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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Nov 29, Thursday. The Sun (7 Sag) is within 3 degrees of Antares and will be exactly with Antares on December 1 and 2. Each year the Sun travels within 6 degrees of Antares from November 25 to December 8 acting illuminating the Antares stargate portal. The ancients saw the Sun as a doorway so even though we canít see Antares at this time of year when you look toward the Sun it is the portal or doorway of the golden gate of ascension that is open at this time. Some ancient cultures saw this as the place where souls exit this reality and this is the time of year when the doorway is open and those who have passed can go up and out.

Nov 30, Friday. The Moon is on the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge exact at 5:55 am as it enters Cancer. This is a great time to see the Moon at the center of the Sacred Hoop of Stars where the Summer Solstice Sun rises.

When the Moon passes this part of the sky it is transmitting inter-galactic information and cosmic vibrational frequencies from beyond our Galaxy. We are approaching the convergence of timelines something that has been speculated on by many notable people including Terrence McKenna.
From Celestial Timings

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