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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Astrology Report for December
By Dorene Carrel

The New Moon occurs on December 13 at 22 Sagittarius. The focus is on the Sagittarian traits of expansion, freedom and truth-seeking, along with being optimistic, idealistic and benevolent. The shadow side is being arrogant and judgmental. It is favorable to discover where we can aim higher this month. On this same day, Uranus also turns direct at 5 Aries, which encourages originality and self-confidence. This day contains strong fiery energy that will help us move forward with new beginnings. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “A Chinese Laundry,” suggests the idea of cleansing on all levels in preparation for the coming shifts. It can also indicate becoming more aware of our special strengths so we can survive and prosper more easily in a changing environment.
The Mercury/Jupiter opposition on December 17 favors meeting others who expand our horizons. With favorable Venus aspects, December 22 will be a good time for social events and networking. However, there is a danger of overextending ourselves and information overload.
The Winter Solstice arrives on December 21 (at 3:12 am PST) when the Sun moves into Capricorn. At this time Jupiter in Gemini forms a yod, or “Finger of God” aspect, with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto represent our older patterns that need to be restructured or released. Both point to Jupiter as the focal point, which indicates the path of discovering and following our higher truth and ideals. Saturn and Pluto will help us deepen the process and release old beliefs and fears. The favorable sextile between Saturn and Pluto, exact on December 26, helps us stay grounded while encountering change. This aspect is also exact two more times in March and September 2013.
The Full Moon occurs on December 28 at 7 Cancer. This period will likely enhance activities centered on home and family, along with concerns about personal foundations of safety and security. The ongoing Pluto square Uranus aspect is activated, which brings increased prospects for major life changes. Finding better sources of inner support will bring positive change to our outer experiences. The Sabian symbols emphasize this theme: “In a sun-lit home domesticated birds sing joyously,” and “A group of rabbits dressed in human clothes walk as if on parade; the tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth.”
The Sun/Pluto alignment on December 30 brings focus to issues of personal empowerment and transformation. By now we realize the December Solstice didn’t signify any imminent catastrophe, but a rebirth into greater possibilities. The Mars/Uranus sextile on December 31 provides an energized drive for the transition into the next year. Blessings for a wonderful and prosperous New Year!
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