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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Key of Mystery - Emerald Tablet 8

List ye, O man,
to the depth of my wisdom.
Speak I of knowledge hidden from man.
Far have I been
on my journey through SPACE-TIME,
even to the end of space of this cycle.
Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
lying in wait for he who would pass them.
In that space where time exists not,
faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles.
Move they only through angles.
Free are they not of the curved dimensions.

Strange and terrible
are the HOUNDS of the Barrier.
Follow they consciousness to the limits of space.
Think not to escape by entering your body,
for follow they fast the Soul through angles.
Only the circle will give ye protection,
save from the claws

Once, in a time past,
I approached the great Barrier,
and saw on the shores where time exists not,
the formless forms
of the HOUNDS of the barrier.
Aye, hiding in the midst beyond time I found them;
and THEY, scenting me afar off,
raised themselves and gave the great bell cry
that could be heard from cycle to cycle
and moved through space toward my soul.

Fled I then fast before them,
back from time's unthinkable end.
But ever after me pursued they,
moving in strange angles not known to man.
Aye, on the gray shores of TIME-SPACE'S end
found I the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
ravening for the Soul
who attempts the beyond.
[link to www.crystalinks.com]

Hounds of the Bell: Ghost Dogs of the Matrix

Before the massive rapid ascension of Earth in 2006, pulling the rest of the cosmos along with it, humanity was held in a very dense matrix guarded by the Hounds of the Bell. These hounds sustained the prison bars of ideology. They prevented anyone from leaving the matrix by keeping man in the physical through imposing dense and materialistic belief systems. As Almine says, "Whenever something's not fully lived, it has a habit of repeating itself". And so we have come yet again to that realm of the Disc of Life, poised to cross the wrinkle in time. Reminiscent of the times prior to 2006, we now face the ghosts of the Hounds of the Bell.

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