of Cygnus, brings attention to, excites, and energizes the zodiakal longitude of the stellar burst. V407 Cygni lies in the northern heavens along the galactic equator just past the primary star, Deneb, of Cygnus (06° 31' past Deneb and 01° 30' south of Deneb, in ecliptical longitude and latitude). This close proximity to Deneb brings a significant emphasis to the astrological qualities of Deneb of Cygnus.

Lying in the northern heavens upon the galactic equator we find Cygnus the Swan, also called the Northern Galactic Cross. Deneb, tail of the swan, is the principal star of Cygnus and marks the top (head) of the northern galactic cross. Like Sadr, heart of the swan, Deneb lies along the galactic plane, but is quite close to the most northern point along the galactic plane--the primordial origin--which marks the location of Earth's pole at the start of Earth's ~25,000-year precessional cycle. This is a point of unity consciousness in the "evolutionary cycle of the soul," which is created by Earth's precessional cycle. This is where Earth's pole lies at rest, infused in the plane of galactic light. Deneb is the first primary star that Earth's pole encounters as Earth's pole lifts itself from its slumber in Earth's precessional cycle. It thus is the messianic head of the precessional Cycle of the Holy Cross--of the evolutionary cycle of the soul. Administrative Deneb, a star more than a hundred times the diameter of our Sun, with a very high luminosity, governs the first of the seven heavens (evolutionary epochs) in the Earth's precessional cycle. Deneb embodies our unadulterated androgynous pure soul essence before fragmentation into race, sex, or creed. Deneb inspires us to stand in the awareness of our pure soul essence, in this wholeness and to participate from the maturity of unity consciousness, unbiased and beyond the segregations and categorizations common to modern-day mass-consciousness.

The zodiacal longitude of V407 Cygni enters sidereal Aquarius at the "Angel Point" of the zodiak--the center of the sidereal sign of Aquarius. V407 Cygni exactly conjoins Hydor and Lambda of Aquarius. It also conjoins the very southern star Alpha Hydra.

Aquarius is of vision and creativity, revolutionary and unpredictable, original, eccentric and innovative. Aquarians support "the future well being of Humanity." They are visionaries seeking to support humanitarian pursuits especially in the arts and sciences, an evolved societal structure, that which the nourishing flowing waters of the Waterbearer are intended.

V407 Cygni's zodiacal longitude emphasizes the essence of revolutionary and humanitarian Aquarius. Hydor, Lambda Aquarius, lies in and guides the stream of the flowing waters of the humanitarian waterbearer. Hydor (which simply means water), like the stars of the urn from which the waters flow, Sadalmelik, Sadachbia, Seat, Zeta and Eta, is a star of fortuity. This zodiacal location is also related to Varuna, goddess of the water's of life, and who invites us to allow nature's way to weave its course. Directly conjoining Hydor of Aquarius is Alpha Hydrus (not to be confused with Hydra). Classically, Alpha Hydrus is the tail of Hydrus, yet some modern renderings show it as the head. Hydrus is a very southern constellation, lying at the south ecliptic pole. As such, it is of the soul collective's fundamental essence--a protogenoi of life, specifically the fundamental nourishing primordial waters from which life emerges. Alpha Hydrus articulates our fundamental basic needs of life--that which the entire human family requires for its basic existence--the needs of the people to live--that which should be denied to none.

V407 Cygni's longitude also lies exactly between the Perihelion of Orcus, one of our newly discovered planets (compliment to Pluto), which lies in Pegasus, and the exalted zodiacal location of Neptune in Aquarius. Thus, V407 Cygni also resonates with the astrological qualities of Neptune and Orcus.
[link to www.lunarplanner.com]

``` :v407:
Illustration: V407 Cygni Nova
An artists rendering of a symbiotic recurrent nova.
Image credit: David A. Hardy & PPARC
(The Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council).
PPARC and CCLRC recently merged to form the "Science and Technology Facilities Council" U.K.

V407 Cygni is a "symbiotic variable" star, which are close interacting binaries (pairs of stars) usually containing a red giant star and a hotter, smaller white dwarf star. Binaries often orbit a common center of gravity and nest inside a shared nebulosity of stellar dust.

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