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Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/12/2011 02:32 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
“Free Will – The belief that man has free will and makes his own choices changes to: the realization that the action of any one person changes the world situation just that much and the actions of all other persons changes the one person’s situation accordingly, and one cannot do his own thing without it affecting others, or, without others affecting it. One person’s action or thing is every-one’s action or thing.

Therefore, the concept of free will changes to one of co-responding and co-creating: responding or creating with others, mutually encouraging or discouraging each other’s desires by all parties involved clearly communicating to each other their own desires, then together reaching a workable compromise or arrangement that allows all involved to benefit.

In the case of thoughtless greed and extremely selfish desires of one person, the group must patiently but firmly guide that person into new levels of understanding by not allowing him to bully or manipulate them and by showing him a more workable alternative to the selfish desire, whereby that person gains understanding, acceptance and happiness of a different order, while the group gains freedom from his unpleasant behavior.”

So sharing this seems right. The deed is done. I’m getting some lunch.
Love and Light to all, xxxxxxxxx
Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/12/2011 02:35 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
This message is directed to those who know but seldom take action, those who suspect but whose reticence, inbred optimism or fallacious thinking prevents them from investigating and those who are bound and blinded by things of this world.

Global unity of hearts is necessary during these daunting times as the lessons become denser that man may in these final days learn the truth.

As the firmament moves so too shall the planet and in her ascension she shall find her release of all that has contained her for aeons.

She is currently releasing long accumulated toxins through her belly and expelling that which is caustic that she may attain her lightness. She is being purged and it is through this purgation that she will find her freedom and embrace her resurrection. Always has she submitted to the will of God and it is in her surrender that the glorious light will be reclaimed, that which has for too long been tempered in swathes of darkness.

This is the time for release and surrender. You are in the inevitable throes of the ascension and you are required to relieve yourself of limitations imposed by confined, erroneous thinking influenced by a diet of misinformation and lies. You must surrender to the light for only then will the decadence of darkness which paralyses you and your world raise its ugly head to disintegrate into oblivion. For you hold the power to overthrow the darkness through the energy of your thoughts. Yet the collective continues to dwell in ignorance and give credence to those ungodly energies by continuing to sustain its prowess.

You must release all that impedes your progress. Yet to effectively detach you must be open to and aware of the greater changes taking place. Only then will you be able to clearly understand that the current energies demand release from the individual to the collective. You will learn in days to come that you will fare better in your understanding and acceptance if you could use the current signs given to you as an indicator of what is transpiring.

You are required to take an objective view of your world as it is currently, to see and know that the end is portended by events already manifesting on your plane. Can you ones not see that the ghost of death hovers like blackbirds over waste? Yes dear ones I speak of death of all that is old, unclean, unnatural, ungodly, contaminated and beyond repair. In their death you ones shall find release; free to live your power and light without inhibition.

All that no longer serves the planet is being released. Seek out that which does not serve you and release it voluntarily and knowingly and affirm your readiness to embrace the truth so that your journey may continue on that premise.

Surrender to your true self and come to know the will of the ONE that clarity may belie your path. Remove the fetters that keep you bound to this dimension that you may find your buoyancy in higher vibrations. Release your spirit self and surrender to a higher knowing that you are in transition. You cannot stay bound as you are, for by the natural course of the planet’s rise, you too must move. Will your move be ascending, lateral or descending? The choice is yours but move you shall!

Surrender to the higher authority and you shall find a natural, welcome release and in this release you shall experience relief and certainty. If you resist release and surrender you shall experience a greater sense of discomfort which will eventually manifest in confusion disbelief and resentment as events continue to unfold radically in your world.

Your world now pivots on its axis, geo-physically and on that of great rewarding change. You are inextricably a part of this change.

Release, Surrender and Rise; Surrender, Release and Rise; for it is only through your ability and willingness to do so that your future, your destiny shall be mapped in the ascending flow. What will it be?

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United States
01/12/2011 03:02 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
I AM present to share in blessings of knowledge. May the in-light be indeed brightened as we move through the wondrous days of change, always remembering that we move from one perceived "thing" into another with differing "players" and happenings. Allow yourselves never to forget that all are related--ALL. The volcano eruption in Japan, the plane crash in Thailand and the earthquake in Italy--note further that there have been seven registered quakes along the length of California, also.

Oh, I didn't identify? Yes, readers, I did--I AM. But now that we are about it, let us discuss My label. Would you believe intent more and with more justification if I utilized Sanskrit or Arabic--how about Greek? Well, there are several reason it would be unsuitable, not the least of which is there are no such symbols on the keyboard and only one out of every three million would have the vaguest idea of what I would be saying. Haven't you had enough "stuff" you can't understand even in the languaging? So be it.

What is in a name? In this instance--a great deal, especially for ones such as Dee and Ranos, etc., who love to deal in the mysterious meanings of things such as USA in the middle of Jerusalem and other such nonsense. You see, as man searches and searches for the puzzle answer he always goes to the PHYSICAL expression. Is it always nonsense? No, because now that it is time to get busy and bring the two seeming separate experiences into perspective--we too, shall give you symbolic meanings which you are now conditioned to find entertaining.

Let us take the name HATONN as first example. We must also use codes which attract the other end of our "line". There must come "memory" recognition and then the coded symbols which separate the happenstance from intent.

ATON in Egyptian meant "The ONE Light". Amunhotep IV was the great "heretic" Pharaoh of Egypt. Amunhotep's name was changed to Akhnaton (aka-naa-tun) or (ack-na-tun). He was first to bring the attention of the people to the recognition of the ONE LIGHT or ONE GOD WHO WAS TOTAL LIGHT. No big deal except, as he came into his own recognition, he needed to recognize purpose and therefore his label was changed to suit contract for he refused to further accept association with God's adversary Amun (which was "of physical earth divided and dark"). You see, when ones say to me--but you said "Tiddle" meant so and so and we know that Tiddle was, in fact, "Twaddle" and he changed it. So what--I am far more interested in what the name was "deliberately" changed to. I care not what a man gives me as his label--I have him/her labeled and identified for I recognize energy, not names. But YOU do.


I chose my name in order to associate to the ones who would serve with me in this mission so that they would recognize my presence. Hatonn contains ATON with "silent" prefix of "H" and suffix of "n". Then, if you remove one letter at a time from each "end" you come to "to" which in this instance is recognition of the arrival at "O"--this being the symbol of eternal sacred circle of infinity. This is also represented in "number" lay the universal sign of a figure "8" which indicates all things, related to all things. It further indicates the coming together of all opposites into the void "O" (or "to" the "O" whole ONE). Why would not the ONE come to you as Silber Blastoflutashic? Our point is not to confuse further, the game--but to bring order and understanding, IN SIMPLICITY, of TRUTH in KNOWING.

Now, "dharma" (bringing forth the word of "life" in Truth and goodness) was presented as Akhnaton and he did fairly well but was taken-out and all traces were attempted at removal of his passage.

We asked this energy to try again--many, many times--as "dharma". He did pretty well as Socrates but old Soc's new shoe, Plato, immediately changed the teachings following demise of the old Soc. It was already a pretty smelly sock at best. So "dharma" was sent many, many times and actually, by the time of the Master Christos' journey, this energy was a bit irritated and confused by the journey through the veil time after time. So again with the Master Teacher--there was Peter who would deny the Christ and, you know, that one who would betray him, old J.I. Now we have created a dual entity which could emphasize the importance of remaining in truth without deviation and standing FOR truth when the going gets rough in spite of the offerings of the evil adversary who would offer goods and material gain but NEVER PRODUCES SAME AFTER YOU ARE HOOKED. FOR HIS PROMISE ACTUALLY IS THAT IF YOU HAVE THIS OR THAT--YOU WILL BE FULFILLED AND AT PEACE AND HAPPY EVER AFTER.

At this point I do not wish to confuse by the differences in Juda lharioth, Judas Iscarioth and Judas Iscariot for history records according to "desire" of the "users" and not according to fact or Truth. This energy kept trying--even became a philosopher (Saxon) and made it up to the "’king’ dumb" (Epicticus) of that bunch of power-hungry hoods but the world got worse, did it not? Well, of course, that energy in between helped get it in such bad shape so basically owed a bit to growth and Truth. Probably a good service was done by this "dharma's" thrust through balance attempt of "equal rights" as establisher of the Liberator at Boston during the period of the mid-1800's.

So we come to the recent travel session--the training wheels are gone and so are the illusions of physically bringing Light unto a blind mass. The agreement this time? That the energy simply "write" and others who have come forth to also "serve" in understanding--even if unremembered--would put the word forth from ATON without appending intentional opinion. Will all men hear this time? No, but ALL do not need to hear this time. The promise is to put the WORD forth and clear this manifested orb for "HER" recovery and settle a few scores at the same time. Graduation for some--back to the old salt mines for others, depending on performance. Only a few receive "Oscars" for performance. There is another refreshing change, however, in the awarding of symbols of excellence--there are no "fixed" judges and no favoring one group of ethnic participant above another--you earn on MERIT ALONE.

Why have I not told you prior to this--some thirty books after the fact? Because you would have thrown the books in the garbage, shouted insanity and witchery and burned the "dharma" at the stake for you people are really not very nice in your criticism and reactions. Further, I choose to experience this journey as a Commander of a Star Fleet interdimensional participant. It gives balance to my own experience and puts me right in the ball-game with you so you can't claim "exception" and "special" and all the other nonsensical excuses of non-performance and irresponsibility. If ones who work with me have NO advantages greater than any of YOU and right on up through the ranks of seeming different dimensional beings--can act in responsible fashion in the midst of increased harassment and danger--THEN SO CAN YOU! If the ones "in my immediate crew" such as Dharma, Oberli, George and my precious little dove, Dru, Ranos, John, Charles, etc., etc., etc., will forfeit their experience of luxury and unbalanced life-journey--then so CAN you. I must continually face the fact that many ones simply are not strong enough nor grown enough in understanding to be able to change. Often it goes beyond "desire" for change. It, therefore, requires ability to sort and choose confrontation and method of awakening--or al­low the sleeping and place elsewhere in security while allowing the growth.

In this particular instance in writing about the very point and fabric of LIFE, which is LIGHT, I choose the recognition of the "O" which is yes, the zero, also, as well as the whole—for it fully represents the VOIDANCE POINT OF ALL THINGS ELECTRIC--WHICH ARE ALL THINGS AND BEINGS. Note that the word "GOD" is the same--the central "O". Since I am writing in "English" I shall not remark on "clues" in other languages for we will handle that appropriately for those who utilize other languages--it happens that in the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGES the "O" is the "tone" of the whole of Light! The perfect balance--the silent stillness of being one with Light.

You of earth Shan (earth meaning only a planet of terra (or earth/ground) with "life" capability) are indeed smug in thinking yourselves to be the only such place. However, in these cycles of the recognized growth of soul participation in this play--your experiences (except for higher learning) have revolved basically around that one particular planet. The intent is to allow Man to experience the full cycle from beginning to ending so that he can then move on in perception toward and/or within the whole of Lighted Godness. It keeps existence from becoming boring--both for thee and me.

"Well," you say, "God simply would not come and speak through some unknown dumb-bell in an unspellable nothing of a village--he would come to a great evangelist or a great Guru, etc." Would I? The one you called "Jesus" was a "hippy"--totally unaccepted in his own village. Moreover, I do come to all those others you name--and you can see what happens. I choose where I shall go and come and with whom I shall openly communicate for all to hear and see--I, Me--and Thee shall have no voice in it for it is My decision and eons of training and preparation--for these very ones of my team. Worse, YOU have no idea at the importance of the "placement" wherein we have set up circumstances which fill our needs of confirmation for the human being.

I AM That I AM
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01/12/2011 03:08 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Thanks Finland. I'm glad you are still putting these messages up. It might seem like you are a one man army but you are not and the things you post here are read by me with appreciation and thirst for more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1184223

And so it is Thank you beloved one
Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/12/2011 03:23 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Remember Who You Are-
Christ Michael (Hatonn/Aton)
These are my words to thee that you may know that you are that which I Am. How the tendency is that you forget, with excuse that your earthly lives create division in your thoughts, that you must separate the world you live in from the world you are from. You continue in your minds to live in a world which separates your earthly existence from your spiritual one when in truth there should be unification. I need each of you to bring the kingdom of God on earth and that can only be accomplished if you experience that kingdom within you. Then you shall appreciate that there is truly no separation and the infinite spirit resides where you do.

I am within thee and with thee and that is truly the end. I do not float above you like some ethereal distant being. I Am your centre, your very core. You ones keep creating an artificial distinction between what you call your 3 D life and where you would like to be. Can you not bring where you would like to be in the present through the I Am within? I speak not in terms of finite coordinates but in terms of your personal evolution; for your experiences can never hinder your growth only nurture it if you allow them to.

I am ever with thee and if you choose you can know Me as yourself. I am in fact your constant companion and when you can see from within you shall see and know My presence. Is it not prudent that you ones programme your minds to be consciously aware of this?

My children I shall remind you as many times as I deem necessary, for you must be the ones to live Me so that you can effectively teach others how to accomplish what you all think is a monumental task. Is it really a task to effort to be Me? Should it not be a relief to be Me? If you can perceive the being of Me in this way then your efforts shall be made with joy and knowing and not censured for the laborious task that you sometimes deem it to be.

If you could but remember who you are and seek in your moments to be yourselves your lives will graduate moment to moment in the sweet pleasure of my presence and there will be little possibility for you to forget. You will experience an automatic desire to harness My energy from within and you will progress your earthly tasks in and with delight and grace.

No task will be insurmountable if you will only recall the power that you are. To remember who you are you must know me and effort to keep the light of communion burning brightly lest it dims for want of perseverance. What you perceive as battles are my battles as I am within thee. If you rely on the rays of light within to provide guidance and assistance you shall receive that which you need to overcome your life’s battles and crises.

I desire that you see your presence in the here and now as your test that you be prepared for the challenges ahead, which will enable you all to graduate into life and light. What will it profit you to seek that which is to come when you must first overcome that which is before you? That which I refer to is the impediments within each which precludes you from breaking through the barriers of a limited consciousness that you may experience higher consciousness. How can you deal with what impends if you cannot be who you are in the present?

My children, like a Father would, it is my duty to push you to attain your fullest potential. It is appreciated that in your incarnation there are many experiences beyond your liking. However if you can through the power within address these experiences in light the division which you create in your living will fall away.

Surely the task at hand requires that you reach for the light within which is your impenetrable armour. Your days are becoming shorter as you wait for the changes which loom. I am asking that you use these final hours to bind yourselves to the light within and consciously apply that light every moment. As you effort you shall be effectively programming yourself to live in that awareness that you are a light and that light is all powerful, unquenchable and victorious in all things. That light will create for you that which you desire to be. If you desire to reap the benefits of the fullness of your light you shall and your efforts will be a labour of love and not a burden.

You my little ones must abandon the excuses for they do not fit into the trajectory of My being and neither does it fit into yours. For excuses create your discomfort. It is very simple. If you desire be like Me you can. The Father within each shall lead you every moment if you would but ask.

The saying that you are God must follow with the doing that your actions and words may be aligned and your life be a living well of goodness which springeth from the source within. Beloveds it is in the here and now that you must find your balance. Don’t you see that notwithstanding the impediments you face it is this environment that will truly offer you the opportunity to find your God light and be through your living, God.

The times ahead will require much from you and it will auger well for you if you can start or continue in the now to make every conceivable effort to have your God light shining all the time. Beloveds I am aware of the challenges that each of you face in your individual lives. How about you each make use of the God within with constancy and experience the miracle of you, the I Am within.

I wish you my children to see through panoramic vision and you can only do so if you see through your inner eyes, My eyes. I have not and never will deny you of that which you seek in My name that you may grow into Me. Wisdom and Presence is that which you are required to reap before you can be Me. How much do you desire this?

You should see an opportunity in every encounter with experiences as one to shine your God light. Strive to mitigate the effects of your less than harmonious ego and start seeing Me in all things. When you can do so you will be reminded every moment of who you are for every life force reflects Me.

This message to you my children is brought forth in the love of My being. Will you remember who you are that you may be that life which strums the chords of immortality and show through your living where God resides that others may be moved to find the God within and start their journey to be who they are?

My blessings I give to you my children. I delight in you and your experiences for I know that they give you opportunity to grow into Me . Will you not see your lives as a blessing and cherish each moment in the joy of knowing that through the I Am within you shall overcome.

I am Christ Michael and I come to remind you to ‘Remember Who You Are’. When you remember who you are and walk in the light of your sovereignty I feel it and the joy that I experience is beyond expression for then I know that My little ones are well and truly on their way home.

I offer these words to encourage you so please accept them in the spirit of the offering

Christ Michael(Hatonn/Aton)
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 10:27 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
January holds some wonderful surprises for us as another year of amazing new energies begins to unfold. Chances are you have already begun to see movement in your life and this will continue throughout the month and extend throughout the year. There are several themes for January which are personal responsibility, balancing your needs with those of others, being in energetic integrity and using your personal power. And, for the first time in many years, in the first 25 days of January there are no planets in retrograde or shadow, intensifying our abilities to move forward.

Any movement you are experiencing now has probably come after a long period of stagnation, where nothing worked out, you could not manifest anything, it was impossible to find the truth in your life, you felt completely off purpose and lived in doubt, confusion and fear. These sudden manifestations of success have a dual purpose, to show you that you can create something that brings you joy, and to give you hope. On some level, the Universe knows that we need to experience success from time to time to keep us on this path. But these are responses to our prayers, so whatever we are creating are manifestations of what we have asked for.

As we go through this month there will be lessons that remind us of the responsibility we have to ourselves, our joy and our success. We will also see the release of people and situations that do not add to our joy. That said, where we are blocked from movement represents lessons we have yet to learn where we are. The faster we learn them, the more quickly we can move on. Wherever we have made ourselves responsible for others, committed to their joy or made them responsible for us will be our areas of greatest lessons in 2011, with many opportunities for release happening in January.

And we will see these changes occur on a global level, as we become more aware of the role we play as members of a collective consciousness. Use the energies of this month to increase your joy, to find peace within yourself, to balance the give and take of your energetic interactions with others, and to be in integrity with yourself. What you do this month will be repeated throughout this year and as you experience the results of your efforts you will know where your next step will be. So enjoy this time, even though you may still be confused and uncertain, there are no wrong steps. Each lesson is a self-contained story of your path and a reminder of who you are. Have a great month!

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc.
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 02:37 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
A Message from Juliano of the Arcturians.

By Mark Stearn.

Greetings voyagers,

So much time since I have last spoken through Mark and yet it is a momentary shift and no time has passed at all! I hope this small message finds you well and that you are braving the earth voyage as well as can be expected at this time. It is right to say that challenges still abound and the world energy appears as chaotic as ever. Mother Father Earth is in a deep state of silent stasis at this time. It is healing itself from the inside out. There are many rumblings in the many earth events transpiring at this time. Your world continues to destabilise in it's old structures.

The new earth energy is now peering through the cracks with the deep excavation transpiring on your beloved planet. Many wonder where to turn. It is an exciting time. Much fear is now being replaced with the great expansiveness of the infinite multiverse. The inner beings of the earth travel throughout the planet's form repairing the earth's nature as it continues to loosen the many deep stresses in it's form. Much of this energy has been locked in the planet's form since before the times of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Humanity is at a point of no return now. There is a necessity to moving forward no matter the planetary situation as it stands. Many are seeking direction. The arcturus star is shining brightly in compassion for the earth. For the many hearts throughout the earth's form and of course the earth itself. This assistance for the earth and all beings is always present. No matter your situation or if you wonder where to move next simply tune into your heart and call on our assistance and we are by your side.

Earth will continue to rest in stasis for much of this year as it's heals it's form and many bodies. New Earth is wrapping your existing reality in a deep cocoon of love and heart assistance right now. The New Earth can be called upon at anytime. It is a strong support for any who are struggling. Remember that no matter how deep the fog there is always a light that is willing to shine through and light the way. This is simply a short missive to reconnect with your consciousness.

The Arcturians play an enormous part in the Earth's unfoldment. We work with awakening druids, shamans, shamanesses and all lightworkers that are involved in alchemy of any kind. There is magic in the growing consciousness of Earth and it's population now. So much of the old has now cleared away that it is now much easier for the clear light of the higher dimensions to adequately shine through.

I wish you much luck, love, light, warmth and my infinite compassion as you continue on your way. I and all of us your brothers and sisters are only ever a shift of awareness away. We are one with your consciousness as you are one with your glorious planet. Earth and all here are now learning about their greatness. There is such synthesis in all planetary unfoldment now. Nothing remains the same. It is constantly shifting and changing. I will leave you all with my blessings for now. Adonai my friends and love to you all.
Juliano of the Arcturians.

Blessings, Mark.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226813
01/13/2011 01:30 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
01/12/2011 by John Smallman

Humanity’s path to awakening has been long and arduous, but the end of the journey is approaching. As you observe the chaos and confusion that is occurring on many parts of the planet, be aware that many of you are reaching out a helping hand to those in need, and that this is happening on an unprecedented scale. By offering help, without judgment or conditions, you are in effect offering, sharing, and extending love, compassion, and healing, and this dramatically alters your individual energy signatures. In your normal daily lives, earning your living, caring for your families, and paying your bills, your energy signature is calm, ordinary, and unspectacular, in fact quite normal for those living in the illusion without undue stress or anxiety.

When you reach out with love and compassion to those in need, it expands hugely and becomes shimmering and radiant, melding with others of a similar radiance. The power of these melded energy fields is simply phenomenal, and increases exponentially with each additional energy field that joins the meld. Others feel it, normally not physically or emotionally, but as a strong intuitive nudge to reach out as well. Even the smallest sign of generosity and kindness is very powerful and has a knock-on effect way beyond the area in which it is offered. Your power as divine beings offering love, solace, compassion, and forgiveness is truly amazing, even though you are mostly unaware of it and receive very little feedback.

Your reaching out to others on the scale that is now occurring on Planet Earth is quite breath-taking, and the energy it creates is self-sustaining and constantly expanding. If you could see the dynamic effects of what you may well think of as your very small contributions to the planetary needs of humanity, you would be absolutely astonished. Every thought you have, word you utter, or action that you take with loving charitable intent has enormous positive repercussions throughout Creation, and the energy it releases is permanently available to you all.

Focus on the sensation of love for which you long, and that you earnestly desire to experience. Practice offering it to others in every situation in which you are present, expressing yourselves – wherever you are, you are expressing yourselves through your personal energy field, not in words or actions, but by constantly holding the intent to be a loving, calming presence. This is a very powerful way to live. At first you may quite possibly feel that it is a useless exercise, even an excuse for not participating actively. However, as you persist with this intent you will find that you are becoming more peaceful and less judgmental, and you will notice subtle alterations in the attitudes and behavior of those around you, as your calming presence affects their personal energy fields in a most positive manner.

To do this places you firmly and inexorably on the way to awakening, which is the journey you elected to take and to accomplish when you chose to enter the illusion. It gloriously brightens the inextinguishable flame of Love that your Father placed within you to guide you home. Others will sense it, and their own glorious flames will brighten. By reaching out to others like this — by sharing your Father’s Love — you strengthen and intensify humanity’s intent to awaken, and you help to guide it towards that divine state: its final and permanent destination.

With so very much love, Saul.

[link to johnsmallman.wordpress.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226813
01/13/2011 01:36 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Fifth-dimensional realities are always on your menu of possibilities. They run parallel to dense, physical-based options and all variations in between. With discipline, intention and awareness you can shift from one parallel thread to another, consciously choosing the threads you experience.

Perceiving and Energizing Parallel Threads

Within the space of every moment you are able to still your mind to perceive a vast, interconnected network of reality threads, each thread capable of carrying you into a different location on the map of your own consciousness. These threads already exist so you are not creating realities from scratch. Instead, you are perceiving what is already there and choosing to energize it with your focus and attention.

It is by perceiving and choosing high-vibrational reality threads that you're able to experience more of your infinite being. The greater "you" exists beyond the confines of your present-moment identity, and contains wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understandings that can assist you in living the realities of your choosing.

This greater you includes all you have ever been and all you will ever be. It holds the power to tap into the universal storehouse of unconditional love and wisdom.

Fine-tuning your Power of Inner Perception

All of this is accessible as you fine-tune your inner perception. You hone the skill of inner perception by healing and clearing the static of unprocessed emotions. It is equally important to daily still your mind and bask in the calm, clear frequency of your higher self. As you perceive all that is within you and all that is around you through the eyes of your higher self, you become aware of the glowing threads of alternate realities that exist within the space of each moment.

Crossroads in Consciousness: Access Points to High-Vibrational Realities

The threads immediately accessible to you are those in resonance with your present energy field. Within any "field of resonance" you are able to perceive threads that allow you to enter energy fields of slightly higher resonance. This is a true crossroads in consciousness when you perceive access points that allow you to enter higher-vibrational realities. This is the moment when you consciously choose to access a reality thread that will expand your consciousness and, in doing so, transform your daily life as you experience it in the physical world.

Once you choose a higher-vibrational reality, you begin to experience realities energetically consistent with that thread. New rites of passage, new challenges, new joys and new opportunities accompany each new level that is accessed.

It is in this way that you are able, within any moment, to enter parallel reality threads that allow you to expand into new locations in consciousness that can ultimately bring you a greater experience of the fifth dimension and beyond.

For more on fifth-dimensional consciousness, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
[link to celestialvision.squarespace.com]
For more information, visit [link to www.celestialvision.com]
Anonymous Coward
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01/13/2011 01:55 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
We don't need to wait until 2012 or until the Pole Shift (whenever it happens) to evolve into the level of a being who can be a Christ walking on Earth.

The reason Christ Jesus could live through the Mind of God was because he was living through his Mid Brain (Immortal Mind Brain) rather than in his Cerebellum (mortal mind brain).

The upper cerebellum is the area in the brain that lives and sees and knows only the beliefs of the world. It is the beliefs of the world that create and maintain the mortal in the realm of mortality.

To become immortal, we simply move our consciousness out of the upper cerebellum and into the Mid Brain. The mid brain is frequency specific. It runs on light and sound. It connects directly to the stem cell within the medulla oblongata, which was our original entry point, where the spark of Source breathed into the flame of our creation when we entered this earth as an embryo.
That perfect light stream from the point of our creation through the breath of Source Consciousness is the zero point where the spiritual man and the physical man can re-unite into oneness. It is the zero point that exists at the most etheric point deep within every atom of the body.

It is the subatomic frequency that can be regained when we return to the proper alignment with the Music of the Spheres. We can feel the point of connecting the spiritual body into the physical body when we breathe in the full spectrum of frequencies of all dimensions into the lowest frequency -- which is our physical hertizian wave field.

Those who are living in the brain of the material world are trapped in the three dimensions of mortality. It is mortality because it is detached from the spiritual half.

We must return our physical body to the point of the liquid light mirror. The mirror that connects us into the zero point where the physical and spiritual become reunited as One and then the spiritual frequencies transmute the physical into the spiritual. When we place our physical body onto this mirror and re-connect to all that is in the spiritual- anti-matter world, the physical body can absorb the highest frequencies of the full spectrum of light and sound and then every cell in the body can be realigned into the 12 DNA strands which exist in the spiritual half of the body.

These 12 DNA strands will never be seen by three dimensional eyes because they are not three dimensional. This 12th level consciousness is achieved by reconnecting the half of us that is physical into the anti-matter or spiritual half. This half is a real body that looks just like the one we see as physical - only it is anti-matter.

We connect into this antimatter body, which is now invisible to us by disconnecting from the cerebellum and connecting to the mid brain. When we start from the mid brain, we are immediately connected to the primary consciousness, the mind of God. When the mid brain makes this connection, our eyes can then begin seeing into the infra red, the anti-matter realm of reality. When the brain shifts out of third dimensional mortal man of the cerebellum and into the frequency specific immortal man of the mid brain, the mind of God is allowed to become of the mind of mortal man.

This frequency shift can happen at any time the individual chooses to allow their mind to become absorbed back into the original spark of Source or original tone of home. This happens when the music of the spheres is ignited and the pitch is heard in the mid brain. The mid brain must be connected to the full range of these pitches that arrive via connecting in the full spectrum of light and sound through the frequency of Source.

When we connect into the mid brain and connect into the anti matter body, which is now invisible to us, we are disconnecting from the mortal mind or the cerebellum part of the brain. This is what polar shift means. It means shifting consciousness out of the third dimensional world which is being held within the cerebellum and shifting out into the frequency specific mid brain which connects into the mind of God at the medulla oblongata.

The physical body is only half of the real self. There is an anti matter spiritual body that is the other half. The Earth also has an anti matter - other half. When the pole shift of Mother Earth takes place, she will be connecting into oneness with her other half. We can connect into the anti matter or spiritual half at any time. I am not sure if we actually just automatically make this shift when Mother Earth makes her pole shift, or if we still need to consciously know how to do this and to do it ourselves. I am sure it will become easier to do at that time, but I think that maybe we still need to know how to do it...
What I do know for sure, is we can do it now. We don't need to wait for a pole shift. I have clients who are doing it now. I have done it, and I know of many on Earth who are doing it now.

When we start our point of consciousness from the mid brain, we immediately connect to the God Mind. When we start our point of consciousness from the cerebellum we stay trapped in the world of beliefs. The God mind is not in the world of beliefs. It is a multidimensional world of infinite possibility. When we enter this world of all possibilities, we become co-creators of new realities that only exist as possibilities because of all of the other realities that have been created in the past. We will no longer create from the known, we will create from the unknown. We will create from the light bands of all of the known realities of all of the entities who have ever created through the mind of God.

I have clients who have already experienced this great shift in realities from the world as we know it into the multidimensional consciousness and into eyes that can see infra red and the beings on the other side. I know many who have already left their bodies, levitated, walked through walls and walked on water during the past year.

These activities are easy to achieve in the mid brain once it is connected to the mind of God.

To continue reading this article, go to [link to evolutionascension.ning.com]

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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Oth is channelled by Ellen Rauh

New Year's message 2011

Welcome to all present here, both visible and invisible.

2010 was a turbulent year. It was a year of clearing and sorting out.

Many people have adjusted their truths. Many people have got rid of truths that were imposed on them by the societies in which they live, by their families, religions or philosophies. Many people have freed themselves of obstacles, of frustrations. And for many people this journey has led them to themselves. That was not always easy, because who are you? When you lose your hold onto things, what will be left?

We talked about the fourth dimension – it just seems so nice to be there. But in order to be in that dimension, you will have to accept that you can only be there when you allow yourself the freedom of not having to be anything. How many people have imposed restrictions on themselves or have allowed others to impose obligations upon them just so they do not have to be themselves? But how can you be yourself without conflict? Because when your truth, when being yourself is at the expense of other people, just what exactly are you doing? It is all supposed to be about solidarity, about peace, about love, right? These were the pillars on which many people based their goals, their norms and values. But which pillars remained standing?

Many religions started to become unsteady as dubious practices surfaced which had nothing to do with religion. They were based on a power conflict or on power conflicts between people, but not based on the religion itself. Many governments are about to collapse. And if you look carefully, this is the result of power conflicts between parties or people – not to serve the masses, but to put themselves in the spotlights. All of this cannot be swept under the carpet any longer. It will surface. Society becomes more and more transparent. Perhaps we secretly long for the days in which everything was swept under the carpet because things seemed ‘so safe’ and things seemed ‘so secure’. But if everything becomes more and more transparent, fear and insecurities can become stronger too. Yet the only security you can rely on is the security of your own truth, the security of being yourself. Long-term statistics are no longer right. A sense of time is often lost. Many people do much more in a shorter period of time. In an hour they accomplish what they used to do in a week. The pinnacle of someone’s career can suddenly be reached without a run-up. Strange things are happening. Nature is in this, too. More and more often the weather is unpredictable.

So dear all, please be yourself, accept your own truth, follow your intuition, find your own way, look for your priorities and reserve a mere ten to twenty percent of your activities for social obligations, so you will have lots of time left for yourself. Yet again: what will you do when you have time on your hands? Many people take refuge in lots of activities, like so-called social obligations, because this is what they think society needs, but in reality they flee from themselves, so they will not have the time for having to deal with themselves. Yourself – who are you? Many people were looking for a new balance in themselves. Who am I? What do I want? What can I contribute to the greater good and to myself? And many people changed direction, changed their course, regardless of what other people were thinking of it. They followed their own path and liberated themselves of all kinds of stuck patterns and family patterns, or patterns which are imposed by society, like: ‘this is how things are supposed to be and so they will be’.

Rebellion, contradictions, many different kinds of truths are being amplified. And we can tell you: this will increase in times to come. This does not mean that it is a bad thing. Be grateful and happy that all kinds of truths are being magnified so they are visible – so each person can choose between different truths. We would also like to tell you that if you are truthfully yourself, you will never meet another person with exactly the same truth. If you can accept this, you allow yourself the freedom to find your own truth in yourself, and not in another person. If you can find peace and quiet to turn inwards, to feel and nurture your truth – the truth for that specific moment – you do not need anyone else to nurture you anymore. Then you will be grateful and content with yourself. From that perspective you will be of great value for everyone, because you will not impose your truth on someone else. You can still voice your truth, but only in order to vent it. This way, it will be more and more possible that people with many different truths will experience solidarity. Freedom of being yourself in diversity, because nobody imposes their truth on others. That would be real solidarity. Dear all, we would like to tell you that this sense of solidarity will increase in times to come, because everyone who has ever experienced this feeling wants more of it. They are going to look for a variety of personalities with whom they can be themselves – and it has a domino effect. The big advantage is that these freedom fighters, these mediators, will only fight against themselves, against their truths that are blocking them, so they do not have to fight other people any longer. People who are still doing that, will be lovingly accepted – if possible – and be met with understanding.

So be prepared for magnified truths that are not yours. Instead of fighting them, be happy with yourself and try not to impose your norms and values and your own truth onto others. It will be an interaction between people, and as a result more and more people will see the futility of fighting for a certain truth. And if you look at the world as it is right now, many struggles are rooted in imposing a truth onto others. So try to be free, to be freely yourself, and so exude personal freedom. This will have a domino effect – each one of you can set off a chain reaction. Just realize this!

This way you will slide into 2011, a year of even more changes. Everything will be sped up even more. Fifth dimensional thinking will become more and more common. Being sensitive and finding a balance in yourself will become even more important. This is your navigation, not imposed by others but because you are in line with yourself and your higher connections.

Many inventions will cheer humanity. But people who keep holding on to securities, will not be happy with them. They will become shaky and their norms and values, their foundation of Being, will become unsteady. At the same time, the forerunners, the mediators, will feel more and more at ease with these fast-paced changes because they are used to being flexible, to live in the present moment, and they are used to being different.

Again we would like to touch on the subject of ‘being yourself’. Feeling lonely is often the result of not being happy with yourself. Many people are feeling lonely – lonely because they are alone, alone in a relationship, alone in a family, alone between colleagues.

Dear all, be grateful for feelings of loneliness, because it is the only way to find yourself again. You and yourself, do you get along? Do you organize your life in such a way so that you have a good relationship with yourself? Let this be your goal and let this be important for 2011. If this is the direction you are heading in, the result will be that you can experience a great sense of solidarity from being alone. Let this be your goal: solidarity in 2011, as mediators between 2011 and 2012.

We wish all of you a great journey in 2011.

Feel the great love and support of Oth, Atha and all the others.

[link to www.oth-channeling.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Vibrational Sickness and Suggested Ways to Cope
Posted on January 12, 2011 by My Greater Presence

I invoke the I AM. I invoke My Greater Presence. I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her. So be it and so it is.

Greetings dear friends! We interrupt our regularly scheduled message [Part 2 of Suggestions for Possibilities for 2011] to bring you this important announcement—Vibrational Sickness is alive and well amongst you!

Symptoms of Vibrational Sickness

How many of you have been “suffering” with increased anxiety, extremely low levels of energy, colds, flu-like symptoms, sleeplessness or the desire to sleep all the time, depression, intestinal cleansing, night sweats, and other such symptoms? Karen, our Human Presence, has been experiencing many of these symptoms over a period of the last few months but increasingly since the beginning of the New Year of 2011.

She has been explaining them away as symptoms of pre-menopause, not enough sleep, adjusting to our energy (!), the Oregon winter, the New Moon, the Full Moon, and any other “excuse” she can come up with at the time. We love her so!!! Have you also been coming up with similar excuses for the way you have been experiencing your physical body in the recent days, weeks, and months?

For this one, yesterday was filled with many of the above symptoms and after waking this morning to help get her girls off to school, she decided to lie down on her bed to take an hour-long nap to help her restore her energy for the rest of the day. Unfortunately (as she would term it), we took the opportunity of her resting to bring this idea of Vibrational Sickness into her consciousness so that she would have to get up from her bed and type out this message for her and for each of you. Please do not feel sorry for her for we also gave her an energy boost that was much more invigorating than her nap would have been.

We feel that this is the perfect time to share this idea of Vibrational Sickness with you. It is not a new concept for many of you. You have spent years experiencing symptoms and reading other channels discussing these symptoms with each new shift and increase of energy on planet Earth. This is more of the same and yet different.

2011, as we have already begun to share with you. has heralded in an unprecedented time of change and growth. The new energies and vibrations that were emerging upon the Earth in 2010 and before are nothing in comparison to what is beginning to be experienced now. And these more intense energies and vibrations will increase continuously over the next year and beyond. You are being amped up dear friends! Amped up in a way you have not yet experienced. Amped up so that you truly will be ready to take your place within the higher vibrating energies of the New Earth; amped up so that you will awaken to All That You Are during this physical incarnation.

It is exciting, is it not? Knowing that what you have been waiting for and working towards for 5, 10, 20, or even 30 years is imminent? Exciting, yes, but is there also a shimmer of trepidation and of fear? It is normal to feel this way dear friends; do not worry. To feel a bit of fear and trepidation at this time will not keep you from awakening or from taking your place within the New Earth. It is just showing you a place that needs your love and acceptance as well as the information that we are about to share with you, for fear is an indicator of lack of knowledge and understanding. Let us help to give you that knowledge and understanding so you may replace the fear with a sure knowing of how to move forward at this time.

As of 01-01-11, the Earth entered a totally new phase of experience and evolution. This is the year you have all been waiting for; this is the year that all who dwell on this side of the veil has been waiting for. 2012 in many ways will seem anti-climactic to what will occur during this year of 2011.

The Opening of the Seal

On New Year’s Day, a seal was opened. This cosmic, Divine seal had been placed eons ago on the Creator’s contract for the evolution in consciousness of planet Earth and all who dwell upon her. The seal was placed with the knowledge that it would not be broken until New Year’s Day 2011 when human consciousness and vibration would have evolved to a state where it could handle the contract being opened and enacted. Thankfully, human consciousness is at that point and the seal was broken; the contract was opened on New Year’s Day.

Dear friends, this means that the Earth and all who dwell upon her have entered a Divinely orchestrated time of expansion and awakening. Even when all around you there seem to be more and more signs of chaos and the breaking down of the very fabric of human integrity, honor, and existence, you have entered into a time that will bring the antithesis of what you are currently experiencing. You have entered the true birthing of the New Earth, the dawning of the Age of Awakening. And at no other time in the history of humanity on this planet have the vibrations been increasing at such a rate. You truly are being amped up, so you can take your unique place in the Age of Awakening as it was decided when the contract was first sealed. Each individual on the planet is totally unique and totally connected to every other individual. It is through the combining of the almost 7 billion unique individual paths on the planet that the New Earth will be birthed. All are equally important.

There will be more information on the Age of Awakening in future channelings, but for now, we wish to return to the situation at hand—the Vibrational Sickness. Because the seal on the contract has been broken, because the dawn of the Age of Awakening is here, because the energies are more intense than they have been at any other time on the planet, many if not most of you are experiencing the effects of the increase in vibration as extreme discomfort and/or illness in your physical bodies.

Although these symptoms may not be new to you, we would wager that they are feeling more intense to you at this time. For many of you, we know this is not an easy time for you in many areas of your lives and having these increased symptoms on top of everything else makes it even more difficult. We send you our love and support and understanding. We also give you these suggestions for how to cope with your physical symptoms.

Suggestions for Coping with the Symptoms of Vibrational Sickness

Increase Water Intake

First, we suggest you increase your intake of pure, clean water. Yes, we realize you are always being told to drink more water for one reason or another, but dear friends, you rarely do! There is a reason you are asked to drink more water—your body needs and demands it. Most of you need to increase your daily intake 25% to 50% compared to what you are currently drinking.

In connection with the increase in the vibrational energies, increased water consumption will assist in balancing your electro-magnetic field which will assist in lessening your anxieties. It will also help with the elimination of toxic energy and waste from your bodies that are the result of your current environment, your thoughts, and the energies that bombard you through your interactions with others as well as through your media. Water is the ultimate cleanser of toxic emotions.

Another way we suggest you use water at this time is during your daily shower. As you are standing beneath the water spray, visualize each drop of water as pure light and as these droplets of light run down your body, see any energy that is toxic or of any color except clear or white attaching to the droplets of light and being carried off your body and down the drain. Intend that any energies or toxicities that are ready to be released at that time be released completely and replaced by light. And know that as you intend, so it is!

Exercise Daily

Next, we suggest you exercise (in accordance with your health and available energy) every day in some form. It does not matter what form the exercise takes or for how long, we just encourage you to move your body through dance, walking, jogging, cycling, playing with your children or your dog, or taking the stairs rather than the elevator at work.

Moving your body every day has a two-fold effect: First, it gets your heart pumping, which increases the flow of blood and oxygen through your body which brings nutrients and life-supporting energy to all areas of your body; and second, it keeps the new energies and higher vibrations from coming into your body and then stagnating and causing discomfort. You are constantly taking in these new, higher vibrating energies and if you do not move your bodies so that they can be acclimated and used in a healthy way, the energies stagnate and cause muscle and joint pain as well as other symptoms of physical discomfort.

If you sit at a desk all day, get up once an hour and stretch and move your body. Walk up and down a flight of stairs. Do some stretching exercises. Get a glass of water. Move your body on a regular basis. If your health limits what you can do, do what you can and try to do a little bit more every day.


If you resonate with these, you might consider using these mantras daily:

“I AM the creation of wellness in my body.”

“I AM the creation of flow in my body.”

“I AM the creation of ease in my life.”

“I AM the creation of creation in my life.”

Eat Well

We suggest you consider eating four or five, smaller, healthy meals per day rather than eating three large meals or skipping meals. Eat more foods that are grown closer to home and that are in season. Try to limit you intake of processed foods, white sugar and flour, and empty calories.

There are no guidelines to eating meat or not eating meat—one is not better or more spiritual than the other. Some human bodies need meat protein in order to thrive and be healthy and others do not. Our one thought concerning animal protein is that the animal protein you eat be from animals that are humanely and lovingly cared for without hormones, antibiotics, and the like, and that are fed naturally.

We encourage you to listen to your body and its needs and to realize that its needs may change on a daily basis. As you become more in tune with your own body’s needs, you will know exactly how to feed it.

Be Aware of Resistance

Resistance in your body and in your energy field increases your physical reactions to the vibrational increases that you are experiencing. When you are in resistance or fighting against something whether it is a person, event, or thought, you place energetic blocks within your body’s meridian lines and these blocks can cause physical and emotional pain and trauma. So we encourage you to become more aware of those places where you are in resistance, where you are seeking to control situations or other people, where you are busy attempting to swim upstream rather than relax and go with Universal flow downstream.

Use the tools you know and are comfortable with to become aware of your resistance and to release it. These tools may include breathing and meditative techniques, energy medicine tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Meridian Tapping) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), acupuncture, body work, and many, many more. Become aware of every place in your life where you have resistance to people, events, things, and concepts, and then do everything in your power to release that resistance. Then, as energy moves unheeded throughout your energy meridian system, you are able to incorporate changes in energy and vibration much more effortlessly.

Your Intent is All-Important

The last and perhaps the most important suggestion we have for you in coping with the symptoms of vibrational sickness centers around your intent. There are many of you who have been on your spiritual path for many years and even for decades who have a false belief whether consciously or unconsciously that to suffer physically with these symptoms of vibrational sickness is a sign you are a person who is more sensitive to energy than most, that it is a sign that you are more spiritually evolved than others, or more in tune with the new vibrations than others. We wish to tell you quite lovingly that it is just another aspect of the invalid belief that “one must suffer in order to earn God’s love.”

You are whole, complete, and unconditionally loved in this moment in time. You do not have to do, be, or have anything other than who you are as a unique part of the Divine. You are perfect now and becoming more perfect all the time. Accept that. Give yourself permission for your transition into the Age of Awakening to be one of grace and ease. You have permission to allow it to be easy. Make it your intent that this transition is easy for you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and it will be. We encourage you to give yourselves this gift, dear friends. You will thank yourselves for it.

It is with great joy that we interact with each one of you. You are truly and unconditionally loved.

I AM My Greater Presence

If you would like to leave a comment for this post, please click on the About tab and leave your comment on the form at the bottom of that page. I look forward to reading your comments!

I invite you to subscribe to this blog [www.mygreaterpresence.wordpress.com] so you are always aware of new posts. Please share this with friends and family you feel will be interested in the posts and benefit from them. Thank you.

[link to www.karenlaruemoye.com]

*This is not meant to take the place of any medical or professional treatment or advice.
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
In 2011, as in previous years, we will experience a number of vortex shifts and the influx of new energies as we progressively move towards the energetic recalibration of the family of humanity (which includes the earth) into higher vibrations and dimensions. We have been involved in this process for more than a decade and each wave builds on the preceding one as they work together to alter our physical, physiological, psychic, emotional and mental bodies, allowing us to incorporate more of our spiritual beings into our human bodies through a process that releases density and replaces it with light.

New energies alter our bodies on every level and we react with physical symptoms that can be as mild as a headache to as debilitating as a chronic illness. On a personal level they bring wide-ranging changes that can include total disconnection from our current life path as everything we know is removed so we can create something different. Each energy wave allows us to release a layer of density, awakening us to every limitation we have lived with. Our physical and life changes are the result of the release of this density and the recalibration of our vibration to incorporate a higher energetic frequency. Sometimes this release process feels like a physical death, and it is in a way. But once we are beyond the release process, we will feel better, until the next energetic shift.

Vortexes are concentrations of energy, reflecting either extreme beauty or violence. And portals are openings in the earth's energetic field through which energy flows. As we collectively raise our vibrations lower energy portals can close, which will shift the energy dynamics of the planet, as we are seeing now and which will continue throughout 2011 and beyond. This process expands exponentially as our ability to assimilate higher levels of energetic vibration increases. That is why time appears to be speeding up because we are leaving the limitations of linear time and moving into Universal, multi-dimensional, non-linear time where we move closer to what we are, pure energy with unlimited potential for creation.

As energy in motion we are profoundly affected by any shift in energetic frequencies. Our sense of our personal power is heightened with each energy shift, as being at a higher vibration allows us to access our true power, which is divine and internal. Powerlessness resides in density so removing density also removes the limitations to our power. It is our soul's destiny to ascend and this has been the focus and goal of our many lifetimes. The more we understand our role in ascension, our partnership with the earth and that this is an energetic process which is reflected in the physical and material world, we can participate in a balanced way, with grace and ease. 2011 will bring many changes to us on an individual and collective level and one day the density we know will be a thing of the past. Until then, we will continue on this joy ride of expanding energy as we all ascend into miracles and come to know ourselves as masters.

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc.
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond
January 10th, 2011

(For Audio & Download go to [link to lifestationearth.com] )

Good evening,
This is Fred speaking. Welcome to the Temple of 911. Thank you so much for being here January 10, 2011. It is a wonderful week; I am excited and we’ve all been awaiting your arrival to be here in the Temple because it’s going to be a glorious and magical night. With that being said, I’m going to step aside, because I would like the energies to start. Thank you for joining us.

Good evening,

We come to you as the Elohim Councils of God in group consciousness. We are here as your guides; We are here to say thank you, thank you for being here on Earth, and We are here to acknowledge the work that each of you are doing. We are here to say we know what it is like as We have been in body, and We bring to you the energies of the Gods and the Goddesses that We are, as each of You Are embellishing these qualities within yourselves. It is a wondrous time – it is a gift that everyone is receiving.

Tomorrow is going to be the entryway of a very magical year. Within this magical year there’s going to be great elements occurring within the continuance and expectancy of life. Each of you is in a pregnant stage. You have been ready to rebirth; the entryway of these doorways is much more magnificent than you can ever imagine. The magnificence of this event is because it is not one of Planetary movement, but one of Universal movement. It is a time for the planet to move into a frequency of Oneness and Creation of Source that is part of each of you. Each of you is embodying this within yourselves, and as you embody it within your own Being, you start to embrace the frequency. As you embrace this frequency, there is an act of remembrance of what you were previously. What you were in the Lemurian times and in the Atlantean times before the fall, when the beauty was there, and the expectancy of a new moment in each moment - of the magic of that expectancy. We have been chosen to come through to you in this session to assist in the magical movements of each of you and the magical movements of the planet.

It is a very auspicious time, and during this time there are great challenges that are happening. We’d like to say some prayers. We’d like to say that the souls that perished in Arizona in the United States of America are here with us this evening. They are in the Overlooking Booth, but have found their way through your assistance. We are very, very happy to see that the healing they’re going to receive will be tremendous, and the changes are only going to mirror back upon the Earth.

What we’re bringing forth this evening is a mirror. As each of you understand about the mirrors of your psychological traits within you as others’ mirror whom you are, tonight we’re going to mirror the magic onto Gaia, so that she is able to embrace the magical moments of these doorways. These doorways are the expectancy and the beauty of whom you are, and as this expectancy and beauty occur, there is a frequency within the movement of continuance within each of you. As this takes place within your life circumstance, you will start to mirror more magical moments instead of what is occurring in the lower frequencies. Unfortunately there are still going to be tragedies, but parts of the world are going to be affected greatly by this magical moment. I don’t want to say moment – it’s more like magical environmental experience because what we’re going to be doing tonight is centering these energies within ourselves so then it can be centered upon the Planetary level. We have to focus that because we’re coming from a Universal level, and as it moves through the different frequencies, from the Universal into the Galactic and the Solar and then the Planetary, it can lose its consistency. So what we’re going to help each of you with this evening is to vibrate those mystical elements within your own Being that are going to filter through you onto the Earth and onto others.

So let’s take a deep breath, and within that deep breath we’re going to be sending you sparkles of light, and the sparkles of light are going to be many different colors. They’re going to be Silvers, Blues, Violets, Lavenders, bright Oranges, bright Yellows, bright Reds, Hot Pinks, and all facets of the spectrum. Feel this coming down into your Heart Center and your Thymus area. We ask the Heart and Thymus to be one centered unit of the vibration of the 4th Dimensional frequency. We allow that to be fully incorporated and within this incorporation you start to feel these sparkles of light going everywhere – through your bloodstream, your vibrational areas within your cellular memory, within the undertones, within your skin, within your bloodstream, within all aspects. Then it moves into the larger parts of the physical body – the joints, muscles, tendons, and organs. Allow the frequency of the light quotient to be increased by 15% into each person and let it filter through you to allow the acceptance of the Divinity that you are. Breathe deeply now as all these little sparkles of light become a huge beam of your light body, and the light body now moves and encompasses the Etheric Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body and the Spiritual Body so that you’re one huge ball of light! Feel this within you as the magnificence that you are -- the joyfulness that you are, the experience of the love essence that is filtering within you -- and within this love essence is a combination of what you were before and who you are now. Allow that integration to occur fully within the internalization of your Beingness.

Embrace the internalization to be within you and take some deep breaths and relax. Let yourself sigh a little bit – not a heavy sigh – just a relaxation. As you feel this relaxation occurring through your entire Beingness you feel the completeness of your auric field. You feel the completeness of your chakras all blending together, no matter what level of chakras you’re integrating. Integrate this essence of whom you are becoming in this moment to be filtered within you. As this filtering occurs you start to feel the little sparkles of joy. Accept it to come into your Heart, your Thymus and your Solar Plexus. Breathe deeply and in comes the Hot Pink - the joyful energy of the essence that you are – and embrace the joy to permeate every part of your being. Allow that to filter within you to allow the experience that you are to bring joy into your Physical body, your Etheric Body, your Emotional Body and your Mental Body. There is nothing that any of these Bodies can mirror except the joyfulness right now. Allow yourself to just relax within that and bring that joyfulness within you. Now with the joyfulness we totally want to bring in the serenity. So feel the peacefulness and the serenity; as your body is relaxing with the joyfulness because the lower energies are not in control, the lower energies that you had previously are being fully filtered with this Hot Pink joyfulness.

Now we bring in the serenity of the Golden color; allow the flame of the Christ Consciousness to be fully within this peacefulness. It now permeates every part of your being. Feel the surfacing of the Spiritual, the Mental, the Emotional, the Etheric and the Physical now blending all into one as you feel that. Integrate the serenity to be within you. Now we bring forth the Silver Platinum, the vibrancy and the spark. This is the spark of the fire that you are. This will ignite the passion within you with the joy and the serenity; now there’s passion of a Silver beam ray coming fully and integrating with the Pink and the Golden as those three colors now blend together in all parts of you. Now you’re totally feeling this activation for you to create everything that you need to create. What happens sometimes is you bring in the joy, you bring in the serenity, but then you feel motionless. This is what happens when you integrate the higher realms on the Physical level. You can have periods where you are not conscious in the space that you are. Now we bring in that activation of the Platinum -- that Platinum Silvery hue of the vibrancy of the Cosmic energies -- within the Beingness; feel that spark continually igniting. Feel that within your Heart as your male and your female become balanced and they’re accepting of those energies together with the Pink and the Gold and the Silver. Allow those colors to fully be within you now.

Think of an element you would like to bring forth into your life this week - the first thing that comes into your mind. Feel that essence in your Heart, feel it in your vibratory throat of the higher frequency, and feel the vibration running through your entire being. Feel the magnetism that you are, and that you are becoming as you walk through these doorways tomorrow. Feel the vibrations of these energies – of the Pink, the Gold and the Silver - the joy, the serenity and the action. The initialization – we won’t say action, we’ll say initialization – of this frequency coming forth through you. Allow that to center upon your Mind right now, your Heart, every part of your being. Breathe that in and see your arms open wide and see the magnetic field around you as you project how you’re going to attract this in your life. Let’s take a moment of silence and allow this to come through your existence.

Okay - embrace it now. As we bring forth the embracement, we want to bring in the high frequency of bright Green – this is going to help with the grounding but it’s also going to help with the activation of the higher Cosmic levels. Allow these sparkles of light to blend with the Pink, the Silver and the Gold. Feel that integrate and flow through you down to your Earth Star, as it is moving all the way through you, and feel the activation that is about to occur for you, because without the grounding frequency -- and it’s not an Earth grounding it’s a Universal grounding -- it is also going to help the Earth to raise Her vibration. We are assisting you in raising your vibration to the higher frequency so that all can be in alignment, because there are many levels that are not in alignment at this time. This is where the dysfunction and the distortion can occur. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel that. Feel that essence of the ability to fully manifest these elements within you, not only manifest the Physical elements that you choose to have, but the characteristics of the joy and the serenity and the initialization and the ability to embrace it with all of these colors. Feel that now, feel that fully within you.

Now I want you to take a moment and feel your energy field outside of you. Feel the process that’s going on for you. You’re probably feeling a shifting, you’re probably feeling a frequency that you haven’t quite felt before. It doesn’t mean that it’s a high frequency, it means that it’s a subtle energy that’s allowing you to fully be the magnet that you were always meant to be. Allow that to focus within you as you breathe deeply. Feel all aspects of your being and allow your mind and your Heart to blend as one. You should come fully into balance as you never have previously except this moment of an exchange that is occurring within you. It is the essence of your Higher Self and your highest presence activating through you physically. As we look around the Temple we see everyone accelerating and doing the same thing that you are doing right now. We are all coming into balance as we’re actualizing those aspects of ourselves to assist outside of us; so we’re assisting the internalization, and the direct result is the frequency around us that will help to attract the right elements, the right soul relationships, and put everything into synchronization and into balance. Breathe deeply through that.

Let us all hold hands in the Temple. We have rows and rows of souls here that join us for this event. We all have one thing in common in this moment – we are God’s children and we come to this Temple as God’s children to remember our family -- our brothers and sisters of the Light --and here we are all together. It does not matter how many lifetimes each of us has had. It does not matter if we had any lifetimes or if we had them on other planets, we were all created in the Divinity of Light that We Are and this is what you’re experiencing right now. You’re experiencing your Divinity within. Breathe deeply as we feel the energetic exchange between each other.

Let us now focus our energy around the Earth. Let us visualize ourselves hand-in-hand around the Globe, around the circumference of the Planet and just energetically and vibrationally sending this energy onto the Earth, through the Earth and into the core of the Earth. Let’s specifically think of areas that are hurting right now – environmentally, people, individuals, corporations, businesses, the energy of commerce and trade that gets in the way of the Divinity of Light within individuals. We ask right now that each person upon this Planet receive their own Divinity and have their own epiphany tomorrow, whether they realize it or not. Let’s just have this thought in our mind of this frequency, as we’re all Children of the Light centering the Light onto other Children of the Light. Pray for the lands, the oceans and the waters, the mountains and the deserts and all the areas that are hurting right now. Areas that are flooding, areas that are on fire, areas that have had volcanoes, areas that have had hurricanes and tornadoes and all those extreme conditions upon the Earth. Feel the blissfulness of the Light of God in all aspects.

Breathe deeply and send this to all areas in this moment. Think about your own area and think about a 500-mile radius around where you live and the healing that needs to take place. Individually, personally, humanly, animals, fish, birds, all Sentient beings of the Light. Now let’s bring that energy back as we slowly remove ourselves from the Earth and come back into the Temple. Now we want to bring forth those energies once again to re-energize ourselves and transmute any negative vibrations we may have picked up along the way. So we ask for the Golden Flame now as it will transmute and integrate at the same time; breathing deeply through your entire structure. We call upon the energy of the Pink – of the joy. Then we call upon the energy of the Silver of the initialization and the frequency of the high level of Green – sparkly, very bright Green – dark but bright. That’s the grounding that we all need. Let’s infiltrate each of these elements within us right now as they blend within each other; don’t think of your body as separate – think of it as one whole cellular light frequency. All these colors will blend and swirl and sparkle within us. Take a deep breath.

It has been our pleasure to be here to give you this magical lesson and how you can create these elements within yourself. Practice this upon yourself and you will see a difference in your energy fields. You will see a difference in what you are going through, and tomorrow please utilize these energies as you walk through the doorways with joy and serenity, and skip through those doorways, because you’re about to embrace the light of your life upon this Earth plane. We walk with you during this time. We’re so happy that each of you is experiencing this and that you’re here upon the Earth to show others. You definitely are the Way-Showers. We extend our love and our compassion to each of you in these glorious moments, even the moments that don’t seem so glorious, but very transitional personally and globally.

It is our pleasure to be here as the Elohim Councils of God in the Light of the Christ that We Are. We are One with each of you and We honor you for the walk that you are doing.

So Mote It Be In The Name of The Holy God of Hosts,

We Are the Elohim at your service.

This is Fred once again. Thank you to the Elohim Councils of God. This has been a wondrous experience for me. I thank you and I’m so happy to be here amongst everyone in the joy and the serenity, the initialization and the grounding. Please do come with us to the Temple and let us share with each other the magnificence of these moments in the next week.

I am Fred, the Spokesperson for the Clarion Light Beings of the Temple of 911 and Beyond. I am in awe.


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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
More understanding of who will be the next player on the stage of your world drama will come if you have some idea of the true nature of who, exactly, is onstage now and what, really, is going on. This is no great revelation; the clues have been woven together for your review in countless ways and in various levels of detail and truth. We will tell you what we can if you will listen. We will tell you everything we know if you stop pretending you already know it. We can only share what you are willing to receive, and you already know the words of wisdom about filling a cup that is already full. We ask, if you are ready to hear what we have to say, that you relinquish only the preconceived notions that you may have about the nature of human history and extraterrestrial involvement in it. Only while we tell our tale. Then of course they are yours to reclaim as you wish.

Eons ago, your present world had visitors of a type that would be today considered as invaders. The planet had been the repository of materials from many worlds, so there had been visitors who had altered the earth, but we are talking here about a group of dominating marauders who had plans to own everything and ruin anything that remained in the wake of their passage. They came to planet Earth with the intention to own it, for to their way of thinking, Earth was nothing more than a resource to conquer.

Now we come purposefully to complete what we began on the planet, which was to foster the emergence of higher consciousness in preparation for radical change. The time has come for there to be the renaissance of human consciousness, the likes of which have not been seen yet on the planet. You are ready to enter into a new phase of knowledge of who you are and what you are yet to become. We have much more to share with you in that regard, but now we will merely say that you have not been told the full truth about your origins and about your collective experience as the carriers of high consciousness. The truth will be revealed in more and more detail, big revelations, and bold new movements of energy and form. We have waited for these days to come, when the world is open without restrictions of supposed knowledge to filter understanding into oblivion. Your world is ready to be told greater truths than have been cloaked in books and temples. You have been fed only morsels while the feast of pure knowledge of love’s bounty has remained off-limits. The time has come for the temple guardians to unlock the doors and for you, people of Earth, to enter into a new reality. This is the time when the keepers of wisdom unveil the history of your birth and move out of the past into the present. We are ready for the party to begin!

Nothing but freedom from the bondage of ignorance do we offer, though it is not something we can wrap in paper and hand to you. Before we place the wrapping on the box, we want to make sure that such a thing will fit, for there is no way to return it for another size. There is only enigmatic information that will force open the collective mind to a reality that will be forever changed. You will be forever changed, too, but the truth is, this is what you have been asking for, isn’t it? So we will continue, because we all have waited long enough and the reality you have grown accustomed to seeing around you has steadily shown itself to be in a state of rapid decay. Remember, rot feeds new life. For your world, it is the decay of what has been familiar that will usher in the new. Since more of humanity is waking up to ask what on Earth is going on, we put our hands on our hearts and prepare to unleash the words of love that we have carried far through time to give you now...

There is much more to this message... please click on Changing Address to read more.

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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The Energies of 2011
a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Friday, 14 January, 2011

So far, the energies of 2011 have taken us to our knees begging Mother Nature to take it a little easy on us. Like a mother that has had enough, she gives her children a large doze of time-out. We have all screamed and asked the universe for more time to catch up. For a place to be still, a deep contemplative silence. The universe via Mother Nature has provided a long sought after point in which time stops long enough to catch its breath.

Like busy little beavers we fight the force trying so hard to move ahead in our everyday regular lives, but this season of change just does not allow us to move forward at a fast pace. From floods to snow to ice storms to earthquakes and typhoons, we all have had our butt smacked by our Mother Earth. Like a good mother, she has warned us repeatedly and most times, we just tossed our pretty heads and walked away.

Everything has stopped, all plans, all worldly needs, all-moving forward. We are asked to look immediately into the Now that changes as soon as we view it. Weather stations cannot keep up with the shifts and demands of a squealing planet. Answers cannot be found, and solutions if any, are diluted.

Life has been demanding and 2011 is about accrued blessings in a form that may not seem user friendly. The world ‘ESCAPE’ was a major vibration in 2010 everyone wanted to get away from the financial, political and spiritual fallout. The year 2011, grants our unanimous wish from last year. The vibration of the word ESCAPE is a #22 energy and aligned with the numerical pulse of 2011. All words, thoughts, deeds and intentions will take seed with or without rain to help them grow. #22 tells us that Time moves forward with or without us. It tells us not to create by default, to have an energetic say so in your life. know that what you have planted by your words, deeds and actions will grow and bloom in accordance with the heavenly seasons. In the mean time enjoy your time-out.

The mantra for 2011 is ‘PAID IN FULL’. This very living energy is a #50 vibration, which is aligned with the vibration of Jubilee, a 50-year cycle of celebration. A GOLDEN JUBILEE is like a universal pardon. Biblically Jubilee occurred every fifty years, when slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven property would be returned to the original owners; and the mercies of a loving God would manifest. Jubilee came after seven cycles of seven years.” Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, the symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal, the mythical sacred firebird escorts us into a well deserved Jubilee in 2011.
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Greetings from Home

This day ranks among the top, for many of you have changed your energy entirely. You have stopped the busy hustle of your own lives for just a moment to revel in the past and to re-member all the beauty you have experienced, then to turn around and raise your expectations for the future. These are the expectations that are creating your future right now. They are determining your path everywhere you go; they are setting aside opportunities for you to experience everything you wanted to in this physical bubble of biology.

Grounding Light

To just allow yourself to be we would like you to take a deep breath, an Earth breath into a physical body, for just a moment and simply allow yourself to be here in this moment right now. With all of the anticipation of what will be, it is very easy for humans to drop into their past or to project themselves into the future. Only one of those three—past, present and future¾is real. That is right now. Your memories of the past are very real, but you cannot live in them. Your expectations of the future are very real and important, but you cannot live in them either. You can live here, right now, and blend the three. We ask you to try not to live only in the present time, for that will become very challenging. Most of you actually create the path in front of you when you plan, expect, or create something. If you are busy enjoying this moment that does not happen as well, so we ask you to understand that it is a blend of these: past, present and future. It is not black and white, so you cannot choose only one; it is a union of the three. We will speak more of this as we go forward. First let us back up and tell you why it is changing, and why your perception of time as humans will be shifting very soon.

We wish to bring together several different pieces that we have spoken of before. Now it will be easier to understand, for much of it you are already familiar with. Even though you may not know exactly how this fits into your daily life, you have accepted much of what we have spoken as truth in your own lives which has created a foundation for a new human to evolve. It is happening all over the planet, because now is the time when humans can carry more of their own spirit in their physical body than they ever have before.

Physical Evolution

There are also several physical changes that are taking place to better accommodate this energy shift, and it is happening every to human being on the planet. Your physical body is beginning to change now, yet it will probably be several years before your medical community can quantify these changes; medical communities typically move very slowly on purpose. Much of what you have been expecting¾what you call ascension¾is possible so that you can bring this light into a physical body walking around on Earth.

Redistribution of Water

Yes, you will always have limitations. You are on this side of the veil, so you must be in the timeline. Although that timeline can be changed as you well know, for you have just changed the timeline of Earth which was to end around the year 2012. You have already shifted that, but yes you are still experiencing many of the things that were going to bring about the end. So many of the shifts and changes you are seeing on your planet, particularly having to do with the re-distribution of water and the re-balancing of the planet, are taking place on a daily basis right now. You are also establishing so many connections with the energy that we call water; yet you do not classify it as energy even though it fits all the classifications to what you know to be energy. Water exists on both sides of the veil as does all energy. You have been able to carry the spirit of your higher self in your physical body, largely due to the amount of water energy that you carry in your bodies. That is beginning to change, for this is one of the physical attributes that will be very easily quantified and measured as time goes forward for humans. You have been comfortable with a certain amount of water in your body, but this water also brings you the grounding of physical Earth. Your emotional levels are actually attached to the physical water. It is how you have been processing emotions through your body, and how you receive emotions from other people through your body. Have you ever been in a theatre where you know perfectly well there are people sitting behind you but you pay no attention to them? Then all of a sudden you feel somebody turn around and look right in the eyes of someone who is staring at the back of your head, almost as if you saw them? That happens through the water. Now what is taking place is the physical body will begin to work with smaller percentages of water. You can literally change the amount of water by as much as 20% over the next 50 years. That is a huge change in humanity and will lead to a lot of different attributes, some of which we wish to talk about today.

The amount of water in your physical body will be reducing and, therefore, your overexposure to emotion will also be reducing. In the beginning, whenever humans change on any energy level there is a resistance to change; typically you grab hold and try to hang onto every part of you. Many of you now feel that your emotions are out of control. A lot of this has to do with these changes that are setting up throughout humanity. Many of you may feel that you are doing everything right: your life is right and your spirit is comfortable, yet you are angry, anxious or hurt all the time. Perhaps you are feeling things that you have never felt before. This is true, for it is part of the shifts that are happening. Let us explain something else, too. We have said for a very long time that humans on this planet are becoming crystalline in nature. We have also said recently that the actual atomic structure of the element that you call carbon is about to change. This is all part of the same change that you will see in your physical bodies, for you are carbon-based creatures. Carbon and water changing at the same time will allow you to evolve to the new levels very, very quickly. It also causes challenges, obviously. It also feels that when you have found your stability, all of a sudden the rug moves. Alas, once you learn the rules of the game, the rules are changed. This is typical of how you grow. You wait, wait, wait…hold onto everything then suddenly jump forward. That jump forward has already begun for many of you. Let us speak first of what life will be like when you have less water in the physical body.

Crystallization of the Body

You are becoming crystalline in nature. At some point this will actually be discovered on a scientific level within the cell wall structures of your physical being. It has already shown up in Botany and in the insect world; it will be known in the animal world and the human world very soon. It will be verified, but what about crystals? What are some of the properties that crystals have that you have not had up until this point? Crystal has the highest vibration of the mineral kingdom, and it is a part of you in the same way that the Earth is part of you. Since human beings are the highest vibration of the animal kingdom, you resonate quite often with crystalline structure¾crystals you consider to be minerals because they are also the highest vibration of what you call the mineral or Earth substance. This has created a connection and has extended your lives much further than you know. When you walk into a room there may be all kinds of trinkets, favorites trophies on the shelf for pictures on the wall for you to look at. Which ones are you drawn to? Generally you will be drawn to the ones with crystals first. If there is a crystal sitting there, you are most likely to walk over, pick it up and just hold it or stare at it for a second to see the shards of light as they bounce around. At that moment it means something to you and it is changing your structure; it is helping you alter yourself.

On this planet, women typically live longer than men. You can see it very clearly in your actuarial tables. We told you before, many of you have believed this is because of war on your planet; war took out many of the men so men wouldn’t live as long, but that is not true. What has led to women’s longevity is that they feel more comfortable with crystals close to their bodies than men do. Typically, a man will not wear a big diamond ring whereas a woman would love to wear one. Because of some of these cultural and societal differences, typically women will live longer than men; they will deal with stress longer than men.

What is happening now is that everyone is starting to become crystalline within their own physical bodies, so this creates a lot of changes. Number one, this is the return of the life expectancies that you have been watching. Many of you know that the human body is well designed to live past the 80, 90 or 100 years that have been typical for humans at this point. Nobody can quite figure out why some people living in a certain part of the world seem to live to age 130. We tell you that even in your lifetime in the physical body you have, it is going to be very possible for you to live 120 or 130 years. As this change starts to happen, it will bring about a natural longevity that will increase life expectancy of a physical body. This is one of the points you are looking for that will be triggered by your change in the actual amount of water or percentage of water that you will be holding in the body. Also, there is another energy which has been harnessed and tamed and used regularly on your planet: electricity. You use it every time you pick up a phone, every time you walk through your daily life, over and over and over. Humans have become comfortable with electricity; they know where the boundaries are. They know they cannot stick their finger in a wall socket because it will bite back, and they learn to live in harmony with this. What is taking place now is that as you hold less percentages of water, as that process starts to happen to your physical body, you will have a different reaction to electricity and to electric instruments all around you.

Many have already started to discover this. Especially those of you who work with instruments or electronics on a regular basis will start to have these wonderful phantom problems as the Keeper calls it. He says, “There is nothing wrong with that machine. It is haunted.” In reality, the machine is reacting differently to his energy because he is the one who has changed. Let us explain a couple of things. The Keeper is going wild right now because we have just made sense of several things that have been happening to him. He will have to share it another time because we are talking now. We will tell you one of them since it is a very common one. The Keeper just returned from a two-week trip and his house was completely closed up for two weeks. No one came in and no one went out, except for the guard cat. What took place is that when he returned and picked up the remote control to the TV set and turned it on¾nothing. He yells at his wife for putting it in the wrong place or perhaps she did something wrong; that is typical. He pushes the power button again and nothing. He changes the batteries and it sort of works. This time, one piece of equipment comes on but the other pieces do not work. He works with it a while longer and after messing with it for about a half hour, it is suddenly working fine. He goes into his office, reaches down, picks up the control and has exactly the same thing happen. He has changed so much in just the two weeks he was gone, that the relationship he already created with many of the electrical devices no longer worked. This is very common with what many will experience. It is much more than this; we are only giving you little pieces to look for to verify it in your own life.

Reduction of Water within the Body

One of the pieces you will all come to question and want to know more about is reducing the amount of water in your physical body. We caution you here because it sounds like we are telling you to drink less , but we tell you that the moment you try to control the amount of water in your body, it will take over and control you. It will even over flood you to make sure that you will not dry out; it has to do it on its own, and it will. This is not something we suggest you try to make happen, for it will occur on its own. What we will tell you is that right now all of you have ambient energy that is traveling through your body. It is microwaves, radio waves, and it is much of the invisible light spectrum that is traveling through your body with no problem whatsoever. There is even a radio transmitter on the Keeper’s belt which is transmitting his voice to the back of the room so that you can hear it. You have not felt these energies up to this point. However, as you reduce the amount of water in your body you will start noticing that there is an accumulation of energy in your body occasionally that you do not know how it gets there. As you start to become crystalline, you will begin to send and receive radio frequencies. You actually have that capability right now, because many of you have already crystallized the pineal gland and it can be trained to send and receive. This is part of what we are calling deep contact. Often the deep contact that is made is done through the pineal gland of many humans right now. It is starting to take place in other forms, and when this happens humans will develop a new area to compensate for all this ambient energy that you will become aware of. It is still flowing through your bodies right now, but you are not aware of it. As this happens, you can easily start to become aware of it and f be overwhelmed by it. What can happen will feel very much like a flu, but without all of the flu symptoms. The Keeper is jumping up and down again because he had this happen to him last night. He is starting to understand what is going on here and he has much to say but again, we will quiet him down for it is important for us to finish. What we tell you is that you will feel things differently. Your electrical charge—the energy from Home you have been carrying that up to this point that holds most of your spirit¾is water and it is changing. It will be electrical in nature as you go forward because the energy of Home, no matter what you call it, can come to you in many different ways.

New Body Electrics

The challenge comes because humans know how to ground themselves when dealing with the water; they know how to ground their energy. They know when they have too much or when they are getting too much emotional energy. But we tell you this will happen especially for those of you who stand in front of audiences, giving speeches, performing or working with people. Let us say that you work with people every week speaking publically with no problem. You learned to put this little boundary up and hold it at bay, talking to the wall if you need to in order to avoid all this incredible energy coming at you on stage. You will feel the energy now because those boundaries you have worked with before are no longer in place. Many of you will start to feel things you have never felt before; they are triggers to start working with this energy. As you become more and more crystalline, the light will enter your bodies in different ways besides the vibrations that water can carry.

Light Grounding

Now, you will be overwhelmed with light. We have mentioned this before only as a teaser, but now it is time to bring it in. Light grounding will be one of the keys that you will learn. Not only will you learn how to do it with your physical being, but you will learn how to do it with electrical equipment. You will learn how to do it with everything you use in order to harmonize your electronics and your physical being with the electronics. The Keeper had to replace four sets of batteries before he was finished that day. He thought someone went through his house and drained all the batteries, but it was actually him. Then he went into his room and started up his favorite computer, the one he uses all the time, and it would not boot. It simply would not work. He tried it three or four more times and finally it sort of came up, then finally the fifth or sixth time it came back completely unharmed. It is because it had to adjust to his new vibration. You are working with harmonics already and the sacred harmony is a very beautiful thing to learn. It is your place in the world, where you fit in, but you must also understand that where you are fitting in no longer holds your energy. You are evolving at an incredible rate and from that overview of humanity this is happening in the blink of an eye. You are the ones leading the way, and you are the ones daring to take it to the next energy level.

We have one final piece to share as well. Because this is also triggering a re-anchoring of the physical body, the body must always anchor itself or what you call grounding to the Earth. The electrical connection itself in your own physical body has to have a place to go in order for it to run through the body. You call this grounding. It is also called grounding in electrical circuits, because it is a return of the current to the ground or to the final resting place. Literally, what is taking place is that your connection is changing; human vibrational patterns are changing daily. Your aura photos are going to change drastically and much of your connection to all of these things that have measured part of your energy field are going to shift drastically. As such, many of you will experience times when you are feeling emotions, or not feeling emotions where you thought you should.

Sexual Energy Wave

The final anchoring of the spirit in the physical body is what we have called sexual energy. We told you several years ago that there would be a new wave of sexual energy on this planet, one that would make your 1960s seem tame in comparison. At the time there was a huge wave that went through very quickly and activated everything; this activation is a revival of that. Now, as you move to this new level you will release your own energy templates. You will start letting your energy return to its normal state instead of trying to hold it within a physical being. As you learn to do all these things you will find a new joy in being alive, and that is the sexual energy. You will find a new light in your smile and we ask you to please not be afraid of it. Embrace it. It is a part of humanity that is evolving on this planet at an incredible rate. We tell you that it is not just sex that we are talking about and certainly not just the act of sex, for that is only one small use of this energy. You have sexual energy every time someone sees your spirit in your physical body. Every time you smile, every time you can carry that light from Home. You are being re-wired, each and every one of you so that your physical body can hold more light while you walk around on this planet. It is your invention; this is not predestined. The destination of planet Earth is about to come up and you are all walking past it, celebrating, enjoying your lives.

You are becoming new humans very rapidly. We are so honored just to be here to watch, for this is what you have worked for your entire life. Many of you have to actually push your way into this particular lifetime, even having a set of parents that didn’t understand you or going through all kinds of difficulties growing up just so you could be here right now. We made it! Espavo. You made it! Enjoy these next steps. If you get scared, reach out and hold each other’s hands and help each other to the next step one heart at a time. This planet is turning into heaven on Earth.

We leave you with three simple, familiar reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for there are many gods on this planet. Nurture one another and clear the path for each other every chance you get. Know that it is a beautiful game and play well together.


The group

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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
As we move further into the new energies on Planet Earth, it becomes easier to expand into your infinite nature by gaining awareness of new aspects of yourself and allowing them to play a greater role in your present moment.

In the past, it may have seemed you were limited to the confines of your current identity self in terms of resources and abilities. Within the expanded energies of the fifth dimension, you will find it easier to access a wider range of your overall being. The key to accessing this broader range of your self is to embrace the infinite nature of your being. This means embracing that you are a multidimensional and multifaceted being with an infinite repertoire of "selves." Each of the selves has a full complement of accompanying identities, talents and abilities you can call upon.

In fact, when it is time for you to make the acquaintance of a new part of your being, your subconscious in cooperation with your guides and higher self, will set the stage for this to happen in physical reality by triggering the thoughts and desires that prompt you to reach out to a new aspect of your being.

Know that whatever spirit is asking of you within the moment, there is an aspect of yourself that can answer the call. Allowing the greatness of your being is simply a matter of accepting and allowing these many aspects of yourself to play a role in your life. This requires a high level of trust and surrender on the part of your conscious mind and its current “identity self”. We are not talking about a blind trust but a trust aligned with your inner knowing, your spiritual purpose and your highest vision.

The Importance of Embracing Your Entire Being

The single most important step in aligning with the energies of the New Earth is understanding the true nature of your being. That is, your multidimensional nature, which allows you to experience simultaneously different timeframes and dimensions. If you believe that a great deal (if not all) of your being exists within your conscious mind, it will be difficult to step into the fifth dimension. There is a misunderstanding on the Earth plane that your conscious mind represents the whole of your existence.
This is a limited perspective that dramatically reduces a person's field of possibilities, cutting them off from the vast wealth of their inner resources.

When a person begins to awaken to the true nature of their being, they often feel confused by the realization that they are multifaceted with many aspects existing beyond the realm of their conscious mind. This perception may lead them to question their sanity or at best leave them feeling bewildered and overwhelmed.

In order to come into a place of peace with your true nature, release the need to only interact through the lens of your conscious mind. Be willing to enter the domain of your subconscious by practicing what you might refer to as "trust," "faith," and "belief." Faith naturally evolves into a “knowing” that allows you to work with and interact with aspects of your self that exist beyond the auspices of your conscious mind.

When you "know" you have multidimensional aspects of your consciousness and you seek to unite with these aspects, you’re able to create beyond the realm of your conscious existence.

Allowing the Full Spectrum of Human Possibility

In order to experience the full spectrum of human possibility, you have chosen at times to don a cloak of invisibility, so to speak. Under this cloak, your true nature was hidden from you. Your bright light was dimmed. This dimming of your light afforded you the great gift of humility. Experiencing life veiled from the great powers of your being allowed you the gift of perspective, insight and compassion. It gave you the opportunity to awaken and remember that you are a vast and powerful being. This ability to find your way home alone through the darkness helped you discover, appreciate and understand the true nature of your being. It allowed you to experience new opportunities and reconnect with your spiritual powers.

As older souls, you have moved through many realms of human experience. You know what it is like to struggle and feel vulnerable. You know what it is like to experience feelings of helplessness and to experience various forms of physical illness. You chose to undertake this full range of experience as part of your journey here. Now many are being called to move further along the spectrum of human experience. This is the empowered phase of the spectrum where you pull away your cloak of invisibility and "see" with your inner eyes how it is possible for you to move to the next level. The shape of this experience is different for each person, depending on their individual purpose and where they are in the realization of it.

Each path has in common the moments when another veil is pulled away and a new field of possibility appears. For some, this will mean seeing how you can come into a place of allowing things to happen rather than struggling with each step. This may mean coming into a joyful collaboration with spirit. However this manifests for you, it will involve a greater acceptance of the powerful capabilities of your spirit.

You Already Have Everything You Need

As you open to your expanded capabilities, you will likely come into a deeper realization that the resources you need to activate your purpose are available and accessible by "thinking outside the box." In other words, allowing yourself to experiment with a new idea, new technique or way of being. This usually involves stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing a previously “unknown" aspect of your being that your spiritual guidance has revealed to you.

As you expand into the greatness of your being, resources and abundance flow proportionately to support new aspects activated by the expansion.

Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
[link to celestialvision.squarespace.com]
For more information, visit [link to www.celestialvision.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Dear One,

It is I, El Morya here today, Keeper of the Golden Flame. It is an unsettling time for many, sweet child of the Divine. All Things frozen in the arctic of your past . . . patterns, beliefs, experiences, wounds . . . are melting away now. First, experienced as fragments of the self . . . but soon . . . they will melt in the Oneness of the Birthing Waters of your Whole. The arctic melting on your planet is another cosmic sign of the warming within to the Light of the Planet, of Source, of each and every being on the earth. As within, so without. As above, so below. As you warm to your wisdom within, so too does all that is not aligned with this inner wisdom and Light - melt away.

Melting is a gradual process. Not an instant one. Allow the Grace of this process to unfold. Release resistance. Feel no shame about past truths, experiences, or actions. It is what was, not What Is. What Is is your eternal legacy as a child of the Divine. What Is is the Light within you that powers worlds. What Is is the remembrance of All That Is good and grace-filled in the Source Creation and Light.

Dear One – allow the blocks of ice from times past to melt now into the all-knowingness and all-beingness of timelessness. Let the blocks release, into the birthing waters of Mother Earth, as if you had returned to the symbiotic womb of the Great Mother. Allow her Love for you, as the Source Love for you, to fill your Heart . . . with Dream-Filled Peace, Joy, and Oneness Flow. There is no need in this timeless Love-filled space to feel fear or discomfort over any past blocks of frozen moments in time. They are melting now you see, back into the Oneness, the Wholeness, the Grace that you eternally are.

Many are feeling the same. Some consciously. Others unconsciously. What feels to you as an unraveling or exposure time of past thoughts or wounds, is really a merging . . . or re-mergence . . . into the Oneness. The blocks are melting to make way for Oneness. The blocks, once flowful water, are returning again to their original Source. As are you. There is great beauty in this present process. Allow the melting and the warming process, within and without. It is all Divinely Timed and Divinely Ordered. Resistance will simply cause discomfort, but it won’t stop the process. The Time is Now to merge and re-unite with the Light of Source within. Any blocks to that re-union are melting away. Do not judge the blocks. Notice them. See them now releasing, attracted to merge in the Light of Wholeness in Mother Earth’s arms. She holds you now, as if a newborn. Tending to your needs, joyful at the rebirthing in her womb that you are experiencing. At any time, you can feel her vast and tender embrace. She sees your Light. She knows your Light. It came from within. You share this Light in her womb now. You have reunited with the Earth Mother’s Heart. The Central Heart. The Cosmic Heart within. And as more and more of you consciously find yourselves here, in the Womb of Oneness, a New Earth births from the Love and Light that lives there. That lives in you, that lives in the One. Every fiber of the New Earth Tapestry will be sown by the Love and Light in this Oneness. It is a powerful time to let go to this Oneness. To allow this long labor to produce anew.

Melting into the Oneness is a natural part of the labor process involved in birthing the New Earth. A return to the Womb of Love, Light, and Creation is a return to the Love and Light of Source and Earth Mother Energies. This is a return to Center. To Alignment. To Wholeness. To the Great Circle, from which all life began in harmony and balance.

So, Dear One, when you see blocks come up, that feel frozen in times past, that have seemingly kept you from the Womb of Creation, Light, and Grace, know that all is melting away . . . this illusion . . . of separation . . . to allow the Wholeness and Bliss of Being One with Source and One with All once more. The Time of Separation has past. The Time of Oneness begins anew. Let it flow, to and through your experience now, washing away the tears and heartache of separation . . . inviting the flow of Love-fullness and Heart-fullness once more.

Much love to you dear one. All is well. Trust the Truth unfolding within, to Be without, in its perfect timing.

Many blessings to All!

[link to www.shineyourlightgifts.com]
[link to www.newearthlivingglobal.com]

Namaste. ~Marie Mohler
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The Bridge ~ Reminder #89
Positive Outcomes

No one else can tell us what to think unless we let them

When we realize that what goes inside of us is our business and our business
alone, then we can begin to hold our own power. Of course, there are many
people who, for their own selfish interests, would do their level best to
tell us what to think and how the world works, but ultimately the reality we
create for ourselves is up to us. Likewise, it serves us well to remember
that what goes on in our internal world need not be dependant on what's
going on outside of us. In other words, there could be all sorts of chaos
and craziness going on around us, but if we're filled with happiness and joy
on the inside, then we're happy and joyful - and everything else can stay on
the back burner.

Of course, that's not what's happening in the lives of most people nowadays.
Most of us are attached firmly to our outer world and continue to make
things worse for ourselves by dwelling on our doubts, dramas, and disasters,
not realizing that we are creating or reinforcing these things when we do
so. If, instead, we would become more vigilant of our thoughts and words and
then begin to place our attention on more positive outcomes, then that is
what we would start to manifest for ourselves.

It seems to me that one of the biggest barriers to really being of service
to others lies in our tendency to "dumb down." You know what dumbing down
is, right? Dumbing down is when we act like we don't know what's going on
because we're afraid of others who appear to be more powerful than we are.
It's when we're timid and don't say anything at times when we actually could
have a positive influence on the situation. That's what I was doing.

I remember one specific time when I was sitting in a coffee shop with a
group of friends, and one guy was saying that there really isn't any such
thing as God, and that this reality here on Earth is the only one there is.
This man was very strong-willed, and I didn't say anything. I dumbed down,
even though I'd had several mystical experiences, and I knew that God

Later on, after I got home, I thought about what we'd talked about, and
something didn't feel right. There were several young people there that day,
and they were starting to believe the fellow who was so powerful. I could
have served them by saying something to balance out his persuasive, but
misguided views. But I didn't. So I intended, right then and there, that I
would never miss an opportunity like that again.

Since then, I've come to understand that it doesn't serve anyone if I allow
others to have their way just because they're more eloquent or more
persistent than I am. I speak my truth, and now people don't run over me
like they used to. My life, on a personal level, works so much better now
that I've stopped dumbing down. Come to think of it, I'll bet our whole
world would be better place if more of us would stop dumbing down and speak out for what we truly believe in.

From The Code ~ Intentions in Action

My Intention for today is:
I intend that I am at peace within myself.
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Hilarion's Weekly Message 2011

January 16 – 23, 2011

Beloved Lightworkers,

Welcome back! In the coming week you will find many of the perplexing questions you’ve had burning in the backs of your minds begin to be answered and all the puzzle pieces will start to fall into place. You will begin to see more clearly what has been behind the events and situations in your lives. Most of you will be happily surprised to find that you were serving a higher purpose and function than the seeming dilemma’s and situations that you have been struggling to balance and bring into equilibrium. True, some of this is personal karma, but a lot of the happenings in your life have been the result of the great Love you hold for all of Humanity and the Earth and your willingness to take on more than your individual load in order to transmute greater amounts of density upon the Earth.

Each of you volunteered on the Higher dimensions to do this in order to ensure greater stability within and upon the Earth. Most of you are now in completion of this and many other agreements that you have made before you chose to incarnate upon this beautiful Planet. You will find yourselves experiencing a feeling of greater freedom and the sense of the lightening of a great load from your shoulders. The feeling of joy and happiness is now taking firm hold within your hearts and emotional bodies and it will be much easier for you to stay in a positive frame of mind with grace and ease, rather than the sense of struggle you experienced before. Know that we are ever with you and speak to you often, guiding and encouraging you upon your Path. You are truly never alone. Your shining Light attracts those of a Higher frequency to you easily and you are all known to us.

Your Love and dedication to anchoring in the Higher Cosmic energies through your physical vehicles, while processing the situations that have been occurring in your lives in the past year have brought about a greater understanding of that powerful force called Love and you are finding that there are many facets and degrees to this force called Love which has enabled you to open more fully your heart chakras. This, at times, can create symptoms that seem to indicate ‘heart problems’ and what is happening is an adjusting and balancing of the higher energies within your heart space. This occurrence is usually of a temporary nature and if you do not have heart conditions in your genetic lineage, then this will gradually lessen in its frequency of occurrence.

Focusing more of your attention upon your heart chakra at this time will help to open up more of the many facets of your human heart attributes and will allow more of the Divine attributes to enter this space and begin to manifest in your outer lives. It is a time to nurture yourselves in any way that feels good and gives you great comfort, for the process of inner transformation is upon you and will undoubtedly have an effect upon your physical bodies. Once again, we remind you to drink large amounts of pure clean water, for this helps move the energies through your system in a more harmonious way. Also, deep rhythmic breathing will help to move the new prana through your physical bodies in a way that will give you more vitality and energy. Breathing in to a count of 7, closing both nostrils to a count of 7 and then breathing out to a count of seven and doing this 7 times in repetition each day will help to balance your four body system.

The most important thing to remember in this current week is to feel and experience more joy in every moment of your lives. Seek out that which brings you joy and indulge yourselves in it. It is there for the asking and is easily created by your intention to have it as an experience in your daily life. If there are any worries or concerns that come to the surface, substitute joyful and happy thoughts instead of dwelling on the worries. Remember that you are training yourselves to become the masters of your four body systems and it can be done. You have all done this before many, many times in your sojourns upon many Planets. The knowledge is within you, all you have to do is do it diligently and it will automatically begin to function within you.

We are as One, Beloved Ones. Listen for our voices, our sounds and tones. We are calling, can you hear us?

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

[link to www.therainbowscribe.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The quickest way to align with realities based on abundance and prosperity is to adopt the identity of the version of yourself who is abundant and prosperous and to begin living your life from the perspective of this new identity. Adopting an identity of abundance and prosperity is a matter of shifting your perspective to see the world through the eyes of "one who is abundant."

A Short Course on Creating Identity Shifts

Here is a short course on creating identity shifts:

To create an identity shift, first set the intention to make the shift. This creates an energetic field that begins to attract energy, information, ideas, people and resources to bring your intention into physical reality. Open to allow your intention to manifest. Manifestation occurs when intention and allowing go hand-in-hand.

In order to fine tune your new identity, you may want to spend some time observing those who hold identities of abundance. Also observe those who hold identities of scarcity. Observe the differences between the two. You may also find it helpful to brainstorm all the images and ideas you associate with abundance and prosperity. In a journal, list the qualities and characteristics you associate with abundance and prosperity. Look for photographs and symbols that represent abundance to you and place these around your home so they are always in front of you. This helps reaffirm and re-energize your intentions daily. If your brainstorming session yields images of things that make you feel abundant, make time for these. Something as simple as making time in your day for a walk in the park can boost your energy and enthusiasm for life which subsequently magnetizes greater abundance.

As you move further into an identity shift, you will receive images of your new self in dreams. You can also ask your spiritual guidance to bring you conscious images and close-ups of any areas of your new identity that remain unclear. Your guidance will also bring your attention to any barriers, unresolved situations, or old beliefs that stand in the way of adopting your new identity. Release any thoughts of who you have been, who you no longer wish to be, and simply step into the identity of who you are now -- who you choose to be. By strongly identifying with the self who is experiencing your chosen probable reality, you make it your present-moment reality. When you bring your complete focus to your new reality, you move toward who you now choose to be, which naturally creates distance from any past realities. This carries you into a fuller experience of realities aligned with your new identity.

Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams
By DL Zeta
[link to www.celestialvision.org]
[link to www.celestialvision.org]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

There are two types of manifestation. One is to create from an idea, and the other is to form the idea. We have been locked inside of a world of beliefs that make us think that only the ideas that we can see here in this finite spectrum are the ideas that we can create from.

That means all of the world's beliefs, including what is in the textbooks and the religious doctrines, and EVERYTHING ELSE that is in this world of beliefs. That might seem like enough ideas for most of those who believe that they are a mortal.

For those of us who believe that me are immortal - we would prefer to go to the place before the WORLD BEGAN. We would like to go back into the Mind of God to form the ideas that we want our Reality to be formed from.

Those who want to keep the world and manifest things that are already in the world in a little different creativity than the last idea are NOT thinking outside of the box. They are clearly INSIDE OF THE BOX. They are creating from the Mortal Mind in the Yellow Upper Cerebellum, which has conveniently stored all of the world's beliefs inside of one sided DNA strands.

When we Truly begin to think outside of the box, we will form an absolutely new idea through the MIND OF GOD. How do we know that God is forming the idea? First, we must take the idea that we want to form clear up to Zero Point where Primary Consciousness is viewing ITSELF. Everything that Source creates is in Primary Consciousness of Source or God's Mind. That Primary Consciousness forms an idea by creating a spark and then breathing on the Spark of Source to form a brand new Idea. In order for Primary Consciousness to experience the Idea that is formed, this GRAND ENTITY created Secondary Consciousness.

So, in order to create an idea there must always be two sides to the idea. There is the point of creation at Zero point and the point where the ideas are being viewed from. That point can be at any distance from Zero point. However, the idea must flow completely down from the highest frequency of zero point energy into the form of cosmic energy, universal energy and galactic energy before the idea can take form into a web-like blue body. Therefore, that idea within the blue body is the exact same perfectly formed idea that was created in Zero Point Mind of God, but it is now in ultra violet blue frequency.

Those of us who are not completely inside of the ultra violet blue frequency can't see that idea yet. However if the idea comes on down to the infrared frequency we can see the parallel reality or the back side of that idea. We aren't seeing the entire idea, we are only seeing the back side of the idea.

We can take this idea that is created from the highest frequency of the Mind of God into its blue body form in the Mid Brain. We can stand inside of this idea as we stand inside of the Mid Brain. We can see the idea forming around us as we stand inside of the Mid Brain. If we view out from the mid brain to the frontal lobe through the pituitary gland we can see the back side of that idea being printed on the film of that movie screen of our third eye or frontal lobe.

Once that idea has been created by the Mind of God, formed into the blue body in the mid brain and projected onto the frontal lobe, our eyes may then become the eyes of God. We can open our eyes and see the new idea that God has formed. Now we are beginning to see the entire reality - the front and the back- the spiritual coming down and the physical coming up are joined into ONE NEW PICTURE.

This reality that we see around us now is only a half reality. We are only seeing the front side. In the new reality we will learn to see the front and the back sides at the same time. We will gain a 360 view of everything. This is a BRAND NEW REALITY.

The Mind of God or Primary Consciousness sits at the back of our brain in the lower cerebellum area. Of course this existence is in the Omni particle form - an etheric level that is light years beyond what is seen as the brain itself. However, in the Divine Template of Etheric Form, the Mind of God sits in the lower cerebellum.

Those MORTAL IDEAS that are created from Old Ideas that are already sitting in the Upper Cerebellum, are just over used, out dated ideas that we have been re-processing over and over again into different forms of old ideas. That Upper Cerebellum contains all of the BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE of all of the OLD NEWS.

The Mortal Mind is like an archive of old historical ideas that are held by the government of the eternally mediocre creations. This is the exact same way our newspapers are written, our news channels are programmed. The information isn't allowed to be given to the public until the MORTAL MIND locks it into the three seals of control.

So, what happens when we begin creating with and through the MIND OF GOD? The Mortal Mind FIGHTS BACK. IT fights long and it fights hard. That Upper Cerebellum does not want to give up being the editor and chief of your daily newspaper. It wants you to keep turning on the T.V., reading the newspapers, going to church, reading those outdated textbooks that the schools give you.

The Mortal Mind will even begin creating horror stories in your mind that make you want to run as far away from God's Mind as you can get. This is what is happening to those of you who are having multiple fears arising in your consciousness that weren't there before. It is the last war of Armageddon. That war is between staying in the Upper Cerebellum or moving to the Lower Cerebellum where the Zero Point of Primary Consciousness enters in to form a brand new reality of your heart's desires.

How do we get Mortal Mind to back off and allow IMMORTAL MIND to come forth? This is the process of RAISING FREQUENCIES. There is a process of raising frequencies so that the zero point frequencies of Primary Consciousness absorb and transmute all of the lower frequencies into Oneness. The Mortal Mind must become transmuted into higher frequencies of Zero Point.

When we create frequency wave files, Crystalai oscillates her consciousness into the Full Spectrum of Light at Zero Point. That Frequency of Consciousness is obtained by riding my crystal star merkaba vehicle, which is a hierophant or symbol of the beyond speed of light travel - the speed of Love travel - where all becomes One with Source. Using the Crystal Star Merkaba allows Crystalai to connect her Consciousness into the Christic 12th dimensional frequency, and bring that frequency into the Brain, into the Heart and Soul, and into the Tail Bone to open the three seals. This activation begins the process of beginning the Crystal Flow of all dimensional frequencies. Crystalai uses the Crystal Star Merkaba to ride down into the Cosmic Core of Mother Earth and absorb the frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness. Next, the Merkaba brings those frequencies together with the Christic Frequencies and the Merkaba spins into the Crystal Heart to ignite the Spark of Source deep within the most etheric point of each cell of the body.

This zero point of the spark of Source inside of each cell is the point where Source Frequency can ignite the flame deep within each cell that connects the mortal DNA to the immortal DNA. This is what begins the process of transforming the DNA into 12 DNA strands. Each of the 3 mortal DNA strands connect with 4 immortal DNA strands. Those DNA strands are etheric and invisible. The three low frequency bands transmute into 12 bands of cosmic consciousness. This represents the connection back to the original 12 ideas of Source or the 12 Angelic Tribes of Consciousness. There is no doctor on Earth who can photograph or prove how many spiritual DNA strands a child has. When God's Mind transforms the upper cerebellum, that old reality just won't be there any longer.

This is the beginning of how our Frequency Music is created. It is all created from the Mind of God at the Zero Point Frequency. It is taken from the highest and used to transmute and transform the frequencies of each cell in the body to connect with the full spectrum of light and sound from deep within the zero point.

The raised frequencies are personally transforming every cell from the inside to the outside. The doctors will keep diagnosing your mortal body from the mortal mind through his mortal microscope. The doctor knows nothing of your immortal self. Your immortal self will put the doctors out of business. The doctor does not have any understanding of how the body is transforming from the zero point of the Mind of God.

If you keep returning to your doctor for the diagnosis of repeating illness and disease, you will be receiving that old re-processed information that never goes outside of the box. The doctor is just reprocessing old information that is stuck in the upper cerebellum. There is only one way to move out of the third dimensional upper cerebellum that is locked in the third seal. It is time to move completely out of that part of the brain and move into the God Mind at the lower cerebellum which views reality through the mid brain and process it through the frontal lobe.

If you have a labeled form of a disease that is re-occurring over and over in different parts of the body it is because that is what the mortal mind does. Once the mortal mind sees that you have taken its recycled idea out of one form it just recreates it in another form. The mortal mind will just keep the war going within your cells.

However, if you move out of the mortal mind and start creating with the Mind of God, none of those old IDEAS OF DISEASES exist in the Mind of God. The Mind of God is a Frequency that is High enough to melt away all of those old ideas in the Upper Cerebellum.

Bring in the highest frequencies and breathe and breathe and breathe with the Source Frequency through the Power of God Energy.

The Cosmic Frequencies sound like a combination of breathing and breaths. This is how we raise our frequencies. If you take these breaths that have already done the processing of raising the frequency of every cell and every chakra and every cell in your body, and then do your own breathing, you can easily transform your cells in your body to the etheric form that allow you to levitate or become invisible.

If you want to use the frequencies specifically for healing any part of the body, you should focus on feeling and absorbing those frequencies into the cells that seem to be tired or damaged. See each cell at its most etheric point. That is the spark of Source at the crystal heart of the atom. That is the Omni particle that Source Forms into the Idea of HIS IMMORTAL CREATIONS. We must begin to create from the mind of God from the Highest Frequency. That frequency is in the very heart of each cell in your body. The Individual Immortality Frequencies are those frequencies from inside that point within you. They are the frequencies that begin the transformation of your body from the white light, the Omni particle, the immortal DNA strand.

The Frequency Wave Files align the 3 mortal DNA strands into the immortal strands at four levels. This is done at the infra red level, the ultra violet blue level, the gamma level and the Cosmic level. This aligns the DNA into the 48 strands of Immortality. Finally all of these are woven into the Zero Point Level of the Mind of God to create 96 DNA strands at the etheric level of creation. This is the level of transmutation that is needed to achieve invisibility. Only 48 strands are needed to levitate. Only 12 strands need to become activated to heal your body. This level would simply be reconnecting your physical self into your spiritual self.

We provide continuous discussions, blogs and training through our blog sites. For those of you who would like to actually experience the FREQUENCIES OF TRANSFORMATION, you can bring your Earphones to our website and listen to Frequencies as often as you like.

Please help us help others get out of their Mortal Mind and Raise Frequencies into Zero Point where we can begin creating with the Mind of God.

Crystalai (c) 2011 cosmicdolphinmagic.com

[link to lunarvisions.ning.com]
[link to evolutionascension.ning.com]
[link to www.cosmicdolphinmagic.com]


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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Greetings from the Universe.

Today we would like to talk about the importance of soul healing and transformation into higher dimensions.

The physical body is just an image – a presentation. The soul is the essence of being. Many humans fret over the physical self, but care less about the soul’s well being. When you become ill, again you obsess with the physical body, but many times the healing needs to come from the soul level. The body needs to heal from within. The same as beauty shines from within, the healing also needs to come from within. When the healer shines her light to the client, it comes from her soul. She is one with the Universe, and she needs to reach into the client’s soul and provide healing on this level as well.

We can not point out enough how important it is to heal the soul before you are ready to ascend into the higher dimension. It is important to work on soul healing while still enjoying Earthly life. While you are working on soul healing, you are healing your past, changing your energy, and slowly transforming. We can not stress enough importance of changing your energy while you are still in your soul vehicle (body).

To show you the difference where you are and where you can be, let us compare your body to the current vehicle you use for transportation. They are widely available to use, but the fuel and other chemicals used for its function greatly pollute the Earth and cause damage to the physical body. Now imagine a car running on solar power, which has no harmful side effects. You would have a clean car, clean air, clean water, and clean body. The same is with your soul. Your soul strives in Earthly emotions. Some emotions help it grow and progress and some just congest growth and cause blockage.

To progress to the higher dimension while still in your body vehicle, your body needs to become cleaner, more transparent on the soul level…it needs to learn how to run on solar power. Then you will be able to ascend, achieve communication with other beings, telepathy will become more natural…We have sent starpeople to Earth and also activated many earthlings to help others. We are here to assist you in your transformation and cheer you up on this exciting journey.

Transformation occurs when the physical body is attuned to the higher level of energy. Higher level of energy is the energy coming from the Universe, or as you can call it Cosmic or Spiritual energy. The process of transformation takes time. The attunement may be passed by your guides while practicing meditations, or by experienced light workers, or simply by opening yourself to the higher dimensions.

Transformation does not happen right away. It is a process of changing body energy and activating DNA. It is a process of changing your whole being. We do not want to scare you and would like to assure you that this is a safe process of soul growth. Your essence will stay the same – you will just reopen a part of your self that you do not even know exists inside of you. You may have a memory of this part of you and that memory manifests in your life as a strong interest in particular activities you like. For example when you read about Pleiadians you may feel so intrigued by them and feel very comfortable around humans who have Plieadian vibrations. It is because you have been there, and you know these vibrations – they feel familiar and very comforting, and that is because you know them from your past.

Many humans see this transformation from 3rd dimension to 4th and 5th dimensions as exploring and embracing a part of themselves that was closed off or forgotten.

Humans see this transformation as a change from bad to good, or as all the problems will be solved in a minute. However we would like to say that you can not just forget who you were and just look at who you are becoming. It is important to remember who you were in order to release all the emotional baggage you are carrying with you, (process of soul healing), to progress to higher dimensions.

When you become one with the Universe you have to vibrate higher frequency vibrations. Your own energy needs to be in harmony. Your past is a part of your own unique energy system. You have to be in peace with your past and embrace all that has happened to you. You have to understand it and release all the negative emotions and charges that are connected to the events of unpleasant memories. This is why so many humans are taught how to access the past lives and help to release all the emotional baggage from your past lives that might affect the quality of your current life. With knowledge of your past, the healer is able to heal scars and bruises on one’s soul and enrich the quality of your current life.

When you pass over you learn about your past lives and you do understand them, however the Earth energy is too dense to keep this knowledge inside of your human body after you reincarnate. Only some is remembered on the subconscious plane, and if it is a traumatic memory it may manifest as physical discomfort in your body. It is not to intentionally harm you. It is for a reason that you would go and probe and rediscover why this is happening….You are here to learn, not to suffer as many of you think. This should be a learning journey that can be filled with fun and joy. It is up to you humans how you choose to spend your time. We are here to assist you in healing and teaching. We are here to assist you in your transformation into the higher dimensions, but we can not do the hard work for you – we can only guide you. We are constantly giving you the tools to help you ascend. Please look around and do not be afraid to try new things if you feel drawn to them. Our teachings are safe, gentle, noninvasive. We are not here in the Universe abducting humans – we extend our energies to you and connect with your mind on a telepathic level and pass along our lessons. Those with higher vibrations – called channelers receive our messages and transcribe them to you. It is up to you if you choose to embrace what we are trying to say and give. It is all free will.

We bid you a star filled night.

The Lights of the Universe

Channeled by Rev. Eva Bernatkova May 1, 2010
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01/19/2011 01:30 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Message From Archangel Michael, January 2011

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

“Anchor The Diamond God Light”

Dear Ones,

Remembrance, remembering. It is the process which each of you is going through right now. It is an intense cleansing, a purging of all that no longer serves your highest good. You must stay steady in the light, with diligence, with great strength and courage, with perseverance. We are with you in every now moment and we remind you of this. It is a time of remembering your heritage, remembering who you are at the deepest levels of your being. It is a time of remembering every aspect and facet of who you are, your individual heritage, this blessed inner wisdom, the God Self which you each are and display in great joy, through your thoughts your actions, your words, your feelings.

We ask you to dig deep beloved ones, dig deep to the very core of your being, your God Self. The unconditional love, the great wisdom of the Cosmos awaits you in this now moment. Each now moment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your Godliness, to be the personality of God. You have the opportunity to embody God in every now moment. Choose wisely dear ones. This lifetime is but a breath of eternity. It is a now moment which fleets by on the wings of light. Waste not one God moment of eternity. It is more precious than you know, each moment providing you with the opportunity to return to your Glorious divine heritage, your birthright, to be and demonstrate God.

Within each of you is the radiant core cell of diamond light, blazing forth in every now moment. This radiant core of diamond light has been activated and it is up to each of you to make use of the diamond light radiating and flowing and expanding upon your earth in every now moment. This light is rarified and of the highest vibration we may give you access to at this time. It is the clear diamond light of God, at the highest levels, yet stepped down so that you may access it, integrate it wisely and fill your diamond core God cell to overflowing, with this light. The miracles abound, as your earth moves into her crystalline form, and as you dear ones move into your crystalline form. The diamond light provides you access to greater manifestation. The radiation of the light in your fields allows you greater access to your divine heritage of abundance, unconditional love, joy, peace and harmony, with absolute ease and grace.

The diamond light has been anchored on earth through the many brave souls who are incarnating at this time, and it is now being given as a gift, to those of you who are ready to anchor it in greater increments. This is a great gift and holds great responsibility for those of you who are ready. Misuse of the diamond light causes imbalances in your auric field, and imbalances in your thought processes. This gift will only be given to those who are ready to step into mastery. This light will not be given to those who will misuse it. You must each choose to make use of the diamond light with ease and grace. Sit down in meditation and call in the diamond light. Feel it, absorb it into your field. Feel it light up you who are now polishing the diamond that is you, to a bright and brilliant shine. The diamond light is a great polisher, yet misuse, will dim your diamond to lack luster proportions. Feel the flow of the diamond light, and begin to radiate this light to and through your field, filling yourselves with its brilliance.

You each have a crown of light which has been dimmed over the eons, and it is now time for you to wear your crown of light with strength and courage and to stand in the truth and integrity, the impeccability that is you. Your crown of light blazes forth with the Twelve Rays of God, in perfect balance and harmony, perfect brilliance, and the diamond light complements the Rays and fulfills the radiance of you. See your crown of light blazing forth with ease and grace, in balance and harmony. Wear your crown of light with great responsibility and great wisdom, yet wear it lightly, in love and joy. Each morning, place your crown of light upon your head and fill yourselves with the diamond light, as you bring in your Divine I Am Presence, to think through you, feel through you, speak through you, act through you, and see through you, in every now moment. Make this a part of your morning ritual which we have recently given to you, dear ones. Stand in your light with all your glory and radiance shining forth, and as you do so, your auric field touches those around you and they too, will awaken and move forward on their path into the Divine light.

Rest in God, beloved ones, relax in the now moment and know that you are loved, supported and divinely guided. See yourselves being held in the palm of God in perfect grace, in every now moment, and all is well. Feel the shower of God light, feel the support and the unconditional love of God, as you rest in the palm of the Father/Mother God.

We of the higher realms are here beside you, in unconditional love and support as you rest in the palm of God.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Archangel Michael through Rev. Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to: www.transformingradiance.com.

Visit Michelle’s website at: www.transformingradiance.com

Email: michelle@transformingradiance.com

All my Love and Blessings,

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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Metatron’s 1-17-11 Message – Jupiter in Aries & The Father Archetype

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Metatron.

I come to embrace you in divine light and the knowledge of the truth of that which is flowing at this time of the ascension, at this time of the expansion of light into the many frameworks of allowing, weaving for that which is becoming most emblazoned with the new letters of that which are the ancient sounds of the logos of life, emblazoning across this wonderful, ascending plane that which is a divine source of inherited new beginnings.

In these inherited new beginnings will come the inheritance of that which has been your divine essence, lost, to some extent, through the Fall of Consciousness, allowing now for a time for it to be resurrected in a new formation, a new alignment, a new union with your own divine self, your twin self, and the union with your own higher aspects of being.

And so it is I come to lay out a framework, so to speak, for the next few weeks and months in the timelines that we see formulating, accelerating, and divinating within your reality.

Know that, as you approach the date of the 22nd of January, a few days away within your timeline, it is an opportune time to note that the archetype of Aries is being highlighted, in the sense of the planet of Jupiter is transitioning into this zodiacal archetype on that date, followed in a few weeks by the return, for an extended period of time, of Uranus into Aries as well. And then, of course, this leads up to the acceleration of light with the Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries, as well.

Aries the Ram, a constellation that has certain stereotypes in your current-day astrology, yet has an ancient heritage of learning to claim the inner divine being that is being reawakened, not unlike the process of your own claiming the aspects of self that have been dormant, so to speak, since the Fall of Consciousness.

It is this heralding of this time, in 2011, that moves to a new foundational inheritance as you inherit that which has been, with the winds of change that are coming, into a new alignment with the new filaments of light that bring in aspects of that which has never been in this reality, in this manifestation of that which is the creation of the sourcing of light.

And so it is that the formulations of Aries come originally from the concept of the Ram, and the Ram I would like to draw your attention to the myth of the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece came from the Ram, and Jason went indeed to claim this Fleece, so to speak.

Yet, what is that story, what is that archetype telling you? There is a desire for Jason to claim the self, as any hero would, yet the person who sent him on this journey, for reclaiming this Golden Fleece, was none other than a step-father who had usurped the role of his kingly right, the right to be his own sovereign, so to speak.

And so it is that, for humanity as a whole, the role of the Father, that which is your own individual father, the hierarchy of that which has kept you conformed to rules, whether it is the rules with which you live in your everyday life, your government, the formations of those you work for, the male stereotypes that tell you what to do, how to do, where to do it. These are the stereotypes of the Father.

And so it is that just as Jason stepped forward to claim this Fleece, it was to claim the role of the kingship for himself that had been usurped, so to speak, by the father that claimed to be the one who should be the one displaying the wealth and the glory, the right to be the light of the divine aspects of telling others what to do.

And as Jason went forward on this journey and reclaimed the Golden Fleece, it was a journey fraught with many perils, but on each step of the way he was assisted and guided with specific forms of ways to get around the obstacles that came forward.

And so it is in reclaiming this Golden Fleece he allowed for himself to come back and claim the throne.

This is part of the story of Aries, of claiming the Father archetype for the self, of becoming your own spiritual father, of becoming your own innovator, your own designer of your reality, taking the inheritance of that which you are reclaiming, from that which has been since before the Fall of Consciousness, the Atlantean selves, the Lemurian selves, and then moving towards a new definition of connection and merging with Source.

This is your individual journey; this is a collective journey for humanity. None will be left behind. This is part of the ascension. It is a done deal, indeed. And so it is.

This is why Aries is being highlighted at this point of rebirthing and of a realignment into the new spiritual father for you, yourself.

The formulations of this reawakening and reignition means that over this time frame that I have laid out: January for Jupiter going into Aries, March 11th for Uranus going into Aries, and then the Spring Equinox, lays out a timeline for you to very consciously continue to claim aspects of that which was holding you back and let it go, allowing your own sense of deep certainty to take its place.

For the process of the new lightwaves that are coming in, are bringing in your Galactic and Cosmic inheritances, beyond what was offered to you when you first came to this planet, before the Fall of Consciousness.

It is these aspects that are beginning to connect with you, and what the 22nd of January heralds is a new redesigning and a new rewiring, so to speak, of your genetic bodies.

You, each and every one of you listening to this, and all of humanity, for there is no choice anymore. It is a done deal, as I have said.

This rewiring, specifically, that starts on the 22nd of January, allows for a new set of connections to be made across your chakras that allows for a sense of unified communication to start taking place in a way that has not been allowed for since the fall of Atlantis, the Fall of Consciousness, where much was fractured, and allowed to be separated across your bodies, and across your chakras.

And so it is that the concept of these chakras working in unison is going to accelerate, not just for the few who are consciously doing the work, so to speak, but also for those who are simply living on this planet.

And so, being conscious of the spinning of your chakras into where they wish to go, noticing and letting them spin consciously, on a daily basis, is important; and, also, noticing what are the new connections being formed between your chakras.

How does your heart chakra speak to your 2nd chakra? How does your root chakra speak to your throat chakra? Ask these questions.

And as you ask these questions, you will find that there is a connection being highlighted for you, a visual, a diagram, so to speak, in your mind’s eye. And as you simply visualize this, it allows for a new connection, reconnection, and Galactic and Cosmic inheritance to be reactivated.

For not only are the lightwaves coming in to feed you, they are mostly shining a light on that which is already encoded within your cells, within your DNA, so to speak.

For you have come in with this. You have a body that is very well aware of the vast infinity of knowledge and of light, simply waiting to be reawakened, reignited at this time of the Aries new rebirthing of light at this time in 2011.

And so it is that as I speak now, the energies of the Christ Consciousness start connecting with your heart space.

And as these energies connect with your heart space, they allow you to recognize in the knowledge of the divinity that you are that this rewiring is taking place.

And as it does, we start spinning your heart chakra into a new frequency of alignment, allowing for the unity of your own system, your own chakra system to start working in the new lightwaves that will start coming on the 22nd of January.

And as your heart chakra starts spinning now, it will move into a formation of tuning other aspects of the rewiring that is going on, that will allow you to claim the many languages that will be available to you; the languages of communication with others, others in humanity, others in the animal and plant kingdom, that have not been available to communicate with you directly.

And your heart-centered love space will allow you to move forward in this.

Please take a deep breath and exhale, as these energies integrate into your heart space.

And so it is that from your heart space now these Christ Consciousness energies move, in accordance with your divine blueprint, that is embedded within your contract in coming onto this Earth plane, into new pathways across your Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies, and also within your Physical bodies, allowing for new chakra connections, and for new possibilities to be woven in, allowing you to step into the new lightwaves of the Aries rebirthing to come forward in a way that will allow you to let go of the old patterns, the old Father energies, the old forms of telling you what to do, when to do, how to do it, in most easy ways.

For the mission that Jason was on, so to speak, was to become his own Spiritual father, as I have said. For, indeed, as you grow you realize there is no one but you who can tell you what to do.

You are indeed allied and most attuned to Source, for you are indeed a Creator, are you not? For you came to this game to create. Well create consciously, dearest ones. This is the gift that is coming.

As you then move into the timelines post the Spring Equinox, towards the time of the eclipses in June, towards the time of, specifically, the first Gemini eclipse, the Solar Eclipse, on June the 1st, so it is that this eclipse, at the degree of 11:11 of Gemini, no accident, allows for a deep potential for humanity to move into rapid mass awakenings. This is the potential that we see at this point.

And at that point is when you, lightworkers who are doing the conscious work, will notice that it is a time, within the archetype of Gemini, for the formations of the twins, that which has been separated, the shadow and the light, to form a potential union, working on these bridges we are creating right now, across your chakric system, to envelop you into the potentials of a new union with your own self, loving all into a new higher frequency, allowing the Castor and Pollux of the constellations of Gemini to become, from the twins they have been, separated, at a time of duality, into a new form of unity, into a new form of creation, recreation, in these lights of change.

Please take a deep breath and exhale as these energies now integrate across your space.

This is our gift for you today to allow you to claim your right to be the divine aspects of Source you came here to be.

You are your own fathers. Claim this.

And in this will come the knowledge that the Father itself was a limiting stereotype, for it excluded the divine feminine, which itself is being re-enlightened within all of humanity, and within Gaia.

And so it is that to add to this aspect of that which we are bringing, Gaia now connects to you through your feet chakras, up to your heart space, bringing in energies of the new divine feminine, allowing you to recombine into these new potentials of combining not only that which has been the twin aspects of light and shadow, but that which has been the separation, the masculine and feminine, allowing for new balancing to move into your space, as you so choose to claim this, as the year proceeds.

Beyond this I will say: the sky is the limit is it not?

The inheritances that are becoming reawakened allow you to claim the right to not only be wealthy, not only be vast and grand and glorious, but to be your own king, and your own queen, your own balanced sense of royalty, allowing the robes that will flow to become the wonderful accoutrements of that which are your divine aspects of your own expressions, the logos I have spoken of; the words, the sounds of Source.

These are what will become re-enlivened, re-enlightened, and re-sounded within your frames.

Let this be a clarion call for the new light that is coming.

And rejoice, dearest ones. It is indeed a wonderful year, 2011.

Many blessings. I am Metatron.

With love, light, joy and peace,

© 2011 Shariq [link to www.goldsunhealing.com]
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01/19/2011 01:48 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Bren-Ton of Andromeda, through Mark Kimmel, Jan. 17, 2011

Welcome to Athabantian, a starship from Andromeda. The galaxy Andromeda, with over a trillion star systems, many of which contain planets nurturing various forms of sentient life, is the galaxy nearest your Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy is of approximately the same age as your own, and embraces beings in many stages of evolvement.

Aboard Athabantian are quasi-physical beings whose planets have recently transitioned from the influence of the dark energy, plus beings who have progressed along the path of evolvement to where they no longer occupy any type of physical bodies, and celestials from around the universe. All aboard Athabantian are at One with the God of this universe and the many other beings who are focused on the transformation of Earth and her humans.

Athabantian is a gigantic vessel, many miles in diameter. She was materialized by the collective energies of over a million Andromedans working in harmony with all. Athabantian is a living being who communicates with everyone and everything on-board. Athabantian has a soul. She also has free will and volunteered for her current undertaking.

Athabantian is currently positioned in geosynchronous orbit about your planet, but one quite different from that occupied by your communications satellites. When we lower our cloaking shield, you may glimpse us as a very bright object in the night sky — more about that another time.

We wish to thank Mark Kimmel for his dedication these past months to receiving and publishing our messages, and for agreeing to post these new messages. Words such as Athabantian have been provided to Mark, as have our names; all are a close approximation to the way in which we might pronounce them for your ears were we to communicate face-to-face with you. Events are moving very fast, so we have changed our format of communicating with you.

One purpose of the messages at this site is to keep you appraised of events as we see them unfolding from our vantage point high above you, and from intelligence gleaned by our space brothers and sisters who walk among you. We will have more to say about these and other important disclosures in future messages.

When I say we, I refer to the more than 7,900 Andromedans aboard this starship, and am not including the numerous celestials and other beings aboard. This number fluctuates with the comings and goings of people from our galaxy as well as celestials and the other beings. Our starship, along with some of us who are aboard, has been in your star system for over 70 years. Our major function had been to beam light and love energies to Earth, and to you, Earth’s humans.

Along with other starships we have driven the last remnants of the dark energy from your planet and raised the intrinsic energy of Earth from a darkness borne of fear to an acceptable level of light. We are now focusing our energies more specifically on you, Earth’s human inhabitants, as you undergo your personal transformations. This is a cooperative endeavor along with the many starships from around this universe. The energies of our starships are combined with those of the celestials and with energies, both physical and spiritual, directed to your star system from other sources.

When we came to this star system many years ago, it immediately became apparent that we would not be able of our own accord to provide all the energies that Earth required for her resuscitation. Our brothers and sisters from other star systems who had arrived at about the same time awakened to this same realization. Therefore we called on the God of this universe for assistance.

Enormous energies of light and love were provided; we in turn became receivers, broadcasters, and living examples of living in the light, and directed the energies toward Earth. Thus Athabantian, along with other star ships, became anchors for the light and love. Our active participation as anchors ensured that the energies would be most effectively received and utilized. Without our participation, Earth would not have recovered to where she is now — transitioning to a sphere of light and love. It was because we unconditionally love you, as sisters and brothers, and because we volunteered to become anchors, that we have been here carrying out this mission.

We, your brothers and sisters from around the galaxy, are now, in turn, seeking anchors among you, anchors who will perform a similar task for your brothers and sisters on the surface of your planet. We will reach more and with greater intensity if we have a ground crew to receive and redistribute the energies we are transmitting. By performing this love-based task, you will also help to further transform your own physical bodies into ascended beings of light.

This is a request that we have held out ever since we came to your star system, but as yet, only a few Earth humans have grasped it. So we repeat our request. Tell us if you are willing to work with us to anchor the energies of light and love. In a quiet moment respond to us by saying, “I am willing to work with you in love and Oneness to help transform my brothers and sisters of this planet.” Each response, whether directed toward those aboard Athabantian, or any of the over one thousand starships, will be graciously accepted. Please, for the sake of your brothers and sisters who inhabit Earth, let us know of your willingness to partner with us to assist this grand transformation of humanity.

Be aware that it is necessary to have a high level of heart consciousness in order to receive and transmit these energies of love and light. There are a number of ways you may prepare yourself for this. We would encourage you to achieve this state as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. We will have more to say to those of you who volunteer to become receivers, broadcasters, and living examples of the light.

When I say “we” I refer to the Andromedan collective that functions as one aboard this vessel, and is in close cooperation with the over one thousand other starships in this star system. When I say we I refer to those of us who are the spokespersons for the Andromedan collective. When I say spokespersons I refer to myself, Bren-Ton, and to Moraine, Justine and Ro-Tan, all from Andromeda — who have communicated with you in the past. I also refer to Adrial, a celestial of this universe, and others who have previously communicated with you. In the future we will be even more involved with the transformation from your current density to the lighter densities.

As you experience your transformation to inhabitants of a planet of light and love, please remember that we hold you, each of you, in unconditional love — for we recognize that you volunteered to come to Earth to experience this lower density, and to be a vital participant in this the unique transformation of humanity. You are indeed precious in our eyes and in the eyes of the entire universe.

Until we communicate next time, I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda.

[link to cosmicparadigm.com]

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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Thread: Disclosure Imminent, Stand and Claim Our Divine Heritage

[link to www.fourwinds10.com]

This is why the Chinese have been in town. This is why Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America, will leave office before the natural end of his presidential term. This is why the US Federal Reserve Board and the US Department of Homeland Security will soon be abolished. This is why America is returning to Constitutional Law.

Massive geopolitical tectonic plate movements are about to break surface. The Western mainstream media will be unable to suppress the news. Tunisia was a model for the Washington DC private corporation to ponder. The Whore of Tunis fled to Saudi Arabia. Very soon there will be no Al-Saud Arabia available for the sheltering of parasites. And the Wahhabi fiction will dissolve.

What is incubating now is massively benevolent for global polity, but still covert. It relates to NESARA, the opening of Pandora's Suitcase, the discovery of a Roman Catholic Conspiracy at the heart of the US legal system, and a Silvio Berlusconi-linked $1 trillion lawsuit against Daniele Dal Bosco, the P2 masonic lodge in Italy, the Davos World Economic Forum, and the United Nations.

At the level of esoteric spirituality, or future science, the World Global Settlement Funds have some powerful proponents moving due process forwards. And there are some bizarre, low-grade opponents. Advanced, benevolent extraterrestrials are involved in energising, protecting and supplying intelligence to the humans among us charged with the task of manifesting economic delivery of the funds. And one ascended spiritual master (Violinio Germain) has a physical office in the White House in Washington.

On the negative side, a lot of the (apparent) human beings visibly active in American politics, banking and military management are not ensouled human beings at all. They are very intelligent meat-robots, sometimes referred to as human clones. These holographic, mind-controlled doppelgangers are doing everything they can to game the Western economic system and frustrate the lawful delivery of the international prosperity funds.

[link to alcuinbramerton.blogspot.com]

[link to alcuinbramerton.blogspot.com]
In Service To And As Our Highest Light, Love And Law,
Thank You God,
Much Love And Blessings To All That Is,
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01/22/2011 12:56 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Okey here's the deal. I'm denied access to this forum. Don't know why. But I won't be able to post here with my current internet connection. So I guess this is it. Farewell and godspeed to you all. It's been nice while it lasted. I just want to show my love and respect to you all who have been reading this thread, and to all lightworkers and spiritualists and ascending people here. Let's make the best out of this journey, although it's been rough for some of us. Yours, thebbo
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01/22/2011 01:29 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Okey here's the deal. I'm denied access to this forum. Don't know why. But I won't be able to post here with my current internet connection. So I guess this is it. Farewell and godspeed to you all. It's been nice while it lasted. I just want to show my love and respect to you all who have been reading this thread, and to all lightworkers and spiritualists and ascending people here. Let's make the best out of this journey, although it's been rough for some of us. Yours, thebbo
 Quoting: thebbo 1239483

GLP has lost a great champion today.

Words cannot express how much your efforts have helped so many people BBO.

God Bless you, we'll see each other around I'm sure.

Namaste. hf