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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle HarmonyH
Post Content
Thanks guys

but the weather & then some manipulating where I like to honey moon is really getting me rattled... anyway the birds are all gone and I've been here 15 years and never saw them like that...

I asked for a sign so I guess that was it ! Anyhow , be on alert
kids are playing with the toys in a very rough matter...

Lo que sera sera but we need more time ... this month is
about our inner turmoils and if we don't fix them they turn up in the physical one...

There is a power struggle via 3 parts like a triangle

yet the 4th one is the one that will take everything by surprise if The vibrations are correct.

Stay calm , strong, centered we are the price my friends
we are the price ... don't listen to the "they want to kill us all"
disinfo... but ....

Regarding fluffy n the ribbon and ....
We are actually being pushed out of the space in our galaxy that we have been stuck in for a while...we were suppose to be there and then take an exit a long long time ago ...instead we had been manipulated pushed around in loops and turns like a maze when we got close ....pushed out again...

so now we have help trying to push us in the path out --but the one that has been keeping us in well ... you understand tug a war however one is more powerful then the other -- plus an old friend " Carina" is giving a huff n puff to help us as well...

so much going on ... around us in space and we are being protected somehow not feeling the real consequences that should be happening to our beautiful planet.

We will shift but we don't know which direction we will come out of the cloud we have been in --- like the birds which way do we go .... were trying to tell me ... well the planet knows which way to go but the manipulation confuses her. ( it could be a slight shift and we will get some shaking n baking and start over or ..... The sun She is going through a big change this is also part of the math problem or answer which ever way it goes. Don't worry about going down to south america or hiding in the bunkers -- this is one size fits ALL t-shirt .

I only write ever so often and probably will go silent again for a long time --- but remember your sovereignty it is of the up-most importance !

Remember - you are very very important in the game - no matter what role you might be think you are playing ... you are
a daughter/son of THIS Universe and extremely special.

- with Love, Wisdom and Harmony

for the beat goes on....
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