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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Today the Moon is in Aquarius, beckoning each of us to 'see' our Future Self, to know who we truly are. Almost a week ago we experienced that massive Super Solar Eclipse in the most private sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio (21 degrees and 57 minutes). How many of you have been experiencing even more levels of Fear, Anxiety, Depression, the inability to move forward this past week?

Today the Moon is in a flowing ease with Jupiter (Rx in the data gathering sign of Gemini) asking us to ASK WHY - expand the truth here please! - of the root of those fears, anxieties, depression and deep deep sadness. Today's Moon is also squaring off to Mercury (Rx and also in Scorpio) ruler of Gemini, causing deep deep tension and stress to focus inward, and downward, into those inky depths of emotional pain and ASK WHY: what do I need to know about myself right now? What IS IT that I am missing the information of? What is causing all this emotional pain, this need to hide away and not show myself? What is it that I am fearing to face? Where am I in all of this?

These Rx (Retrograde) planets bring the cosmic messages energetically inward, down down down deep into those uncharted emotional waters. Stay WITH those fears, keep moving ever downward until you 'see' or 'get' the insight you seek. We hold ALL the knowledge and information and wisdom deep within us. Now we need to use the COURAGE (Aries) to Free ourselves (Uranus) to know (Gemini) that which we have been afraid to know until today.

The knowledge of today will open you up to heights never before experienced (or, not remembered in many many thousands of years). Today as we gently ALLOW ourselves to float on down into those truths, we realize the main truth: TRUST. How well are you TRUSTING in yourself? Trusting that YOU know the way forward already? Trusting that YOU have ALL the answers already? Trusting that YOU are the beacon of Light that will 'see' the way forward every moment of your day?

This is a KEY theme and gift from Scorpio and all the planetary energies from last week's Solar Eclipse that have been working on us diligently ever since (and will continue to do so for these next 6 months to 3.5 years!). TRUST is the key now: that YOU are Divine; that YOU and your particular gifts are needed now, to be shared with others; that YOU KNOW who you truly are!

Today's Moon in Aquarius is alerting us all to embrace our Future Self, to TRUST we have future knowledge about ourselves that is needed on a deep deep level to heal that which has been buried and repressed far too long. TRUST.IN.YOURSELF. ALWAYS!

YOU already know the actions to be taken, the words to be spoken, the LETTING GO that needs to be taken action on! LET GO OF THE FEAR OF NOT KNOWING, OF NOT TRUSTING, OF NOT ALLOWING the Light to shine on through, from deep within YOU. YOU DO KNOW, YOU are Light and Unconditional Love and Compassion, Always.

TRUST is the theme from this recent Solar Eclipse - and Solar means taking action; occurring in Scorpio, it means diving deep within your emotional baggage to 'SEE' what you couldn't see before now. Take the time and space to suss out why you are feeling depressed, afraid, angry, anxious - and unearth that root information in order to TRANSFORM and Rebirth YOU!

This year of 2012, so far, has actually been 10.5 years worth of Soul / emotional growth! All of us have been through amazing experiences, letting go of past karmic relationships (that impact current relationships) that in turn created voids and identity crisis issues that in turn led to this past week's eddying into some of the last deeply held fears we had no idea we were still hanging onto!

These last weeks of 2012, with the Cosmic energies of the North Node, Mercury Rx, and Saturn all in Scorpio, all point to us allowing ourselves to JUST.LET.IT.GO! Your need to hang on tight, to control people and circumstances and emotions and thoughts (mostly due to Fear of the Unknown) - LET.IT.GO! ALLOW the Love Light of the Mother/Father Godhead to surround you with the Universal abundance that IS our Spiritual birthright. No time to waste - allow yourself an hour or so to delve down deeply, face that fear of knowing your Inner Truth - take Action - DO IT NOW!

AND: Trust that you are on the right path, you do know your next steps, and that the Universe, and the rest of us, will be there to catch you if you fall.

[link to www.starseekerconnection.com]

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