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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The NEW Coming Online
Oct12 by Denise

First was the difficult, dark and painful transmuting and integrating of the old lower frequency negative stuff, then secondly, the many-layered embodying (in our bodies, in Earth, and in the different dimensions) of the NEW higher frequencies and much more complex blueprints; new higher frequencies and much more complex energies being transmitted to Earth’s electromagnetic field and new planetary grids; new energetic systems; growing higher consciousness; more Light and less density and so on for the NEW Evolutionary Cycle that’s about to begin for the ascended Earth/Humanity. Exciting times…and all of you deeply exhausted, beat-up, traumatized, battle-weary First/Second/Third Wavers need to dust yourselves off now and take a good look around because Phase One is finished (and very well done everyone) and we’re deep within Phase Two and it will be easy and fast compared to what we’ve already done! Honest.
[link to deniselefay.wordpress.com]

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