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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle HarmonyH
Post Content
Somebody called me ?

Wow which way is up which way is down....

LOL if we weren't paranoid before today certainly made me feel
like I was crazy .... but then again ... it's just a matter of letting GO .... of ALL ATTACHMENTS ....

Rough but so liberating at the same time --- I feel awesome now so light and flying all over the place not so much this past weekend or this morning ....

If my thoughts could kill I could have ... Sorry for the those thoughts and for all involved in them ...but I am still part human....

Luv you gals just doing lots of clearing the road so those behind us can follow ---- Sometimes I want to tie them up and pull them into the road but I know the more light and clearing I do the more likely they will see the road/path. At this moment I am looking back n loving the nice clear path I've done and for the first time in a long time I looked to my right n left and two paths were semi-cleared in front of me then there is space to clear a third road... Hmmm need time to sit back and feel which way
It would be nice to stop for a while but then again...

Gals Are you ready for this ........ today I saw birds flying North not south what the heck many many birds - like the magnetic field was very upside down ...

Hang on to your hats because the winds of change are HERE
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