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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
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Hello Dances and Harmony :) It's me Angels...yes I took the step and deleted my glp account. Feels good actually...as this part of my life on glp is coming to a close. The energies are so intense and it just feels as if one chapter closed...and another is beginning..

I can't stay away from your thread though Dances...for some reason...this is the only safe place for me on glp...not even my own threads feel safe...too many friggin eyes watching...that's another reason why I deleted the account amoung others lol but honestly I have no regrets about it. Now I can breathe...and besides I called for the end didn't I? lmao...

Anyway...I wanted to say hello and hope you both are doing good. Love you guys...have a good night...and I don't know about you two...but my head has been spininning for days now...it's like it will stop for a few hours and then start up again...it's not the easiest thing trying to just be with it chuckle oh well...tomorrow is another day :) Talk to you soon!

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