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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Snipets from this. stars

The Earth-Keeper Chronicles

2013 - Year One of the New Earth

The Magnificent Beginning

We will first tell you the Ascension of the Planet will indeed occur. You have made it so. But we want to clarify it is the graduation of the Planet Earth, an expansion into 12 Dimensions that has taken place.

And in 2013, the Earth is in the new format that will allow for the prophesized 'Return'. But the much talked about 'Contact' will not occur in the 3d way you may think. Rather will it be humanities ability to rise lucidly, ascend consciously into higher dimensions. That is how contact will occur. It is no longer a planet in which the benevolent teachers must physically manifest into 3d in order to assist.

All in Time
It will take a few more years. But it begins in 2013.

Now accordingly, the vast majority of humanity will not see any immediate change on the Earth. They woke on December 22, 2012, and said "What was the big deal?"

2013 is a period then scheduled for the code-carriers to begin stitching these points together, in a hemispheric to global modality. Of particular importance is for the Code Carriers to blend the energies of that termed the northern hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Certain key apexes in the south such as Patagonia, Uluru, Easter island, and Kilimanjaro will be anchored to the New Firmament over the coming years

The New Firmament Begins in 2013
We have spoken to you previously about the spawning of the new Planetary Firmament. This will externalize as two elliptical bands of iridescent frequencial arches that will encircle the earth as it did eons ago. One of these is a highly refined Electro-Magnetic in resonant synergy and emits a golden hue. The other is Crystalline, and emits a bright platinum coloration.

These will revolve above the 144 double-penta dodecahedron of the 144 Grid. In highly technical terms, , the firmament will perform the function of transducing supra-crystalline frequency oscillations in a piezoelectric step-down to interface the grid, thus enabling full circuitry integration of the gamma-crystalline energies of the Unified Field from Tula, the Great Central Sun. In more understandable terms, the firmament will transform powerful celestial energy waves into a benevolent form that can be more easily received on the EarthPlane

Now, the initial phase of anchoring the new Firmament will begin on the March Equinox of 2013.

You see many of you are only truly awakened from your future into past roles in 2011 and 2012. And that was by design. The time gates of those two years were trigger points for the work you take on from 2013 to 2038. You see the New Firmament complete in your year of 2038. Is it not written in the Pyramids? Indeed your Edgar Cayce alluded to this year of 2038. It is another major benchmark in the Ascension of mankind.
Some of you will not be physically present for 2038, but you will have key missions in assisting those being called for this duty. You will provide the pre assemblage in connecting anchor points and you will inspire the seekers of Crystal Children for the 2038 completion of the New Firmament.

 Quoting: Dances

Damn...2038 here we come abduct



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