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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle 666
Post Content
Synchronicity abounds, just how many double,triple digits can one see in a day - let alone the the big one -8- doubles,triples of it - infinity that needs a shift to be in its right place. While at my computer a while ago 2:22 , then on the base of the page I was reading I found something that said "this is for you" like I say synchronicity. Another gem from Lisa

Our Spiraling Universe

More than ever it’s All about the Spin! Spinning out these new realities, birthing us like a newborn star, the Universe is spiraling us outside of the “time matrix”. The Cosmic Birther has indeed been busy. About now those on the Ascension wave timeline are “really” feeling the spiraling energies changing our consciousness. Multiple sets of Synchronicity, Soul connections, A-ha moments, Past Life memory, Mystery Manifestations, Flashing Mathematical Master codes ( i.e. 1111,4444,8888) are a part of our everyday life. We are undergoing a phase of radical change in the ratio of the particle spin between protons (female principle particle) and electrons (male principle particle) This is changing EVERYTHING! Revelations are packed into every square inch as light packets coded with frequency are bouncing through us within a newly available frequency spectrum. As the dimensions collide and timelines collapse, sometimes right before our very eyes, our horizon is shifting and changing like we change our underwear.
[link to www.energeticsynthesis.com]

 Quoting: Dances


Number magic increasing so much! Triple digits manifesting everywhwere 886

Love You!! hugs

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