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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Planet Alert Newsletter
November 2012

To be part of this higher frequency Earth you need to be manifesting love through your heart chakra. The brain in our hearts is much more powerful than the brain in our heads. Actually we need to connect our other two brains (head and solar plexus) with our heart brain and manifest love. Love is the glue that holds our universe together and is composed of Adamanatine particles. This is the smallest particle in our universe. We can call these particles to us and collect them in our heart so we can manifest more love.

The sacred heart is your magnetic center as well as your source of higher intelligence and your very life force. The very center of your life is a great and powerful magnet. This means you can draw a lot of Adamanatine particles to you to create what you choose to experience. This is what the Bible means when it says to find the kingdom of God within and then all else will be given unto you.

Power, control, and negativity does not work anymore. You cannot fight the force and come up the winner. You need to flow with the force and let life work for you. Judge not, or else you will be judged. Do not criticize or you will be criticized. Do not complain or you will have challenges. That is how the law works. More at link
[link to us2.campaign-archive2.com]

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