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Message Subject Laura Magdalene Eisenhower exposes secret Mars Colony
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
She backs up Bassagio's evidence, there is something rotten going on on Mars.
 Quoting: we're doomed again 862202

I don't know about the claims of Laura Magdalene Eisenhower but I don't believe a word of Basagio. So if this woman is sincere then it doesn't help her being connected to Basagio or that exopolitics guy whose pushing fake time travel claims.
The exopolitics guy has been pushing Basagio and Anderson as time travel whistleblowers and that's a crock. I believe time travel is real but not these guys. The exopolitics guy claims he's going for full UFO and ET disclosure but who can take him seriously when he promotes time travel frauds? If Laura Magdalene Eisenhower includes the frauds as time travel associates then I'll know she's a fraud too. Does anyone know how she feels about Basagio and Anderson and their time travel fake stories?
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