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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Jupiter and Galactic Goodies ~ 5 Dec 2012

Recently our friend Jupiter made an opposition to the enigmatic Great Attractor - as noted in previous posts. In honor of this continuing opposition and given the fact that Jupiter is now the closest to the Earth that he will be until 2021, more emphasis on the Great Attractor and other Galactic Goodies is due. And since it is the holiday season, this will be a bullet point post.

Another notation before beginning... if you click on the Galactic Anomalies link midway down the link banner on the left side of my websiteís home page, there you will find articles on the Galactic Center, Great Attractor and more, complete with positions, what it is, and the basics of interpretive meaning.

Okay, so hereís a galactic tour of the next couple of weeks. And since these are large, gravitationally wide objects, Iím posting the dates as a conservative range of days the influences will be in play; likely they can be felt longer.

December 5 - 7: Sun conjunct the Great Attractor

Wake it up! Whether itís your energy, creativity, activity in general, or you name it, get it going. This is an annual event summoning people to do what they need to do for the holidays, but more itís a call to recognize that three weeks remain in the Gregorian Year, two weeks in the Mayan Year. So what do you need to do to tick off items on the list of things to do this year? Tick, tick...

December 7 - 9: Chariklo conjunct the Great Attractor

Chariklo, a centaur as is her mate, Chiron, aids in setting boundaries. She draws the line in the sand of where compromise is possible up to and not beyond. She creates distinctions between people and activities and where they belong. She determines what can be part of oneís inner circle and indicates those that most be kept outside oneís sacred space, confined to social space and more casual interaction or involvement. With contact to the Great Attractor, all options and relationships are on the table... until a moment of energetic discernment happens, wherein one creates an inarguable assessment of where things belong. Itís okay to turn down a holiday party. Itís okay to take the inexperienced intern applicant under a mentorís wing - both based upon an energy determination of this fits, or it does not.

December 17 - 19: Sun conjunct the Galactic Center

Progressive, innovative concepts linger in the ethers. Point your satellite dish upward in any direction and listen. Allow at least fifteen minutes, twice a day. Ask what you need to do to add to your portfolio of creativity, work station in life, or greater destiny mission for this incarnation. See if the Universe wants you to be summoned to a greater task. Doesnít hurt to ask, right? Oh, but once the solstice rolls around, the Sun transits a series of powerful pulsars that unleash a frenzy of work activity. It may be the holidays, but thereís never any point in waiting until next year to get a good idea going. This is a perfect time to survey the foundation, perform background research, and connect the pipe that will soon lie unseen underground. As well, keep a good sense of humor in place when confronting lifeís ironies.

December 18 - 21: Mercury conjunct the Great Attractor

Take a moment at least for the objective consideration of all points of view. Be eclectic, curious, truth-seeking and universally understanding in conversations, queries, interactions and debates. Great inventive ideas gestate if one permits biases to be set aside and allows a look around the bend, or behind the situation. Itís a bit of the ďman behind the green curtainĒ syndrome. The mystery may be more or less than what you think. Regardless, new ideas lurk for those willing to pull back that curtain.

December 25 (or 26th, depending upon where in the world you are): Mars enters Aquarius

Some of the heaviness will shift. But with the Sun prevailing in Capricorn, how well can you mix resident weird with the mandate of practicality and reality?

December 25 - 27: Venus conjunct the Great Attractor

On the personal level, think about how this current run of great ideas can be put into a play in a useful, contribute to your economic well-being sort of way. Bear in mind it will be up to you to perform duo diligence. No need to be like those folks who post on screenwriting blogs that they have a tidbit of an idea and all it takes is a screenwriter to write it for free and give them a million dollars. Or, itís like a query to your astrologer... if you ask for a good time for... it remains a fact that you must apply the talent, time and work to get the magical ďout of thin air,Ē ďovernight sensationĒ result.

In the last week of the year, Mercury and soon after Venus will transit the Galactic Center to set up the new year. More then, to make the most of the last days of 2012 and position in the starting block for 2013.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, however you celebrate. May the season be festive and may their be peace on earth and good will in humankind.
[link to philipsedgwick.com]

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