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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle A~
Post Content
McFlurry are good lol I did not know that though...oh well I like em lol :) Ya know I only have Burger King close to me. I hate it. McDonalds takes like 20 mins to get too...it sucks lol

Dances...I don't know what I will do next. Like I don't care. I will say and try to be who I am. Then...I think...nah don't be crazy chuckle Love you hugs

 Quoting: A~ 27875739

I have no idea what's next either Angels - I also have times when I really really don't seem to care about anything, then it all changes and I feel ok again. Then cant sleep, then to many dreams, you know I've noticed alot of people (out in public) are confused - and they dont mind saying so - like people at the stupidmarket, and there seems to be a epidemic of people losing lighters that are actually right in front of them. I like that lady in the 12-12 video, she seems down to earth - and good snipets of info in there re: 8 and that affirmation sounds ok to. Btw I love you and Im happy your here.

 Quoting: Dances

yep...I feel ya. But just detaching for a bit frees ya from it all. Take a step back and see that all off it. Words and energy and certain images have had an big effect on me. Like all we are is so simple. Stop trying to repeat the same things that have been said since time immortal. I feel the need for a big change in everything. Sensitive to a lot.

Losing lighters!! lmao...welcome to my world for like years now. Lighter curse...it's funny to me lol I will watch that video tomorrow...8's are my gate lol

The only reason I posted anymore words was because of you. You give me strength.

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