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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

From Astrosparkles

***ASTRO ALERT*** - OK, so I'm not normally this dramatic - but having just been in it, I can officially confirm that the chaos predicted earlier has well and truly begun. Two main players in this but a host of others lending a hand. Let's start with MARS sitting between 4-5 degrees CAPRICORN. He's currently square URANUS in Aries - so there's a very fiery feel to all of this energy. It's qui
ck, it's unpredictable, it's hair trigger - and given Mars rules tempers, cars, sex drive, aggression and violence, you need to be alert - because if its going to happen, it's going to happen very quickly and unexpectedly. The trigger point is now in play with the MOON now also in ARIES and building to her conjunction with Uranus which will then re-trigger this square through the next few hours - and bring a huge emotional content to it. And then we have the supporting cast - Mars is sextile to the left with CHIRON in PISCES and sextile to the right with SATURN in SCORPIO - and really, that kind of smacks of accidents, particularly aggro, burns, cars and broken bones. The other big player in all of this is MERCURY, currently stationing direct - and whenever Mercury stations, chaos follows. Add absentmindedness to the rocket fuel that is Mars/Uranus and you really do have a boiling cauldron ready to spill - I've already heard about a 100 car pile-up in Texas where two people lost their lives, I've heard about a broad daylight shooting in Sydney - and I've been on the road where people seem to be making up the rules - their rules - as they go. And all this with America's famous Black Friday's sales around the corner. Of course, if you can harness this dynamic energy then bravo to you and prepare to reap the rewards of catching a dragon, otherwise, be aware, be as alert as you can considering the Mercurial circumstances - and take it easy out there - because this is Martian energy overload
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