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Message Subject Celestial Weather & Influences
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
December 13 New Moon – Patience

The New Moon on December 13 is at 21º Sagittarius and on Ras Alhague, the main star of the rejected 13th sign Ophuichus, the snake-charmer. I see this exiled constellation as representing the Lilith/Chiron archetype, the snake is Lilith and the charmer is Chiron, seeking to distil and tame the power of the serpent. It is the shaman and a constellation most feared because Ophuichus claimed to resurrect and heal the dead.
So there is a regenerating theme with this New Moon since it occurs a day before Mercury re-emerges from the Underworld (the retrograde shadow zone.) That’s not all, we have a shadowy Dark goddess theme also with Lilith conjunct Jupiter the apex of a Yod on Aldebaran. A holy war fought by women? To cap it all, this very dark New Moon is trine the warrior queen Eris by just 5 minutes! More militant females then.
The New Moon trine Eris will work in a similar fashion to Sun trine Lilith “They will usually stand out from traditional society in some way by being outsiders or making unpopular decisions in their life. But although they may exhibit quite eccentric behaviour they still seem to be able to bewitch the public with their magical aura, gifted at making quite gruesome things palatable and acceptable.” I also think this aspect can give medium-ship ability since this Eris is comfortable with other realms. And Moon trine Lilith who “ can be particularly susceptible to being led astray by its libido, sometimes falling for the most unlikely and unsuitable partner they can drag out of the gutter. If they are not the villains themselves then they most certainly find themselves attracted to one. That someone will then play out their suppressed naughtiness for them.” Judging from the celebrities who have Sun or Moon trine Eris. I find she seems to be as above but with added Mars and Uranus. This outsider Moon will bring Dark Goddess energies to the collective and the bring out the activist, renegade, Kali side of Lilith chuckle
[link to darkstarastrology.com]
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