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Message Subject Laura Magdalene Eisenhower exposes secret Mars Colony
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What's up with every hippy nobody loser that convinces themselves that they are some reincarnated deity from the past? If you really were isis/osirus/whatever wouldn't you already be someone more successful, important, powerful, whatever than an unmarried whore with bastard kids whose ONLY claim to fame is you are the great granddaughter of a us president? Seriously, pathetic.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 854954

Really? I'm not saying she is the reincarnation of the above mentioned beings (could be ancestral memories though?), but be careful about ridiculing someone for not being important enough, or things that have happened in their lives. Statements like whore and bastard kids is uncalled for. After all, Jesus was accused of being friends with prostitutes and sinners, he was constantly harassed by the "respected" religious leaders. Was Jesus born respected, important, and powerful? No! he even had to flee to Egypt when they were trying to kill him. The dude was born in some run down place.
Just because someone is unmarried and has kids by another union means nothing worthy of judgment!
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