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Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1203419
12/22/2010 06:16 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The time has come for us to come into an algorithm of justice regarding what has been perpetrated on the planet in the name of sanity. We have watched events unfolding with much personal sadness and even more collective hope, for the world is today on the precipice of great change. The buzz has reached the ears of the people who sit on the judge’s bench that justice has not been measured equally for too long and your wish to equalize is gaining strength. While there is no indicator readily available to you, by which you can watch the internal thermostat of the ones currently in power as you the people of the land turn up the heat by voicing your frustration with the status quo, you can open your own heart to feel the warmth of humanity within yourselves individually, and feel it in each other. The world is ready to feel new warmth, light, and life. It is within your power to wrest the deathgrip of the dark days of your past from the machine of imperfection manifest as the collective sleep of the human mind, to feel your own sense of hopelessness wither in the light of recognition of yourself as a human being, to turn the burning heat of impotent ire into the life-giving source of imagination and intelligence combined in a fusion of brilliant radiance. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to pry open sleepy eyes and let the light of your collective understanding of who you truly are fill your mental infrastructure with a new vista. Here we are to say, find your strength, don’t give up. The human race needs everyone to participate in what is set to unfold. You, included.

What you are on the brink of, whether you are involved in the petty dramas or the massive movements of power of the world stage, is nothing less than the recalibration of the workings of human consciousness. The only understanding of consciousness your science has agreed upon is that no one really knows for certain what it is. That is about to change, along with some fundamental underpinnings of world power. This is the time of coming together in accord which many have been preparing for over the months and years and lifetimes of evolutionary inner growth. Recognize it. Own it. Encourage each other and yourselves, even if all you feel is hopelessness and despair. This is the dark time. The light, from which there is no escape, is on the edge of the shadows.

There have been some major restructurings already in how you think, how you gather information, how you discern truth from a mechanical facsimile thereof. Expect this movement of consciousness to continue, along with realizations about what you are able to create with mental projection of energy into time and space. You are just beginning to have an inkling about what you are capable of achieving. We have monitored the indicators you have made available to many honorable and not-so-honorable observers of the future outcome of humanity and we encourage you to remember that you are, in the final analysis, the form of some ineffable, indefinable consciousness. You are conscious, and your form is the form of consciousness. Focus on the heart of the matter, whatever is presenting itself to you in this twilight stillness before the light of the day yet to come dawns to your eyes. Embrace what you see in knowledge that everything is changing as your perception changes and as understanding grows, as is inevitable. Remember who you are, human, and never give up in your quest for the light that illumines the heart and mind with self-knowledge. That light is yours, ever nearer to the moment of truth, when you realize it has been in your hand all the time. Hold on. We are with you, even now.

The Pleiadian Renegades

[link to renegadethoughts.wordpress.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1203419
12/22/2010 07:21 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
SaLuSa 22-December-2010

As those who celebrate at this festive season look forward to gathering with family and friends, the feeling of happiness and joy is growing. Humans are remarkable at finding the ability to do so, whilst at the same time experiencing difficulties arising from the more mundane problems of life on Earth. It is no wonder to us that you can do so, as your natural state of being is one of desiring to live in peace and create happiness around you. It is fortunate that although the significance of Christmas celebrations is lost upon many people, the idea of creating goodwill and coming together in celebration brings out the best in you. It is a reminder of the Light of your true selves that can emerge and lift you up. The concerns and worries that you usually carry around with you, are set aside and love abounds that touches the hearts of so many of you.

In one sense the traditional reason for your celebration is unimportant, but it does nevertheless remind you of the birth of a World Teacher. Jesus came to show by example, that it was possible to live a life dedicated to the most complete showing of Unconditional Love. He illustrated that when you can find it within your heart to love all life including those who oppose you, it is possible to create balance and harmony. Jesus came not to create Christianity, and his teachings were for all people regardless of their personal beliefs. That his powerful energy of love still remains on Earth, is a credit to his ability to manifest such a high level of vibration when there was so much darkness around. He spoke of the One God that every soul is connected to and conveyed the idea that all were One within that energy.

Of necessity when we can openly speak with you, matters such as religious understanding will have to be addressed. It is so important that you shed those beliefs that have infiltrated the true teachings that are of Love and Light. There can only be the One Truth even although it can be expressed in a number of different ways. In the past the Priesthood have jealously guarded their power, and tried to make their followers captive to their own teachings and interpretations of the scriptures. To counteract such ways there have been further teachings that have promoted the idea of finding the true self within. Each of you carries the truth with you, but because of the struggle to make headway in situations where you are continually facing duality, you are more often than not confused and unable to progress. That Dear Ones is the challenge you have undertaken to enhance your understanding, and still evolve through discovering the Light within. Many paths have led you to your present level of understanding, and with the benefit of being able to incarnate into the different cultures, you have experienced their beliefs first hand. What you have learnt still remains with you at a subconsciousness level, even although you cannot recall it in detail.

You have come a long way to arrive at such an important time as the conclusion of this cycle. You should be fairly well equipped to deal with the final challenges involved, and Ascension should settle quite easily within your mind. Certainly much effort is being put in to help you raise your levels of consciousness, and no one will truly be able to claim that they were denied the opportunity to ascend. There is no intent to force the issue upon you, but once you are interested there is so much information available if you take the responsibility to look around. Your Internet is still a source of vast pools of information, even though it is also open to abuse from those who deliberately set out to mislead and confuse you. This is where your ability comes in to be discerning, and if something does not resonate with you set it aside or let it go.

Life is abundant everywhere and exists on many levels, and you are just beginning to accept that possibility. Since all life originates from the Source it follows that apart from its outer appearance, it has the same capability to evolve, You should expect to find Beings with very much the same levels of consciousness and understanding, albeit that some have evolved much further than you have at present. We of the Galactic Federation and similar organizations such as the various councils are one such example, and having long ago found our godselves are offering ourselves in service to you. Normally we would refrain from direct contact, as it is essential to allow developing civilizations to find their own path to understanding and experience as they choose. It would be quite incorrect if in desiring to assist you we altered your course of evolution, and that is why we often explain to you that we cannot be seen to interfere. It is different when the Lords of Creation give us the authorization to do so, as it is they who plan your cycles.

Everything that happens on a Universal level is set to carry all life towards the higher levels of Light and Love. That is part of your experience as you journey back to the Source, as nothing stands still and all constantly moves forward and upwards in this way. The dark Ones also evolve, and like most souls in duality move from one side to another as part of their journey to gain from their experiences. Remember that you are living out an illusion, and that it is holographic in nature and it is more like a grand game of life. You may come and go as one life after another passes by, but as you have infinite life you will always survive whatever the challenge. All of these matters will be further explained, but we avoid going as you might say, over the top. Your understanding is best served by the release of a steady flow of information. However, with time speeding up and running out where your present cycle is concerned, we have to open you up to the levels of truth that will enable you to shed all of those beliefs, that would most likely hold up your progress.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and just one of a vast team of souls just like you, dedicated to ensuring you have every opportunity to ascend. Our plan has reached a point of manifestation that very soon we will be called into action. Our allies are ready and as your levels of consciousness continue rising, so the time to go full speed ahead is approaching. You sense it to be so and your intuition will let you know, when it is time to be ready for the changes to commence that will start a new era in your lives. Know that we draw closer each day, and we look forward to making ourselves known to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

[link to www.galacticchannelings.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1204584
12/23/2010 08:58 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

Be bold, be courageous as I ask you to bring healing to yourselves first and foremost. Cleansing your own aura on every level of your etheric field is imperative for your energy to move outwards towards the earth.

Listen to your inner voice of many things that have to be given up over the next following 12 months. Immune systems might be low as intolerances of chemicals becomes increasingly agitating to your body, mind and spirit. Listen to your body, pay close attention to the harness of those around you. Remove and extricate yourself from harmful environments as much as possible.

Listen to your inner voice in quiet and solitude spending time meditating for this is your medication and healing. Use appropriate high vibrational crystals such as Kunzite to bring healing and transformation to your heart chakra.

New levels of density need to be removed and only in quiet rest, solitude and meditation can the stillness resonate through your spirit.

Note the high activity and restlessness to take place around you in the forthcoming year but pay no heed to it. Still yourself during the night and the daytimes.

Many will be woken during the night or early morning as your spirit wishes to evolve and these times of quiet and solitude assist meditation and healing to your inner being.

Despite the cold winter months to come breathe deeply expand your lungs bringing more oxygen into your deeper parts the breathe has to go much deeper. Walk slowly, breathing and meditating as you go. Be aware. Awareness and stirrings of new consciousness brings crystal clear thinking and much healing to your aura.

Many light beings are to come forth onto your path during the next few years their energy will be infused with your own to help you. You are assisted and loved each step of the way. This is the time for your souls growth to spur ahead and bring enlightenment first to yourself and then reaching out to others. Take care of yourself first and foremost this is a most important time and message. Take care of yourself FIRST.

I Archangel Raphael am the guardian of healing, of light and deep emotional trauma that many have been through. Do not be alarmed at the paths that open up before you. I also work with Jesus the Ascended Master of Miracles.

Listen to the areas of your life where you need to give up. Some projects are to close for their time has ended. New things are to spring up literally and these are from outside energies. Do not be alarmed. Bring gratitude into your speech and thoughts each day. Breathe in deeply from the earth and from the heavens the energies of higher beings from many angelic quarters and beings above you all from God. These are loving entities and bring peace, love and calm. Serenity spirits to come forth to help you let go of those things that do not serve you. Strength will come to you. Call upon the Archangels and Angels at this time. It is a most auspicious time. You as a race of people ALL peoples are are on the brink of newness, freshnes of spirit miracles. You were born knowing the time you would come into.

Choose wisely, choose your thoughts, higher vibrational energies to help lift you higher and higher spiralling. Don't be afraid of the changes for they will bring peace and serenity and most of all deep healing. Breathe deeply. Miracles and Manifestions to occur. New births.

Breathe dear ones, breathe dear ones. Be still call upon me Archangel Raphael and I will lead you to the right people and paths for your healing that will bring joy, amazement, laughter and beautiful energy to heal the deepest wounds. Yes the deepest wounds are to be healed. Where you had no faith faith will be given you. Yes I work in tune with Ascended Master Jesus in bringing faith and manifestion of miracles.

Call upon both Jesus and Archangel Raphael. Healing dear ones. Breathe, Gratitude, Healing, Stillness and manifestation. Be re-born. Just be.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1205536
12/24/2010 05:25 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Hark. The Herald Angels are singing. Can you hear the Angel voices? They are inviting you into their midst. They are calling you to rejoice in the Divine Love and Light streaming onto the planet during this special time of Christmas.

Can you hear the Angels whispering to you? Listen with your heart. Allow your whole being to be receptive to these Divine Messengers who have watched over you throughout your soul’s existence. They are here now with one voice singing the idea of Peace within all beings. Making a joyful noise, they offer you the gifts of Divine Light and a Love beyond your understanding. Receive it into your being and shine this blessed Light out into the world.

Just be receptive now and allow Divine Grace to fill your being. This is one of the Angelic Gifts being offered at this time. Grace is needed to sanctify the Earth, and to bring greater coherence, respect and honoring of the gifts the earth supplies in abundance. It is time for the people to offer to themselves and to their planetary home the nurturing it needs to sustain life. When humans honor the Earth, they also honor the elements of themselves that make up the Earth.

Your Birthright

In fact it is your birthright to live in harmony with the earth, to feel Divine Love in your being and the power of Life Force surging through you in ever increasing waves. Allow it to spark every cell in your body and increase love in your being. As you do this, you glow as a radiant light. It shines forth from you and you become the Light to the World that the earth needs right now. It is a choice for you to make moment to moment, and requires a goal for the harmony you want in your life, and a mental flip of the switch within your thoughts to create it.

Becoming a Light to the world is not arrogant. When one carries conscious awareness of these higher truths, it becomes your duty. As the apparent darkness of chaos and fear are so obvious, what could you need more than Light? At this Christmas time the Light of the Christ energy is more available than ever before. This blessing carries the energy of Divine Love into your heart and out into your world.

Feel this Light in you that holds the divine qualities of Wisdom and Love, and share it with others. Radiate Light to your government and the world leaders. Send it to areas of suffering in the world, and to those who work hard to ease the suffering. Transmit Divine Light to the environment, and to all the living beings that are not human on this beautiful planet. Don’t forget to shine the healing Light onto yourself and to your families. This energy brightens and reconfigures the power that inspires you into Divine Right Action. It is one way to bring harmony and overcome despair within yourself and the world.

And then there were Angels

As you celebrate the gifts of this Christmas season, there are many who remember the Angels during this time more than at any other time of the year. There are legions of Angels gathering ever nearer the earth now, drawn by the prayers and the thoughts of so many people. This is a tremendous blessing that opens your heart to more love and allows your mind to receive a greater level of Grace. It is a good time to take a moment to honor and connect with your Angelic guides. Ask for personal assistance in all areas of your life and listen – really listen, as the Angels whisper in your heart. They want you to follow your heart’s message and feel the guidance available to you from the spiritual realms.

There is an Angelic representation for the Soul of the Earth and the Heavenly Realms. Your guardian Angel can work with these Angelic beings to bring more harmony within you so you can feel more connection to your Spiritual Source and more inner peace.

Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel has been given this duty to help you to live in alignment with your goals and intentions for this life. Through your personal guardian angel you can learn to live in greater harmony with yourself as a prerequisite for Peace on Earth. This Angel is also offering to you the ability to feel Oneness and Union with your most divine self.

As you have grown into adulthood your guardian angel waits for you to ask for help. Consider that it is now time to ask. This Guardian Angel has been with your soul since its incarnation, offering guidance and protection so you may find your Divinity and fulfill your spiritual destiny. This beloved angel has intervened on your behalf to relieve your karma and wants nothing more than the fulfillment of your soul’s imperatives. Take time to feel gratitude for this Divine Messenger who has such care for you.

Archangel Gabriel and the Legions of Archangels

At this holy time of the year, there is also more awareness of the Archangels. Archangel Gabriel holds the empowerment for the winter season, and stories abound of his intervention throughout the ages during the darkest nights. The Archangels are given divine charge over all communities, nations and seasons. During the 12 Holy Nights beginning December 24, the Archangels freely erase all boundaries between nations and factions. The Light of True Peace prevails in the Heavenly realms, and can be called forth onto the Earth. Join with the angelic host to spread this Light through your own life and pray for healing of all nations and families. Use this pervasive light from the Archangels to bring greater consciousness through you and all beings on earth. This energy can make a true difference, bringing Peace within all hearts. The realms of the Angels are available as never before during this precious window of time.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas

There is a stillness of this season that pervades the northern hemispheres as the earth sleeps in the darkest time of the year. People know the sunlight will return, and it is the same with the spiritual realms. With faith, you believe that in the darkest times, the Divine Light will prevail. There are ancient traditions that honor the return of the Light following the Solstice. As you allow your soul to rest in the depth of the darkness, you can symbolically come into the clarity of the Light and receive a much-needed gift by creating a personal ritual for this time that has meaning for you. Consider the beauty of the symbols within the Twelve Nights of Christmas. You can use the time from December 24 through January 5 as an inner journey to give birth to the sunlight in your being, and illuminate the darkness within and around you. As the Archangels use this powerful time to end separation, they create an opportunity for true world peace when the empowered energy is focused on peaceful coexistence.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas act as windows to your soul’s purpose and can empower your new year. Many traditions light a colored candle for each night. The Twelve Nights can be used as an opportunity to go back through the 12 months of your year and honor your achievements and the lessons learned. Each night can feature a spiritual hierarchy and a virtue that you would like to bring into your life in the New Year. It is a special time to pay attention to your dreams because they could be prophetic during the Twelve Nights. There is also an opening for the clear light of understanding and insights from the Angels that can work through you. Some Christian traditions honor the 13th night, January 5, as Epiphany. As the twelve nights progress, you can set a goal for true clarity and wisdom to enter your mind and heart during the twelve nights. Is it not appropriate for you to receive a clear epiphany about your life as well?

Give and it shall be Given Unto You

It is a wondrous tradition to give freely during this Holy Season. Your generosity of spirit and willingness to give opens the energy centers within your body so that God’s Infinite Love is experienced. This Divine Love is unconditional and flows so freely, all are blessed by its presence. When hearts and minds are touched in this way, there is a healing. You will never be the same. You can keep this sense of loving gratitude and willingness to give within you throughout the year by setting the goal to do so.

Peace on Earth and Good Will Prevails

By creating your personal traditions and meaningful ritual for this Holy Season, you can use the spiritual support that is available to you. With this support and your clear intentions, you can experience transformation within your being and blessings in your life. Do not let the material world overpower the beauty and depth that truly exists during this special time.

Remember the Angels are available in this Holy Season and be grateful for their presence. Once again these messengers from God are saying "Rejoice! Awaken to the birth of the Christ Light within you, and praise God for the gifts and blessings abundantly available to all."

Let this Divine Light fill you now. Allow it to enlighten your mind and heart, and illuminate every cell and fiber of your being. Your willingness and openhearted acceptance of this Divine Love blesses your body, mind and spirit. Receive this gift and allow the Light of the Christ to be born within you in this Holy Season. Let this Light shine forth from you so there may truly be Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. [link to www.thegabrielmessages.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1181438
United States
12/24/2010 06:04 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
This is from2005
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1206187
12/24/2010 10:30 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Actually the Farm Claim Cases started around 1980.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1206516
12/25/2010 06:37 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Imagine standing in line at a supermarket and listening to the following transaction occur ahead of you. "OK, fine, I'll give you a dollar ninety-nine a pound on the asparagus, but a want a better deal on the steak then." Although we expect people to haggle over their cost of cable and automobiles, grocery items, where we purchase so many smaller things, shouldn't be haggled over. Right? But once upon a time they were and small buyers and small sellers haggled over every nickel and dime. To them it was perhaps fun, or perhaps normal, to us it brings up a sense of unfairness. That somehow if a person is a better haggler they get a better price on their asparagus. Not fair, not to mention too time consuming in our busy, fast paced life. We wouldn't stand for it.

But in fact we take this attitude with us everywhere we go in life. We worry that the neighbors are getting a better deal on their life. Perhaps its not asparagus or easily measured items, but something a little harder to measure. Intelligence, attractiveness, raw sex appeal, a loving spouse, well behaved children. We look over our menu then in a panic look over at the banquet that they are eating and wonder where they got theirs. Why is it some people seem to have everything and we barely get by.

Of course, here we are again back at the same answer. Here we are again throwing the same old spiritual values, ethical choices, senses, perceptions, judgements, and mostly choices in general back your way. You versus them. They versus us.

Clearly the serenity prayer applies, but especially the courage to change what we can. The reality is we have everything we need. We have air to breathe and water to drink, food to eat, and plenty of people out there in the world ready to be our friend. But here we are starving.

We do not wish to belabor any longer the obvious. Lets move on.

The universe is in a dynamic state of balance. There are areas with a lot and there are areas with a little. As soon as a channel forms, that which has a lot will flow naturally and easily to that which has a little. Of course those with a lot generally erect barriers to such a channel. They want to keep their money from flowing from their overstocked bank and into the hands and accounts of those they perceive as less than.

Some people strike gold and they make sure their claim is well in place before announcing it to the world. If they do announce it, it is hopefully behind a wall of lawyers and other channel barriers.

Lawyers are a good example, they use words to erect barriers to change or to create channels for change. Because they are often at odds with each other: plaintiff versus defendant, prosecution versus accused, and so on, well, let us just call it an interesting game.

Our purpose is a bit more simple. We ourselves are suffering. We ourselves are locked in prisons. Our prisons may be invisible, or gentle and soft, but they imprison us nevertheless. Our prisons may very well have been constructed by others. We may have been given a bad deal by our parents or other forebearers be it bad attitudes, bad genetics, bad upbringing, bad emotional support. Or conversely we may have been over-protected, underexposed, and isolated, again the isolation being a barrier or an invisible prison.

Today, we are not concerned about our parents, the lawyers, the judges, the police, the prosecutors, the spouses and the children, the school mates, the coworkers, the members of the church, the fellowship of the program, or even other people reading this channel.

We are concerned about ourselves. It is we who are suffering and it is we who need liberating.

We first acknowledge the Gordian knot of reality. A effects B and B effects A. We affect others who in turn turn around and affect us. We are caught in various cycles, some external, many internal. We have a momentum of being and this momentum of being imprisons us. And today we just won't stand it any longer.

But we can't think our way out of this prison, nor can we scream our way out of it, nor can we muscle our way out of it. It doesn't exist, it is the worse type of prison of all. A prison made of invisible bars, a prison of time, a prison of invisible energy, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that is imprisoning us and our liberation is to free ourself from nothing. It is the original task faced by God and it is a task that we to can endeavor to take on. We can free ourselves from ourselves.

We start with the invisible. That side of ourself which the world doesn't see. We start with acceptance. We look in the mirror and we see who we are. But we try something new. We say, "We do not really see who we are. We live in a beautiful world." And we look around if we find ourselves not believing that. We leave our jaded views at the door and when we open the door we open our vision to a beautiful world. We marvel at the young, be they young trees, young animals, or young stellar nebula. We marvel at spring. We marvel in the heat of summer or the frozen of winter. We start to experience the joy of the moment. We smell, we walk, we talk, we listen, we see. And what we experience is beauty. We remember this.

Then, when we find ourself looking in the mirror and find ourselves saying, however silently, the imprisoning words of "I am old. I am fat. I am lonely. I am ugly. I don't like myself. I am an aberration. I am sinful. I am a blight on this planet." Or even if we are more gentle on ourselves and have grown, we free ourselves from these misperceptions. We acknowledge our self-centeredness. Yes, the world is beautiful, but I am not? How selfish can I be. Indeed, if God created me as the ugliest pimple on the oozing face of the earth, then I am unique indeed. We laugh at ourselves, for our self-centeredness, believing that somehow we could be a creature in such a beautiful universe and be the only part of the universe that is truly ugly.

We learn forgiveness. We forgive ourselves for the many years we spent hating ourselves. Our invisible prison was a prison of reflections. We kept reflecting in the words "I am ugly" and reflecting out the words "I am beautiful."

Now, we understand something deeply: we do not have to understand to know the truth. We do not need to understand to have faith. We can believe because we know it is true.

We see the beauty of the universe and we know that to be true. We know we are part of the universe and we know that to be true. Therefore we know we are a part of the beautiful universe so therefore we must be beautiful. We know that to be true, even though we cannot see it. We do not understand that we are beautiful, in fact we cannot see it. We see our graying hair, our fattening belly, and we want to beat ourselves up for what we have left undone and for doing those things we ought not to have done. We accept for a brief moment that just because we do not see it, doesn't mean it isn't so. We know that we are imprisoned in our reflections and we have tired of them. We wish to be freed and we beg for freedom, but we take responsibility to free ourselves. We look in the mirror and we see ourselves as free, even though our outer forms do not yet match our inner forms. We know that our perceived ugliness appeared over a long time and we accept that our perceived beauty may also take a long time.

But we let go of the prison of self-centeredness. We do not understand others either. We see their selfishness and ugliness too. We see they are fat, we see they toss rude words and garbage into the open, we see them cut us off in traffic. We see them trying to hurt us. And we do not understand. But we accept them as we accept ourselves. We know that we live in a beautiful world and we have been trained and our training ourself to see differently. We do not want to see them as ugly. We hear of their rapes, their beating of their dogs, their garbage throwing, their bigoted cries, and we know they are lost too. Lost in their own prisons given to them and prisons that they too, like us, are busy perpetuating.

We feel gratitude for we know that the answer has always been here, built into the universe itself. Just as a flower knows how to bloom, we know we will bloom too. It seems like a long time since we were happy, but we are willing to let go of time, just for today. We are willing to enjoy the present moment.

We know that those in prison will be rattling their cages, and flinging poo like monkeys do. They will belittle us and call us fools. But we refuse to listen to those words knowing that God hears something else. God sees their beauty and we ask to see the world through God's eyes. We who have been separate for so long reach out and find each other.

The internet becomes a place to meet like minds. World communication systems help us find others like ourselves. We have a vision, that the world is a beautiful place, and we know it to be true. We don't know how we will escape from our prisons, and we don't know if others will choose to escape, and we care, but we let go of that care and we move on. We do not have time to wait for the scientists to show us they way. We do not have time to read book after book written by the latest self-proclaimed visionary, the great self-help guru. We realize that guru is ourself. We tire of trying and we start doing.

Today is the day to begin. Not just for us, but for all of us. We go forth into the world to find peace. We seek to see beauty.

We come to believe in a God that is only beginning to make sense to us. Probably this God was always here, but our religions, or bigotry, our prejudice, our self-centeredness imprisoned us and blinded us to the light. We refuse to clothe ourselves in darkness and we dress brightly. We radiate to light our own way and gladly give assistance to those on our path.

We know that it isn't good versus evil, right versus wrong, hot versus cold, bright versus dark, but rather the dark, the cold, the wrong, the evil, are merely the lack of awareness of the bright. Good plus evil does not neutralize, for nothing neutralizes good. Good is good. Light is light. Light shines in the darkness as good shines through evil. Evil is not there, we just are failing to see the good.

So, for a brief moment, we unlock the door and save the key. The key we remember is a willingness to see the universe for what it truly is at any given moment in time: a beautiful act of creation and we choose, just for today, to create beauty along with the universe. Amen!

[link to www.voiceofelectricity.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1206516
12/25/2010 07:53 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Each of you is a perfect combination of mind and spirit, working in harmony to expand energy on the earth. The mind chooses what it wishes to create according to the path the soul has determined for the lifetime. Spirit intends healing and transformation and while those are its choices for each lifetime, it is what the mind chooses that determines the outcome. If intention is set from spirit then the mind has a different path for its choosing. Otherwise, the mind makes its own choices.

The mind is limited to its experience of life, the collection of emotions, beliefs and thinking that it has always used to create. This is its path for each lifetime. But the purpose of every lifetime is to integrate mind and spirit, so that the mind can work with spirit's intention for transformation instead of its destined path of fear. Integration is created by balancing mind and spirit, releasing fear and allowing a higher vibration to enter the mind's reality.

But sometimes this is seen as the need to release the mind/ego and make it less important. Spirit needs the mind, just as the mind needs spirit, for action and the path of transformation requires the mind's participation. Since the mind reflects the energy of the third dimension, the mind's transformation is what will move humanity into ascension. Spirit is the mind's ascension guide and its desire is to create an equal partnership, where neither aspect is more important but both need to work together.

This can be an effortless journey when the focus is on integration and not domination. Spirit cannot dominate the mind as that is not its nature. The mind has the power to overpower spirit but that is not its purpose. When intention for transformation is accepted by the mind and partnership with spirit is viewed as the most perfect and effortless way for this to happen, the purpose of transformation becomes intentional, and as each step unfolds, the path to the best and most perfect outcome for that moment is available. Then the mind and spirit can journey together as partners in your ascension journey.

©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
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12/25/2010 06:24 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Time is a construct so mankind could temporarily play this game with each other in the sandbox of life as a grand experiment, to learn how to rise back up from our great fall into duality millennia ago and was meant to be a fun thing. Well evidently God has a sense of humor.

The Gregorian calender is based on the earths orbit around the sun every 365 days. Our civilizations consciousness is focused
on physical evidence of things moving through space. The concept of what we call time, is based on physical evidence only.

Time is a construct that allows the system to be laid out in simplicity, while being accomplished with complexity - The construct of Time itself is what was always known to be ending in the 2012 era - not life - just life as we have come to know it, in a very limited 3d perception that offers a lag time with our reality, so we could think about things in between events.

Thinking takes time and the illuminati don't want you involved in thinking, that is why they gave you a calendar that does the
thinking for you. So you know exactly what you will be thinking about, so you can do things at a certain time of the month anticipated out into the future all planned out in advance - which is constantly jerking us literally out of our minds - out of the now moment of our peace of mind - from being able to simply think.

They ridicule you for doing it, as if you are someone who is lazy and unproductive, if you sit around and think - that is why they erect statues of thinkers - so you can go look at them - but they don't ever expect you to be one, so they need you to admire someone dead - who did in fact think at one time many centuries ago.

But don't get any bright ideas and try doing it on your own at home alone. If something happens while you might have tried it, they want you to dial 911 right away, so they know exactly which house was screwing around trying to think of things without their approval.

Nothing has ever denied the 2012 time period was not going to be less than fabulous and that your dreams finally come true - and why that would be so - anyone can figure it out. It is all either true, or it isn't - you have to make up your mind and choose one or the other - It is not a wishy washy thing.

The God force in the universe does not play games and screw around with your mind - God did not make any junk - that is the illuminati's job. If anything is good for you and makes you feel better, then you automatically know it is not a popular idea in their thinking, because they are jealous they can't feel better themselves, so they try to make you feel on the same level - only you don't get an enormous amount of money to play with, to temporarily ease the pain of the suffering, while they explode train loads of gun powder in populated areas all over the planet.

The illuminati only knows how to tell rotten bedtime stories, because they don't happen to like us - it's nothing personal of
course, it's just business, their business.

So don't pay any attention to their sorry scripts they write about what they want you to know, their stories are only so they can sell you lots of kleenex and kyjelly to tie up all of your valuable time, by just trying to keep yourself from leaking fear and negativity all over the place.

Zero point - is a time of no time - where there is no time anymore - time is finished - over - completed - no more 3d time - There are no clocks on the walls in the halls in 5d, so you won't be looking at your watch wondering what time it is, so you can go do a whole bunch of stuff to waste more of your valuable time, on useless things in the matrix of false flag attacks on your consciousness.

According to Dr Carl Johan Callaman's highly credible work, on October 28, 2011, the shifts between energies will come to an
end. A convergence of all of the different shifts of the energies from the 9 underworlds and 13 heavens, and all of the 7 day cycles of the 9 underworlds of the Mayan Calendar - are coming to a completion of creation. - The great game is over.

Like a rubber band expanded does after you stretch it out - it comes back together, to where it was in its original relaxed state of being.
The end date simply reflects the point in TIME when the Cosmic Tree of Life attains its highest quantum state - The Liberation
from the Wheels ( Cycles) of Karma.

No more reincarnation to learn 3d lessons - The processes that have been driving cosmic evolution until now, will no longer be operating - the end of the shifts that have been caused by alternations in the quantum states of the Tree of Life - to its intended completion; the enlightenment of humanity.

The Game of what we call life having to do with Time in 3d is soon to be over - So now you have to stretch your mind and figure out what you will be creating in 5d!


[link to www.Gas_oven.com]


[link to soundofheart.org]
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12/25/2010 06:28 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
That "gasoven" link is really "Gas_oven . com" (one word of course). I don't know why its converyed to those heinous words.
Anonymous Coward
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12/26/2010 06:42 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Message from Melchizedek

December 25, 2010

Beloved Ones,

I come forth this day to bring you tidings of great joy, knowing that many great and wondrous changes are upon you all. We bring to you the gifts of spirit and all each of you has to do is take the time to ask each day to receive our gifts. Each of you is being opened up to all that is in your field of potential, all of your latent abilities and capabilities, all of the skills that your Soul holds in Oneness with All That Is. Hold to your Light and your highest visions and ask to receive the gifts that are offered to you at this time.

Take time each day to open your heart chakra to all the Love that is being poured down upon you, for this Love is yours for the asking and for the willingness to receive it. You have all been tried and tested for such a long time and now you are ready for a spiritual rebirth into the glorious Being of Light and Love that you truly are. Allow any feelings to rise up that are not who you really are, acknowledge these feelings and intend to just let them pass through and away from you. Ask for assistance with this process on a daily basis, for we stand ready to help you to move forward in leaps and bounds.

No matter what occurs in the World around you, hold to your Light and your faith that all is well, that every detail in the ascension of this Planet has been carefully reviewed and that this Divine Plan is now coming into fruition. Each of you reading this will know very soon the part that you have chosen and volunteered to play in this great Awakening process in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Truly you are heading into a whole new way of living upon your Planet, a way that will eventually result in a Peace across the Planet Earth that has not been experienced here for an incredibly long time.

Each of you is the Peace Bringer, and the Peace Maker. It is the choices that you have been making in every situation that you have been experiencing throughout the long months of the year 2010 that is now quickly passing, never to return. Let all that does not resonate with the total alignment with your Great I AM Presence be released, transmuted and taken from you. Surrender your human will to the Creator’s Will that the Great Work be accomplished in Divine timing as the days of great change come forth. Gather in your groups to assist in creating these changes, Beloved Ones, and know that where two or more are gathered, there you will also find legions of Angels and Archangels from the highest realms of Light and Love.

We come to bring Divine Order to your World, we come to fill your cups to overflowing with our Light and our Love. Drink deeply, Beloveds, for this is now freely available to all and all that is required is the awareness of it and the remembrance to ask each day. Trust that your part in the Divine Plan will become much clearer to you as the days move forward into the New Year of 2011. Be ready to change within your four body system, for as you release and let go and let God, so too, will a greater Light begin to penetrate into every cell of your Being. Become an observer of your thoughts rather than give power to them by dwelling on them. Just observe and let go and replace with a power statement such as “I AM the Master of all of my thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. I AM now totally aligned with the Ascension timeline and with my Great I AM Presence. Not my will but thine be done in and through me for the highest good of all.” If you find yourselves being sucked into the thoughts and feelings instead of just observing them, go out into Nature and sit by a member of the Tree family and ask that they give you assistance to ground into Mother Earth and cleanse these thoughts and energies from you, that your auric field be cleansed and repaired and kept pristine and pure.

The key here is that you must ask, Beloved Ones. You are surrounded by Legions of Angels and Divine helpers and whatever difficulty or challenge you are experiencing at any time can be lessened considerably by your conscious decision to verbally ask. We already see and know the challenges you are going through and can offer guidance and advice on how you can best overcome these so that you can go through your current Initiation with greater ease and grace.

Lastly, I speak to all of you who work with me and the Melchizedek Order and I request that you begin to work with us all in a much more conscious way, to establish a stronger connection to our realms so that we align together in a much deeper and more profound level that the Greater Good for the Earth, all of her Kingdoms and all of Humanity may become the new Reality, the new Template. Your willingness to do this is greatly and deeply appreciated and you are honored for your service. Know that you are each Loved beyond measure and surrounded by your Family of Light.

I AM Melchizedek

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

[link to www.therainbowscribe.com]
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12/26/2010 07:26 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Poofness - 12/26/10 - Moment Of Truth

[link to nesaranews.blogspot.com]

Season's Greetings and Salutations;

This is really weird for me. I'll say what I say, then somebody said something else, that I had nothing to do with. Somebody said to me, maybe I should let the talking heads have their day in the sun and never utter another word. Everybody has their 'source' right, their guy or girl who 'knows somebody' or somebody that knows somebody. The truth is, as I watched some football, I thought about it real deep. KC won their game, the Bears beat the Jets, and my Steelers won, who cares? I don't need the crap. Then I had to think about the countless people who don't harvest the net for the 'latest and greatest'. They chose a path and walked it, never deviating from their choices, as tough as, it's been. I like to call these people the 'fellowship of the ring'. They know what they are here for and they will go about getting those things done...regardless.

Here's all anybody needs to know; all has been released for delivery, the lien was lifted, the trustee knows his drop dead timeline, and the folks that prepared for this to happen at the 'right time', 400 years ago, say 'it is underway'. 'Ya gotta dance with the one what, brung ya'...a promise is a promise, no matter what. If you only understood just How important that is for america, you'd forget about all this hypnotizing bad news spouted out by the media. Iraq has a government and got their currency issue straightened out, duh, they are getting funds from this activity also and you know, money doesn't have a religion. The dragons moved the heavy lumber, putting the bad guys in pocket, and now the Plan of the Ages, finishes, 'shifting the wealth of the world'.

Happy Holiday's Everyone.

Love & Kisses,

Anonymous Coward
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12/27/2010 09:59 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Starseeds and peoples from the Galactic Confederations’ planets (GC planets to shorten) comprise a mere minority on Earth. A rough census of our population shows that we are roughly 80% Orion, 17% Pleiades & Sirius B (15% Pleiades, 2% Sirius), and the rest of 3% distributed among other planetary migrants.

Among those seemingly fractional count of 3% are the Draconians (reptiles) and other saurians, insectoids, botanoids (plant humanoids), and whatever dense migrants there are from across the galaxies. Draco and lower Orion formed the binary power nexus of the Empire in antiquity, so altogether down here on Earth their influence stretches out to 80% of total population.

GC peoples’ influence stands at merely 10% level at this time, though this number is rapidly growing. Starseeds—the most recent arrivals (after Atlantis’ sinking)—comprise merely 1/8 or 12.5% of the population. This is bound to grow exponentially, as new starseeds are being born as babies in great numbers.

Starseeds and earlier arrivals of GCs are of a highly intelligent nature, with many starseeds retaining their 6th and 7th density awareness since their arrival here. While only a minority, the S & GCs (short for starseeds and Galactic Confederation peoples) who are now middle aged, are climbing fast the organizational ladders worldwide.

The organizational pyramids have always been in the hands of the Empire peoples, with Orions and Draconians on top. Name the organization—corporate, revolutionary, church, NGO, government, military—and one would end up witnessing Orions at the middle and top, with Draconians sharing power in some.

Today, the situation is changing. While merely a minority, the S & GCs are now moving up the pyramid in great numbers. My estimate is that from this year 2010 till 2012 the S & GCs will reach a ‘critical mass’ or 30% of the leadership compositions. At such a level, the S & GCs can challenge the policies and directions of organizations, from underground to aboveground.

Take the case of states. While the Empire people continue to enjoy their stronghold of state policy structures and bureaucracies, S & GCs have made enormous in-roads as well. Thus, the global direction of down-sliding to another world war with nuclear thermidore has been effectively reversed, making international cooperation a greater possibility than before.

Europe, for instance, which seems to be tittering towards a political maelstrom and brinkmanship, still faces the chance of stabilizing a bit. The economic crises it is undergoing may not abate in the short run, but Europe may no longer go the route of a totalitarian 4th Reich as originally planned by the Empire’s evil Adepts.

The same thing is true with the USA, which almost sank to the level of a fascist dictatorship under the neo-conservatives. The moderates were voted and installed to power, state policies were radically reversed (including foreign policy), and so the possibility of a fascist dictatorship had receded.

Expect the clash between the Empire and S&GC peoples to be extended to corporate boardrooms, if this has not been happening already. The ceaseless drive for rapacious profits will be challenged by ever greater advocacies for corporate social responsibility and redistribution, with the latter coming from S&GCs that are discovering their mutual presence and carving alliances with rapidity and dispatch.

As the S&GCs are acting out their missions in the micro-spheres with cooperation and subtle Oneness, the Empire’s leaders are engaging in mutual attrition and self-destruction. Some Empire leaders and factions are winning, while others are being pulled down, but in the end this will redound to loses for the Empire’s people here.

Take the case of the Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, both of which are still under the leadership of Empire peoples. Look at how they destroy each other, their brinkmanship dragging the entire planet to a new global conflagration. Even without our intervention (spiritual Brotherhood), the evil forces are self-destructing with their mutual hatreds for one another.

Let’s all pray and hope for the success of the S&GCs who are now in the midst of their organizational conquests. May the Almighty Creator be with them in their sublime missions.

Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

[Philippines, 22 July 2010]

[See: IKONOKLAST: [link to erleargonza.blogspot.com]
Anonymous Coward
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12/27/2010 11:12 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Beloved Ones,

This week as you bring to a close and completion the year of 2010, we applaud you all for persevering through the most trying tests of faith and trust in holding on to all that you have worked for and believed in. Truly, this has been a year of changes and transformations for all upon the Planet and most especially for, the Beloved Lightworkers around the World. We thank you for holding the Light steady and for the anchoring of the Greater Light through you, into the core of the Earth. This work has enabled a great leap forward for all upon the Planet.

As you look around you in the coming days you will see evidence of the value of the sacrifices you have made when you see your brothers and sisters Awaken to the greater Life and begin to set their feet firmly upon the Paths that you have cut for them. These Paths are shining with pure Light and those who come after you will widen these Paths so that the multitudes can know which way to go. Those who follow you will hold their vision high and will take the action that is necessary to create the positive changes upon the old outworn systems of this World. The World as you have known it is being changed moment by moment and even we of the Higher realms hold our breath with joyous anticipation.

The coming year will bring with it many wonders that seemingly materialize out of thin air and that which has been holding you back will seem to be far in the distance. The way before you, the Wayshowers of the World, will lead more definitively in the direction of the integration of the Higher aspects of yourselves. You have been valiantly releasing and transmuting the lead that has been dormant within you into the gold of your Higher Authentic Selves and this will translate into a greater freedom to walk this World in your true God given power and authority. Now it will be the task of the Creators that you are, to weave the filaments of your Being into an incredible field of Light that will literally effect peaceful changes upon the Earth and within every heart that beats in rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

You will find yourselves more in tune with the energetic influx of the Cosmic flow of Rainbow Rays upon this Planet and what was once hidden and hard to discern will now become an open book. Each of your lives have taken on greater and greater transparency as you have striven to walk your Path in the highest honesty, integrity, truth and Light. From your current perspective, it has been a great struggle to maintain balance and equilibrium during these testing times but you have all come through with flying colors. The Path of Ascension for all upon the Planet has become a viable possibility and probability.

Each day that you walk your walk and be in the Earth in your multi-dimensional bodies is another milestone in the history of this Planet. Many inroads have been made and these you are aware of in the Higher dimensions in which you move and work at the same time as you live your daily lives here on Earth. The World is a better place because you are in it, Beloved Hearts, and all upon Her are blessed because you have chosen to be here now. You have met every challenge with strength, faith and courage and these attributes will be put to use as events move this World forward in the days ahead.

Accept the love and grace that surrounds you as you daily move through the lessons, insights and perceptions while you continue to balance any remaining karma that you have chosen to bring to harmony in this lifetime. Keep on keeping on, Dear Ones and know that you are loved and supported through it all by your Family of Light from on High. We strive to lift you up so that you may in turn lift up Humanity and help them rise in unison with the Earth as the Ascension process continues. May peace prevail on Earth as it is in the Heavens.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

[link to www.therainbowscribe.com]
Anonymous Coward
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12/30/2010 12:09 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

6 Caban, 15 Mol, 7 Ik

Selamat Ja! We return during this holiday season with much to tell you. Around you, your reality is changing! Gaia is busy preparing her surface realms for a great transformation. These preparations are still fairly subtle; however, you are now entering a time when these changes are to become much more conspicuous to you. Areas noted for major earthquakes are to become active and minor tremors are already making themselves felt. Volcanoes, both on land and seabed, are also beginning to 'rev up'. Our Earth scientists have been monitoring this increase in seismic activity on all continents. These developments constitute the next bout of warnings from Mother Earth and dovetail with your own quickening toward full consciousness. The old reality, which for millennia has been your residential 'cocoon', has served its purpose. Many dowsers have noticed that the magnetic lines they use to examine your world are changing in strength or position. These phenomena are related to Gaia's shifting gravity fields.

These magnetic shifts are playing havoc with Earth's electrical fields. In order to ready herself for full consciousness, Gaia is deliberately adapting to the immense amounts of data coming from the Sun, her fellow planets, and the galactic core. It is important to see all this as a living organism in transition. All 3-D realities regularly capture a certain amount of this data stream, and when an entity expands its consciousness the amount of data captured increases extraordinarily. Further, this data needs to be processed differently. To this end your reality is adapting its grid lines to better cope with the heightened influx and is starting to become a monopolar entity. Such change is taking place throughout your solar system, which allows your scientists to observe at close quarters how zero-point energy and matter operate in the galaxy. These observations astound them and demonstrate clearly just how out of phase their scientific paradigm is! It has prompted them to search more diligently for a new operating model, one that can better encompass these recurring phenomena.

Paralleling the many unusual events taking place in your solar system, the galactic core is also going through similar changes. She is changing her base frequency, triggering a series of great energy waves, which flow from the core to her outer spirals, and transforming how the galaxy holds her together. New galactic grid lines are forming, which indicates that a new type of gravity wave is being born. This energy is giving life to new graviton particles that slightly interfere with our basic propulsion setups. Hence, we have had to adjust our ships' energy-gathering devises and have changed the distribution of our vast fleet throughout your solar system. We have also altered the density of the motherships in the inner ring around your planet, necessitating the creation of a special Möbius strip-like corridor to permit the swift entrance of our ships into the Earth's atmosphere when the moment for first contact arrives. We need to adjust this travel corridor each day, which demonstrates just how rapidly your solar system is changing.

These considerable changes match the progress each of you is making toward the point where first contact is definitely required. This is why the first steps preparing you for this goal needs to be completed. We have notified our Earth allies of this and have emphasized that the present reality no longer reflects who you are becoming. The dark cabal, too, knows what is happening and is busy wondering how the status quo can be prolonged. There exists in your reality a failsafe point beyond which a different timeline can be imposed. This point has recently been passed, which means that there is now only one scenario permitted, and that is first contact and all that that entails. We have brought in a few good workers who are determined to propel things toward first contact at a much swifter pace. These Beings are accelerating their abilities to the max and intend to get the initial steps done very quickly. Meanwhile, your governmental and economic systems are poised for a complete collapse.

The key to what is happening is to understand the effect of overwhelming international debt on a nearly broken economic system. This is the goal that the dark cabalists were setting up in the first few years of the 21st century. Unfortunately for them, the system imploded before they could extract the quantity of money from the system that they had promised to the members of its many working boards. As a result, illegal actions by the US Federal Reserve and the legislatures of several nations permitted the extraction of most of the remaining monies from late 2008 to mid-2009. Our Earth allies alerted many governments about the truth of what was happening but were unable to prevent a series of European and Asian nations from approaching collapse in 2009-2010. They were able to recover some of these funds, and these can be used as proof of the illegal activities, giving us additional ammunition for bringing down the dark cabal.

The various nations of your world have secretly come together to oppose the hegemony of the dark cabal and to end its millennia-long stranglehold on the globe. Predictably, the dominant agent of this cabal, the US corporate state, used its army of covert intelligence operatives to put pressure on anyone involved in that activity, which created a very sticky milieu for the Earth allies and their new friends to operate in. Meanwhile, several major global trusts were reaching the point of pay-out and a number of parallel scenarios were also underway, the intent of which was to reach the point for our direct intervention around the end of the Gregorian year of 2010 and early 2011. These scenarios are beginning to interlink, and we have come to agreements with the major white-Light, secret societies of your globe on what is to be done next

. Your world needs to be deeply purged of what has come to be the commonplace and widely accepted prime beliefs of your reality. These erroneous mindsets are fostered by the fiction that you are alone and unique in the universe. Once your true history and the truth of your origins on other worlds are revealed, all these notions will go up in smoke. Those in your society who are willing and able to do so need to take on this huge crisis of perception and get the people of Gaia back on track. Then you can be introduced to us. Our mission is to complete what the many white-Light societies plan to do. Our counselors have waited for almost two decades to set you free and graciously introduce you to the amazing, sovereign Being that each of you has hidden within you.

The first item on the agenda of this first contact mission is to move you toward a more ethical form of governance combined with an economy based on abundance. The aim is to begin to fully honor you as sovereign Beings, and this implies a complete reappraisal of how you treat one another. Each of you is a precious creation of the Creator, endowed with equal and unalienable rights and delivered into this world with certain life-long goals. You are then equipped with unique talents that can be used to help others, as well as yourself, to reach those life goals. Galactic societies take these talents to their full potential. Normally, societies have reached this point before being eligible for first contact. You are to go beyond this point, all the way to full consciousness. You have a glorious future ahead, as a key member of the Galactic Federation of Light!

Today, we continued our discussion with you about first contact. Your reality is now collapsing and a new one is manifesting in its place. Then we can safely arrive and move you quite quickly into full consciousness. Wonders you cannot even imagine can then be opened to you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) info@paoweb.com
Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/02/2011 03:21 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
New Year's Day Update
By Christ Michael thru Candace
Jan 1, 2011 - 6:04:19 PM

Good evening beloveds, well it’s evening for Candace. Yes I realize this is January 1st and we are a bit behind. (for some now it’s Jan 2nd-C) The work goes on. The issues are not fully finished on our to-do list, and that’s ok dear ones, because when this goes live, it will be close to perfect. Perfect won’t happen, but we have to lessen the problems.

Now as we have taught you, we have been doing a lot of replacements all over the globe in various political offices, and in the media. Candace has mentioned now the announcement/teaching process will if we can, run about 3 months. It will be a glorious but difficult time.

Beloveds, we are taking down everything in this world that must collapse. Included in that collapse will be many organizations, particularly some corporations. There may be collapse of the ability to fully deliver food and necessities, and we have huge stockpiles to assist this. No one will go hungry or without your proverbial toilet paper, in terms of what is considered necessary.

We have long been telling you, you must prepare and now is still a good time to have some stocks of necessities. There will be considerable unemployment from this. Now is there a plan in that, yes. As we collapse the financial industry, you will have all your debts written off. Will not written off, they will no longer exist. We are collapsing the banking system completely. So there will be no house payments, credit card payments, student loans, any type of banking debt. Nor any tax debt either. So you will not face loosing of homes and autos. But there may be great restrictions in gasoline for them.

For those that rent, nearly all tenements have loans, which will also be written off. People may well have to force their landlords to reduce or eliminate rents. There will considerably less need to spend money. People will be solving their problems which can include moving of families together and the like. Man will have to solve some of his issues around this.

People have to see the collapse. There will be great gnashing of teeth, as guilt overcomes some people who have made the wrong decisions of how they live. There will be considerable loss of comforts, especially for the well off people. There will be deliveries of fuel however for heating and the like and the electricity will stay up, whether there is money to pay for it or not.

I know not how to teach these ones other than let them experience what has been created, and how it comes down. Most people have no idea of the complexities it takes to run a world. They have no idea where things come from, how things are manufactured, how items reach them. In fact most don’t care even if they are aware and these are the ones that need perhaps the hardest lessons.

Now be not in fear of this. Life will in fact improve spiritually as people turn to each other for a change. Many will not be as rich materially, but will be enriched spiritually. During this period people will be offered the opportunity to MOVE to craft and some of their future destinations. The declining conditions should help motivate those choices.

There IS something we will be doing shortly and I can’t announce that, but it’s essential and a lot of you are going to be pleased as this will help in your service.

Now, I had told Candace if we weren’t on TV in a hour we would do the update she has been begging for. So here we are. The initial announcement will come over your Emergency broadcast system in the United States. There will be an address by the newly placed Obama. This will then be carried around the world by normal media. The announcement process will begin in a day or two after.

Now, you should be seeing the need for our replacements. Those who are dark and not cooperating will flee and there must be responsible people in power. Most will look close enough to the originals, using various technologies we have, to pass and a little makeup will help. These are basically clones, inhabited by “star fleet” personnel, in other words ensouled and these ones all are very aware of their roles. When you inhabit an adult body, rather than an infant, the memory is solid. These ones carry enough of the programs from the ones they have “copied’ to have physical mannerisms that will be ok to those viewing them.

We have to this point replaced 8923 people. There will likely be more. We have been setting up “traps” to engage those that are problems and removing them. We cannot have unseen problems after the process starts. Amongst those unseen problems are people that have multiple personalities which are easily put into place by very simple commands of their controllers. These commands CAN be material on the television, and we don’t need people picking up guns and going into stores and starting up shooting sprees as but one example.

There is a great deal, has been for the last several months in fact, studying for these ones that have been embedded in the churches, as this has been a huge program, to get certain ones to discredit us as being demons from space and the like. Some of you are seeing this in action in fact on various forums, and one of the things we will do is shut down quite a few forums, so these ones have no outlet to spoil our show.

There are many other examples, but I leave those to your imaginations. We must have a tight ship, so we do not sink. We are almost there. We keep discovering new folks that must be replaced, and making a clone takes 36 hours plus about another 36 hours of programming to them after the soul inhabits them. So 3 days before this person can walk this plane. That is the main reason for this delaying.

We have cleaned up all the holes within the announcement systems, and will be bypassing man’s satellites with our own communications for the television. That is why you were told there will be us and the news and that is it for those 3 months. People will be getting off their soap operas. We will control it all. We have plenty of “entertainment” planned including a lot of teaching from DVD’s already on this plane. This will all be better than any soap operas, let me assure you. No shopping channels on TV either. What will man do???? Well, he is going to discover his spirit.

This is enough for now. We are truly close. Again, there is something planned that will not be covered publicly coming soon. We hoped to have the presidential speech tonight, but there were some more holes found, again, not in the transmissions planned but other holes. We are realizing we need to close up many avenues of communication, which may have to include all radio, except in places that have inadequate television. We will not close the internet, but we have entered many codes to take down internet sites that are going to fight this.

Man does not have the free will to destroy what God plans to give as education. It is as simple as that. He will not destroy the free will of others. People are going to get a fair opportunity to make up their minds, minus the deliberate deceiving. On Candace’s favorite forum, God Like Productions, there have been a group of folks raising a lot of hell there and making outlandish claims that we are here to evacuate people and then kill them by gassing them aboard ship. This is but one small example of that which we must have a handle on. We were appalled personally that this topic was even broached by the individuals that started the thread, and other threads. This is why certain forums will not run and that includes many Christian forums and websites, at least for a time. Sherry Shriner, you are one of those on that list who will not be broadcasting either. Interestingly, those forums and the like within Islam are far less a concern that Christian ones.

Many of you here will be able to soon use knowledge that is in your “packies” that will assist you in your helping others. We have many on the planet now for this purpose also, ones living here that are part of our nearly 100,000 that will be in training during the stasis and be placed on various teams of AbundantHope to step into place after the stasis. WE have spoken of this before. There are many good people who have of course never heard of AbundantHope that will also step into service at this time locally where they live. It will be almost automatic for them. As man adjusts, more will naturally come into service.

There will be also be a variety of earth changes during this time, which is one reason we are getting the troops home all over the world. Be not concerned how this is going to manifest at this time, but these ones need to be around to serve within their various countries. War is ending, and if you want a little proof on that, notice your news has nearly left the wars behind! We move forward. Be patient as always and focus on how you will help as this world comes down. I still advise above, that yea ones stock up on essentials, including your medicines and the like as you can. The goods we have gathered will be distributed as necessary in your grocery stores and the like. We can transport some foods from southern countries to northern ones as planes are not going to fly much during this time either. People are going to see us helping them out.

But you do not need to stand in food lines, if you stock up yourselves, particularly necessities important to how you live. Enough for tonight, I am at work as are most teams for several more hours. Be in Peace, please. I am christ Michael/Aton.
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01/02/2011 04:06 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
putin still !
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
[link to nesaranews.blogspot.com]


INTEL 1/04 1:00 AM


Deliveries HAD to be done by 12/31 to meet protocols. Protocol
delivery schedule is Global Settlements, CMKX E/R, Bank
announcement, Dinar R/V and Cash In. This is a war between Good and Evil and battles are ongoing.

Joint Chiefs Of Staff FAILED in doing these deliveries indicates
they are corrupt too. World Court has pulled their plug and the
Chinese/Japanese has taken over deliveries!


The rest of the world is waiting these deliveries so they can get access to there funds, whose envelopes have already been delivered.

We have also been given bum intel for the direct purpose to misled us. The two Ghosts are paid disnfo agents and complete explosive details may be revealed if no PP deliveries today.

In the last 2 weeks, starts and restarts. 7 Trillion was attempted to be stolen but was restored and bankers arrested and removed.

Basel III is airtight banking and the crooks do not want to realize that. The death of a Bush Aide in a landfill has been rumored and alledged to the blockage of the deliveries.

Keep on getting intel - deliveries tomorrow and tomorrow but nothing shows on the screen. I have contacts with access to the funding screens of the programs.

Programs are funded, trustees in place but no deliveries - WHY?

I and several others have been asked to assist in the verification of the deliveries and you will be reading a post requesting delivery status of those who have received PP packets. No names are being asked just delivery status.

This is for the purpose of providing verification of deliveries to the Chinese. They want to help but have been blocked out of the intel. The tracing RFID chip data with the envelope cannot be accessed by the Chinese.

Blocked by our JCS (Joint Chiefs Of Staff) again.

Right now at a little past midnight, all 87,000 envelopes were supposedly delivered.

NOW let's see what actually happened?

John's Comments - My family came out of West Point, walked the grounds, Aunt was head postmaster and remember meeting Eisenhower, Patton and McArthur as a Child. I wonder what they would do now with the corrupt JCS? I may be 'Chris Storied' for doing this but honor, honor and honor is what it is all about. Have they forgotten?


To ALL Prosperity Program Recipients,

FIRM information states that DELIVERIES HAVE STARTED.
It is anticipated that most deliveries will be received this evening.

Higher Echelon Principals wish to have you report YOUR receptions here:


Please report the following:

Name of your Program, City and State so that SECURITY can track/monitor the process to conclusion. This is to avoid any game playing in the delivery process, or possible theft of packages, or any attempt of having packages disappear.


This is NOT a joke!

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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Thursday, 30 December 2010January Energy Forecast - Concrete Change Begins

Many of you will have noticed these past few years have been ones of clearing the
way, with periods of forward movement then periods of integration - integration that
sometimes felt like regression. The 'old' mind (which sees the world based on how
things were 5-10 years ago) often tells you this process is chaotic or that something is
going wrong.

Yet this experience is playing out exactly as was predicted for a long time. These years
were always about a great shift for the planet and us, its people. And the pattern for the
last few years is that the shift takes place within us as much as outside of us.

2011 sees a noticeable difference. Where many of you have been energy surfing for a
few years and now used to this ride, it has taught you to stay grounded through it all,
to let go of control, surrender to what is, to feel what you're feeling and simply 'get on
with it' for you never know what's coming next.

Well, January will see more of you 'getting on with it' more than ever before.
This will give you a powerful energy up-shift for the month which will be in stark contrast
to many people around you.

January is typically the lowest month from the emotional perspective for many in the
western world. Festivities of Christmas are over, fatigue and/or disillusionment sets
in for those who had a strong focus on the holidays and suddenly let go of that focus,
and in most countries, the weather is a literal challenge to our bodies. Even the lack of
daylight affects our physical mood. Stay conscious of this and hold your own vibration
as these energies swirl around you. Physical exercise, fresh air and nature, listening to
music and dancing are all great remedies.

Many of you who have been working on emotionally clearing for awhile will now
immerse yourselves in new projects and activities. Don't turn down invitations to try
new things or go new places this month, because shifting your energy towards anything
new in January will have a positive effect. It sets up a template, opening you to new
things and new people to come into your life. And you will be surprised at where those
things take you. Anything new will have a powerful energy in January while older or
more known aspects will be somewhat stable and quieter for you.

In some ways, the quiet internal space many will go into during this month will allow
those of you holding a high vibration to step forward, to receive some of the energetic
space left behind by those who are feeling the need to internalize.

This year many of you paving the way for the next 2-3 years and making concrete new
realities for yourselves. If you’re working on creative projects, from January onwards,
recognize these projects will form a STRONG part of your world for the next 2-3 years.
They will be holding an energy of 2012 as everything being created this year is designed
to withstand and usher in the changes 2012 will bring. Everything not in alignment with
that energy will either not work or be left unformed.

The intensity experienced by most of you in November and December will calm in January,
because until March 2011, the influx of new energies will happen at a steadier pace.
What began to hit in November is now stabilizing.

Be aware however that any new commitments should be carefully considered. Playing
with and experiencing new avenues will work well, but trying to define long-term
commitments with others (i.e. business, friendships or relationships) would be better
left for February and March since January’s push for you to continually let go of
anything not of your frequency will remain front and center. New endeavors will need a
2-3 month period to stabilize before you commit to anything long-term. This part of my
forecast surprises me as I write it. I’m thinking, “Surely we’re all aware that nothing is
certain in this life regarding commitments?”

However, I am assured this information is important because some of you who will
be asked to commit to new things and people, those requests will often come from
those who want to harness or hold onto your energy. And by February or March, you
will see this and realize these are not the tethers for you. So just stay mindful that any
commitments you make are only needed in the Now, and be wary of anyone pressuring
you to sign a dotted line. You will know in a month or two what commitments are in
your highest and best good.

This dynamic will show up in personal relationships as well. You may have
confrontations and/or clearings within some personal relationships where it is time
to move out of old contracts and roles. 50% of these relationships will strengthen as a
result and 50% will lessen their importance in your life for a while. However it may seem
in the moment, it’s all good. These released contracts will allow will usher in the new.
We are more defined by the people around us than we usually realize.

2011 will be the most important year of your life so far, and as a result it will be a year
colored by big decisions and experiences as this new wave of light gets more grounded.
Things are becoming more concrete within you and within everyone.

This month begins a year of celebration of freedom around the world. Freedom comes
from breaking the perceived prisons, shackles or handcuffs you’ve been bound by, and
the accompanying wrist burn is quickly replaced by the euphoria of that newly found

If November and December saw you breaking more shackles than ever, know
that January brings you the freedom you’ve been seeking. That begins with you and
your energy, so throw yourself into whatever feels right and let the momentum carry

Go explore the world again.....

[link to leeharrisenergy.blogspot.com]
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01/04/2011 06:49 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
03 Januari 2011

The ebb and flow of our lives here on the planet lately has been like the lapping of ocean waves against the rocky shoreline on the first night of a full moon. Just as the full moon creates the high tide, it also directly affects the human body. Affected by this same cycle and the greater cosmos, the emotional body wells up and crashes onto the shore only to swiftly recede. If we are wise enough to witness what is occurring within us, we learn and gain wisdom from the inner stirrings as we ride the wave of change upon us.

On December 21, 2010 many of us broke free from this seemingly endless cycle, which can feel like birth and rebirth. We spiraled upward into an entirely new learning pattern and creation cycle.

Now, one might think that in any given moment something extraordinary is happening, and it is. Never will that particular cycle be repeated in exactly that same form. Even though we may get caught up in the drama of the moment, our lives are still being played out in the larger context of the cosmos.

Some us are still moving through cathartic releases and others are flying high in a kind of euphoria that may find us later crashing or burning with disappointment. We will later understand these patterns in the larger context of our lives. But overall, compared to the stop / start feeling of 2010, life ahead feels optimistic with good reason: After a short period of sit and wait, 2011 is a perfect and right time for fulfilling our heart's desire.

As Light Beings, we have moved through these cycles enough to know as we sit within the stillness of our own heart, even as the latest wave crashes against the backdrop of our lives, that we are spiraling up in vibration. We are now staged and ready to create as a force of light, which transforms our reality altogether.

In 2011, we will go through 7 cycles that will feel like up and down, crash and burn but it is merely an illusion as we gain our equalibrium in this new way of creating. Some will feel these cycles to be like the exponential thrill rides of a lifetime, some like a perpetual endless circle of birth and rebirth, and others will feel them more like an updraft of joy spiraling through with ease and grace.

All and all, 2011 will be laced with a sense of decisive and bold action and marked with a dose of surreality as we transcend linear time as we anchor in an entirely new energy matrix for the earth plane.

The hallmark of 2011 is on creating, manifesting and building joyously.

Many of us have broken through the barrier of belief that fear has any control over us. We have also broken through the illusion of a polarized world and have begun to create, individually and as a collective force of light, realities that are expansive to everyone involved. There is no centralized leader or cadre of followers here in this reality. Only those who wish to create within the reality of love and joyousness.

Fear has no power to control us when we are flowing in the river of oneness consciousness.

There are many who will come before us and tell us that it is all right to create only within the reality of the five senses thus limiting our ability to sense or feel our way into these new realities.

There will be others who will come to us and try to persuade us to stop and reconsider the reality of "all as one" as a broken system. Instead, we will orchestrate the changes within us so that the world, the reality, in which we create is balanced and harmonized, customized to meld into the dawning of a new era.

There shall come a day, within our very own awareness, when we will look into the heart of the other and realize that the reality that we have birthed into our collective consciousness has become the predominant structural framework from which all other worlds are transformed or birthed into form.

We are nearly there as a collective force of light. Some, more or less, have already arrived. They are there just on the other side of the inner doorway to greet us as we, too, make visceral contact with our path. The directional signals pointing us toward the inner passageways to lead us there are clear and purposeful. We must drop deep into the stillness of our own heart to find our way. But once we do, we can feel what is real and what is merely illusion but, this too, is familiar to us now.

From this point in our awakened state, we will find that the joy of creation is a mainstay within us. Fear no longer has a place at our reality creation table. As we move forward, we will find that the light quotient in our physical bodies will dramatically increase. Once this occurs, there will no longer be a need to divide or protect against anything at all.

As we move through the first quarter of 2011, we are to continue to shed the skin of any remaining personal discontent. Balancing our lives with what we desire is our first priority.

This year will be marked by a desire to form deep and abiding connections with others in a way that we will no longer say brother / sister, or mother / father with the same divisional nature designated between incarnational blood line from light line. We are all one.


After connecting with this energy and feeling into the many sessions I have delivered over the Holiday, it feels like 2011 will be the year that all our dreams come true. It's a great time of building in the physical. Whatever you were doing 9, 18, 27 years ago that caused constriction in your life, this past year, you were charged with letting go of that wave pattern that cycle in your life by allowing freedom of the heart to take precedence from this time forward.

Collectively, we are moving through the mid-zone our our creative cycles now and headed toward the super highway. (See Part 3: The Big Shift in A Call to Remember). Issues of control or be controlled are calling us all to let go and get on with the love of freedom as never before.

As you do, you'll find yourself in the right place at the right time because you are acting from an aligned heart. There are many who have been working diligently to speak their truth. You are the new leaders in every walk of life. Stay grounded by deeply listening to your heart, and know that all is well.

In Service,

Carol Fitzpatrick

[link to www.carolynnfitzpatrick.com]
Anonymous Coward
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01/04/2011 06:51 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
SaLuSa 3-January-2011

Things have been simmering for a long time, but now they are beginning to come to the boil. When you can find truthful and reliable reports about the pending changes, you will read that the pressure is now really on for those who are charged with the responsibility for getting results. The forces that have been opposing such changes are now considerably weakened. They cannot muster sufficient numbers, to strongly oppose the Lightworkers that now see their opportunity to push ahead. You can therefore expect to learn of action that will soon lead to a clear indication of what is about to occur. The battle continues to release you from the reality imposed upon you. Your freedom will gradually be returned and all of the benefits that are spoken of so often.

It will take some convincing to get the dark Ones to accept their defeat, or acknowledge that their time is up. They do however cling to forlorn hopes that somehow they can escape being revealed or the subsequent justice. There is no longer anything they can do except cause minor delays, and we usually have knowledge of their intentions or action in advance. This year will belong to you and also us who are working for the Light. Your faith and support of the Divine Plan is to bring the results that will bring us together. The problems you face today will begin to be addressed, and by the end of the year your position will be vastly improved to what it is now. Ride through what is left of the storm knowing that Mother Earth must take her own action, to cleanse the earth from massive pollution and damage to the environment.

The Galactic Federation as many have noticed is being much more open in its activities, and it will continue to do so until disclosure of our presence is acknowledged. We will continue to aid our allies in whatever way we can, and it will not be too long before we can come more closely together. Keep your eyes open for developments worldwide, because what is taking place is a powerful movement against the dark Ones. Unlike many expectations, the answers are not necessarily the responsibility of America, although she will continue to be a most important player in the period of changes. Indeed, at some time in the future she will emerge once more as a leading nation, that others will look up to but not until all its dark connections have been removed.

You have waited so long for the conclusion to this cycle and the changes it will bring, and all that really matters is that you are prepared for Ascension and never lose sight of it. You will learn the truth of what has preceded this period, and how the dark Ones have plotted and planned against you for many, many centuries. It has been ongoing with the very idea that they could take world control of the whole population, and prevent you from ascending. They have been as aware, if not more so of the plan for Ascension than you have, and expected to achieve success before you realised what was happening. They reckoned without the Brotherhoods of Light that oversee your evolution, and the Divine Plan that declared the intent to close this cycle with Ascension.

With everything that is happening do not forget that the most important matter concerns the changes within you. With understanding and the desire to ascend, you must as far as possible live your life as on who has already reached a higher level of consciousness. The distractions will increase but realise that they are only going to affect in the short term, and out of all the sudden changes you will clearly see the path to Ascension. Each soul will become free to progress according to their choice, a decision that was made prior to their present incarnation. Subconsciously you are aware of your choice, and it will have influenced you to take the correct direction. It matters not what others have chosen that may be quite different to yours, simply allow them the same free choice that you have been given. All experience has immense value, and you take it with you when you complete each lifetime’s journey. You are at any time the total of all of your experiences, which makes you a unique and important soul in the tapestry of life.

The time has long come when you are prompted to spread your knowledge and assist those who are awakening to the truth. It is a matter of taking an opportunity to enlighten others without forcing an issue. Allow for doubt or even skepticism as the truth can make people feel uncomfortable. For some people, to have their cherished beliefs severely questioned is difficult to handle, and it takes time to come to terms with it. Each soul is constantly evolving and not one will stand still, but may take longer to overcome strong beliefs that they may have carried for many lifetimes. However, once the seeds of truth have entered the thoughts of any soul, it creates an opportunity to expand their understanding.

Remember also that your Guides are working tirelessly to help you expand your levels of consciousness. They prompt you when there is an opportunity to gather more information, and that is often related to someone you meet. It can even go to the extent that you will feel strongly attracted to an article or book, that can fill in some of the missing gaps in your knowledge. It is known for books to conveniently “fall” across your path when they are exactly what you need. Take notice of such happenings, as they are usually for a purpose and although you may view it as a coincidence it is absolutely intended for you. Nothing of any importance to you happens by chance, and each time something special enters your life try to understand what purpose it serves. Lessons come in many shapes and forms, and are not all necessarily what you would choose. Sometimes there are some hard ones to be learnt, but do bear in mind that it will have been agreed to by you beforehand.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and most pleased that at last we can talk to you about the nearness of they changes. Already our key Lightworkers are pressing the authorities to move away from the old paradigm, and also putting forward what is desired to move everything forward. You have waited long enough and we are pushing hard to get going, and we will succeed. We have the power and authority to achieve all that we have set out to do and no one can now interfere with our plan, and our commitment to you that is total.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

[link to www.galacticchannelings.com]
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01/04/2011 06:53 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
An Apocalypse (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις​ Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted - Wikipedia

Imagine a community of ants hidden under a covering in the corner of a house. They have been told that this corner is the world. Every day the ants go about their business collecting food, securing their shelter and keeping their families warm. Some of the ants are content with their lives, happy to have what they have. Others feel quite frustrated but don’t think they can do much about it, after all there is only so much space they can work with. A few ants have big aspirations for their lives and dream of greater things. They don’t know why, but they’ve always had a feeling that there is more to the world than this corner they live in. They don’t know how exactly to access this other world and the other ants call them crazy but there is some knowing in their bodies that tells them, there is more to life than you can currently see.

A growing group of ants have started poking holes in the covering and started peeking out. They can see glimpses of something outside this covering. They want to tell as many of their community as they can: Come see, there is something out here! The guard ants don’t like this and spread rumours that the rebel ants are crazy. The head ants even call for some to be imprisoned. Many in the community call out to the rebel ants ‘Sshhh, stop making trouble, you could get us all killed.’ The head ants quickly create a diversion. The ants are easily quietened down by fear and the head ants shout that there is a virus in the far right corner. Instantly the formerly curious ants run back under their cover. The ants are also easily distracted and so the head ants regularly launch new reality shows ‘The BachelorAnt’, ‘Watch Ants Swap Lives’ and ‘Antertainment Tonight: The latest gossip about the Celebrity Ants’.

You see, the head ants know that there is a greater world out there, but they don’t want the community to know. If the community knew then the head ants would lose control. The community would knock the covering right off the top of their heads and stand in awe at the vastness of the real world outside. The community would be delirious with joy and happiness at their new freedom, and at the unlimited endless potential that lay before them. They could create so much more than they had previously thought or even conceived of. They would have ample access to all that they needed. They would no longer have to work like slaves under the restrictive rules of the head ants. Most excitedly they would discover that they were not the only ones who lived in the world. There is a whole universe out there who have been watching and waiting for the ants to free themselves.

It has made many in the universe sad to see the ants so isolated and disconnected from their greater true reality, but there has been a purpose. Someone thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if the ants would remember who they are, even with the covering. Some of the ancestors of the head ants didn’t think much of the community, and doubted they would remember, citing the ease at which they were distracted by fear and trivial things as proof that their true nature was lost to them. Other ancestors, ancient ancestors of the greater community, believed in the ants because they knew that these precious beings were more than just ants. They were great, divine ants, each of them holding deep memories within of who they really were. They knew that the day would come when something would happen to help the ants blast the covering off them, so that they could take their place in the greater world, the greater reality, the greater universal community.

An exaggeration perhaps of the story of humanity, or perhaps not, we’ll see once we discover more of the truth very soon. For all extents and purposes however, humanity are these divine ants, and we have been in the pre-dawn light of this long awaited day or time of truth for several years now. In 2011 we will see that which covered us being blown right off, revealing all that was false in our current reality and simultaneously revealing all that is true and possible in what is our new, greater reality. The internet ants, particularly the most prominent so far WikiLeaks, have started to pull back the curtain, showing us that the great men and women we trusted to run our world are nothing but puppets being pulled for the gratification of a small but powerful group of head ants. It is the end of the road for those head ants. They have no place and no business in our new reality. The new reality will be run by the people, for the greater good of all the people.

2011 Happenings:

Solar Flares
We will start reading more about the Solar Flares: [link to www.smh.com.au]

As we reach the culmination of the end of a great 26,000 year cycle Earth will be in a position where our Sun will be receiving maximum light from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy. The way I have been seeing this light is that it is extremely high vibrational electromagnetic energy which is affecting our personal electromagnetic fields triggering our ability to access higher levels of consciousness (effectively helping us blast the limited perspective cover off of us). Also, it will affect our power grids knocking out electronics, electricity, technology, the internet, navigational systems etc for anything from hours to weeks at a time. It will also cause havoc with our weather, as if our weather doesn’t have enough problems! This is something that is already happening.

It isn’t something to be scared of, it is something to be prepared for and ultimately it is something that will reconnect us to our natural resources (both inner and outer) like nothing else has been able to do so far. We have become so disconnected from our authentic sources of power, our intuition, our telepathic abilities, our sun, air, wind, soil, earth, waters, trees, it is time we reconnect. There is an old Zen saying “Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment chop wood carry water.” We are walking around with ten self help books in our bag, or own two houses and three cars, thinking ourselves successful, meanwhile how many of us know how to build a fire or grow our own vegetables? I don’t believe we are going to have to start all over again as a humanity, but I do believe there will definitely be periods of time during coming solar flares and Earth changes when we are going to have to spend a few days or weeks tapping into skills and resources we never had to think about before. Half of our Australian state of Queensland is currently underwater due to flooding (the size of Texas) so it’s not such an outlandish concept to conceive of this happening. Again, it’s happening now, this isn’t a future prediction. Yet as challenging and devastating as these events are, there is always a positive lining. It is events like this that bring people together, that unite communities, that connect hearts and shift people’s priorities including government spending priorities. We will realise where we may have been living unconsciously, where we may have been unaware of our over-use of the Earth’s resources, and how simple the alternatives are.

Note from Jelena Mrkich about the Sydney Morning Herald Solar Flares article as linked above: This is one of the first articles I have read about potential Earth changes that really resonates with me. While our culture is thinking big tidal waves causing destruction, how about big solar waves that take out our man made electronics that then shifts and rotates the focus back to us. We'd need the very resources we're doing a good job of draining. I do see an energy wave pulsating the planet, and it just might pulse out right above us from the Sun. A big enough solar wave, that appears to be building, could take out our global electronics. The grid system would be totally down. Without electronics, there would also be no 'city lights' to light up the night sky, which means we'd be able to see the stars so much more clearer. Allowing us to see all these light ships that other places that are not so flooded with electronic light get to 'see' a whole lot more often. Without media, governments wouldn't be able to cover it up, ha! I can imagine, one of the reasons we need to reconnect to her may be because what if the massive big trucks can't bring us fruit and veges for a while? The irony, if humanity was left to face Mother Earth in this way, to actually need her resources that we have as a collective, abused. Wood for fire? What happens if we've chopped down all the trees. Fresh water for drinking? What if we've polluted or drained the natural waterways. Fish for eating? What if most have been caught? When it comes to our basic needs, Mother Earth produces and supplies all that a human needs. But right now our culture is not living with Mother Earth so much as it is living on her.

Sure Mother Earth might go through changes, but one that is so big that humanity could be wiped out, I don't know, there is just something about that that seems too easy. As in if Earth is our school, where would our lesson be in learning from our consequences? One major solar wave on the other hand, that could take out our electronic system would end our western cycle as we know it. A new cycle, a new system, a new way of being and living with Mother Earth would need to start, whether people liked it or not. How would we as a collective move forward from there?

Now that I'd sit down with popcorn for if I was an galactic being.


Moving on to the topic of galactic beings, we will start seeing more starships, reading about sightings and experience more releasing of official files.
This is the best and clearest footage I have seen so far of starships or lightships. [link to www.youtube.com] Please take a couple of minutes to view, it is AMAZING!! It was shot in Glastonbury, England and is featured in the Australian documentary shown recently on SBS ‘My Mum talks to Aliens’. You can watch the doco online at [link to www.sbs.com.au] The same craft were caught on video over Brazil on December 18 2010.

There are possibly hundreds of different kinds of beings from other planets and star systems, yet they have not been able to reveal themselves to us while we have been under this ‘cover’. So for those who haven’t heard me talk about this topic before we’re about to launch into territory that will sound like science fiction I know, and sound crazy I know, but anything I write below is from information I have received intuitively throughout my life, which has then later been verified by information and personal accounts much of which is readily available on the internet. It is time to talk about this now.

So on this topic: there are the ones who have done deals with secret levels of our global elite, providing technology and assurances of ‘don’t worry we’ll save you when the s&*^ hits the fan’ (meanwhile they have no intentions of doing this) in exchange for experimenting with our human DNA and using up some of our Earth’s resources. These ones are not of a very high vibration and ultimately are curious (some may say jealous) about our humanity’s ability to feel and to love, something they cannot do.

The ones I have great respect for are our true Star Family: the Lyrans, Arcturians, some Sirians, Pleiadians and others, highly evolved, benevolent, harmonious and peaceful beings who are around the planet right now and can help us, but cannot do so from a ‘saviour’ stance. We have to wake up and remember our power from within, that was the whole point, yet the quandary has been that we are under this cover!! How to wake up when many don’t even realise they’re sleeping? Well that’s why things sometimes have to get rocky before they get calm – it’s often not until we start gulping water that we remember we know how to swim. We will swim, and we will more than survive we will thrive. And we will connect once again with our galactic brothers and sisters. Yep, sounds crazy if this is new to you but doesn’t it seem more crazy to you that we are in a universe of billions of planets alone???

Oct 28 2011

This is the date that Mayan Calendar expert Carl Johan Calleman has referred to for many years as the true ending of the current cycle. It is the closest 13 AHAU (kind of like the Mayan Version of 31 December) to the end of the Mayan Calendar Long Count (which does fall on December 21, 2012) so it would make sense that it is the true date of the close of this particular cycle. Both dates, yet neither, are dates to watch out for. What does all this mean? The ending of a cycle is not about a date, it is about a large window of time in which we emerge from one level of consciousness to another. We are in that window now.

“In reality the Mayan calendar is however not about something that will happen on a singular date, but a description of a divine plan for the evolution of humankind where quantum shifts between calendrical energies bring about shifts in consciousness. Thus, human consciousness will continue to be transformed step by step in accordance with this plan until we come to the real end date of the process of creation, October 28, 2011. At this date the highest quantum state of the universe will be attained ( 13 Ahau) when the shifts disrupting the harmony will come to an end.” Carl Johan Calleman [link to www.calleman.com]

Zero Point

It will be interesting to see if the above date happens to correspond with what Gregg Braden calls Zero Point - when the Schumann Resonance (heart beat of Mother Earth) reaches it’s maximum of 13Hz at which point the Earth’s magnetic field goes to Zero. [link to www.thecamino.com.ar]
If this happens, the ‘cover’ will be gone and in that moment we will receive a massive wave of light and consciousness (we are already receiving bursts of this now). This may be why the messages have been saying we must raise our vibration by a certain time – we would need to be at a certain level of consciousness to be able to receive this light without being destroyed by it. From that level of consciousness we would be in a state of instant manifestation, adding to the reason it is so important to clear our emotional and thought fields now to be of as high a vibration as possible.

Zero Point is also said to be the time when the Earth’s core stops spinning (theories range from 3 days to 2 weeks) and then re-starts going back the other way. This time has been associated with a Pole Shift, although whether this is a geographical physical pole shift, or pole shift in consciousness (going from Mind to Heart Consciousness) time will tell. When we get to Zero Point, obviously half the world would be in darkness for a few days and half in daylight. I have been getting strong messages to let people know if this happens, don’t be scared, there is nothing to be scared of. It is a natural event, just like a solar eclipse albeit a longer lasting event. In times when people didn’t know what a solar eclipse was they were scared the world was ending or they were being punished by the gods because it looked like the sun disappeared. So too, if we do have a few days of darkness many will fear that it’s the end but it is not the end. It is simply the beginning of our new beginning.

In Conclusion

Isn’t it funny, we all want to know the truth and we want to reach our full potential, but many might prefer it happens theoretically via a book or television documentary. It’s showtime kids, we’ve asked for truth and asked to step into our full potential, and the cover is coming off to allow that to happen. This comes hand in hand with great changes and stepping out of our comfort zones to new information and ways of living. As much as it would be wonderful to think we could all shift to a new level of consciousness without any upheaval whatsoever, have you ever moved house or changed relationships without at least some upheaval? Childbirth especially has its own natural process of labour and pushing before the little head and body finally emerge. Imagine an entire humanity and planet shifting consciousness, moving from one way of being to another. Yes upheaval is part of the package, but it’s not a bad thing and it doesn’t have to be a scary thing.

Some of the 2011 information seems like it could freak a person out, and I haven’t been ready until now to write about certain topics this specifically, perhaps hoping I miraculously wouldn’t ever have to. There have been plenty of other people focusing on those topics and doing a great job of it too. However, it’s time for all hands on deck and this is no time to be holding back information. As full on as some of the information may be and will continue to be, when writing it and I hope while reading it, there is no fear or panic energy associated with it. Quite the opposite, the feeling is one of adventure, excitement and great “It’s all going to be okay!” I don’t think the Shift is the scary part, I think not knowing what’s happening is scarier so it’s wonderful that the internet is allowing messages to get out there to anyone looking. The old reality we’ve lived in for centuries was scarier still! We’re nearly up to the ‘and they lived happily ever after part’ so that’s the good news. This is not the time to get caught up in ‘the sky is falling’ fear that will be displayed throughout politics, the media, religious groups, the economy and all old reality systems. Yep the sky is falling ie the cover is coming off. What is scary for the head ants, is celebration time for us.

To the cosmic beings all sitting around the galaxy watching the highest rating reality show airing right now, “How is Humanity going to get through this Shift?” I say this. Humanity is resilient. Humanity has made mistakes. But so would you if you were put on a planet far far away, disconnected from communicating with your Home, and covered with a giant forgetting veil that essentially gave you amnesia. We were players in a game that most of humanity didn’t even know they were part of, and still we all kept trucking. Why? We all kept moving forward the one way we knew how. With our hearts. I have no fear that humanity may ‘fail’ this great experiment. We have already won. The response to all the years of natural disasters, manufactured wars and personal tragedies has shown me we never forgot the one thing, the only thing, that really mattered. How to live from our heart. Sure a small minority don’t live this way, but they do not represent our whole, even if we have been led to believe they do. For a bunch of ants running around in a corner with a covering, we’ve done alright. And we’re going to knock that cover off of us once and for all, and leave the head ants wondering how we did what they thought we’d never do.

This fantastic excerpt comes from a great article about the QLD floods by Rick Morton and says it all: “a man with water coursing through his home is interviewed with the stock standard questions. He’s chest deep in water and he responds ‘yeah, it’s a bit wet isn’t it?’ as if he has accidentally left the shower running rather than being caught up in historic floods...God I love this country.” God, I love our humanity.

Ant People Afternote: When I finished writing this I wanted an image to accompany the Monthly Visions, so as you do I googled 'Ant People'. The pic I used is from [link to www.viewzone.com] The Anthills of Orion: Ancient Star Beings of the Hopi by Gary A. David (published by Atlantis Rising, # 48, Nov./Dec. 2004 under the title The Ant People of Orion ®).

The following excerpt stood out: “The Hopi word for ant is anu. In the same language naki means friend, prayer feathers, food offerings, or sand--a nexus of concepts pertaining to this insect that sometimes flies. A combination of the two words (anu-naki, or "ant friend") may be related to Sitchin’s Anunnaki. The Babylonian sky god was also named Anu.” Excerpt from The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest Copyright © 2006 by Gary A. David. All rights reserved.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010.

[link to www.danamrkich.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Welcome to the year 2011, the year of the changes you've been made aware of since 1970. Are you ready? Are you Awake? Can we count on you to hold light when things get difficult?

Many were called, and many offered to come, to live through the next consciousness shift that man must go through to create a New Earth. Some have forgotten their chosen destiny, but many have gotten through a very dense awareness to find their own truth. Practices to take you into the inner world have been good, and now, that world is going to become your outer world.

Major change is about to begin, and no change is bad. Welcome it, and be grateful for all that is available to take away the dis-ease that has been contracting Mother Earth. Failure to care for her needs must be cancelled, and a new delivery, of honor and respect, conveyed by all. As the changes occur, be willing to give her that respect.

Make this the year of Awakening. Put aside all the dreaming, and get to the truth about all that has been taught by non-enlightened beings. None of it has any truth to it at all. Only an Awakened being has clarity about what is truth and what has mental deception included.

Much consideration has gone into how these changes could be made, and we can now tell you this: your world will be completely altered by the day that follows the next New Years celebration. One more year of change is ahead.

Twenty-million can ascend if they are ready. Only about five-million are ready at this moment. How can all the others get to their chosen destiny? Meditation, cancelling their negativity, and asking for help to transcend their ego. Once this help has been asked for, we can deliver the dream movements needed for more awareness.

Meditation is not light sleep, and dreams are only more of the mind's drama. Awakening the Master within requires breath awareness during meditation, so the mind can get quiet, or be observed as an object. All that the mind delivers to awareness is not the truth. Only mindlessness can provide access to truth, but awareness must also be present. Awareness is the consciousness of I AM that remains when the mind gets quiet. This awareness is the truth of who you are!

Meditate and delete all of the contractions caused by mental and emotional disturbances. These are the tools mind can use to lead you to an Awakening. All the rest is in the control of the inner Master.

Should you be afraid of the future, get quiet about that with deep breathing, whenever the feeling of fear arises. Fear is not an answer to change that has any positive value. Healing the cause of that fear is congruent with the goal of Awakening. Pause, gather your awareness to the cause, and ask the Master within to help you let go of the fear. Mastery is fearlessness. Your inner Mster has all the answers you need. Get that relationship going!

Welcome change. Welcome "new and different". Greet each day as the most wonderful experience. Pay attention to your thoughts as an observer of them, not as their creator. You are not your thoughts! Nor are they more aware than the Master within!

Change is inevitable. How it will appear can be difficult to experience, but it is all for the good of mankind and Mother Earth. Many days of darkness can result. Have candles to do necessary activities. Computers may be down. Get used to not being able to use them. Use of cell phones can be disconnected. Get in touch with those who live nearby. Give assistance as you can. Need assistance? Ask to be a contributor to another's need. As you give, you shall receive.

When you dream: you are reviewing other lives that are occurring as you observe them. No lives are actually linear. All occur NOW. One soul does all of their "lives" at the same time, it just appears to be in linear time to allow man to accept it. Nothing actually exists in time, this is mind's conclusion.

What does the Master within do when an active mind always leads the body? Nothing. It waits. Waits for the mind to begin looking for Truth. When this occurs, there is great excitement on other dimensions, as the divine call has come for all.

When the call came to you, did you immediately agree to go within to get more aware? Are these calls always answered in this way? No, but we will keep calling as long as there is one more left to Awaken.

Open to the light within your own heart, and allow it to become fully radiating so it touches others. This can take a bit of your time, so the sooner you begin, the better. Our realm is awaiting the lights to all be glowing, because they will light the dimensions in between.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

For more of Saint Germain's daily messages, visit:

[link to comptedesaintgermainsblog.blogspot.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
We understand that there are many who are being challenged by the energies of right now. We would like to provide a more expanded explanation of what is going on. We wish to assure you that all is wonderfully going according to plan, and that things should start to feel lighter and more supportive within the next two weeks of your time.

Dear Ones, please know you are never given more than you can handle. We understand that you are tired, many of you are feeling quite battered, indeed, having gone through many intense astrological alignments, shifts of energy, influxes into your physical bodies, releases and challenges of the like.

This has been a particularly intense period of your time since the time of the summer solstice. This was honoring what the year was meant to accomplish for both you and the planet. Much like when you move through a full moon or eclipse, the energies can be felt as pressuring before, during and after, so it is with the ending of one year and the beginning of another. There is frequently an energetic overlap, if you will, as you shift from the energies and agendas of one year into the energies and agendas of the next.

So in many ways the holidays and new year energies can be trying. In this case you have the added pleasure of dealing with two eclipses as well. (smiles) Now, we spoke of the winter solstice doing the wonderful job of locking in or saving the progress that has been attained throughout the year. After the winter solstice, many of you celebrate your holiday season. It is at the time of Christmas day, the day that celebrates the Christed energies and the energies of peace, joy and unconditional love, that there is an energetic assessment, if you will, that examines if there is an energetic divide between that energy and what is required to match the energies of the new year.

Now, planetarily what you will find is that if a lightening is required in order to support the energies of the new year, you may see may see shifting of the earth. This is why the great tsunami occurred immediately after Christmas. Energetically Gaia and her inhabitants were nowhere near in line with the energies of the year to come. The resulting release from the planet and outpouring of compassion amongst mankind beautifully raised the vibration and gave the energy and momentum required to move forward in earnest. This is why you saw the Haiti earthquake at the beginning of 2010. It is very, very common to see various energetic adjustments occurring between Christmas and the mid point of January. It is setting the energetic tone required for the coming year.

Dear Ones, did you know that this happens on an energetic level to those having a human experience as well? The old dense energy of old wounds and expired belief systems may come up to be released so you can move into alignment with the energies of the new year. Many of you find the holiday season challenging. Many of you fall into a funk once the holidays are completed. Many of you are experiencing old memories, old emotions, old pain that you thought that you had dealt with. This is merely honoring what the year of 2010 was meant to do for you. It was designed for you to release whatever you did not wish to bring with you into the new earth. Many of you worked tirelessly throughout 2010, working hard on your healing and letting go of what no longer honored you.

You’ve all done a wonderful job! You are moving forward splendidly with courage and grace and indefatigable hope. You are also understanding more and more your role of creator and teacher by example. This is what thrills us in ways that you cannot even imagine.

In your humanness, some of you have not wanted to look at the last vestiges of your old wounds. Dear Ones, they cannot hurt you any longer. They serve no more purpose. Their purpose was to get you to where you are now. They have done their job. They have no importance to you anymore.

So you do not need to keep those old wounds tamped down tightly any longer. They have no power over you. If they come up, do not panic. Do not take it as a sign that you haven’t done enough. If they come up, celebrate! Feel the joy that such old energy is leaving once and for all because it is not who you are any longer. This is a marvelous event when it happens and if you see it for what it is, you will not get stuck in the fear that the healing will never be done. We have suggested before that you look at old pain, old wounds as they come up to leave as a wonderful parade. Wave at it them on their way by with joy and excitement, knowing that they will not be stopping at your place on the parade route.

Every time old painful memories come up, it is not a sign of your woundedness, it is a sign of your new healed state! It is something to be heralded as great achievement. So please know, Dear Ones, as you move forward on your journey that where you are going is better than where you’ve ever been. You have done the work and the fruits of your labor will become more and more evident in this new year. This is what we wish for you to know today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

[link to trinityesoterics.wordpress.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Dear Friends,

The New Moon with a partial solar eclipse is Tuesday, January 4 at 2:03 AM Mountain Standard Time (the night of the 3rd). If you have not already done so, this would be the time frame to write your resolutions and intentions for the year and set your priorities as much as you can. We suggest you also make a list of what you need to release and burn it. Your intention lists can be in 3 categories: Goals: for what you want to accomplish; Wishes: for things you want to manifest; Resolutions: for behaviors and attitudes and practices you wish to include. Make a promise to yourself that you will not leave anything for tomorrow that can be done today. "Do it now" should be a mantra for this time frame. Things are moving so quickly these days that anything procrastinated will be just that much harder to catch up with. If it doesn't get done, ask yourself if it is that important. If it is, then do it now. If not, let it go. This is a good day to reset what is important. Be conscious of this as you write or rewrite your lists. The new moon is always a still point and a good time to indicate change. Just make sure it is something you are fully 100% behind as this new moon comes with the force of the eclipse and the surge of energy associated with planets going direct. Anything you decide will be supported fully, so choose wisely.



Astrological Notes:

New Moon: Sun and Moon in Capricorn 13º
Partial Solar Eclipse*
Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011 at 2:03 AM MST

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

We find ourselves in the powerful period between two eclipses. Do not underestimate the significance of the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse/Winter Solstice event linked to the Galactic Center of our Milky Way that we have just passed through on Dec. 21. The current partner eclipse of the Sun in earthy and practical Capricorn receives extra power and asks us to bring what we connected to through the black hole center of the Milky Way into practical manifestation in the physical realms. How will we take the higher frequency energies of the outer cosmic realms and bring them through our earth bodies and structures? Well, first of all, the old patterns held in our habits, fears, anxieties, thoughts, bones, teeth, joints have been given a good basic jolt to loosen our white-knuckle hold on our security and make more time and space to practice faith and trust in Spirit. (Really this happened all year and especially through the summer months, but the Solstice was a noticeable anchor point of all that internal shifting that we have been inviting into our lives).

Saturn is the ruling planet here. Lord of Time. Law of Manifestation. Capricorn and its ruler, Saturn, are practical. Asking for organization, priorities, limitation and delegation of resources, self-preservation, concentration and focus of energy on the physical plane. Saturn allows us to perfect and deepen our internal core with this process and to complete our karma yoga. Saturn will turn retrograde Jan. 24 for almost six months in Libra offering us plenty of (well, some) time to do the work of integrating the spiritual shift in consciousness that we are here to manifest on the planet at this time and that we have been downloading in increments intensely for the past year or more. Saturn can be our ally if we use his gifts of discipline, restraint, and responsibility. The lessons of instant manifestation are becoming more and more evident. Synchronicity and vector web line crossings abound. Both Saturn in Libra and asteroid Pallas Athena (conjunct Pluto in Capricorn) are helping us remember our commitment to social justice and power balance in all forms of relationships. Competition, domination, victim, no. Cooperation, negotiation, balance, yes.

Remember, the Moon is eclipsing the Sun. Symbolic of one our major lessons in archetypal, energetic realignments, it shows us beyond words, beyond the mind, that masculine Solar energy is checked by the feminine, receptive, lunar energy. The message here written large in the sky is let the masculine be in support of the feminine. Following the heart and pausing long enough to give it the time and place to speak to us will be a major theme this year and a major rewiring of our priorities.

The New Moon period always gives us the opportunity to pause and reaffirm our goals and intentions for the next 4 week lunation cycle. As a pair to the powerful Winter Solstice, make time to set your intentions for manifestation for the year. Make it concrete, write your goals down very specifically and post them prominently for your daily perusal. Think through Saturn's practical eyes.

A major factor in this New Moon chart is Jupiter and Uranus in exact conjunction (27º Pisces, just hours after the New Moon and square the Galactic Center at 27º Sagittarius) expanding our inspiration and intuition, affording us access to realms beyond our ordinary reach, stimulating scientific and technological advances and strengthening the web uniting all life and our communication with it. Active for the past year, this is the third of three conjunctions (June, September, 2010) before Jupiter moves on into Aries on Jan. 22, 2011. The spiritual revolution afoot (Uranus in Pisces) has received a big boost from these two planets working together. Uranus, too, will move on to re-enter Aries (March) and begin to cause real personal and political upheavals as it begins to square Pluto seven times being very close beginning in July and spreading into 2015. This we will notice.

The spring looks to be action packed with outer planets changing signs and the Mayan calendar making its last major shift into the time of the Universal Underworld. Is it by cosmic coincidence that the Mayan shift date of March 9, when we move from the 1999-2011 twelve year Galactic cycle to the 260 day final Universal underworld cycle, coincides within days with the shift of Uranus out of Pisces into Aries on March 11? The Universal cycle will be 20 times faster than the previous Galactic cycle. Is that possible? With thirteen 20-day cycles, here is where your spiritual disciplines and practices will really be helpful in maintaining equilibrium in this warp-speed period.

Something I am looking forward to is the shift of Neptune into its own sign, Pisces on April 4. With its long 164-year orbit cycle around the Sun, it will be in Pisces for 14 years! Neptune is the ruler of the oceans. And we hopefully will see the attention and respect due to the seas and sentient sea creatures who have long held space and remained loyal to humans through our slow awakening. More about this huge shift later, but keep in mind that not only does Neptune rule the vast depths of the oceans, but it also rules the feminine mystery of unity consciousness, compassion and empathetic communication.

Both exciting and challenging, 2011 will bring with it huge planetary metamorphic energies that support our transformation at all levels.

Jan 19 - Full Moon 29º Cancer 2:22 PM MST
Jan 20 - Sun in Aquarius
Jan 22 - Jupiter in Aries until 6/4/11
Jan 25 - Saturn retrograde until 6/12/11
Feb 02 - New Moon 13º Aquarius at 7:31 PM MST
*Partial eclipse of the sun visible throughout Europe, the northern half of Africa, the Middle East, western Asia, northwestern China, western Mongolia and the northwestern part of India.

Note: For all you astrologically minded souls, please see the fine research done by astrologer extradinaire, Stephanie Austin, in her current article in the Dec/Jan 2011 issue of "Mountain Astrologer" magazine entitled "2011 Astrological Outlook". Thank you Stephanie for this exceptional piece of work.

Written by Patricia Liles.

Anonymous Coward
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Tuesday, 4 January, 2011

The Solar Eclipse of January 4th is triple-embellished, occurring on a New Moon and Quantranti Meteor Shower. The energy signature of this event will be to lightened the intensity that humanity has been bathed in over the past 21 days. It will be a day of renewal, of long waited re-charge. In the truest sense, January 4th ( not January 1st ) is the optimal day for your 'New Year Resolutions' for 2011.

And the astro-logic of this is easy ( for a change ! )... The New Moon is always around rebirth, renewal, the planting of 'seeds' and this one is supra-charged by the potentcy of the solar eclipse and the comets of the Meteor flash. So don't think that because this Solar Eclipse is partial, only visible in specific regions, only covering a portion of the Sun, that its energy is not.extrremely powerful. It is a 'Mega-Event', teeming, buzzing with energy!

All eclipses, especially the ones over the next 24 months are omnipotent in reach & effect. They are light-coded and are shifting the rapidly transitioning 144-Crystalline Grid and the Earth & Humanity in kind. Eclipses, you see, whether partial or total effect the planetary grid system in its entirety, and the resulting energy pulses are evenly distributed over the entire planet.

You recently experienced an enormous energy surge on the Solstice-Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21st, with Mercury in retrograde. Mercury completes the current retro- backspin on December 30th, and begins forward movement just in time for the Solar Eclipse New Moon Comets on January 4th.

In a very real , very purposeful construct, the coded, embellished Eclipse of January 4th completes the energetic labyrinth that began on December 21st. It is the virtual Light at the End of the Tunnel. This energy is offered to Humanity and is a wonderful time to refresh, to vision, to manifest intent.

The Solar Eclipse on 4 January 2011 is at 13 degrees 39 minutes of Capricorn. It is conjunct the fixed star Ascella "Of the nature of Jupiter and Mercury. It projects waves of good fortune, optimism and opens energetic doors into joy and happiness." With the New Moon astrologically programmed to "New and influential friends, valuable gifts, and honoring the Divine Feminine energies."

The emerging prominence of the Star, Ascella is important during the Eclipse of January 4th. Ascella is in the constellation Sagittarius, the Kabalists associate it with the tarot card "The Lovers". Presumably because of the Cupid above them drawing his bow and arrow like the archer. The word Sag means 'To seek out'. And so the astro - logic is that perhaps this will be an energy for finding a new partner or mate perhaps. Certainly the waves of energy would be conducive to new beginnings or renewal of current ones.

The only planetary aspect the New Moon makes is a square to Saturn. Despite the square, the stars influence is a happy, fortunate, optimistic one and just makes the Saturn influence more about seeking to settle down and work hard. This is an energy of harmony, of rebuild, of reconnecting broken bonds. partnership. People pulling together, opening the doors of communication and trusting each other.

Now easily the most important utilization of the January 4th timing, is for planting seeds. Making new resolves. The energy of the comets and eclipse will activate and flood in 'consciousness units' or 'Crystal-Akash', the building blocks of thought manifestation. You cleared obstacles on the Solstice Eclipse, now is the perfect time to manifest new goals, new behaviours and the creation of abundance and events you wish for 2011.

Importantly just four hours after the January 4th Solar Eclipse, the last of three Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction's goes exact. We also have Neptune and Chiron like in 2010. But unlike now they were all retrograde and under the backspin influence . This time it is direct and adds beautiful energy for manifestation.

So the underpinning and energy of the 'Triple Satr' January 4th Solar Eclipse is one of renewal and great relief. The timing is perfect to plan and resolve forward into 2011, with a much clearer idea of where you want to be. There will be no blind-sides or untoward emotional drama with the square from Saturn. The feeling is compelling around 'getting on with things' and being grounded back into clarity and practicality. Organizing for the year ahead. Planting realistic seeds. Ones that will manifest and grow the way you desire and plan them too. This is quite a drama-delusion free Eclipse. No smoke & mirrors, or grandiose promises . Time to feel good again, roll up the sleeves and get back to ground zero and refresh.

You made it through the rollercoaster of the Grand Cardinal Cross and Mega Solstice of 2010. Not to say that 2011 will be less potent than 2010, in fact it will amp up a notch. The energies of 2011 have another 5 eclipses, 2 more lunar and 3 more solar, potent eclipses and equinoxes and perhaps the most magnanimous, the TDP ( Triple Date Portal) of the 11-11-11. But because of the obstacle course of 2010, you grew stronger, and you will mange the upshifts of 2011 a bit easier. In 2011 you start clean ! And all the wiser. Perfect start. Use this energy...Seize the Day!

This channel is copyrighted to
[link to www.Earth-Keeper.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The New Earth Energies : January 2011
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
03 Januari 2011

The Light Frequencies for 2011

Beloved Family of Light, how joyous and wonderful it is that the Earth has completed the transition that began at the time of the Grand Cross alignment in 2010. At that time, you knew that major changes were occuring in your world as the Planet began to realign herself for the final phases of her shift into the Fifth Dimension and the New Timeline. By the time of the Solar Eclipse on the 4th of January, the Earth will be fully aligned with her new trajectory and her new frequency, which will ensure tat she will arrive on time in December 2012 for her rendezvous with the Galactic Timegate and her entry into "no time" or the "infinity frequency".

Indeed, Beloved Ones, the shift that has been made in the last months of 2010 was primarily about Time and your Perception of Time in relation to your lives on Planet Earth. The shift into the Fifth Dimension of Light is a shift into a Higher Frequency of Consciousness. The energy at this level vibrates at a higher and more accelerated rate than at the Third Dimension. But, and here we ask for your attention, for there is a paradox here that is important to your experience of the New Reality. In the Fifth Dimension of Light, accelerated frequency is experienced as slower time! In the Third Dimension, the new frequency is experienced as faster time and things seem to be moving too fast.

The Earth herself has now shifted fully into the new Fifth-dimensional Timeline, but as an act of Grace, she is allowing the Third-dimensional Timeline to continue and to co-exist with the new timeline up until 2012. The population of Earth thus has time to adjust to the new frequency and timeline. Both will be available as options until mid 2012, when the old Third-dimensional timeline will be collapsed as the Earth begins her journey through the 2012 Timegate into the the "No Time/Infinity Frequency" or the zone of Infinite Consciousness. At this time, all on the Earth will begin preparation for the giant leap of "conscious evolution" into the New Age of Light and Peace.

Beloved Ones, you have been the pioneers for this shift, and now we ask you to become aware of how your perception of time will be crucial to your personal shift in the next eighteen months. You will learn to know when you are in the old time paradigm heading for a dead end, and when you are in the new time paradigm and on the path forward. On the old timeline, you will experience the acceleration of frequency as a feeling of time passing too fast, of being stressed, rushed, and anxious, with too much to do.

On the new Fifth-dimensional timeline you will feel as though everything has slowed down and that there is plenty of time to accomplish what is necessary. You will feel calm and peaceful, and you will know that all is in Divine Order in your life. You will experience a sense of Abundance and Wellbeing, no matter what your financial situation might be. And, you will have a sense of the possibility of miracles in your life as you move forward on the adventure of life on Earth.

Grounding into the New Timeline

Beloveds, it is important that you ground yourselves into this new Timeline and allow your Light Body and your Physical Body to become accustomed to these new frequencies and vibrations. For, your body will be vibrating energetically at an increased rate, but you will experience life more slowly.

Initially, you may experience some inner confusion, your body may feel unco-ordinated and heavy, you may feel clumsy and out of synch with yourself. You may also experience anxiety, disturbed sleep patterns, exhaustion, dizziness and nausea, as your body deals with the new time frequncies. These temporary symptoms are what we would call "motion sickenss" as your body adjusts and recalibrates on the new frequencies.

Know too, Beloveds, that your Physical Body is also in this process of shifting and aligning to pass through the 2012 Timegate into Infinite Time. So, we suggest that you nurture your body with love and care and that you ensure that you live a balanced life. Release any old dramas that remain from the past and enter fully into the energy of Love and Forgiveness. And, on a daily basis, ensure that your Physical and Light Bodies are aligned with Divine Will.

In order to achieve this, we will offer here a daily activation and meditation that will be helpful. This is similar to the last meditation that we offered, but it has been upgraded to adapt to the new energy shifts that you will work with from the Solar Eclipse completion on the 4th of January. Begin by simply focussing your energy into the Heart and breathing deeply. Know that in the Fifth Dimension, your consciousness is anchored in your Heart. Experience that reality as a deep sense of Unconditional Love and Connection to All That Is. Feel also the deep Peace that is part of that Consciousness.

Then, allow that energy to move downwards through the solar plexus, the sacral and the base chakras and down into the Earth Star Chakra, located within the Earth just beneath your feet. Feel how you are now anchoring your energy into the Earth, into the New Crystalline Grids of the Fifth Dimension as they connect with your Earth Star Chakra. Now, let that energy move further down to connect with the Crystal Heart at the center of the Earth. Here you feel the deep and unconditional Shekinah Love of the Earth Mother coming up to you, through the Earth Star Chakra and into your Heart. Hold that Love in your Heart, and know that you are deeply Loved and Nurtured by the Earth Mother, and that you are in Alignment with the Divine Will for the Earth, as expressed through the evolution of the Planet into Multi-dimensional Reality.

Now, let the energy move up your body, through the Throat, Brow and Crown chakras, and up into the Soul Star Chakra that is located just above the head. Here, you connect with your Soul and your Higher Self, your I AM presence as it anchors into your Physical Form. Here you can also connect with your Purpose for being here now, and with your Divine Essence. Feel the Unconditional Love and Beauty of your Soul as you align with your Higher Purpose for this lifetime. It feels wonderful and filled with brilliant and radiant light. Now, let that energy move upwards through the Dimensions of Light to the Great Cosmic Heart of All That Is. Here you feel the Infinite Love of the Source for All that Is. Draw that pulsating and radiant light back down into your Heart and hold it there.

Now - you are aligned with Divine Will, for yourself and for the Earth. When you are in this alignment, you will find it a simple matter to be grounded into the Fifth-dimensional Timeline and to experience the energies of Peace, Calm and Abundance. Life will become Simple and Clear as you follow the Divine Guidance that will come to you on this new Timeline of Grace and Love.

Manifesting Peace in the New Earth Timeline

Beloved Family of Light, we would now speak to you a little about the energy of Peace that is so important at this time.

Peace is not just the absence of war and conflict. Peace is rather a distinct energy that radiates Unconditional Love and Compassion and Acceptance of All. It is first an inner energy that must be cultivated in the Heart, before it can be experienced in the outer reality.

Beloved Ones, we know that you have worked hard in the last years to heal all those inner conflicts and angers that have prevented you from coming into the experience of inner peace, and now many of you are living in that inner joy and peace and so are able to be anchor points for these energies on the New Earth.

We ask, Beloved Ones, that you continue to work for that beautiful state of inner peace and lightness, that you may share these energies with others. The key to this state of inner Peace is to have your consciousness anchored at the Heart, and to live always in a state of conscious awareness and forgiveness. be ready to forgive and release at all times, and become conscious of when and how you fall out of the state of inner peace. In this conscious state, you will be able to maintain your inner Peace for longer periods, and so to create that energy of Peace and Love around you. This energy will be a seed point for the manifestation of the New Earth and the New Earth Timeline. Each person who achieves this becomes a Master of Light and is able to begin to manifest the New Earth on the New Timeline in their lives right now.

Beloved Ones, by the time that you enter the 2012 Timegate, there will be many of you who will be Masters of Light and Time, and you will be the navigators that will guide Humanity through the Timegate and into the New Reality. It is now that you are asked to begin to work intensely with these skills and abilities, so that you may truly fulfil the purpose for which you came to the Earth at this time.

Living an Authentic and Soul-Full Life

Beloved Ones, you may indeed ask, what does this mean in terms of my day to day life? And we would answer that in this New Timeline your life will become more "authentic" and filled with the energy and Light of your Soul and your Divine I AM presence.

You will become aware of the flow of your Soul Light in your daily life, and you will hear those directions and suggestions that come from the Higher Sources. You will learn to trust these directions and to flow with the synchronicities and desires and miracles that occur on the flow of the creative partnership between the Higher Self, and the Ego Self as Master of Light. That is what it means to live a "soul-full" life, where each day is filled with the passion and light of the guidance of the Soul and the Higher Self.

When you live in this way. Beloved Ones, then your life becomes and authentic expression of Who You Are on all levels. The Higher Self, and the Ego Self, work together in a wonderful partnership that ensures that you experience peace and joy on all levels of your being as you begin to manifest the New Earth Reality in your own life.

And so, Beloved Family of Light, in this year that lies ahead, you will be learning and experiencing in a wonderful way. The most important date for you in this year will be the 11th of November, when the 11/11/11 Stargate will provide the final recalibrations of the Earth for its journey to the Galactic Plane alignment on the 12/12/12 and the Journey through the Timegate on the 21/12/12.

So, Beloved Ones, we wish you much Joy and Love as your Journey continues in the Year of 2011.

© 2006-10 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global [link to www.starchildglobal.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
03 Januari 2011

Why are things so intense?

Most of the wounds that we who are incarnating into the Western culture experience express themselves as distortions in the lower three chakras of the body. The wounds in the our 1st chakra are particularly evident as we move into and through the year of 2012. This chakra has to do with the most basic instinct of survival; fear of not existing tomorrow. These sort of extreme fears come from wounds that our soul has experienced in multiple lifetimes. Many of these energies are not issues that will be resolved in this one lifetime here in the 3rd dimension.

In order to help us clarify what of these survival issues are ours to work with and which to release, there are a series of eclipses from now (December 2010 through 2013. Each eclipse brings us to the point of experiencing fear, frustration, disorientation and unexplainable emotions as a way of helping us locate and release patterns of energetic distortion related to survival.

Many people who consider themselves to have followed a spiritual path believe that they have moved beyond the 1st chakra. But they haven't. The primary issue facing those living in industrialized society is based in the 1st chakra. Survival. Will the human race survive or destroy itself in the next five, thirty or hundred years? Will we make the transition into an Aquarian Age, which honors the strength of our shared collective consciousness, or will we perish trying to escape the cycle of change by creating artificial structures that will ultimately collapse upon us?

As long as what is done is best for one person but is not useful for another person, we are climbing upon the shoulders of another human as we try to escape and save ourselves. In this scenario many souls who have been incarnate in human bodies will make the transition into the Aquarian Age without their physical bodies. This has happened in earlier shifts and simply means more work for the soul upon reincarnating back into the physical (or near physical) dimension. One of my guides, Thoth, suggests that humanity will move its consciousness into a new type of physicality in the next thirty to sixty years. Those souls who incarnate will be returning to a physical reality, but it will not be of the same vibration as the one we have been exiting for several hundred years.

Many people have read about or have found their own memories of the last Great Shift about 13,000 years ago. Most accounts tell of a profound upheaval and loss of life upon the Earth near the time of the Great Shift. Electro-magnetic changes within the Earth were accompanied by physical Earth changes, including the physical re-location of the North and South Poles. Within this same emotional memory is the destruction of the continent we know as Atlantis, the lose of life by most of the inhabitants of that continent, and the survivors fleeing to other lands and seeding new civilizations around the world.

Is it no wonder then that as we have entered the energetic pattern of another Great Shift that our consciousness, both as individuals as well as our shared collective consciousness, is remembering the fear and tumult that accompanied the last Great Shift 13,000 years ago? Popular media attention upon the date of December 21, 2012 is bringing the current emotional energies associated with the past Great Shift into focus upon this date. Our human instinct is to grab hold and control the Earth so that she will not upend us as before! Our fear arises that those we love will perish in great chaos, and that all we know will again be gone.

But that was then, and this Great Shift is very different. Although our bodies and our collective consciousness are experiencing the same vibrations of change as 13,000 years ago, this Great Shift is also a shift back into a stronger connection to Spirit. The previous Great Shift was a movement away from the collective voice of Spirit into a time of exploring our Free Will. And during this time we explored our ability to create apart from God / Spirit / All That Is quite successfully. I would say successfully because we are aware of much of human history in the past 13,000 years, and are able to bring that knowledge forward with us as humans into this present Great Shift. Bringing our knowledge with us as living human beings into the vibration of the new Aquarian Age (into which we are moving simultaneously) allows for our experiences while in this state of individuation to be shared with all conscious beings in all dimensions.

So often people have spoken about receiving information and insight from angels, guides or other Beings of Consciousness whom they perceive as helpers. Now we are able to be of service to all those beings who have surrounded and supported us in the past. Our experience of living apart from Spirit / God / All That Is and having Free Will to chose our own path brings a wealth of new energies and experiences back to the collective consciousness of Creation. It is like God re-examining God and finding something new.

For this reason I believe that many people are experiencing both a remembrance of the fear they experienced during the last Great Shift as well as an anticipation of returning home to a celebration. These two great currents of emotion are moving through our personal lives as well as our human society. And fear is abundantly reawakening within our 1st chakras.

Those who have followed my work may anticipate my suggestion for dealing with the reawakening of fear patterns within your own 1st chakra. Begin by noticing your fear and do not dismiss it. Turn and face it. Ask the fear if it is yours. Is it all yours? Is it in tune with your male or female body? Is it in current time? Is the time period that it believes to be its own time period this present moment? Allow it to move to wherever in the time line it belongs.

A pattern of thoughts or emotions cannot be changed when it is out of sync with its surroundings. A pattern can only change when it is in its own time period and connected to whatever or whomever it is meant to be working with and connected to.

Too often we sense patterns of deep emotion that were part of our soul's other lifetimes, and believe that we can fix, change or heal them by taking them into this life. But we cannot. The energies of the emotions we experience in each lifetime can only be changed within the context of that particular lifetime. We must therefore allow the emotional energies to return to their own time period.

When we address and heal the fear or other emotion that is within our lifetime here and now that same emotion receives a healing within its own time frame. It is similar to a chain of dominos. When you remove one domino from the chain then the movement stops and all the remaining dominos cease to fall down. When you replace that one domino, the motion that was begun at one end of the chain continues. In this same fashion the changes you make within this lifetime naturally affect all the other lifetimes of your soul. You need not consciously heal energies from other lifetimes within this lifetime. You need only heal those issues that your soul is presenting to you now to address.

As we move into and through this present Great Shift we need not re-experience all of the fear and grief from the last Great Shift. We need only address the fear that is naturally arising for us as humans in this time period. What portion of fear is really yours in this lifetime? What portion belongs to your body and your soul? Allow those portions that are not in tune with your body or your soul in this present moment to go to their own time frame or lifetime. In order for them to evolve, grow and healing they must be in place to receive the changes that are coming their way. Heal what is yours to heal now. That is enough.

Norma Gentile

This essay comes from a live channeled phone meditation (Manifesting in the Aquarian Age) which is now available as a free podcast or at-cost CD. See the "Meditation CDs" page on Norma's website for more information.

Copyright 2010 Norma Gentile. [link to www.healingchants.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The Spiritual Hierarchy through Frixos Christodoulou
Athens, 1 Jan.11

[To Read the Channeling in a clealer format, click here to visit Angels House University's official website]

Beloved, workers of truth of God’s work, I am Sananda. I am here today with you to share the new energies coming in this year.

The energies of this year are about to bring many drastic changes in the codified information archives of your consciousness. This Light anchoring has begun and will climax about mid December 2011, completing a big cycle of works. The energy coming forward this month is absolutely connected in a complete way with the alignment of humanity with the Divine Will.

At this time many people, many souls are being prepared for what is about to come. These souls from all over the planet are now under training, preparing for the next steps of humanity in order to support this process of change and indeed they are being prepared in such amazing ways while they connect with the center of divine synchronicity. The light work that is happening now in the inner planes will allow the unfolding of the divine plan as it was predestined for this year, for the period you call 2011.

Root Changes & Emotions!

So this year will bring forward great and root changes. You will see many things happening in the outer world and this will begin soon. We would say that there will be turmoil or an explosion of emotions. Sometimes this energy will be directed on specific targets, but other times it might be a chaotic energy, directing everywhere, without a specific target. So work in this period refining your emotions, refining your thoughts, your intentions. Defining what do you want for your life, for your reality.

Loved ones, the Light of the Christ is shining so bring in the hearts of people!

Let it this year come forward even more, while the new codes of the Holy Grail are activating and flooding the vessel, the Holy Grail within the altar of your sacred heart. In there is all the essence, the Water of Life which will give you the strength to move forward, to see clearly, to clear your thoughts, your mind and the emotions. Washing the eyes to see clearly what is coming. What comes now for you is very joyful, full of ecstasy, full of miracles. Full of grace and blessings.

This is coming now for you. Attune with this. Work with it!

You know, many times you work and labor so much in order to change some situations by using several ways or putting so much effort and energy without having drastic results. This is because you work in a way which is not reflecting the esoteric truth. At this time work from within, work with the spirit in you. Work with the divine reality your heart holds for you. So, see where do you direct your energies to; in which reality do you direct your energies. Don’t struggle to change an outer reality or any other reality in your experience; but in a better way work with the reality existing in you, which is totally different from the outer reality. Focus on that higher reality. This new reality is found in your heart.

As we told you, everything is included within you. In the sanctuary of your own heart. Extend this energy every day, extend the energy of the divine spark which is inside you. Go in there, in your center and see what is in there for you. And then let is spread all over in you and then outwards.
This is the divine reality brought by the Divine as gift for you on this moment. I now transmit to you the new codes of the Light which will open your path for this period coming for you, building a bridge like a rainbow. Structuring the bridge of the light, a rainbow of love for you to walk on.

And so I connect you now, while you read this message with the new reality, the truth of the divine Christ Light. See this energy in the colors of the rainbow connecting from your heart reaching out to the greater heart, the heart of the Christ.

Feel the flow of this energy, this connection. Breathe. Breathe beloved ones, as you connect from heart to heart, with the heart of the Christ. And now your seventh center opens up like a chalice so to receive all the blessings of the heaven brought to you from the Spirit.

Master Sananda.

2011: A Year of Deep Cleansing & Purification!

Beloved Light workers, I am here to transmit an important message. I Am Archangel Michael. In this year you will see many energies of various frequencies surfacing. They need to be cleared. So I bring forward a tool to help you in this year in order for you to be able to clear these energies out of your fields and to any place you find yourselves at any moment.

You can visualize around you the blue electric light. This color is one quality of my energy. So see this energy like thunders of light embracing your aura, your consciousness. Breathe it in and call for the energy of purification in your heart.

“I call the purifying energies of Archangel Michael to spread here, now”.

Breathe, giving space, and allow this energy to clear and purify your fields and the environment around you from all lower vibrations.

Archangel Michael

Planting the Seeds for the New Year! Direction & Targets: From Archangel Jophiel

Beloved family of the Light, January is here and this is the most appropriate moment for you to plant the new seeds. The seeds you want to cultivate inside you for this year in order to grow and bloom.

Loved ones, this month you will need to regroup your power, your energies, in order to have a focus, an alignment, a target and a direction. Do you know where you want to direct yourself? Which is your target? With all of these happening in the outer environment here on earth, with all these energies that bring some detuning, and sometimes a chaotic situation, you need to know in your heart, which is your target so to be able to realign yourself, bringing him back.

While the new year begins now many ideas will be coming and many of you will have visions, inspirations on what you wish to manifest along with spirit in this year. Open up your perception and use your imagination in order to unlock the inspirations and the joy in your heart, choosing with wisdom.

A general survey for the New Year!

The period of the year 2011 will continue bringing many energy changes in the fields of the earth. This year can be characterized full of activity and also with phases of inaction. This will be a pattern that will play a lot in this year. Make the right steps, conscious choices and move on. In takes courage for root changes and adjustments.

Beloved family of Love and Light, come now in this journey while we guide you through the portal of 2011. This year will bring many shuffles on the earthly realm while new Light codes from the higher dimensions anchor on earth. It is important for this year to keep your balance, while massive changes will take place in all sections. Beloved ones, this year is characterized by the frequency of number 4, so you will see lot of turbulence or re-arrangements while the material field or the reality of the third dimension will be changing constantly. It is a year of great explorations of your spirit and the anchoring of the changes you wish for. The energies unfolding here will really help you to make leaps.

Loved ones, the new codes of the Light coming now for humanity are related with the completion of the cycle. This includes the massive descension of various frequencies and information for a radical upgrade in all kingdoms of earth.

The bridges of the light constructed my millions of people on earth are now starting to bring down more light in the lower dimensions, bringing balance one more in order to restore the energies of the Light and raise in vibration. While the higher frequencies flood with Light the lower center of humanity, this will allow an ejection, a shift in a broader way of perception which differs a lot from the distorted three dimensional view.

Your realize that this will bring on the front stage many situations in order to surface on the light and be transformed. You will see many revelations for many matters of the social, political, economic life coming on the front stage, games of power, control and authority and models of the old earth getting cleared. The same applies on personal level. Loved ones, this period is not an opportunity for judgment and condemnation, but an opportunity to change that energy, these ideas and models and patterns of control and limitation.

This year you will see clearly in the light much more situations of control and limitation from several centers of powers or even from people of your environment who function is such ways for several reasons. Trying to reestablish harmony and order, many times they do it through non-aligned actions or with conditional purpose causing unfavorable results and regression. However, whichever the outer situations might be, truly, what do you want for your own life? Break the limitations of your beliefs and settled reality and dear to see out of the box. Create your reality you want to live, which embraces something bigger, joyful and hopeful.

Loved ones, the only truth laws are the Laws of Spirit, and they affect everything. The Spirit always functions in a very different way and cannot be limited, but it always expands. Remember the wisdom and the force of the heart and the power of your consciousness.

Learn to co-operate with spirit and so you will change the reality you experience. While you do this you will be realizing more and more your divinity and the unity with the One, realizing that each one of us is responsible for the reality they live. The reality you experience is affected from this incarnation but also from all your rest incarnations, because all of them are connected, they are not separated. So they are connected to the now, with this moment. Again, all of these are found in you.

The New Year & The Harmonic of 4

This year will have the vibration of number 4 (2011: 2+0+1+1=4). While this year embraces this energy, let us see some characteristics to have in our minds.

From one aspect number 4 is characterized by discipline and abiding the rules. So it is very likely to see these aspects unfolding in the society through more regulations, for example in the economic stage. It brings organization, discipline, dedication, stability, methodical, persistence. It helps us to give form to ideas, dreams, plans, thoughts, philosophies etc. We can see it as energy which grounds, brining the practical side. Building on strong foundations.

The endurance, dedication and discipline through 4 can bring order in chaos. However in this occasion it is needed to have balance, without trying to control things and situations so to fit our plans, reaching a point of exaggeration and becoming inflexible. Look out of the box and find alternative solutions with a big dose of creativity, freeing yourself from limitations.

The higher expression of number 4 establishes order, brings the ideas and plans on a tangible form, and is stable, decisive, hard working and calm. On a lower vibration there is attachment to the routine, fear for change, rigidity, control and lack of discipline.

Let’s overcome any trends for control which are created by the need for security. What do you prefer for yourself and everyone around you in this year? Work with joy, doing the best you can and surrender. The result will be that it needs to be.

In case you keep number 11 (from 2011) without dividing it, adding 2, is giving us number 13. For once more this is connected with number 4. Life lessons which have not been completed return back so to learn them and the “easy” way is not the solution. Fulfill your obligations with discipline, organization and much work with the required focus in order these lessons repeat no more.

Corresponding number four with the traditional rays of creation, it is connecting with the Fourth Ray of Harmony & Beauty through Conflict. This energy promotes the resolution of differences with the lower aspects and the bridging of individuals and groups.

The fourth ray of harmony is also a ray which has striving, fighting. The experience of harmony is also connected with emotional response, and is also found in dis-harmony. So with the alignment process can emerge from chaos. A spiritual renaissance!

As we mentioned in previous channelings, the planetary center of humanity’s solar plexus is being cleansed till the completion of this process on the 29/11/2011. All lower allures and the emotional body need to be purified so to reach a higher level o balance, purity and alignment. This will allow access to higher creative ideas brining beauty, order and harmony in daily life.

Many times this energy drives to the edge, brings controversies and can be characterized as a battle between spirit and matter. It forces us to go within and locate whatever is unfinished, functioning like a mirror. It is related with the solar plexus and the emotional body. As a correspondence to the first chakra, the root chakra, we need to be practical in our daily life, making wise choices, appreciating life on earth and caring our physical body, not being attached to the possession of material things and respecting our female/creative aspects.

May this year be full of joy, energy, passion for life, full of laughter, flooded by love and health. A spiritual rebirth for everyone.

You have all of our Love and the support of Heaven. Happy New Year!

Archangel Jophiel

Channeling from Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou| 1 Jan.11, Athens

Important dates for the New Year:

2011 Eclipses:
4 January: Partial Solar Eclipse
1 June: Partial Solar Eclipse
15 June: Total Lunar Eclipse
1 July: Partial Solar Eclipse
25 November: Partial Solar Eclipse
10 December: Total Lunar Eclipse

2011 Full Moons:
Wednesday 19 January 2011
Friday 18 February 2011
Saturday 19 March 2011
Monday 18 April 2011
Tuesday 17 May 2011
Wednesday 15 June 2011
Friday 15 July 2011
Saturday 13 August 2011
Monday 12 September 2011
Wednesday 12 October 2011
Thursday 10 November 2011
Saturday 10 December 2011

Some Energy Portals for 2011:
4/4/2011: Energy Portal 4-4-4
11/11/2011: Portal 11-11-11, A Step before completion. Frequency of the One.
29/11/2011: Portal 11-11-11 Completing solar plexus purification.

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