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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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When either of the inner planets (Mercury and Venus) changes signs, there is a subtle shift in our interior life. It's remarkable that they both change signs this Sunday leaving Scorpio and Virgo for Sagittarius and Libra respectively. They have been traveling two signs apart for the past couple weeks marking an easy inner flow where thoughts and reactions harmonize. Mercury retains his sharp point moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius, but he nows looks up and ahead rather than down and inward. Venus leaves off critiquing friend and foe alike in Virgo to become a peacemaker in Libra. They shift from water and earth signs to fire and air signs; we should be able to feel a lift and a breath of warm, sometimes hot, air. Sunday's VOID Moon (until 11:15pm/2:15am) should provide an opportunity to slow down and notice this shift in internal energy.

On Monday there is a Full Moon in Taurus which brings the usual high contrast - high energy of a Full Moon. There is a focus on money matters, talent, personal power, and what we hold dear and close. With Mercury making a one-day square to Neptune, the usual grounding of a Taurus Moon may be tested by our thoughts (Mercury) having a tendency to leap to conclusions and magnify the small into the great. Then the Moon begins her long VOID odyssey in the afternoon.

After this Full Moon, the lunar cycle moves into a period of eclipses: Solar Eclipse November 13, and Lunar Eclipse November 28. Eclipse time is like an extra-strength Full Moon more or less continuously accelerating matters and people to extremes. Breakthroughs and breakdowns happen. Those directly affected find their limits, and some go beyond. Coming in the financial sign of Scorpio, we can expect some chaos in markets and economies for the next month.

We are mooing in our foggy pastures under the VOID Taurus Moon for almost 36 hours from Monday afternoon until midday Wednesday when the Moon enters Gemini. Mercury is the Gemini energy source and he's slowing down to go retrograde next week. So this is a "last chance" to take care of Mercury/Gemini matters. Contractual language, explanations, and major decisions should be carefully studied, reviewed and made or delayed until late November when Mercury resumes "normal"motion.

Adding to the growing confusion, Venus passes opposite Uranus Thursday and activates the Uranus - Pluto square in our personal lives from Thursday through Saturday when Venus finishes the T-square. This will bring pressure and opportunities to transform our relationships: weeding out the outgrown and parasitic, making space for growth and evolution. Those whose horoscopes connect to the current positions of Venus, Uranus, or Pluto will find themselves in "actor" roles under strong pressure to change. The rest of us may marvel at those sudden changes from the sidelines.

Meanwhile the Moon goes VOID again all day Friday, so the interpersonal house cleaning should be worked on on Thursday or postponed until Saturday when the Moon enters Cancer.

On Saturday, a busy Moon reactivates the Venus, Uranus, or Pluto T-square after connecting with Saturn and Neptune. Our feelings are both powerful and clear. No pastels. We may have strong "gut" reactions to people and places. These should be trusted and heeded. If it feels bad, leave; if it feels good, embrace it.

LONG VOIDS: all day Sunday, Monday 2pm through all day Tuesday until 11:40am Wednesday: 34 hours, and then all day Friday.

Sunday October 28, 2012 Aries -> Taurus Moon

The Moon is VOID all day until 11:15pm/2:15am, but both Mercury and Venus change signs and Mars is exactly opposite Jupiter. We "feel" something has changed inside us. Lighter somehow.

Monday October 29, 2012 Taurus Moon

The Taurus Moon is Full at 12:49pm/3:49pm with Mercury square Neptune. Beware of false money schemes and those who promise easy financial solutions to complex problems. More so after the Moon goes VOID at 2:01pm/5:01pm.s

Tuesday October 30, 2012 Taurus Moon

The Moon is VOID in Taurus ALL DAY, so if you see an opportunity, wait until tomorrow to act on it.

Wednesday October 31, 2012 Taurus->Gemini Moon

The VOID period ends at 11:40am/2:40pm when the Moon enters Gemini and makes a T-square with Mercury and Neptune. Nerves are hair-triggered, trivia can seem important.

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