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Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

Anonymous Coward
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01/04/2011 07:52 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Hilarion on Why must I learn to work with all energies?

Firstly, this is a question that would only be asked by the human part of yourself. The inner light, the higher self, the I Am presence, the Greater Self would never imagine this question.


Because those parts are already one with everything, with all energies. Those parts have not limited themselves to limited concepts of only partially explored realities, performed by the part of the being that is limited (in process) and by definition only seeing/understanding in part.

This is the challenge as humans, to understand that honoring our complete self does not mean we must worship the knowledge, understanding and experience of that part of the mind which is still learning, still exploring, still expanding, and still changing its vibrational realities, on and on, deeper and deeper.

Honor thyself does not mean worship thyself.

Does not mean worship your current understanding of yourself.

Why use self to limit self?

Are we not so much more?

The energies of yourself, which are available to come in at this time, can be somewhat chased away by the conscious humans insistence that the mindset and experiential reality of these new energies have to fit with current belief systems and what energies you are currently comfortable with. The higher light bodies are so much vaster and cover much greater ranges of frequencies/ realities/ feelings.

I encourage you to be open to parts of you which may have points of view that don’t agree with how you currently look at your world.

I also want you to understand that part of being open is to honor the sense of the difference and I want you to know that being open even to that degree will allow the energies to integrate and find a balance point within you.


January 4, 2011

[link to www.cosmicreconnection.com]
Anonymous Coward
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01/04/2011 07:53 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Saturday, 1 January, 2011 (posted 4 January, 2011)

What energies and experiences can we expect in January 2011?

There is so much light available on Planet Earth this month. There is a sense of things moving forward, and things being out in the open and available for you to work with. This is a month when you do not need to get lost in the mystery of things or feel overwhelmed. The image that they are giving to describe what this month can be like is surfing on the waves of the ocean. You are the surfer and this energy is swelling up and lifting you up.

Just like with the sport of surfing, occasionally you might get swamped. You might get knocked over and tossed about, but this month it is more possible for more of you to achieve a balance where you can be on top of things. This month it is more possible to see the big picture and get things done -- and where you can feel like your life is moving in the direction you want. Even when things do not go your way, you have a greater ability to steer yourself this month than usual.

Do not tolerate anything that disempowers you this month; do not accept things that overwhelm you. Find a way to get on top of them or get out of the way. Move on, do something different. This is not a time for wallowing; it is not a time for feeling paralyzed. If something is not working for you and you cannot find a way to get on top of it, walk away from it and try a new solution. Do something different.

This month is about light and visibility. There is a sense that there is not much room for secrets or deception this month. This means you are likely to see big secrets being revealed this month. You might find that things in the news will appear, revealing secrets that have been long held by different groups, organizations or institutions. Be prepared for scandal and do not buy into the drama and fear in the stories of those scandals. Instead, allow yourself to feel a sense of relief that the truth is finally coming to light -- finally you can all look at it and move on. Do not get mired in drama. Do not bother with people who want to stir the pot or make trouble. Do not bother with deception. Step out into the light, take things as they are, and find a way to work with it and move on.

What more can we do to work with the energy of this month?

An important mantra you can use when things are difficult this month is to brush yourself off and try again. When you fall down, when you make a mistake, when you are not sure what to do -- find a way to stand up, recover, get a new balance and start again.

Try again is a great mantra for this month because just like surfing, you will fall over sometimes. There will always be another wave. There is so much energy available this month that you do not need to worry about you have missed your chance or run out of choices. There will always be a new way to accomplish what you really want. This month that new path, new resource, or new approach will arrive pretty quickly if you just stand up, shake yourself off and find a new balance. Try again.

That might be the most important thing you can do this month in addition to avoiding the drama and fear that might come up from others. Do not stick around for gossip or conspiracy theories. Instead, step toward the light, step toward the parts of your life where you can feel good things are happening. Put your attention there this month. The other things will fall into place eventually.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about January 2011?

This is a very intense time, but also a very hopeful time on Planet Earth. There is a lot going on, you all have many challenges, but every single one of you is stronger than you have ever been before. Every single one of you has more resources available than you have ever had before. Do not imagine that when you feel overwhelmed that you are actually going to fail. Feeling overwhelmed is a sign that you are stepping into something big, something new, and something that you have always wanted.

Have faith in yourself and draw upon your resources. Take quiet moments to listen to your intuition. Reach out to your friends and loved ones. Take good care of your bodies, use all of your resources to set you up for success.

January 4 will probably bring many of you a sense of a real challenge. Do not let yourself fall over that day. If you do fall over -- do not fall apart, just pick up and try again. If you pay attention on January 4, most of you will find that whatever challenge comes to you that day will continue to be a challenge for you in months to come. This day can be an opportunity for you to get a preview of what is to come and start to get a handle on that challenge. You will not respond to the challenge perfectly on January 4, instead it is an opportunity to try something and see how it works and then collect information about what worked and what did not. That is a good way to use the day of January 4.

Otherwise, the month seems to have mostly and expansive energy with gentle, undulating waves. You will all go up and down in your own rhythm this month, so just take those waves as they come.

Copyright © Akashic Transformations 2005 - 2008 All rights reserved.
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Silent Companion
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01/05/2011 06:31 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Thank you Finland :-) Have missed your posts, am always thankful for them, and wishing you a good, and healthy new year. With much love and appreciation.
Sincerely, Silent Companion
Anonymous Coward
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01/06/2011 09:10 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Every situation and interaction has its specific energetic signature in which you are the leader or the follower. As the leader you set the energy and can manifest outcomes of your choosing. As the follower you are in the energy of the situation and your own energetic vibration shifts to fit that experience. You have no manifesting power because you are at an energy level from the past. This prevents you from manifesting any outcome other than what you have already created. The choice is yours, do you lead or follow?

It appears to be easier to lead and certainly that creates more beneficial and fulfilling outcomes but it is also a new place for you, a new paradigm for your life because as leader you are manifesting different outcomes that will create separation with your soul group. As a leader you often walk alone and cannot connect with others because they are not at your energetic level. But your healing purpose is fulfilled when you lead because this is when you can create closure with karma and bring an end to these ancient energies.

The principle reason you follow is to allow others to experience healing. As a follower you put yourself at others' energetic levels so you can allow them to grow, or so you think. But when you follow you do not do anything to shift the energy, hoping that others will find ways to change these energies through their healing. Since you are the catalyst for change by following you limit the possibility of change. As a follower you are surrounded by those who are at similar energies but what you may not know is they are looking to you to lead, which is why they reject you and your offer of healing.

You may walk alone for a time when you lead because you are at a different energetic vibration than others around you and it has been your pattern in the past to follow energy to allow healing. Do not be afraid to set your intention for the energies in your life, be very clear in asking for what you want. You will attract those who can match these vibrations and you will create life partners who share your highest energies and can allow you to express your highest and best self as a leader, an initiator and a co-creator of new paradigms of living for yourself and the world.
Anonymous Coward
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01/06/2011 09:11 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Thank you Finland :-) Have missed your posts, am always thankful for them, and wishing you a good, and healthy new year. With much love and appreciation.
Sincerely, Silent Companion
 Quoting: Silent Companion 336696

To you too! hf
Anonymous Coward
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01/06/2011 09:12 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Sunday, 2 January, 2011 (posted 6 January, 2011)

At the end of each year, I sit in quiet silence and connect with the presence of the mighty Archangel Michael, and ask him for messages about the coming year. I hear his answers as clearly as if I were having a conversation with a wise teacher. I find Archangel Michael to be the loudest and clearest angel of them all.

I recorded the messages on a free video which I have posted on YouTube, if you’d like to watch or listen here: www.youtube.com/watch

Here’s a summary of the conversation:

Archangel Michael conveys themes and messages regarding each year, usually related to what he’s guiding us to work upon. For 2011, Michael conveyed that it is a year where:

* Indigos will step out of their comfort zone and take on important leadership roles. Indigos are strong-willed individuals who are highly-sensitive to energies. Indigos have an accurate barometer as to whether someone is in integrity or not, because they have an inner truth-detector. And Indigos TRUST what they feel. Congratulations, Indigos: 2011 is YOUR year!

* 2011 is very supportive for changing careers, especially for those who are opening their own business. He said that the world economy will continue to improve.

* He asked us to lose any thoughts or beliefs of victimhood, and to empower ourselves (he will help if you ask).

* He did say that there will be a military escalation and build-up and he asked those who are guided to speak up and make their opinions known publicly. Don’t be shy! Remember the Dr. Seuss book, “Horton Hears a Who,” about the one little person whose voice saved the planet. And Indigos, we’re especially counting upon you to speak up!

* He said that environmentalism and connecting with nature are essential in 2011. He asked us to spend a lot of time outdoors, and to take personal steps to help the environment, such as recycling, reducing, and reusing. He also said that those who’d like environmentally-related careers will do well in 2011.

* Archangel Michael emphasized that some people will be afraid as we near 2012. He’s assured me that 2012 is just like Y2K: a non-event. It is NOT the end of anything. The Mayans would have continued their calendar, but they were interrupted abruptly and had to vacate their villages where they were working on this project. However, we will see an increased focus upon spirituality this year (just like we did in 1999), by those who want to get their life in order “just in case.” He likened it to: “There are no atheists in a foxhole” effects. The bottom line was that he appealed to us to stay centered in LOVE and give any worries to God, the ascended masters (i.e., Jesus), and the angels.

* 2011 will be a very positive year for the majority of people, especially after the February 3 New Chinese Year. He said that the “Year of the Tiger” really did have an aggressive effect on the world, and that the new “Year of the Rabbit” will be more peaceful. Rabbit years are filled with a lot of industrious activity, which fits with Michael’s guidance for us to take guided action to help with issues that are important to us. He said a few times, “He who hesitates is lost,” and that there will be many windows of opportunities opening that we must walk through as they appear.

* Everything happens exactly as it is supposed to, including the seemingly negative and painful things that you’ve endured. Ask your angels to find the hidden lessons and blessings within each event, relationship, and situation, and they’ll help you to find peace and understanding.

* Most of all, he emphasized for us to ENJOY this moment, no matter what. Embrace and inhale the pleasure, joy, and divine perfect of each and every minute. And remember that you can always call upon Archangel Michael for support, courage, protection, and guidance. He’s completely unlimited and can help everyone who calls upon him simultaneously.

Happy New Year with love, Doreen

[link to www.AngelTherapy.com.]

[link to www.HayHouseRadio.com]

© 2009 Angel Therapy, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/06/2011 09:18 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Sunday, 2 January, 2011 (posted 6 January, 2011)

At the end of each year, I sit in quiet silence and connect with the presence of the mighty Archangel Michael, and ask him for messages about the coming year. I hear his answers as clearly as if I were having a conversation with a wise teacher. I find Archangel Michael to be the loudest and clearest angel of them all.

I recorded the messages on a free video which I have posted on YouTube, if you’d like to watch or listen here: www.youtube.com/watch

Here’s a summary of the conversation:

Archangel Michael conveys themes and messages regarding each year, usually related to what he’s guiding us to work upon. For 2011, Michael conveyed that it is a year where:

* Indigos will step out of their comfort zone and take on important leadership roles. Indigos are strong-willed individuals who are highly-sensitive to energies. Indigos have an accurate barometer as to whether someone is in integrity or not, because they have an inner truth-detector. And Indigos TRUST what they feel. Congratulations, Indigos: 2011 is YOUR year!

* 2011 is very supportive for changing careers, especially for those who are opening their own business. He said that the world economy will continue to improve.

* He asked us to lose any thoughts or beliefs of victimhood, and to empower ourselves (he will help if you ask).

* He did say that there will be a military escalation and build-up and he asked those who are guided to speak up and make their opinions known publicly. Don’t be shy! Remember the Dr. Seuss book, “Horton Hears a Who,” about the one little person whose voice saved the planet. And Indigos, we’re especially counting upon you to speak up!

* He said that environmentalism and connecting with nature are essential in 2011. He asked us to spend a lot of time outdoors, and to take personal steps to help the environment, such as recycling, reducing, and reusing. He also said that those who’d like environmentally-related careers will do well in 2011.

* Archangel Michael emphasized that some people will be afraid as we near 2012. He’s assured me that 2012 is just like Y2K: a non-event. It is NOT the end of anything. The Mayans would have continued their calendar, but they were interrupted abruptly and had to vacate their villages where they were working on this project. However, we will see an increased focus upon spirituality this year (just like we did in 1999), by those who want to get their life in order “just in case.” He likened it to: “There are no atheists in a foxhole” effects. The bottom line was that he appealed to us to stay centered in LOVE and give any worries to God, the ascended masters (i.e., Jesus), and the angels.

* 2011 will be a very positive year for the majority of people, especially after the February 3 New Chinese Year. He said that the “Year of the Tiger” really did have an aggressive effect on the world, and that the new “Year of the Rabbit” will be more peaceful. Rabbit years are filled with a lot of industrious activity, which fits with Michael’s guidance for us to take guided action to help with issues that are important to us. He said a few times, “He who hesitates is lost,” and that there will be many windows of opportunities opening that we must walk through as they appear.

* Everything happens exactly as it is supposed to, including the seemingly negative and painful things that you’ve endured. Ask your angels to find the hidden lessons and blessings within each event, relationship, and situation, and they’ll help you to find peace and understanding.

* Most of all, he emphasized for us to ENJOY this moment, no matter what. Embrace and inhale the pleasure, joy, and divine perfect of each and every minute. And remember that you can always call upon Archangel Michael for support, courage, protection, and guidance. He’s completely unlimited and can help everyone who calls upon him simultaneously.

Happy New Year with love, Doreen

[link to www.AngelTherapy.com.]

[link to www.HayHouseRadio.com]

© 2009 Angel Therapy, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Anonymous Coward
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01/06/2011 09:25 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Tuesday, 4 January, 2011 (posted 6 January, 2011)

2011 will see tremendous shifts and changes. All that we have healed, released, realised and understood during 2010 will bring a surge of high energy into the first half of 2011. Shifts will continue to occur within the collective consciousness bringing new beginnings that will become swiftly stable. This will enable us to effectively cope with the consequences of our past choices, on both a collective and individual level, encouraging us to make the necessary changes and choices that will bring about a new balance.

2011 will see us emerge from our isolated, cocooned state and moving into greater awareness of our potential to grow and develop Spiritually as a human race. Many more will awaken to the realisation of their Divine Essence and dramatic events and situations will open new Spiritual pathways for individual exploration, allowing completion and resolution to be a theme throughout the year.

As we release and complete the lessons of the past the energy of this year will decode more of the patterns held within our DNA. As the old patterns of imbalance fall away our hearts will continue to heal creating new patterns of love and compassion. For many, through this process, you will begin to fully understand and realise the true nature of your physical life.

During 2011 we will come to deeply understand that contained within each and every individual is the unity of the Universe. This unity is made up of many tiny aspects of Creation and these tiny pieces are continually moving into harmony and balance. As we move forward in 2011 the ability to unify these aspects will emerge expanding your consciousness and reconnecting your with ever higher realms of Spirit.

As this year unfolds any remaining experiences, challenges and situations that slow your progress towards unity will be exposed. All energetic and emotional blocks will dissolve encouraging the expression of your true Spiritual essence within your physical life. Consciously working with the energy of unity within yourself will fulfil the deepest needs of your Soul and Spirit, bringing the concept of Unity Consciousness into physical reality and initiating the required changes within the world.

In 2011 you will be encouraged to see yourself and each human Soul as a vision of Divine wisdom and love. You will be asked to arise from your apathy and negativity and to unite your body, mind and Spirit through your heart. To learn to embrace yourself and all others in selfless love and compassion and see the forces of unconditional love that lie beneath the surface of our everyday awareness. You will come to fully awaken to the truth that you are an inseparable part of the Divine Creator. There is no separation and no distance between yourself and the Divine Creator. The same stream of consciousness that flows from the Divine Creator flows through you and each and every living thing.

Following the pathway of your heart will enable you to reach all the mysteries and wonders of happiness, peace, bliss, beauty and love. Through your heart you have a path that reaches into the very heart of the Divine Creator. You are beckoned forwards along this path in search of the incalculable riches that are buried within the cave of your heart. The key is to open to the higher potentials of human and Divine love which will bring you the freedom of unconditional love. Ally yourself with the fountain of Divinity which lies within your heart and welcome in real joy. Live and act on the Earth impeccably, do not disturb the harmony, balance and beauty of the environment. Learn to listen and understand the natural world around you – the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the forest, the oceans, rivers and lakes, the animals. Follow the laws of nature and respect all of life.

This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active © 2010 Kate Ann Spreckley [link to www.spiritpathways.co.za]
Anonymous Coward
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01/07/2011 09:05 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Namaste my special, special friends, Namaste

I have not written to you for a while in this format but never the less I believe that perhaps I should come and share with you in this manner, on this day. Why on this day? Well for those of you who are aware of numerology (3) three is the number that is intuitive, magic, advantage, it brings to the fore versatility and expression. Three is also trinity, unity. Sacred geometry, three points coming together in balance as it represents Past, Present, and Future. In other words, you could say three is the number of NOW.

I greet you in love dear ones, I am Kuthumi, and I have spent many a ‘day’ preparing in the last linear year for this Transition Period that you will be experiencing. Why did I have to prepare you may ask; it was not a prerequisite but choice. It allowed me to expand further and see from a higher observer view of enlightenment how to assist Humanity in their transitions.

For know that during this time of 2011 there will be many exposures. Why is it when we Ascended say there will be exposures your human mind automatically goes into hyper drive with the preconceived idea that governments and those ‘in power’ will be exposed as charlatans. Is this not judgemental of you dear ones? IN this time of transition many of you will be faced with choices; choices of change, of release, letting go, and clarity - yes clarity is a choice, and many other areas. Understand that in the deepest of respect but with honour to self I will say that many of you – even the most ‘enlightened’ will perhaps fall into the part of victim or accuser. I wish to call your attention to this today, the day of trinity – the day of balance, so that you may remember that you can choose not to be either.

Many will come and go in this period of your linearity they will rise up and be strong then they will seemingly drift away like smoke on the wind. It is not for you to judge them but for you to send compassion and love to them. You may not agree with their teachings or the way they present what has been given to them for sharing with humanity but I ask you to not gossip and not pull them down with your energy. Instead, send love and light that if they are incorrect or slightly off balance that they would come back to centre and truth. There are many that carry loads that you do not understand and because you do not understand the depth of what they have been called to do you feel as if they are ‘egotistical’ or unbalanced. This is not the case they are working out how best to bring the messages given to them to a society that is full of judgement. Understand that just because there are some that seemingly have more ‘connections’ to the Ascended, Angelic, Ancient Ones, etc that they are not perfect – whatever ‘perfect’ is. They are still energy in human bodies doing their best to balance and walk their journey.

Therefore, when you see those who rise in seeming ego, listen to the words they share as they speak for the words they share are not wasted air. They are called to be in their position for the length of ‘time’ that they are there and no more. They are not distractions but directions, arrow pointers, flags to bring your attention to certain points.

Be in love and compassion to these ones my loves. They are here for your higher good.

Dear humans, my beloved ones, know that I, Kuthumi, though silent at times am always here watching and ready to assist those that call for help. In the expansion of your energy that you have been experiencing now you will find that there is a similar expansion with the energy you call Gaia. I call Mother. Often we have said that there will be times of balance between you, or you will expand then she will follow and vice versa, but you have both reached a stage in your expansion where you are growing together. This is good and right. Your wonderful Gaia will shed her old ways, some lands will experience shivers and shakes, but this is what must happen. Understand humans that your expansion assists hers and no matter where you are in the planet, your energy connects with her.

Some of you have been given dates as points of reference for power days. Days where energy will be downloaded into Gaia and the people that are awake and connected with her. I would ask that you react not in fear to the energy you feel but rejoice in that which is coming.

Do not be distracted. Do not allow for yourselves to become caught in petty discussions of who is right or wrong. Come in the language of heart and love then you will be able to meet on a level of acceptance of non-judgement.

This time is not a time where you rest; it is a time of transition. What is transition? It is a time where you change, where you can if you allow metamorphosis into the most beautiful of beings. If you choose to release during this year – shall we call it the ‘Pupa year’ as in the caterpillar – then you will gather all those things that serve you, releasing what does not from your energy. You will find yourself in moments where things are seemingly misunderstood and painful; do NOT react in a 'pain driven' way, but allow peace to resonate and be in a manner of understanding.

Know that it is from my heart that I bring this message as I have seen changes for the humans both the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ and I would ask you all to choose the year of transition wisely.
Many of you will experience great growth; others may feel that you are standing still and become despondent, this generalisation must STOP, as each one processes and changes in their energy in a unique specific and beautiful way.
Allow for yourself the knowledge of truth that is within you to realise that at times the ‘stopping’ is necessary for the growth to permeate into all areas of your energy. Other times it is a continual process.

Do not allow this time to test your mental balance. You are not going crazy. The self-doubt will come and go remain true to your heart.

I Kuthumi promise you this, that if you are able to withstand the times of transition turmoil or metamorphosis tremors, then you will be stronger than ever for the Newest of New energy that is flooding your planet and will flood your planet into the 2012 period. Your expectations of this coming year, 2012, have already set in motion certain things but these too can be changed by the working out of your transition year. Allow yourself permission to experience the ‘pain’ of release of emotions that do not serve, of memories that hold you back, of family that prevents you from moving into your fullness, of dreams that are just that, dreams of dust. LET GO of the past dear ones, move into the moment of NOW and allow yourself to feel, touch, know, taste, be, in this NOW moment. Experience the fullness of this moment and realise that you are powerful within your divinity, your I AM your Soul consciousness and the essence of all that is in you. AS you learn to connect to the Universal Energy of Love and the Grounding Energy of Gaia you will become the beings of power that are needed to stand and bring balance into this planet. It is not through chants and mantra any longer, though these have their place in bringing you into a place of peace, do not rely on them for they are just hypnotic mannerisms to balance the old carbon based body – you are now more and more the crystalline based body.

Allow yourself to resonate with the tones and vibrations of light that are within and without you. Feel the energy of the universe as it connects with you in a new way. Feel the love of source, God, Oneness allow that love to connect with you and then feel the intent of the heart of Gaia, Source, Creator and join into that love with free choice and bring your quota of balance in and join with them thus you bring the trinity / balance into being. This is what the three stands for. YOU – SOURCE - GAIA.

If you can allow yourself to see beyond your petty differences, who has this and who has that, or where this person lives and who is coming from where to fix what land PLEASE let this go. See beyond that, see that Gaia does not need thousands of groups traipsing all over her burying this or that, sending up smoke signals for this or that, what she needs more than anything is a unified earth people, joined in heart and energy to link and allow her to balance in love. Try it! Organise groups around the world and send love into Gaia on a set day at a set time. This need not become a regular thing but a choice to continue on a weekly, monthly, yearly base. You choose. Just balance yourself and then connect with Gaia.

You are in such a privileged time beloved humans, where you are able to see the setting of one time and the dawn of another. Do not allow your human differences to get in the way of enjoying this. Create for yourselves a world of difference where YOU can be changed, NOT just ‘the change’ but Changed. Where you affect those around you because you have allowed yourself to gather into you the energy that would distract you love it to the place of its home birth. Remember what you resist persists. This is with EVERYTHING in life, not just the ‘spiritual’ or ‘energy’ world, but in your physical world as well.

Understand that your governments will change, they have to, just as things in the physical world will change, whether it is the stock market, the housing , the land markets; DO NOT get swayed by what may seem as ‘normality’ returning. It is NOT. Yes, your houses will gain in value for a while and yes, the stock market will rise and be popular again. Your minerals and other stocks will wax and wane as they do normally and things may seem as if all is quiet on the western, eastern, northern, and southern fronts BUT believe me when I say it is ‘the calm before the storm...’ As to when this storm will hit I will not say definitely, for I am not a ‘fortune teller’ but within the next two years prepare to see changes that conflict with what I have said here then you will begin to see the melt down again. If the humans do not learn from the lessons, they have already had then they will be repeated. You are creators and can alter anything that is not yet now, so allow for yourselves this year to be one who is fluid, fluid in energy and fluid in love.

Dear beloved, we that sit here on the ‘other side of the veil’ do not wish to see any of you ‘suffer’ but this is choice. You are well able to transmute that which are seen as blocks in your energy and what better time to do this than on a day with three within it. More than anything, we would ask you to allow the fluidity of transition to be with you this year of your linearity. Prepare for yourself a year of ease and comfort in what you do. It will be a great year, a year of growth, expansion and more importantly a year of Transitions. You see yourself Transitioning from the old to the new way of being with more energy and thus see, feel and experience more energy in the changes.

This year is one where you can truly make a difference if you chose. Step away from the edge of the cliff and jump. Allow the essence of the true you to come to the fore and you will see things that you have only dreamt of before.

Connect with others in heart and allow the voice of the heart to come through more in this year. Be heart driven be conscious of all you do, live conscious lives let go of pettiness and allow your higher selves to communicate with you.
Take the hand of Gaia as she ‘shivers’ with the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours and know that she is only releasing your fear as well. If you can stand and realise that she has reservations too, in as much as uncertain of how humanity will respond to the coming changes, then you will understand that not all is about you, but about all of humanity and the cosmos.

Enjoy your 2011 dear ones it will be a fun year if you choose.


[link to www.AscensionExplorers.com] via Lou James 3 Jan 2011 copyright NZ. Thanks.
Anonymous Coward
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01/07/2011 09:06 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
I Kuthumi come forward again, to guide you forward, to embrace your true Soul Light with the loving power of God, the Creator of all that is, Universe upon Universe, Light upon Light. On your wondrous planet you also have great power to create, to step into your full Soul Light.

Are you ready my friend? Do you choose to let go, to release your past totally, fully, and prepare to walk a new path. You face a new year in your linear time. A fresh start. I ask you how many suitcases of baggage will you take with you? Some of your suitcases will contain baggage of long ago. Old experiences you have placed deep within you, only remembering when one of your senses triggers the deep anger and resentment you so carefully tried to conceal from your mind. You see these deep memories all contain a level of anger, sometimes so subtle you don't see. You mask it with guilt, self hate, injustice, pain. Yet I tell you under this is anger, still, waiting to be awakened by a smell, a word, a feeling, a visual picture.


Other 'suitcases' will contain more recent events. Feeling forced to complete work you don't enjoy, yet feel you have to in order to pay your bills. A recent argument. A comment from a friend or loved one you ' took to heart', then promptly pushed it deep within you feeling the comment wasn't justified, or was quite unfair leaving you feeling hurt. Yet you couldn't let go of it, no. So, another 'suitcase'. There are many incidents, many situations. Some of you will have a lot of luggage. Others only a little. I tell you it matters not how many 'suitcases' you have. What matters is your decision. What you choose to do with your baggage. I keep reminding you of your choice do I not? This is truth. You see you are able to choose. You have free will. Free will to create. Many here- myself and The Council of Light- seek to help you, to guide you through. Indeed I myself will lead you in a meditation to release fully all your baggage. To let go totally. But first you must choose. I can guide you, show you how. But I require a determined yes. This is your part my friend.

Travelling Light

Your new year as I have said is a pivotal year in your evolution. Your time is speeding up along with the higher vibration of mankind and the planet. No longer can you sit on the fence and think 'I'll do it later'. You cannot. For letting go, travelling light - if you will pardon my pun - is only the beginning. The second step is adjusting to this new feeling of Light, of peace of true happiness. Yes, you must adjust. Lifetime after lifetime you experienced light and dark. Some of this you still carry within you. Some of you have been unable to clear the pain and anger from these experiences. So you have simply re-acted the same way, and piled more pain and hurt on top of the original pain. So it deepened. It became too difficult to deal with, so you turned away. You may ask "why do I carry what happened in another life time? When I pass, does it not leave me?" Not always, no. The deeper the pain, the more the core experience is repeated, not dealt with, and the core pain is built on, becoming larger and deeper. The Soul memory contains all, both positive and negative. All of you have experienced positive and negative, Light and dark, love and hate - all of you have.

You cannot know love without knowing hate, you cannot choose Light without understanding darkness. Both must be experienced to understand. I have spoken recently of the importance of balance of the left and right brain. Now it is time to completely clear out your baggage. The 'suitcases' of baggage you have held for so long. This is a process that may take you some time. This matters not. Some will be more ready than others. Yet I urge all to prepare yourselves. I urge you to begin now.

Light Path

In this way you become ready to embrace your new year. A year of beginning a new path forward. Many of us here have joined together to prepare this new path, a Light Path for you. It is time now. What you choose to create after you have let go of your baggage will be new to most of you. You will no longer simply wish for a situation in your surroundings to be different, you will desire to create it. To bring the change into your reality. To create a better life. To walk a Light Path of peace, of stability, of love. This is why I come today. This is why I assist you to let go, to release. You are all a part of God. You also contain the power to create. You have forgotten your soul power for many years.

I tell you - awaken, Remember. It is time. Walk your Light Path.

Master Kuthumi.

Copyright © 2010 Rev, Lynette Leckie-Clark - All rights reserved
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Beloved ones: You are evolving.

Becoming the New Humans.

There is much to celebrate today for what has transpired within you is facilitating the emergence of heaven on Earth.

Going within is always the most beneficial pathway for each of us—you, me, all of us in individual focus. It is there we commune with our Divine Presence beyond time/space, the oneness we are and the uniqueness of each of our energies. In this communion and with this information as energy is fulfilling. Entirely. Within this connection we experience an equilibrium of our nature in all forms of focus and we also can experiment with potential pathways of future creativity as well as flow inspiration in response to all we encounter.

Learning to walk and talk and be in this expanded connection is the focus at hand in your experience at this time.

More and more you come together in expanded focus and create—this too is highly beneficial.

It is especially important to visualize and expect a smooth transition for the Earth from the new hologram and while the old hologram is dissolving. You can assist this process by aligning your energy with peaceful, beautiful outcomes in regards to the Earth shift and not diluting this focus with what you don’t want to happen—there’s no need to even contemplate that, just stay focused on ease, grace, peace, natural organic flow happening. Allowing.

To expect, anticipate, and watch for, and enjoy the magical alignments and mysterious synchronicities which you co-create and which guide each of you forth into the blossom of being the New Human.

Intuitive you know what to do.

Within your gut, the ganglion tissue of your para-sympathetic nervous systems is being upgraded to receive expanded information from the 144 Crystalline Earth Grid. The Crystalline Grid of Earth is a spiritual grid that stores the energy of humanity, it lays on the Earth and you are increasingly connected and in alignment with this grid.

The Crystalline Earth Grid is the new grid based on the etheric energy and sacred geometry of 144. This number is a code which liberates light energy in a new constellation around the Earth from the Great Central Sun. Begin to realize that you receive more than air from what you experience as “outside of yourself” or “your environment.” You are influenced, sustained and your entire experience is influenced from energy systems beyond that of your physical vessel, or more accurately which are connected to your physical vessel in etheric, meaning spiritual, ways—not visible, but entirely real nonetheless.

Orienting within is the way one learns to attune themselves to the new Earth grid and to begin to live in harmonic balance with this. The Grid is also changing as you are changing; it’s all becoming more quantum. What you do as you do it—live is transferred to the grid. This is new and is the reason you feel things speeding up. This also means the energy of Human Civilization is affecting the overall vibration of the planet moment to moment. Your focus is important.

Living in this kind of dynamic, you are increasingly learning to attune yourself. You are increasingly working with harmonics and as you shift to crystalline structure, you are attuning yourself again and again to all that you encounter; it’s a continual process of getting in sync. Harmonizing.

You are learning to ground the light that is coming into you and live with this increased light which is creating new experiences for what it means to be human. Human potential is undergoing an explosive expansion of vast proportions and implications. You are the reason why!

You are increasingly orienting yourself from the expanded perspective of your own Divine I AM Presence. This presence has a twin flame. Your twin flame and you are two parts, and it is the specific signature mirrored into male and female which you are attempting to unify within you. It is the specific signature you organized into upon differentiating from One I AM. All versions of you are informed by this divine expression of Source Energy and each is an opportunity to diversify and further develop the organism, so to speak, which you are.

In each expression of focus which you imagine and thus give birth to, you find ways to interact with the energy in your focus and this triggers the inspiration which is you naturally expanding and harmonizing with All-That-Is. This harmony may create a cacophony to later be resolved by yourself or another, or it may amplify harmonics and thus create immediate deepening of resolution and wholeness. Or a combination of these. It is a vibrational configuration you are in the process of refining and expanding and from different perspectives it is as though you hear different themes of your main melody, expounded upon, sounded, echoed, amplified, distorted, dissipated, reunited, remembered.

You are radiating this divine presence whenever you allow your energy to expand beyond the old templates and as you encounter others in this open, expanded state, the energy of joy on the planet is increasing!

This is aliveness. It’s always vibrational. For you it is significantly visual and auditory, as well as kinesthetic. There is the olfactory system, there is taste—there are many other senses are involved—knowing for example is a sense, there is a sense of timing, of alignment, of balance…there are many senses in play all the time and your vessel and increasingly your energy field is developing expanded ways of transducing input from multiple systems: chemical, light systems, energetic, systems of one structure/form or another. Your energy field is developing expanded ways of transducing input into perception.

You will find that you have more and more ways of taking new and vaster avenues of input in, and not only realizing it consciously, but utilizing it perceptually in a way which expands your awareness and capacity.

All of these depend on the particular structural form your identity uses to participate in various points of focus. You participate in civilizations and other realities which have no structure that would even make sense to you conceptually—they are so beyond the ways your organize space, time, light--but in these realities you too are participating with capable focus and creativity.

Perception depends on the particular structural form you are using to relate to wherever you are in focus. This entire sunrise of newness if for the purpose of expansion and joy.

Joy ripples out to the edges of All-That-Is and burns them forth into new territory, much like a volcano creates new form on Earth. Energy and light combine as heat and newness is birthed in the galaxies and the Universe continues in endless expansion.

Infinite. Whole. Changing. One. Carrying a clear sense of identity. Identity having nothing to do with form and yet entirely expressed or chosen to not be expressed in form; all from the focus of the Divine I AM Presence’s inclinations. YOUR inclinations and desires to experiment and cultivate an increasingly whole sense of understanding the oneness which lives within the One I AM as the one you.

Noticing what you are drawn to. Realize that your navigation system is within. Finding happiness within your own energy field is natural. Joyously commune with your cells. Welcoming change and newness! All of these are natural expressions of your innate and eternal capacity to BE.

I have shared much with you today that may feel new. You’ve done this before and your certainly are completely prepared for all that is taking place here and now my beloved ones. Don’t forget you are creating this.
Remember to choose more, do less.

It is in creating that you participate more and more fully in the very Being you came here for.

Enjoy yourself and never ever ever ever stop pursuing the experience of all your ideas, ideals and desires. All-that-is benefits enormously from the unique perspective which is you.

Beloved ones, I see you Luminous Being, with familiarity, with love and with delight for all that you are, are becoming, and are yet to even imagine. Together let us turn our focus to the leading edge and explore our very souls. Know that you are profoundly loved!

I AM Archangel Michael. And it is so.

© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise Publications [link to www.expectwonderful.com]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
I am Andari, Pleasurina of the First Order of Lighted Loving.

Galactic Command have given us permission to impart the knowledge needed on your planet. We’ve been watching you for many years following your journey with anticipation. It is with great pleasure that we now see you are ready for the changes in energy set to sweep across your world.

My Pleasurex partner, Jem and I will guide you through the mind, body and spirit changes. There is a misconception in humanity’s mind that sex is a something to be hidden away and the only people involved are weird or exploiting. And yes, it may have been so until now.

In order for your growth to proceed, spirit-based sexuality is sorely in need of revamping. Your creative sacral chakra has been relatively ignored and relegated to the background. How many women suffer with menstrual problems, cancer of the pelvic area or breasts? How many men suffer with prostate problems or cancer? These are the areas of the body that are neglected with minimal amounts of energy flowing through.

We have requested this anchor, whom we are working through, to set up a weekend devoted to pleasure, the first to occur on 12-14 February when there are very powerful planetary alignments. Pleasure can take any form, and is not necessarily sexual in nature. The reason for allocating a specific weekend is that it allows you to focus. Eventually there will be no need for these special days of pleasure, as it will form part of your every day life. In the meanwhile, we use what is available to us to help you move forward.

Regular lessons will be channelled.

Let us begin with the first lesson.

A balance of mind, body and spirit is always needed. It is imperative that as a pleasurina or pleasurex in the making you concentrate on developing all aspects of yourself. The mind is a very powerful tool in helping with visualisation. When there is enough emotion poured into the visualisation it takes form. We will start with the basics.

Shut your eyes and imagine in your mind’s eye the following:

Your Mother Earth is a sentient being whose compassion knows no boundaries despite her precarious position. Whenever you request it she will help to ground you. Feel her nurturing energy rise up into the souls of your feet and continue travelling up your legs into the rest of your body. As this energy circulates make sure your spirit is anchored in your body including your hands and feet, which tend to be neglected. Make the intention that this energy will continue to circulate around your body and trust it to do so.

Next, concentrate on your breathing, allowing your lungs to fill with life giving essences. Imagine it joining with the circulating energy nourishing every part of you from head to toe. Breathe gently and evenly. Once again create an intention that this will continue and trust in yourself that it will be so.

Sometimes you might find your spirit popping slightly out of the body. This kind of work takes patience and perseverance. Gently anchor your spirit within the body, breathe and circulate the energy.

This is a simple exercise you can perform several times per day or only once per day. It will hone your focusing skills and is not too overwhelming. Perseverance and patience will pay you in huge dividends, as your body will eventually perform this function automatically all day, every day leaving you free to concentrate on adding something new.

A gentle reminder – pleasuring sexually is not for everyone. For now, we are giving simple exercises that can be used for every day living, so that when you are ready to embark on the sexual aspect you have the basics.

Have faith in your wonderful planet. She has been nurturing and caring for you for millennia.

Yours in pleasure and love,

Andari and Jem

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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Isis on smoke and mirrors, what is really happening?

As I was getting ready to write down this message I was watching some TV and the big news was that maybe hundreds of thousands of birds were dropping dead all over the world, just after or around the New Year. And I remembered a YouTube someone sent me about the strange seismic event happening just before the end of the year.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Now this has come up during my classes several times and we have been looking into the fact why so many are still not awake and why this is happening.

We have been guided by our own source beings to what is actually happening and much more that seems to be affecting most people on earth.

As I like to get the inside information and after looking at it for myself, I knew Isis could be helpful in explaining more of what is happening and why.

And after watching more TV, I see it’s not just birds, fish are dying.

The Tampa airport is closed because of a magnetic shift within the earth which has them repainting their runways as the compass change is 10 degrees.

I Am Isis

I promised you more information on this subject and you just watched some of the effects of what these instruments can do.

They all work together as there is one large antenna system that reaches far into your universe. This system connects to satellites and the signal is sent back to the earth through cellphone towers, satellite dishes and more. The signals or radio waves, energy waves being sent through affect each and every being upon earth including the earth herself.

What is happening is this. These signals are being used to actually force the higher frequency energies that are coming in to your universe through the physical body, and not just the human bodies, it affects every animal and plant system as well.

Now in itself there is nothing wrong with that if the energies would stay within your physical body.

They do not, as every being is connected to the crystalline grids within the earth, the higher frequency energies are being pulled out of you and move into these grids and from there move out of these grids and into large storage areas.

These energies are being stored for the ones that are or want to be in complete control to prepare for their own ascension as they are not willing or capable to do the work themselves.

This brings me to what you know about the ascension of Jesus, it took three days for him to transform his physical body into light, normally it would be within an instant.

He was supported by a small group of women who were assisting in building up the energies for him to transform the physical body. These women were holding the high frequency energies as they were building up within their physical bodies, the result of holding these energies within their physical bodies was actual blistering of the skin and more.

This is why the energies are being stored, so these humans will be able to ascend their physical body while the ascension in your universe is happening. At least this is their plan, no one knows if it will work, but it might.

You on the other hand will not ascend, you will not be able to move with the earth as you have not reached the necessary frequency to do this. This is for either going into the 5th dimension or actually ascending yourself into a body of light.

You have the benefit of feeling the energies, but you do not have the long lasting effect as the energies are not staying within the human body so they cannot change the structure of the physical body into a high enough frequency.

The energies you receive in return from these grids are like smoke and mirrors, decoys that give you the feeling of these higher energies, as if they were still in your physical body.

The Influence of this system also brings in a chemical change within the brain and does affect your energies, consciousness to give you the illusion of being in these higher energies.

There is much more that influences you as the food and drinks are being infused with chemicals that keep you in a sleep state and do only allow for certain awakenings as this is what seems to keep you happy.

You receive messages from beings that do the same thing, they keep you happy, they give you just enough to keep you happy and thinking you are doing great.

It is all a smoke and mirror decoy that keeps you in the physical body and keeps you from really looking at what is happening.

The crystal grids within the earth have been used for millions of years in many ways and many think they are transformed and the good ones are now in control.

Do you really think they are that stupid? Do you really think that they would let that happen as they have known about this event of the earth ascension for millions of years?

Yes you are powerful, but most of you are giving that power to other beings.

You are giving your power away, look at how many channels are out there, still channeling other beings.

My channel at this time will research through her own being and is perfectly capable of giving you this information as it is coming in through her own Source Being.

But would you listen?

No, and most would consider it a personal view, personal opinion.

She has no investment in this; she is not looking for wealth or fame.

If she wanted that she would have already been there and yes more would listen as you seem to react more to fame than the truth.

Any and all channels that have been channeling for many years, do you ever ask yourself why you are still relying upon other beings to give you information?

Every other person that is just reading these messages, some of you for 10, 20 or even more years. Why is it that you are still reading these messages?

Why are you not receiving this information through your own Source Being.

It requires work and yes sometimes you might need someone to teach you. There is nothing wrong with that.

This is the time where you have to find your own information, do your own research as you have been relying upon others to do the research for you.

I am not saying there is something wrong with reading the messages as I know many will not be able to find the answers immediately and it requires time and work to get to the point of receiving the information from the highest level of your being.

It is time however to realize that you are being influenced in many ways and what is happening is that you are being influenced without knowing that you are.

This is what has been happening over and over and we can tell you, we can show you, but are you willing to look for yourself.

Look behind the smoke and mirrors.

Ascension is not about feeling good about yourself as a human being. The human is your temporary home and it is only one drop of water in the ocean of your experience in spirit.

What is your solution?

First and foremost disconnect from these grids, and then be open to more conscious awareness, start researching what is happening within instead of outside of you.

Connect with all parts of your being, as you higher self is only the lowest part of your being but can give you guidance on how to reach those higher parts of your being.

Allow yourself to see without fear, as much fear is being sent through all that is influencing you.

It is like it gives you boots made out of lead to keep you on the earth and it is preventing you from moving up into your own being.

If you need help, look for it and let your own being guide you to this help.

You are not alone; there is always help either in spirit or in your human world.

This is not something you have to do alone, as there are two or more gathered the power is stronger.

All this is meant to give you the opportunity to be your own power.

Be your own being without any influences from the outside, without your energy being used by others, or you giving your energies to others.

This is happening everywhere and yes within many light worker groups where the leaders are using your energy to their own advantage.

If you dare to look you will find the many hooks that are attached to you.

You will find out that behind the smoke and mirrors there is whole world that you would have never thought could be there but it is.

You can only be within your own power and be a powerful being as you stay within your own energies, within your own power.

At this moment you might feel you are powerful and yes some are, but mostly because of the fact that you have been guided into an illusion.

An illusion that gives you the feeling of power, but it is not real.

I can hear all the ones that say they are using this power, they have taken back their power, they have changed the world, they have taken back the grids within the earth, and they have control over their own life.

Yes, but only as much as they let you have control.

And what is the importance anyway, as it is only control over your temporary home.

It is one of the smallest parts of you, where is the power of your own being, your source being?

You do a lot of good work, I will not deny this, but most of it is smoke and mirrors as it does not affect the overall energies of what is about to happen and needs to happen.

They give you the illusion and yes you fall for it as it makes you feel good about yourself.

For those of you that are channeling, it is time to ask the right questions, it is time to find what is really behind the smoke and mirrors.

It is no longer about having this feel good feeling, it is about what do you need to do now, it is about what needs to be done for real this time.

You came here to do this and now is the time to start this.

No more excuses, no more distractions.

Work is needed to ascend this universe and it is your job to make this happen.

I am not going to sugarcoat any more messages, if you want to know the truth, look for yourself. Find the real answers and do not let anything stand in your way.

Remember the smoke and mirrors and look beyond them.

I am Isis

And I am by your side.

January 7, 2011

Petra Margolis
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01/08/2011 10:02 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The energies of 2010 transitioned to a new octave with last week’s solar eclipse. Last year, numerous energy shifts were designed to shake things up and break us lose from old belief systems and old ways of being. With many of these strongholds broken down, the “frequency upgrades” of 2011 usher in a time of enhanced creativity when we are able to enter a place of calm within ourselves and envision a very different future.

Now that we’re shook loose from our moorings and cast adrift in new waters, we look around and see a crystal clear calm. In this calm and tranquil state, we gain clarity about our intentions and actions. We enter new levels of inner seeing and from this calm, clear place, we began to plant the seeds of future times.

This is the perfect time to examine our present course, decide how we will move ahead and set down new footprints.

2010’s Rites of Passage and the New Paradigm on Planet Earth

2010’s “trials by fire” led us through many new levels of clearing. At times you may have felt yourself to be a small raft being tossed about on a restless and turbulent sea. This was the passageway that allowed you to align your consciousness more strongly with the new paradigm on planet Earth.

This new paradigm has always been available but it was necessary for you to undergo numerous frequency upgrades to be able to align with this new location on the map of your consciousness. Your spiritual practices, your inner searching and questioning, your openness to realities beyond the physical world - these are some of the factors that have over time brought you into greater proximity with the new energies. To breakthrough to a new level, there is always a "rite of passage" that allows you to strengthen your resolve, to stand strong in the light of your spirit and allow your higher self to guide you past the ego’s dual challenges of doubt and disbelief.

The Present Moment as Access Point to Higher Consciousness

As you align more fully with the new time, you will learn to work with the energies that are now ready, accessible, and "coming online" within your being. If you receive a vision, ask the part of you that knows how to carry out this vision to step forward and assist you. If the vision appears too far afield from your current location, look for access points within your present moment. Your higher self will never ask you to commit to a course that is too far out of alignment with your present location in consciousness. It may ask you to undertake a journey that will carry you in a certain direction, but this journey will always have a starting point from within your present moment.

The January 2011 Solar Eclipse and Clarity of Purpose

Last week's solar eclipse was clear-cut and straightforward. There are no hidden meanings, no convoluted passageways. You are simply asked to gain clarity about your goals and desires. As you gain clarity about your purpose, it becomes much easier to burn through all in your life that has ceased to serve your higher purpose. Once you've "cleaned house", you are ready to cultivate the qualities that allow you to live more fully in the new paradigm: self-discipline, creativity, unconditional love, passion and motivation. These qualities in coming weeks will prove beneficial in nurturing any seed you plant now.

A solar eclipse is a great time to bring something new into your life. That is because the Moon has been at its darkest point and then begins to show light. These first rays of light are the true seeds of all new beginnings. In coming weeks, you will be guided to nurture those seeds and take actions that help them grow into the light.

Releasing Old Timelines of Suffering and Struggle

Those who choose to do so can continue to follow the old timelines but it will be with increasing difficulty as the new energies continue to shake up old paradigms. Those who are ready to leave behind densities of suffering and struggle can step into the new "upgraded" timelines now available. In order to align fully with these new reality threads, it will be necessary for you to reaffirm your belief and trust in the higher power of love and blessings. Bless those who continue to exist along old timelines. Do not allow yourself to fall back into them through judgment and criticism.

Bless all that comes before you now, knowing that there are many shifts and changes you won't be able to fully embrace with your conscious mind. Trust your heart and intuition now and go into a place of stillness to ask for guidance whenever you feel overwhelmed. All is possible now as you trust and allow the greater light to shine through you.

For more information, visit [link to www.celestialvision.org]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

2011 brings the discovery of a totally new purpose that we didn't know about. The revelation of our New Purpose is possible because we are now emerging as True Ones. Our New Purpose doesn't appear as ideas or concepts –– it's more like the waft of a fresh breeze. But in the moment that it's felt, we know it to be Real and True. When we try to see our New Purpose more clearly so we can define it, it elusively slips away, but the feeings remain. If we try to apply old methods or old concepts to describe it, we quickly see that none of them apply. Our New Purpose is something totally new. It comes from far beyond our present perceptions. Each time that the fresh breeze of our New Purpose returns, we recognize it by the feelings that it evokes within us and because it triggers our knowingness of what is to come, even if we cannot put it into words.

When we get a glimpse of our New Purpose, it is on such a vast level and so far reaching that it almost takes our breath away. But we won't feel overwhelmed. This is because it is such a natural extension of who we are.

Our New Purpose may utilize skills that we didn't realize we had. Or skills that we knew were within us, but didn't take seriously or use much. They might be skills that we used for a hobby. Or we may take our already well developed skills and apply them in a totally new manner which is much more creative and fun. Or we may feel complete with our old skills and decide to develop totally new ones. It's our choice. Our New Purpose is totally new and unexpected. It might lead us in a direction that we never considered. We might do something that we'd never thought of doing. Yet when we find our New Purpose, it's exciting and fresh and feels stunningly right.

In order to discover our New Purpose, we must, first of all, become True Ones. We also must get rid of any thoughts that we cannot do something new or cannot do something that we failed at in the past. These limiting thoughts prevent us from seeing our New Purpose because our New Purpose cannot be perceived through the filter of "I cannot". Without this filter, we are able to see myriad possibilities that were previously hidden from us.

Our New Purpose might require that we step out of our old purpose before we can see it. We definitely won't find it by thinking about it. Our New Purpose might appear as a Wild Idea coming from "Out of the Blue". It will come to us when we thoroughly align ourselves with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.


The road we travel into the New Landscape is the Path of Love. On the Path of Love we don't need to give or receive LOVE; we simply ARE LOVE. It's our natural state of being. Walking on the Path of Love means that we bring our love into everything that we do. We emanate PURE HEART TRUE LOVE wherever we are. This does not mean that we like everyone and everything, and it does not mean that we have to tolerate everyone and everything. We can emanate PURE HEART TRUE LOVE to the person in front of us while telling them that we do not want to be around them. This does not reduce our love.

Only True Ones can walk the Path of Love. But it's also true that the Path of Love is the only path True Ones can walk upon. What other path could there be?

True Ones develop mastery on the Path of Love. It is their deepest desire to interact with other beings on the level of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE, as True One to another True One. On the Path of Love we communicate with love and honesty. We do not need to speak in a special soft tone or use certain flowery words - our raw and open heart will tell us how to interact with Trueness in every situation. We can agree or disagree, accept or refuse, support or stop -- any action or reaction coming from PURE HEART TRUE LOVE is adequate. And even when the other person gets upset at our honesty -- on a deeper level they will finally understand.

Every now and then we might stumble on the Path of Love. We might encounter a person whom we believe we would never be able to love. These persons help us to deepen and strengthen our love in a way which would not have been possible without them. At times, we may feel that we are no longer on the Path of Love. This is when we feel closed, that the world is too much for us and we are having problems to open our heart to other people. Then we simply stop whatever we are doing, and we start smiling. If you cannot just smile out of the blue, then remember a pleasant situation, a lovable person or a love related feeling you have had in the past. Fill your smile with love and then send it down to your heart. Do this as often as necessary; usually you can feel the effect after only a short time smiling.

On the Path of Love we may encounter disharmonies and dissents. Our Love is not a protection against worries and struggles within us or with other people. It is a misunderstanding of the Path of Love when we think all within us and around us will be harmonic and nice because we are on the Path of Love. It might not be at all like that. It's not New Age "Love & Light"; it's REAL and TRUE.

True Ones walk on the Path of Love without expecting rewards. We walk the Path of Love simply because it is the only path on which we feel comfortable and fulfilled.

As increasing numbers of us emerge as True Ones, the resonance of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE will become ever stronger. This LOVE will link people together like never before. Many different types of people who did not interact together before, will now weave together in Oneness and Trueness. This deeper LOVE will also be the foundation for new creative enterprises that will serve the ONE. This is true One Being In Action.


2011 is a powerful, powerful year! If you thought there were lots of changes last year, just wait and see what will happen this year. 2010 will seem calm and quiet compared to 2011. This is a year of NO DOWN - NO RETURN in which the road to The Way Things Used To Be will be shut down.

In 2011 the Great Wheel of Destiny will be turning. It is a momentous year which many of us have long anticipated with a sense of excitement. It's the year of the culmination of our twenty year long transformational journey through the 11:11 Doorway. This is why the final two 11:11 Gate Activations will take place later this year. This will herald the momentous end of a very long evolutionary cycle.

Many of us have the feeling that something very big is coming. And it is. Dramatic changes will be happening all year long. This is our final year of the three year cycle of MUAs. (Mua is a Tahitian word which means "In the beginning, before anything else". It signifies the beginning of a totally new, evolutionary cycle.)

The world of duality will continue to fall apart. More layers of corruption and lack of integrity will be exposed. Everything that is built upon false foundations will begin to either crumble or change. We need to be prepared for some shocking events. These will happen all over the world, but we should be particularly watchful of the United States and Europe, although events in these two areas may not happen until 2012. Drastic climate changes will continue, as well as earth changes. It's not so much a matter of what will happen, but more of HOW WE REACT TO WHAT HAPPENS. If we remain True Ones, ALL WILL BE WELL.

At the same time that duality collapses and the Earth rebalances herself, there will be a surge of LOVE and TRUENESS. Increasing numbers of people will step out of their old patterns, embrace the changes and emerge as True Ones. More and more of us will start to inhabit the New World that is being born.

This is the time of our rebirth. The rebirth of humanity. The rebirth of Trueness. The rebirth of Planet Earth. The coming together of us as ONE BEING. All births can be messy and bloody, yet they are vitally necessary and full of miracles. While we are in the midst of our birthing pains, it's important to remember that any volatile situation can be instantly defused or transformed. Duality is going to crumble, but it doesn't have to happen with shocking events; it can also transform quickly and gently by simply flipping over into something aligned with Oneness.

2011 emphasizes getting into our rightful positions so our New Lives can begin. If you don't feel you are in your right place, find out where your right place is and go there as soon as you can. Don't let anything hold you back. Many people are concerned about being in a place that is "safe". If you go where your True Heart leads you to be, you will be in your right place. We don't need to worry about what is "safe", only about what feels right to us. True Ones are always in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

It is also a time for us to join together with other True Ones. The time of being solitary hermits is finally over. We are going to be interacting with lots of new people this year in ways that we cannot yet imagine.

All year long, our established roles will be changing. For example: A person who has worked in an office may suddenly decide to become a chef, or a person who has always lived in the same big city may move across the world to a small, remote village. But roles are changing on an even deeper level than merely a shift of occupation or location. A person in a leadership position may totally set it aside to work with others on a more co-creative level. Someone who has always been a follower may suddenly assume the responsibility of being in charge. Many of us will willingly and enthusiastically plunge into new situations and new roles in which we have to learn everything from scratch.

2011 requires efficiency and effort, plus the participation of our full beings. It's going to require constant courage because we are going to be traveling way off the Map of the Known and far beyond the previous boundaries of our comfort zones. We're not going to have any guidebooks or maps except for our internal knowingness. There will be much that we don't understand and much to learn. It's all going to be absolutely new to us. And this is exactly what will make it fun and exciting, and sometimes awkward and overwhelming.

We can now create lives exactly as we want; we can recreate ourselves. We can live True Lives as True Ones. To do this, we take all that we are, all we have ever been in this world and beyond, and we bring it all into the EXPANDED HERE and NOW.

The first half of 2011 will focus on getting into our correct positions so we can more fully emerge into the New World. As soon as we are in position, we have to learn how to navigate our New Landscape. Often, the New Navigation will feel like we are traversing a winding labyrinth. Things will not happen in a direct, linear manner. They won't happen in the ways that we think they should happen. Yet, it is exactly this meandering journey through the uncharted realms of our New World that will give us the perfect experiences, special contacts and most needed information. At times, we may feel confused or overwhelmed because there is so much that we don't yet understand. It will take constant courage and more openness than we've ever accessed to completely enter the New World.

The focus for the second half of 2011 is on fully inhabiting our New World as True Ones living True Lives and aligning with our New Purpose as One Being In Action. This is when our New Lives officially begin and the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams manifests in ways that we never imagined possible.

2011 is an intense, power-packed year of action, breakthroughs, breakdowns, LOVE, courage, clarity, effort, efficiency, challenges, massive transformation and total brilliance. Where we are and who we are with is very important. If we are in our right places with the right people, everything will be much easier and more fun. This is the year to start fully living in the EXPANDED HERE and NOW because this is becoming our predominant reality and soon will be all there is.


May the Great Year of 2011
bring us to our right places and right people
with the Flowering of our Wildest Dreams,
the Fulfillment of our New Purpose
and the Love of All Loves.



[link to www.nvisible.com]
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01/10/2011 07:37 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Dear ones, we welcome you into the new year of 2011.

It is a time for rejoicing because in spite of what you are hearing and seeing, the light is getting brighter. This then in turn, exposes those corners that here-to-fore have been dark and unseen. This is important to understand because although it seems as if things are getting worse they are not, dear ones; not worse, just exposed.

We wish you to stay centered in Truth at all times. Do not allow yourselves to get caught up in the energy of the negative. Do not allow yourselves to stray off center and into those dark corners being exposed, for this simply adds your energy to them. When you become enamored by the illusions, giving them your attention and concern, this gives more energy to these things. Save your energy for truth. See through the appearances and into the truth behind them. You say; "What truth behind these terrible things we see and hear about?" This is a spiritual universe dear ones, all that you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a concept of the spiritual reality. Evolution is the journey of moving beyond the concepts.

Look at it this way, mind is the translator of your state of consciousness. The omnipresent spiritual ideas of Source Consciousness are interpreted by mind in order for you to understand them. If your consciousness is filled with concepts and beliefs of duality and separation, these interpretations (your outer experience) come out that way; that is filled with duality and separation. All there is, is Sourceand all that is within Source ( all the Divine Ideas embodied within Divine Consciousness) are therefore also within every living thing for there is nothing else but Source. Nothing else that anything could be made out of.

It is not the world that is the illusion, it is your concepts of the world that are illusion.

Dear ones, examine your belief system. Don't be afraid to let go once and for all, of everything that no longer serves you. Sit quietly, perhaps with pen and paper, and examine all those issues that still give you pain, anger or suffering. Examine all persons and experiences from your whole life. Take each one and say to yourself; "What am I believing about this?" Then ask yourself; "In the light of Truth, is my belief about this true?" This process enables you to get to the root of your belief system and to to discover deeply buried concepts and ideas that hold you in bondage to the third dimensional energy; theories and beliefs that you accepted without question when given by teachers, parents, the media, churches, or government. You are then able to ask yourself; "Why did I accept this? Do I want this to remain a part of my consciousness?"

The time is NOW, not tomorrow when things "get better", to let go of all that does not resonate with truth, for as the western mystic Joel S Goldsmith used to say; "Any old belief can gum up the works."

There is no unexpressed consciousness. Think on that dear ones. Think very deeply and strongly about this truth, and then take your power back from all the untruths you have accepted and held as truth. This is not a condemnation, this is awakening. Never hold yourself in guilt over beliefs of your past for awakening to deeper truth is the evolutionary journey.

Wake up dear ones, you are in charge of you, and no one else can do this for you. Let go of the belief that someone is going to save you, be it the government, the church, or even some concept of God. Let go. Let go. Let go, and you will find that indeed the sky does not fall down, nor will it ever.

In love we say we are the Arcturian Group. 1/9/2011

[link to www.theonenessofall.com]
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01/10/2011 07:39 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
I invoke the I AM. I invoke My Greater Presence. I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her. So be it and so it is.

Greetings dear friends! It is with great excitement and joy that we come forth to you today. We are very excited about this journey we are beginning together. This year of 2011 is a wondrous time in your history and evolution; in fact, there has been nothing to rival the possibilities that are currently available to the planet Earth as well as to each unique individual who lives upon her. Many of you have heard others refer to this year as the Year of Awakening, and we wholeheartedly agree with this title. It is a year of awakening to all that you are, awakening to all that your New Earth holds for you, awakening to the power of creation that each of you holds. What wonderful fun! What wonderful possibilities.

That is why we term this message our “Suggestions for Possibilities for 2011″ because each of you is creating in every moment what is to come in this year cycle, and you can easily change what we are currently seeing if that is your desire. Have you not heard that as soon as a prediction is made, it already begins to change as those who “hear” the prediction have their individual responses–both positive and challenging–to the vibration of the message? So in taking that into your consideration, we present you with our thoughts on this individual-changing and world-changing year of 2011.

The Economy

Your individual country and world economies are at a crossroads. You read every day in your newspapers, your blogs, and your online news sources that the United States economy is in recovery and that the economies of other countries such as Greece, Ireland, and Portugal or in dire need of assistance and bailouts. Even with the supposed “bettering economic news” in the United States, most of you continue to see rising prices for necessities such as food and fuel, stagnating wages, and a furthering of unemployment. Many of you are asking yourselves where your economic recovery is. When will it affect my life and my bank account in a positive way?

Dear friends, the United States is now part of the global economy and the global economy is in the throes of massive change and transformation. Many of you will agree that the current economic system is no longer working and that changes must be made that benefit the greatest number of inhabitants of each country. As with any major transformational and energetic change, there are growing pains, and you have not seen the end to these growing pains within the United States or within the other participants in the global economy. There are more to come.

We do not tell you this with the aim of putting you into more fear than you are experiencing already for we do not see these changes as cause for fear. Fear is the absence of love. Love is absent when knowledge and understanding are absent and when there is a feeling of separation. Please realize that the changes in your economy are coming about so that each one of you can see ever more clearly that you are not separate from one another. Every human being on this planet in irrevocably linked to every other human being on the planet. You always have been and you always will be. What affects one group of people will affect every other group in one way or another whether it is felt immediately or not. As you begin to embrace this awareness that you are all one, you will begin to work together energetically and physically to bring positive change throughout the world.

So, you may say, “My Greater Presence, that is all well and good, but I have been suffering because of the recession. I do not have as much money as I wish to have or I do not have a job or I am struggling. And now you say there are going to be more changes? How will I cope? How will I survive?”

Dear friends, we hear your anguish and we send our love and support to you. Know that it is truth when we say, in 2011 everything is possible. We will say it again, in 2011 anything and everything is possible. Take a moment to notice where you are with your job, with your finances. Where are you in resistance? Where are you fighting to swim upstream rather than surrendering and going with Universal flow? Where are you fighting when it comes to your personal economy? Where do you limit yourself by telling yourself over and over again the same old stories? Where do you place your personal power in the hands of your boss, your clients, your country by saying “I can’t change what is happening to me?”

You are the creator of your reality in every moment of every day. You have heard time and again that your thoughts create your reality. It is time to finally take full responsibility for your life, your health, your relationships, and your finances. Say to yourself: “I AM the creator of my greatest good. I AM the creator of my well-being. I AM the creator of my prosperity. I AM the creator of my life.” Say it. Own it. Live it. Be it. And watch your finances and your life change.

To those you who have been depending on your 9-to-5 job to pay your bills, we suggest that you begin to diversify and not to put all of your eggs in one basket. A large percentage of you have a passion, a talent, a hobby that you spend your free time enjoying. It may be painting or woodworking or writing or gardening or jewelry design or teaching yoga classes. It may be any of a thousand different things. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just take note of where you put your interest, your time, your energy when you are not at your job. This is where your interests are and this is where you have passion in your life. Take this passion, talent, and/or hobby and begin to develop it. How can you make it into a side business or how can you offer it as a service to others that they are willing to give you something in return?

This is one way you will ride out the coming economic changes. Use your intuition, your gut knowing to find that which you enjoy doing and do it. As corporations break up and fall away, you will have your passion to fall back on. And this, dear friends, is how the new United States economy and the new global economy will begin to come about—one passion at a time.

Personal Power

2011 is the Year of Awakening to Your Personal Power. Power for many has negative connotations and for many others it is something to be avoided in oneself. Many feel that it is more spiritual, more friendly, more acceptable to deny one’s personal power for fear that one will abuse that power, that it will be more than they can control if they allow it to move forward confidently in the world. Please know that this is old programming meant to keep each of you in a place of servitude and powerlessness. It is now time to truly own your personal power as the creator that you are, as the being of love and light that you are, as the god force that you are.

Astrologically and energetically, 2011 will be the year of awakening to your personal intuitive power. Have you already begun to have more and more experiences of prophetic dreams, knowing that something is about to happen, and/or thinking about someone or something and then having them/it materialize in your experience? This is only the beginning dear friends. The veils are thinning as never before in the experience of the planet, and the support for your awakening as the clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, telekinetic being that you are is without boundaries. All of you and all of your guides and angels are supporting you in becoming the divine, intuitive being that you have always been meant to be.

Your intuitive awakening is happening already and will continue to happen throughout this year and beyond. Some of you will incorporate this knowing and connection effortlessly in your lives, while others of you will need a bit of assistance. Do not worry for there will be many to assist you with techniques, tools, exercises, and information. This will be how many such as our channel will use their passion and abilities in the developing of the new economy.

The Ability to Create as Never Before

Along with the opening to your intuitive and psychic powers will be the opening to ever-more instant manifestation. The old adage of “be careful what you wish for” will be truer in 2011 than at any other time in human history. Your ability to manifest your thoughts almost instantaneous will become truer and truer throughout 2011. Realize that this will be true for what you want as well as what you don’t want, if you give your thoughts and your energies to what you do not want.

Humans are in the habit of forming their thoughts around what they do want by stating what they do not want. “I don’t want to struggle. I don’t want another boyfriend who treats me that way. I don’t like being overweight. I don’t like living with my parents.” As you have been told time and again, the Universe does not hear “no or not.” So what the Universe hears in each of these cases is “I want to struggle. I want another boyfriend who treats me that way. I like being overweight. I like living with my parents.” This is truer now more than ever. Pay attention to your thoughts! When you find yourself making a negative statement, cancel it. Just say “cancel.” Then say what you do want. “I want to know ease and joy in my life. I want a boyfriend who is kind, loving, and appreciates the real me. I love being my perfect weight. I love living in the perfect space for me.”

Everything you know about your life is up for change in 2011. Now is the time to open yourself to all of the limitless possibilities that exist. You have been taught to make your New Year’s Resolutions and to make lists of what you wish to accomplish and have in your life. We suggest that beginning now you throw away your lists. That’s right. Throw them away. Why? Because they limit you and they limit the possibilities in your life. If you tell the Universe, I wish to drive a red BMW convertible, make $250,000 a year, and live in Maui; you have tied the hands of infinite manifestation. You have given the Universe strict parameters on what you will accept in your life as answers to your hopes and desires. Then if it is not for your highest good to live in Maui driving a red BMW convertible, then the Universe will keep you right where you are.

So what do we suggest? As this one has been telling her clients for the last several years, the way to manifest is not through the visualization of what you wish to have in your life. True manifestation now and on the New Earth is through concentrating on the feelings and emotions of that which you wish to create. How do you wish to feel when you wake up in the morning? How do you wish to feel as you experience your family, your friends, your co-workers? How do you wish to feel as you drive your perfect car, live in your perfect location, or are making the perfect amount of money for you? When you concentrate on how you wish to feel, then the Universe is able use infinite manifestation to bring you the perfect things, events, and people into your life to give you those feelings and emotions. When you concentrate on your feelings rather than on your visualizations, the possibilities truly are limitless.

We appreciate your attention to the words and vibrations contained in this message. It is our desire to stop here to allow you to absorb the information we have already given you. Then, we will return in a day or two to continue with our view of the possibilities that are before you during 2011.

It is with great joy that we interact with each one of you. You are truly and unconditionally loved.

I AM My Greater Presence

[link to www.karenlaruemoye.com]

*This is not meant to take the place of any medical or professional treatment.
Anonymous Coward
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01/10/2011 09:01 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Happy New Year my amazing friend!

Where are we energetically right now? Many of us are currently in a major processing period as a direct result of the powerful two eclipses along with a few other astrological alignments we recently experienced. The energies are guiding us more than ever to be our most true authentic self. Outwardly, it may appear as if everything is still the same, however when we go inside ourselves we can clearly tap into one of the most intense shifts we've experienced in a long time.

Since the energies are vibrating so high, it's completely normal to feel a bit overwhelmed and emotional. The important thing is to accept and give ourselves full permission to experience all our emotions instead of resisting them. When we accept all our feelings and we recognize they are valid and as part of our life process, our emotions will naturally balance themselves out.

However, it's important to find a healthy outlet to release “the not so good feeling emotions” that might otherwise be projected towards others in a less than loving way. Some healthy forms of release could be exercising, dancing, being outside in nature, using a loud opera voice to express our emotions while we are in our car with the windows closed, going for a relaxing walk, laughing, taking long deep breaths, and meditating.


In the next few weeks, many of us might continue to feel a deep rearrangement happening within ourselves. It's as if things are still lining up for our new beginnings that are set to manifest around February. As this rearrangement continues, a new peaceful energy will emerge. This energy will be very different than the jolting energies we've been experiencing for the past year. Some of us might already be sporadically experiencing this soft gentle energy in small increments, however soon this beautiful energy will be something we tap into much more frequently.

While we experience this inner and outer rearrangement, we might notice some old patterns come up we thought were resolved. For the most part, these patterns provide us with great feedback that clearly reveal where we are on our journey and if there is a bit more inner releasing to do on our part.


Just as big breakthroughs are about to manifest, sometimes we unconsciously and even collectively create distractions for ourselves as a way of staying in our comfort zone. Since the mind always tries to keep us safe the best way it knows how, it usually resists any kind of change moving us out of our comfort zone. With this awareness alone, we can catch ourselves much more quickly especially if we find ourselves procrastinating, resisting the natural flow of life (i.e. worrying, over stressing. etc), or getting caught up in dramatic events. Once we are aware of what's going on, then it becomes much easier to move out of these distractions with the knowing that amazing breakthroughs are usually always on the other side.

New beginnings

Many new opportunities in areas of health, relationships, and creative satisfaction will manifest themselves as we move closer to February. For now, all we need to do is continue to follow the intuitive nudges we receive preparing us for the start of our new endeavors.


Also emerging at this time is our deeper desire to connect with others who walk a conscious path. Although many of us have mastered and fully embrace the art of being by ourselves for the most part, we feel it's time to reconnect with others in way that contributes to the advancement of our planet as a whole. Many of us have desired this before, and maybe have taken small action steps towards making it happen, however we always seemed to get right back into our cocoon. This time, it will be different. These connections we are forming now with others are creating the solid foundation to anchoring in a united world as One people. That my friend, is very exciting!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


©2011 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved - You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts with others as you feel guided! Thank you!
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01/10/2011 09:03 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
As we begin a new year we feel like we have so much to do in order to change the world and ourselves. Each new level of awareness we achieve opens our eyes to what is 'wrong' around us. But it is our ability to move into a new level of energetic vibration that allows us to become aware of our disconnection, missteps, mistakes and poor choices. Then the past rushes to meet us and we can either acknowledge ourselves as powerful co-creators or feel disempowered by every powerless step we think we have taken. This is how we know in which dimension we are living in and where we go from that moment is our ascension into higher living or our descent into a powerless past.

The third dimension is the home of the ego and a higher dimension is always one step beyond it. Life is not about overcoming, destroying or dismantling the ego as it serves an important purpose. Our challenge is to take the ego into higher dimensions, to transform its limited thinking into an unlimited spiritual partnership with our soul. When we try to destroy the ego we are trying to correct something that is not wrong. Transformation is not about destruction, it is about shifting energies, changing form and creating a new vibration. This process builds on the old by acknowledging its very important role in our life and being willing to always take another step in a new direction.

We always want to be in a different place than the one we are in, especially when that place is so fraught with difficulties. But the place we are at is the one we have chosen, consciously or unconsciously, and it is our starting place for higher dimensional living. We can enjoy life and its blessings from any dimension because higher dimensional living is a spiritual process that is reflected in the physical. We have long believed that being in a higher dimension removes us from the world and it doesn't, it just gives us a different perspective on the world.

The dimension we choose, whether that is the third, fourth, fifth or beyond, is the one that is right for us. And we go back and forth, so at times we are in the third, then we move into a higher one, then something happens that brings up our fears so we go back into the third to experience and release that fear. Then we can move on again. But with each back and forth movement we release a little more so our stay in a higher dimension is longer and becomes more familiar and comfortable. Eventually we will learn the detachment that is necessary to stay in a higher dimension and as our ego finds its place within our spiritual partnership we find the dimension that makes us happy and we move into powerful, masterful living.

Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc.
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01/10/2011 06:30 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Thanks Finland. I'm glad you are still putting these messages up. It might seem like you are a one man army but you are not and the things you post here are read by me with appreciation and thirst for more.
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01/10/2011 09:36 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Has anyone seen Proof's latest??
Anonymous Coward
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01/11/2011 01:59 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Thanks Finland. I'm glad you are still putting these messages up. It might seem like you are a one man army but you are not and the things you post here are read by me with appreciation and thirst for more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1184223

You're most welcome. hf
Anonymous Coward
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01/11/2011 02:00 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Observing the Power of Fear by the Creator

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-10/01/11

The energy of divine love flows like ribbons of light all around you, embracing you gently and softly vibrating within your aura. Love is the complete truth and this is the energy that I the Creator embrace you in now. As light and love beings upon the Earth, I care for you, honour and respect you as we are one.

Many people make this statement that they are one with the Creator but how many of you actually realise this completely, know it within your heart and feel it so powerfully within your being. It is time to contemplate upon the statement that, 'I am one with God, God is one with me,' understanding that this is your truth, there is no other statement that can be so important, so simple and yet have such vast and expansive meaning or understanding connected to it. In order to understand this statement you must realise that it automatically means that you are love, that you are held in love and that you create from and in love. It also implies that you are the magnificence of the Creator, the sacred qualities and energies of the Creator that exist as and within love. To understand the Creator there is a need to feel, experience and accept love; a love that extends deeper than a romantic love between partners. It is a love that fills you completely, encompasses you, heals and guides you. Now say this statement to yourself with its meaning fresh in your mind.

'I am one with God, God is one with me,'

Now say this statement out loud, say it louder and louder placing energy behind the words. Now try standing up and saying it, try moving your arms as if you are trying to get your point across to yourself and anyone who wanted to listen. Try marching, jumping or dancing around the room saying the statement out loud to yourself, feel the energy and enthusiasm you are creating. Go mad if you want to, do whatever feels right to you, shout it from the rooftops if you like.
Then when you are ready sit down again and breathe deeply, feeling the energy, the determination that you have created, essentially the life or life force energy you have created. Let the energy of the Creator flow and feel the peace, security and love that it brings.

If you really knew that this statement was true, not just understanding it in your mind, but identifying it in your heart, extending it into your actions and reality, all lessons of growth and discovery would dissolve. You would remember the truth. To reach this stage of realisation and knowingness requires a tremendous amount of focus and concentration because the Earth holds many distractions, it is your mission to remain aligned to the Creator at all times. Some may see this as impossible but once you devote a part of your day to aligning with the Creator then this alignment spreads, it will be like a mist spreading across your day. There is also a need to let go of the lower or ego self to reveal the soul self. Your soul already understands that it is one with the Creator; that it is in Holy Communion with the Creator at all times because it respects itself as the Creator. As the personality you may not have yet accepted the true presence of your soul and so maybe relying on the ego to guide your way and to create the reality that you live within. This is perfectly fine and acceptable after all the ego cares about you and wants to assist you in every way it can. Why then do you not feel fulfilled, wish for something better, know you deserve more, know that there is more to you and your life on the Earth. For many it can be as if there is sadness inside, as if everything is going wrong for them or as there is something missing from their life. The ego can only support you for a certain period in your life before you begin to notice that your ego is creating your reality but it is creating it mostly from fear and control, hindering you from seeing the truth. The truth is seeing the Creator in everything or seeing love in everything. The ego's longing to have attention and to be loved is so strong that it emphasises everything, taking a single feeling or desire completely out of proportion. If you have a small fear that just pops into your head have you noticed that it is like a seed that grows into a mighty tree, this is the influence of your ego or lower self. To love, forgive and dissolve your ego is a great gift to yourself, your soul and to the Creator.
I wish to explain further the influence of the ego.

If you imagined that every single thing on the Earth including your body was an illusion, it was fake, all a part of your imagination, how would you feel? You would most probably feel fear that you had trusting a fantasy or a false impression. You may feel sad as there are things about your life which you love and are attached to. You would probably grieve for your life as it is yours and so familiar to you.

Realising that everything was a fantasy you would probably want to find the truth and to detach from your reality. If you were to let go of or detach from everything while still holding the feeling that you appreciate and love everything but did not necessary need it, do you think this would make you feel better? For a start you would be detaching from the false impression and you may then be able to see the truth but it is most probable that you would then feel alone, lonely, vulnerable and lost. Why do you think you may feel alone and vulnerable? It could be because your ego is still deluding you, still affirming to you this reality and you believe it wholeheartedly, you must do otherwise you wouldn't create it so vividly or feel the pain and suffering so deeply. You may feel that there is no purpose to your life or that no one needs you anymore, these are also delusion. There is a need to look inside yourself and ponder where suffering and pain come from. Are they put onto you or caused by others? The answer to this is No, there is no person or being in theentire universe that can hurt you or cause you pain. If you realise the cause of suffering and pain then you will know this to be true. It could be your past experiences and past lifetimes that have caused you suffering but in truth this as an illusion. They may have caused you upset or an imbalance for a while, even creating a false belief but your experiences cannot cause you pain. I must stress that I am speaking of emotional and mental trauma as I know that you understand how delicate your physical body can be, but this is because it is allowing you to sense and feel in order to understand how energies influence, nourish or stagnate within you.

The ego can build a picture for you that you are vulnerable and alone, feeling pain and misery, that there is nothing else to life and you are condemned to suffer for the rest of your life. The ego will paint this picture until you believe it and of course you will because even though you know everything around you is a fantasy created by your mind, you are still trusting in the words and beliefs of your ego. The ego feels as if it is protecting you, your ego feels that the more it creates fear around you allowing you to exist in a hell, the more you will love it. Your ego will feel loved because you are catching hold of its creations and giving them attention. Don't children always feel loved when they have the attention of another? By this stage the ego is thinking that it is doing well, you are loving your ego and making it a large part of your life so it feels happy, but the ego forgets the power of the soul, of the Creator aspect within you. The ego is only like a fog that surrounds you; it can be blown away by you when you begin to redirect your attentions. Your focus needs to be placed upon your soul, the love aspect within you, the wise and expansive energy that is your god aspect. This part of your being knows and understands all that it needs; it doesn't succumb to illusions, fantasies or false impressions. Your soul will hunt out the truth and always bring it to your attention. When you think and act in align with your soul which is to be aligned with the Creator then everything is created with or from love. It may seem utterly impossible that a person can ignore the love, security, beauty and wisdom that exists within them, but they can and do easily, all because of focus.

The important thing to realise from my explanation is that the ego can control and delude you all the time, in some ways it can be tricky and cunning. Your soul will never deceive you and will always lead you to the truth, to the Creator and to love, how can you not allow yourself to accept the blissful reality that the soul has to offer? The answer is that you are so influenced by your ego that nothing else is apparent to you. So even when you understand that you create your reality, that most of your reality could be false. Even when you make a decision to view your reality from love, holding the understanding that you don't necessary need anything but situations and people will flow to you with divine timing, you could still feel suffering and pain because you are allowing your ego to control your thoughts by creating fear. You can feel alone when your ego is in control but you never are. When you engage the soul asking your Creator or god self to come forward and align to the Creator then your soul dissolves the ego and you feel fulfilled, viewing the truth and feeling a love that is so brilliant and inspiring. You realise that all you ever needed was a connection with your soul and the Creator, with this focus you can gradually dissolve the influence of the ego and understand who you truly are. So if you are feeling down, depressed, lost, fearful or are suffering know that this is a false impression, fear of any kind is a false impression. It may feel so real to you but it is simply your ego's influence. Your soul isn't hurting or suffering, your soul is simply emanating the vibration of love. If you attune to this vibration of love you can transform your reality and being completely, becoming enlightened and free.

Freedom is something that many desire, they see it as a freedom to do as they please but it stems deeper, it is a desire to be free from suffering that the ego causes. Free yourself now by connecting with the Creator and your soul. Your soul will remind you of all you need to understand and enact on the Earth.

It is important to remember that the ego creates fear; fear is one of the greatest illusions. If you imagine yourself as the Creator you would realise that love dissolves all fears. The power of self love, a love for the Creator and for your fellow beings on the Earth means that you always feel safe and secure, you are always loved. Everything that you fear, doubt or worry about cannot exist in the reality of the Creator it is impossible because the Creator and your soul will only speak to you of love and so you will only speak of love to others and so it grows until all of humanity are knowing, feeling, experiencing and speaking love. What a beautiful image to end upon I think.

My message to you is to love, forgive and honour yourself as the Creator for you are the creative energy of your reality, through alignment and focus you can create a reality that is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. There is a need also to become aware of your thoughts, beliefs and ego, changing them to focus upon the Creator around and within you.

With sacred love,
I am the Creator, whichever label you choose to address me as I am the essence of life and you.
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
2011 Stepping Up & Out

"We would like to congratulate the warrior brigade for your collective emergence into true, authentic beings of light. The year of 2011 is one where those of actualized, authentic spiritual descent will be emerging as the risen leaders of the new paradigm…those who will be followed to the new day." -Pleiadian High Council

Happy New Year!

Can you believe that we made it to 2011? I seriously remember thinking in 2006…"how will we ever get through another year of this"…let alone five more. DOH

For all you path-pavers and pioneers of the new timeline... granted, it's been pretty odd to calculate the journey to now with the increasing compression of time...but somehow, someway, we all made it here together in one collective piece (checks all ten fingers and toes). The last decade+ of consciousness expansion happened so incredibly fast, yet morbidly slow…it seems like yesterday was a lifetime ago, but went by in an instant.

And tho most of the journey to this point was akin to running waist high in mud, if we look back at the contrast of who we were before we naively embarked on our soul travails, its mind-blowing to see, feel and comprehend the rate and result of our personal evolution thus far. (And nothing highlights this contrast like a Christmas visit with family...yikes) On a personal level, its surreal to think that I started writing about this stuff in my twenties…and now I am like 88…in dog years. Feels like we have lived 20 lifetimes in the last ten…weeks.

Tho time is getting increasingly more janky by the hour…and will speed up like 20 fold for the masses this year…things will begin to level out for each of us, individually, as we are personally able to break thru to new ground. Once we snap into place…meaning, align our hearts/minds (merge male/female), the feeling of time rushing past us, or gasping to catch up to ourselves and our lives, will cease to exist…in fact, when we are fully operating from the space of no-time, we will ironically have more control over time than we ever knew possible. More on that below.

What's to come?

Though really there is no such thing as prediction anymore (since we are creating everything from here on out), I am hearing that 2011 will be a year of rapid transformation for many…a year of physically dividing ourselves from all that no longer serves us as we move more deeply and rapidly into the flow of all good things.

Up until now, our transformations have been, for the most part, internal. In 2011, we begin to traverse a new era thru the consciousness of co-creation... the complete alignment of all four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional & physical) enabling the full descent of our spiritual mastery into form, and resulting in the outward manifestations of our inward transformations. This means that this year it becomes absolutely vital and essential that our thoughts are clear and in alignment with who we really are and what we really want.

Since the eclipses, we are definitely in new (unknown) territory…THE space required to be all we came here to be and to do all we came here to do. But we still have some inner/outer aligning and integrating to do (most likely until the March equinox) before this becomes totally clear to us. That said, we will begin to see big chunks of our new lives come into plain view and land in perfect alignment starting mid-January, if they are not already apparent to you.

That unbelievably powerful eclipse sandwich portal that blasted us out of our past for good created a massive separation between our old identity and our new sense of trueness. You may not even recognize yourself in relation to that person you were even 6 weeks ago and thru relentless self-questioning and re-questioning you may have many more realizations and clarity that are supporting your confidence to be who you truly are now.

The chasm created from the eclipse period was to prepare us to redirect our focus to our new life and roles, which meant embracing more of our true selves and leaving behind some of those things that we either "thought" we would be doing, or at the very least it forced us to take an objective look at what is real and what we really want to bring with us into the new.

Most of us have built a solid portion of our foundation for our new lives, however, in some cases the last 6 weeks may have forced you to tear down and rebuild portions of it. This may have been jolting, however, it will be well worth the struggle in this brand new reality we are just beginning to figure out.

At 4am this morning, the Pleiadians said to me: "if your life was about to become all that you've ever dreamed of, what would you need to do right now to prepare yourself? This is where your focus needs to be"

Tho I am still processing this colossal question, my feeling is that these preparations...whatever is left in our lives to resolve or set up...is paramount to our successful take-off...that any undone details will inhibit our ability to fly.

In addition to the extensive self-nurturing and receiving that our bodies still need, we are also being urged to apply the masculine energy of structure, discipline and organization in our lives... to tighten up the ship and fully anchor our foundations so that we are ready to freely set sail. This is not the fun stuff, it's hard work, but we need to have it all balanced and in place for our future…even if we can't see all of what's on the other side of this yet.

The good news is that our hearts (feminine) have become so finely tuned and in equal power with our nearly pulverized will (masculine) that it is easier now to determine where we need to put our energy and when, and to take inspired action when prompted. As well, we have become acutely aware of what we absolutely must have in our lives so we can effectively and quickly weed out all that we do not want.

Stepping Up

All of these tireless growing pains…especially the last 3 months...are not without their rewards. Though 2010 was a very sobering year of internal and external realizations and expansion, the most important thing that it provided for us was the ability to strip away any/all pretense and to become, without exception, exactly who we came here to be. This year it will be like we have completely unzipped ourselves from all that we thought we were so we can step up to who we really are.

Yes, this year we will all have our "Tootsie" moments where we will pull off our wigs and expose ourselves to the world in our truest form. This will probably be nothing like we expect, but it will stem from the inability to hide or remain inauthentic in any way. This coming out process has been happening slowly over many years…both in the macro & the micro... but in 2011 it will be more obvious than ever. It has been a never-ending work in progress to feel safe enuf to become more transparent, to allow ourselves to be seen with all our perfect imperfections, and to give our transparency a voice. Now, we literally have no choice left but to be true to ourselves, to engage our full potential, or suffer the contrasting backlash in an instant and brutal way.

The necessity of becoming authentic has been circling us like sharks the last two months...especially as it pertains to our passion, purpose, and potential. We got hit with a MASSIVE wave of energy that served to clear out some last minute goo in preparation for our new year. The lunar to solar eclipse wormhole period served to sandblast any remaining vestiges of our ego-identity so that we could become purer, clearer reflections of our YOUniqueness as we prepare to direct much more of our focus and energy into our new earth creations.

It's time to step up. Our roles are changing to adapt to the new frequencies and tho this meant many grueling weeks of unplugging, upgrading and fine-tuning, it will result in our ability to emerge and remain fully aligned as we step out into the world…to find our most authentic voice and muster up the courage to use it.

Stepping Out

"The moment that each of you decided to put forth your focus into physicality was the moment that you decided to take part in the greatest evolutionary leap in human consciousness." -PHC

In the coming days of this final year of transformation (the 9th and final level of consciousness according to the Mayan Calendar that will commence around February/March of 2011 and conclude on October 28, 2011), and prior to the heralded galactic gateway freeing earth thru the completion of this evolutionary cycle, those who have been prepping themselves to lead the planet and her people to the 5th dimension will be doing so en masse. This means that those who are activated and aligned with the new timeline will be stepping into roles of active service (play)…putting forth our authentic voices and reclaiming our power to lead by example.

This means one thing in particular: time to walk our talk.

"...those who have become the fine-tuned masters of their inner world will be displaying many new gifts and traits now in your outer world. Those fully connected to their inner guidance systems will be strongly urged to come together with others of like mind & vibration to support the teachings of new earth changes for those who are still following any source outside of themselves...for they will begin to awaken to the truth within this year, and will begin seeing new ways of understanding that will be more aligned with the 5th dimensional ways of the heart." -PHC

Many reading this are here to teach in some way but keep in mind that teaching will take many different forms which include: personal action, writing, speaking, creativity, art/film/media, science and even applications of interactive unconditional love (acts of kindness) will be inspirational teachings in action.

"Those of you who have always gravitated toward the arts and creation sciences will be longing to reconnect to your roots…to your inner foundation that has been recovered through your personal ascension process. Those of you who have always gravitated toward the social, public and political sciences will also be drawn to reconnect to your origin plan thru the activation of your specifically encoded deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which is programmed with your individual source code…the original intention of your soul spark for these momentous times." -PHC

In other words, as of the eclipse sandwich, we are now ready to activate our next-level of service and highest purpose as participants in the new timeline of 5th dimensional creation.

What does this mean?

All kinds of things yet unknown to us as well as those things we have been consciously working toward….things that we will create based on our new clarity and higher level understanding as fully integrated divine/galactic-humans exploring and implementing our new-human capabilities. This year we will be engaging in the gifts and grace of spirit in form as we collectively reroute human consciousness to a higher level of potential and possibility.

In earth terms, this means that we will finally have the energetic means to support our long-held intentions, the capabilities of our fully actualized GOD-self as we bring forth the full essence of our soul's desires in physical form. As we step into greater life roles, we will be spending the year honing our skills at maintaining balance in the fields of unity/oneness.

This balance comes strictly from heart-centering…aligning ourselves with our feeling-based knowing at all times, regardless of the outside world. As we do this, as we are non-wavering in our ability to remain neutral to outside events and turbulent circumstances, so too do we exhibit the example required to lead others to peace, to harmony and to the expanded state of awareness required to ascend beyond the dimensions of polarity.

The Pleiadian High Council brings this to our attention for the purpose of clearer understanding of our roles as way-showers, that we are here to lead others through our centeredness, non-reaction and peaceful understanding of the many shifts and resulting circumstances yet to come. In most cases, we will not be required to do or be anything other than we already are... for we are all that is required already.

New Understanding of Time/Space

Our relationship to time is/has been changing for quite some time but now scientists are beginning to discover that time itself is changeable and therefore, malleable. This discovery will lead to many new advances in technology beginning this year that will revolutionize our world…mostly by way of industry. For the next decade or so, this branch of science will be highly studied and will offer humanity the proof required to move into a new understanding of time and space and how it relates to our personal and collective evolution.

Up until this particular point in time, humans have understood evolution only by way of a linear timetable…that is to say: past, present & future. From this understanding we grew to learn that evolution required the passage of time. The fifth dimension is not spatial, nor is it temporal. Rather, it is a dimension that brings space-time into relationship with the timeless and eternal…so from 5D "upward", time in relation to evolution is no longer required and human beings who have moved beyond the confines of karmic (polarity-based) creation will be capable of quantum changes that are vibrational in nature…where energy is proportional in magnitude to frequency.

In a non-polarized 5D matrix/unity timeline we can see the inter-connectivity between all things, so evolution takes place collectively… beyond the confines of the self-defined ego, which is in relationship to itself, and where a group or collective understanding of love, life and goals must be harmonized.

Since the spiritual, or ascension path involves disconnecting from our ego/personality traits, naturally, those with an understanding of this energy/science will consciously move forward into the new day with greater ease, joy and anticipation, while those without this understanding may spiral into confusion and fear thru the perceived threat and loss of personal identity. Again, it will be for way-showers...those who understand, who have actualized their visions...to lead the way for humanity. (no pressure : ))

A Word from Our Sponsor

"Welcome to the era of co-creation! This is an era of collectively defined and accepted values toward the greater good…an era of understanding the needs of the whole thru the nourishment and development of each individual. This is the era of creating through the power of intent which is bound by the universal laws of attraction and reciprocity...a time when all things are possible, not by sheer will alone, but by universal and vibrational consent. This is the moment of truth…of stepping so fully into your authentic selves that you fail to see anything beyond what is real and true.

For those of you who will be joining in the shared resources of the 5th dimension, we say to you…welcome home! We have been waiting a long "time" for you!

We are the Pleiadian High Council, and with deep abiding love, we look forward to joining with you on your new crusade to even greater understanding. "

To our next, first steps!


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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
“Free Will – The belief that man has free will and makes his own choices changes to: the realization that the action of any one person changes the world situation just that much and the actions of all other persons changes the one person’s situation accordingly, and one cannot do his own thing without it affecting others, or, without others affecting it. One person’s action or thing is every-one’s action or thing.

Therefore, the concept of free will changes to one of co-responding and co-creating: responding or creating with others, mutually encouraging or discouraging each other’s desires by all parties involved clearly communicating to each other their own desires, then together reaching a workable compromise or arrangement that allows all involved to benefit.

In the case of thoughtless greed and extremely selfish desires of one person, the group must patiently but firmly guide that person into new levels of understanding by not allowing him to bully or manipulate them and by showing him a more workable alternative to the selfish desire, whereby that person gains understanding, acceptance and happiness of a different order, while the group gains freedom from his unpleasant behavior.”

So sharing this seems right. The deed is done. I’m getting some lunch.
Love and Light to all, xxxxxxxxx
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
This message is directed to those who know but seldom take action, those who suspect but whose reticence, inbred optimism or fallacious thinking prevents them from investigating and those who are bound and blinded by things of this world.

Global unity of hearts is necessary during these daunting times as the lessons become denser that man may in these final days learn the truth.

As the firmament moves so too shall the planet and in her ascension she shall find her release of all that has contained her for aeons.

She is currently releasing long accumulated toxins through her belly and expelling that which is caustic that she may attain her lightness. She is being purged and it is through this purgation that she will find her freedom and embrace her resurrection. Always has she submitted to the will of God and it is in her surrender that the glorious light will be reclaimed, that which has for too long been tempered in swathes of darkness.

This is the time for release and surrender. You are in the inevitable throes of the ascension and you are required to relieve yourself of limitations imposed by confined, erroneous thinking influenced by a diet of misinformation and lies. You must surrender to the light for only then will the decadence of darkness which paralyses you and your world raise its ugly head to disintegrate into oblivion. For you hold the power to overthrow the darkness through the energy of your thoughts. Yet the collective continues to dwell in ignorance and give credence to those ungodly energies by continuing to sustain its prowess.

You must release all that impedes your progress. Yet to effectively detach you must be open to and aware of the greater changes taking place. Only then will you be able to clearly understand that the current energies demand release from the individual to the collective. You will learn in days to come that you will fare better in your understanding and acceptance if you could use the current signs given to you as an indicator of what is transpiring.

You are required to take an objective view of your world as it is currently, to see and know that the end is portended by events already manifesting on your plane. Can you ones not see that the ghost of death hovers like blackbirds over waste? Yes dear ones I speak of death of all that is old, unclean, unnatural, ungodly, contaminated and beyond repair. In their death you ones shall find release; free to live your power and light without inhibition.

All that no longer serves the planet is being released. Seek out that which does not serve you and release it voluntarily and knowingly and affirm your readiness to embrace the truth so that your journey may continue on that premise.

Surrender to your true self and come to know the will of the ONE that clarity may belie your path. Remove the fetters that keep you bound to this dimension that you may find your buoyancy in higher vibrations. Release your spirit self and surrender to a higher knowing that you are in transition. You cannot stay bound as you are, for by the natural course of the planet’s rise, you too must move. Will your move be ascending, lateral or descending? The choice is yours but move you shall!

Surrender to the higher authority and you shall find a natural, welcome release and in this release you shall experience relief and certainty. If you resist release and surrender you shall experience a greater sense of discomfort which will eventually manifest in confusion disbelief and resentment as events continue to unfold radically in your world.

Your world now pivots on its axis, geo-physically and on that of great rewarding change. You are inextricably a part of this change.

Release, Surrender and Rise; Surrender, Release and Rise; for it is only through your ability and willingness to do so that your future, your destiny shall be mapped in the ascending flow. What will it be?

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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
I AM present to share in blessings of knowledge. May the in-light be indeed brightened as we move through the wondrous days of change, always remembering that we move from one perceived "thing" into another with differing "players" and happenings. Allow yourselves never to forget that all are related--ALL. The volcano eruption in Japan, the plane crash in Thailand and the earthquake in Italy--note further that there have been seven registered quakes along the length of California, also.

Oh, I didn't identify? Yes, readers, I did--I AM. But now that we are about it, let us discuss My label. Would you believe intent more and with more justification if I utilized Sanskrit or Arabic--how about Greek? Well, there are several reason it would be unsuitable, not the least of which is there are no such symbols on the keyboard and only one out of every three million would have the vaguest idea of what I would be saying. Haven't you had enough "stuff" you can't understand even in the languaging? So be it.

What is in a name? In this instance--a great deal, especially for ones such as Dee and Ranos, etc., who love to deal in the mysterious meanings of things such as USA in the middle of Jerusalem and other such nonsense. You see, as man searches and searches for the puzzle answer he always goes to the PHYSICAL expression. Is it always nonsense? No, because now that it is time to get busy and bring the two seeming separate experiences into perspective--we too, shall give you symbolic meanings which you are now conditioned to find entertaining.

Let us take the name HATONN as first example. We must also use codes which attract the other end of our "line". There must come "memory" recognition and then the coded symbols which separate the happenstance from intent.

ATON in Egyptian meant "The ONE Light". Amunhotep IV was the great "heretic" Pharaoh of Egypt. Amunhotep's name was changed to Akhnaton (aka-naa-tun) or (ack-na-tun). He was first to bring the attention of the people to the recognition of the ONE LIGHT or ONE GOD WHO WAS TOTAL LIGHT. No big deal except, as he came into his own recognition, he needed to recognize purpose and therefore his label was changed to suit contract for he refused to further accept association with God's adversary Amun (which was "of physical earth divided and dark"). You see, when ones say to me--but you said "Tiddle" meant so and so and we know that Tiddle was, in fact, "Twaddle" and he changed it. So what--I am far more interested in what the name was "deliberately" changed to. I care not what a man gives me as his label--I have him/her labeled and identified for I recognize energy, not names. But YOU do.


I chose my name in order to associate to the ones who would serve with me in this mission so that they would recognize my presence. Hatonn contains ATON with "silent" prefix of "H" and suffix of "n". Then, if you remove one letter at a time from each "end" you come to "to" which in this instance is recognition of the arrival at "O"--this being the symbol of eternal sacred circle of infinity. This is also represented in "number" lay the universal sign of a figure "8" which indicates all things, related to all things. It further indicates the coming together of all opposites into the void "O" (or "to" the "O" whole ONE). Why would not the ONE come to you as Silber Blastoflutashic? Our point is not to confuse further, the game--but to bring order and understanding, IN SIMPLICITY, of TRUTH in KNOWING.

Now, "dharma" (bringing forth the word of "life" in Truth and goodness) was presented as Akhnaton and he did fairly well but was taken-out and all traces were attempted at removal of his passage.

We asked this energy to try again--many, many times--as "dharma". He did pretty well as Socrates but old Soc's new shoe, Plato, immediately changed the teachings following demise of the old Soc. It was already a pretty smelly sock at best. So "dharma" was sent many, many times and actually, by the time of the Master Christos' journey, this energy was a bit irritated and confused by the journey through the veil time after time. So again with the Master Teacher--there was Peter who would deny the Christ and, you know, that one who would betray him, old J.I. Now we have created a dual entity which could emphasize the importance of remaining in truth without deviation and standing FOR truth when the going gets rough in spite of the offerings of the evil adversary who would offer goods and material gain but NEVER PRODUCES SAME AFTER YOU ARE HOOKED. FOR HIS PROMISE ACTUALLY IS THAT IF YOU HAVE THIS OR THAT--YOU WILL BE FULFILLED AND AT PEACE AND HAPPY EVER AFTER.

At this point I do not wish to confuse by the differences in Juda lharioth, Judas Iscarioth and Judas Iscariot for history records according to "desire" of the "users" and not according to fact or Truth. This energy kept trying--even became a philosopher (Saxon) and made it up to the "’king’ dumb" (Epicticus) of that bunch of power-hungry hoods but the world got worse, did it not? Well, of course, that energy in between helped get it in such bad shape so basically owed a bit to growth and Truth. Probably a good service was done by this "dharma's" thrust through balance attempt of "equal rights" as establisher of the Liberator at Boston during the period of the mid-1800's.

So we come to the recent travel session--the training wheels are gone and so are the illusions of physically bringing Light unto a blind mass. The agreement this time? That the energy simply "write" and others who have come forth to also "serve" in understanding--even if unremembered--would put the word forth from ATON without appending intentional opinion. Will all men hear this time? No, but ALL do not need to hear this time. The promise is to put the WORD forth and clear this manifested orb for "HER" recovery and settle a few scores at the same time. Graduation for some--back to the old salt mines for others, depending on performance. Only a few receive "Oscars" for performance. There is another refreshing change, however, in the awarding of symbols of excellence--there are no "fixed" judges and no favoring one group of ethnic participant above another--you earn on MERIT ALONE.

Why have I not told you prior to this--some thirty books after the fact? Because you would have thrown the books in the garbage, shouted insanity and witchery and burned the "dharma" at the stake for you people are really not very nice in your criticism and reactions. Further, I choose to experience this journey as a Commander of a Star Fleet interdimensional participant. It gives balance to my own experience and puts me right in the ball-game with you so you can't claim "exception" and "special" and all the other nonsensical excuses of non-performance and irresponsibility. If ones who work with me have NO advantages greater than any of YOU and right on up through the ranks of seeming different dimensional beings--can act in responsible fashion in the midst of increased harassment and danger--THEN SO CAN YOU! If the ones "in my immediate crew" such as Dharma, Oberli, George and my precious little dove, Dru, Ranos, John, Charles, etc., etc., etc., will forfeit their experience of luxury and unbalanced life-journey--then so CAN you. I must continually face the fact that many ones simply are not strong enough nor grown enough in understanding to be able to change. Often it goes beyond "desire" for change. It, therefore, requires ability to sort and choose confrontation and method of awakening--or al­low the sleeping and place elsewhere in security while allowing the growth.

In this particular instance in writing about the very point and fabric of LIFE, which is LIGHT, I choose the recognition of the "O" which is yes, the zero, also, as well as the whole—for it fully represents the VOIDANCE POINT OF ALL THINGS ELECTRIC--WHICH ARE ALL THINGS AND BEINGS. Note that the word "GOD" is the same--the central "O". Since I am writing in "English" I shall not remark on "clues" in other languages for we will handle that appropriately for those who utilize other languages--it happens that in the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGES the "O" is the "tone" of the whole of Light! The perfect balance--the silent stillness of being one with Light.

You of earth Shan (earth meaning only a planet of terra (or earth/ground) with "life" capability) are indeed smug in thinking yourselves to be the only such place. However, in these cycles of the recognized growth of soul participation in this play--your experiences (except for higher learning) have revolved basically around that one particular planet. The intent is to allow Man to experience the full cycle from beginning to ending so that he can then move on in perception toward and/or within the whole of Lighted Godness. It keeps existence from becoming boring--both for thee and me.

"Well," you say, "God simply would not come and speak through some unknown dumb-bell in an unspellable nothing of a village--he would come to a great evangelist or a great Guru, etc." Would I? The one you called "Jesus" was a "hippy"--totally unaccepted in his own village. Moreover, I do come to all those others you name--and you can see what happens. I choose where I shall go and come and with whom I shall openly communicate for all to hear and see--I, Me--and Thee shall have no voice in it for it is My decision and eons of training and preparation--for these very ones of my team. Worse, YOU have no idea at the importance of the "placement" wherein we have set up circumstances which fill our needs of confirmation for the human being.

I AM That I AM
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01/12/2011 03:08 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Thanks Finland. I'm glad you are still putting these messages up. It might seem like you are a one man army but you are not and the things you post here are read by me with appreciation and thirst for more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1184223

And so it is Thank you beloved one
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01/12/2011 03:23 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Remember Who You Are-
Christ Michael (Hatonn/Aton)
These are my words to thee that you may know that you are that which I Am. How the tendency is that you forget, with excuse that your earthly lives create division in your thoughts, that you must separate the world you live in from the world you are from. You continue in your minds to live in a world which separates your earthly existence from your spiritual one when in truth there should be unification. I need each of you to bring the kingdom of God on earth and that can only be accomplished if you experience that kingdom within you. Then you shall appreciate that there is truly no separation and the infinite spirit resides where you do.

I am within thee and with thee and that is truly the end. I do not float above you like some ethereal distant being. I Am your centre, your very core. You ones keep creating an artificial distinction between what you call your 3 D life and where you would like to be. Can you not bring where you would like to be in the present through the I Am within? I speak not in terms of finite coordinates but in terms of your personal evolution; for your experiences can never hinder your growth only nurture it if you allow them to.

I am ever with thee and if you choose you can know Me as yourself. I am in fact your constant companion and when you can see from within you shall see and know My presence. Is it not prudent that you ones programme your minds to be consciously aware of this?

My children I shall remind you as many times as I deem necessary, for you must be the ones to live Me so that you can effectively teach others how to accomplish what you all think is a monumental task. Is it really a task to effort to be Me? Should it not be a relief to be Me? If you can perceive the being of Me in this way then your efforts shall be made with joy and knowing and not censured for the laborious task that you sometimes deem it to be.

If you could but remember who you are and seek in your moments to be yourselves your lives will graduate moment to moment in the sweet pleasure of my presence and there will be little possibility for you to forget. You will experience an automatic desire to harness My energy from within and you will progress your earthly tasks in and with delight and grace.

No task will be insurmountable if you will only recall the power that you are. To remember who you are you must know me and effort to keep the light of communion burning brightly lest it dims for want of perseverance. What you perceive as battles are my battles as I am within thee. If you rely on the rays of light within to provide guidance and assistance you shall receive that which you need to overcome your life’s battles and crises.

I desire that you see your presence in the here and now as your test that you be prepared for the challenges ahead, which will enable you all to graduate into life and light. What will it profit you to seek that which is to come when you must first overcome that which is before you? That which I refer to is the impediments within each which precludes you from breaking through the barriers of a limited consciousness that you may experience higher consciousness. How can you deal with what impends if you cannot be who you are in the present?

My children, like a Father would, it is my duty to push you to attain your fullest potential. It is appreciated that in your incarnation there are many experiences beyond your liking. However if you can through the power within address these experiences in light the division which you create in your living will fall away.

Surely the task at hand requires that you reach for the light within which is your impenetrable armour. Your days are becoming shorter as you wait for the changes which loom. I am asking that you use these final hours to bind yourselves to the light within and consciously apply that light every moment. As you effort you shall be effectively programming yourself to live in that awareness that you are a light and that light is all powerful, unquenchable and victorious in all things. That light will create for you that which you desire to be. If you desire to reap the benefits of the fullness of your light you shall and your efforts will be a labour of love and not a burden.

You my little ones must abandon the excuses for they do not fit into the trajectory of My being and neither does it fit into yours. For excuses create your discomfort. It is very simple. If you desire be like Me you can. The Father within each shall lead you every moment if you would but ask.

The saying that you are God must follow with the doing that your actions and words may be aligned and your life be a living well of goodness which springeth from the source within. Beloveds it is in the here and now that you must find your balance. Don’t you see that notwithstanding the impediments you face it is this environment that will truly offer you the opportunity to find your God light and be through your living, God.

The times ahead will require much from you and it will auger well for you if you can start or continue in the now to make every conceivable effort to have your God light shining all the time. Beloveds I am aware of the challenges that each of you face in your individual lives. How about you each make use of the God within with constancy and experience the miracle of you, the I Am within.

I wish you my children to see through panoramic vision and you can only do so if you see through your inner eyes, My eyes. I have not and never will deny you of that which you seek in My name that you may grow into Me. Wisdom and Presence is that which you are required to reap before you can be Me. How much do you desire this?

You should see an opportunity in every encounter with experiences as one to shine your God light. Strive to mitigate the effects of your less than harmonious ego and start seeing Me in all things. When you can do so you will be reminded every moment of who you are for every life force reflects Me.

This message to you my children is brought forth in the love of My being. Will you remember who you are that you may be that life which strums the chords of immortality and show through your living where God resides that others may be moved to find the God within and start their journey to be who they are?

My blessings I give to you my children. I delight in you and your experiences for I know that they give you opportunity to grow into Me . Will you not see your lives as a blessing and cherish each moment in the joy of knowing that through the I Am within you shall overcome.

I am Christ Michael and I come to remind you to ‘Remember Who You Are’. When you remember who you are and walk in the light of your sovereignty I feel it and the joy that I experience is beyond expression for then I know that My little ones are well and truly on their way home.

I offer these words to encourage you so please accept them in the spirit of the offering

Christ Michael(Hatonn/Aton)
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01/12/2011 10:27 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
January holds some wonderful surprises for us as another year of amazing new energies begins to unfold. Chances are you have already begun to see movement in your life and this will continue throughout the month and extend throughout the year. There are several themes for January which are personal responsibility, balancing your needs with those of others, being in energetic integrity and using your personal power. And, for the first time in many years, in the first 25 days of January there are no planets in retrograde or shadow, intensifying our abilities to move forward.

Any movement you are experiencing now has probably come after a long period of stagnation, where nothing worked out, you could not manifest anything, it was impossible to find the truth in your life, you felt completely off purpose and lived in doubt, confusion and fear. These sudden manifestations of success have a dual purpose, to show you that you can create something that brings you joy, and to give you hope. On some level, the Universe knows that we need to experience success from time to time to keep us on this path. But these are responses to our prayers, so whatever we are creating are manifestations of what we have asked for.

As we go through this month there will be lessons that remind us of the responsibility we have to ourselves, our joy and our success. We will also see the release of people and situations that do not add to our joy. That said, where we are blocked from movement represents lessons we have yet to learn where we are. The faster we learn them, the more quickly we can move on. Wherever we have made ourselves responsible for others, committed to their joy or made them responsible for us will be our areas of greatest lessons in 2011, with many opportunities for release happening in January.

And we will see these changes occur on a global level, as we become more aware of the role we play as members of a collective consciousness. Use the energies of this month to increase your joy, to find peace within yourself, to balance the give and take of your energetic interactions with others, and to be in integrity with yourself. What you do this month will be repeated throughout this year and as you experience the results of your efforts you will know where your next step will be. So enjoy this time, even though you may still be confused and uncertain, there are no wrong steps. Each lesson is a self-contained story of your path and a reminder of who you are. Have a great month!

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