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Subject Today is a day of Illuminati blood ritual (Valintines Day)
Poster Handle ex illuminati girl
Post Content
Today is a day of Illuminati blood ritual. That is why we see the color, blood red, everywhere and the symbol of a heart plastered all over the place.

The standard "heart" symbol is really 2 hooks placed together. It is not an image of a heart at all. It represents hooking a soul-personality for use as a slave.

The idea of giving candy to a beloved, comes from the use of adrenolchrome released from the pineal gland at the moment of traumatic/ fearful death. It gives the murderer a "psychic rush" upon ingestion. Hunter S Thomson mentions adrenolchrome in his movie 'Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas' he says he got it off the black market from a satanist, and when he's on the drug he see's reptilians.
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