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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
October 15 New Moon – Dare To Shine

The new Moon of October 15 is at 22º Libra, on the brilliant fixed star Spica in constellation Virgo and opposite dare-devil Eris. With this Moon we find a brave new method of addressing the issues brought up at the September “Hope & Glory” full Moon. That last moon, although optimistically titled, was actually pretty challenging since it was igniting the extremely flammable Uranus square Pluto. We still have the soothing Ceres/Saturn/Neptune trine for protection, but instead of that harsh Moon aspect to the Uranus square Pluto, we now have a harmonious trine from Mars.

Mars gives a kick up the arse to potentially complacent trines, which should bring determination to resolve any matters that the hope medicine of the Ceres/Saturn/Neptune grand trine may have overlooked. Grand trines can be a buffer, but can also make things so comfy that one may inadvertently become complicit in so called “evil deeds” simply through inertia and turning a blind eye. You have to look at the planets involved. Yes, positively these planets can be sweet hopes and dreams. But Neptune can be an escapist lush, Ceres indulgent and Saturn slow as snails. Leave all three lumps in front of a cinema flat screen with a vat of beer and we can wave bye-bye to the Uranus square Pluto revolution. So I am very glad to see that energetic Mars trine Uranus, but most of all I am frothing at the bit for this new Moon opposite Eris!
[link to darkstarastrology.com]

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