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I don't know about the in's and outs of this particular story. You don't either, but that is a discussion for another time.

What I do know is this: I have been in the papers more than once. More often than that, I have been present while "Journalists" have been taking down facts for a story.

Now, I don't have a perfect memory, but I do recall, verbatim about 50% of what I hear and about 40% of what I read. (This is about four or five times better than most people, but not perfect.) So, I tend to notice things when the news gets them wrong and I was there for the story.

EVERY newspaper story and most television news stories have glaring errors in them. These are almost never retracted or dealt with by the news agency in question. When there is a retraction or an edit, it almost always is a very minor article or retraction at the end of the newscast.

What am I saying? Just because an old paper claims that Obama was born one place and not another, that doesn't make it true. It is possibly not even a conspiracy, just the news services failing us once again.

I think I agree with you this time. And I usually don't agree with debunkers or shills. I don't know that you are one.

We pretty much figure the current illegally presiding president was born in Africa. So yeah, nothing wrong in them changing the locale. Yet, they have repeated their error in stating that he was born in Hawaii. Go figure. :)
 Quoting: Nyhee7

Well lets just hope the republicans bring it to light this time instead of saying nothing about it like they did last time.

Also im sure some democrats that want to be president instead will bring it to light and then we will have our country back!
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