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Message Subject Laura Magdalene Eisenhower exposes secret Mars Colony
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey, say some of these disgusting comments to my face! I am here! I am not looking for fame and I was married when I had my kids. My husband was being terribly messed with due to mind-control and alien abduction. I not a fruit-cake or looking for a
claim to fame- I am simply trying to protect the human race which so many don't deserve my time or effort!!! If you know anything about a deity such as Sophia- you would know she has been greatly harmed and his been in exile. You just messed with the wrong woman- grow up and wake-up!

Believe me these insults don't hurt me- they only hurt you in the end, more than you know. I would not make claims unless it was proven to me and it has been by numerous sources. Your ignorance is sad and I pray for your soul. Be cocky and a know-it-all, it is your loss...

For everyone else that gives this a chance- that is a good thing!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 892290

Are you Laura? Can you tell us the timeframe the elites plan to skip over to Mars?
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