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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Mar 24, Wednesday. The Moon is visible approaching Mars (1 Leo) tonight. The exact conjunction will be tomorrow morning and the Moon will be visible beyond Mars tomorrow night. This is the first Moon conjunction with Mars since Mars went direct earlier this month. On January 29/30 the Full Moon rose with Mars marking the beginning of a new 26 month Mars cycle featuring the quest for greater expressions of healthy self-love. Mars stationed direct on March 10th at zero Leo and remains in Leo until June 7, 2010. This Moon Mars conjunction represents the first test or task of the current quest. The process of self-forgiveness though often difficult is necessary to experience genuine self-love.

Who do you need to forgive besides yourself? Is there anyone you are blaming for unfair and tragic events in your life? Are you angry, frustrated, sad, grieving or some other emotion that you haven’t given yourself permission to fully feel? Do you need to find a quiet safe place to express rage, hurt, frustration, or some other extreme emotion, for the purpose of releasing it?

Can you acknowledge your failure, or the failure of others, to live up to your expectations? Can you take responsibility for your experience, your feelings, your life, and the path of destiny that is yours to follow? Can you give back to those who have hurt you, responsibility for their own life and what they are co-creating without your judgment or expectations of what you think that should be like? Can you let go of the need to punish or get revenge?

As already stated letting go of expectations and the sense of revenge or justice brings a sense of peace and well-being. The energy of revenge and justice hold a space within our being. So once this is released that space is now empty and ready to be filled with love and joy by whatever imagery or practice works for you. This fits with the Ho’oponopono statements that start with I love you. The love is directed toward yourself and anyone or anything you are forgiving. It is as simple as asking love to fill it.
From Celestial Timings
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