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UFO Disclosure Roundtable Video - Very Good Conversations

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United States
02/13/2010 08:26 PM
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UFO Disclosure Roundtable Video - Very Good Conversations
Several UFO researchers, including Steven Basset &
Bob Dean, met to give updates on the progress of
their disclosure efforts. It is relaxed and
informal, which is more interesting than a
prepared speech that you usually watch. Some info
was brought up that they wouldn't normally expose
during a conference.

Topics included:

*Russia, China, and other countries involvement
*Who is really contolling Disclosure
*Why Obama's hands are tied
*Who owns this planet & what they want with us
*Truth Embargo of the U.S. vs Europe

These videos are each 10 minutes long. It was
taped November 14, 2009, but there is so much
good information here that's not time related,
I recommend anyone interested in this topic to
watch. Enjoy!

Part 1
[link to www.openminds.tv]

Part 2
[link to www.openminds.tv]

Part 3
[link to www.openminds.tv]
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