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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Gabriel
Post Content
This is crazy

I live in central florida - I am sitting in front a window facing east and now they are flying North East

what the heck for the past 1/2 ...

Oh then i saw one lonely one do an about face and go back south all alone ...oh my onow they are going in circle bumping into each other so many of them ok I am going to stop looking out the window this is upsetting me to much ...

they look so terrified so many of them -- I don't want to post in the main thread because of the chills ...but this is very weird very weird -- there is no strom coming which usually makes them act weird the clouds look like they stopped moving almost looks like time is standing still if you look at the sky at this moment... just wanted to share...

will post when movements has return to my sky

luv to all
 Quoting: HarmonyH 16629794

Its the kind of birds they are... not just the direction
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