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Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/25/2011 03:34 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Email Trinity.


Let him know your troubles.

I put in a word for you on another thread Trin started today about GLP site flow. I hope he will respond to it.

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United States
01/25/2011 05:18 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
~*i love you*~
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United States
01/25/2011 07:59 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Hi. I would just ask if anyone has seen a report from PROOF or Proofness?
Thanks judy
Anonymous Coward
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01/27/2011 06:51 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Greetings and Salutations,
Believe it or not, I see everything, that anyone has to say about 'money' out here. I see people using people under false pretenses, supposedly giving the moment by moment facts. I told you all, there would be sharks circling as the time grew closer. They smell blood in the water and they want a pound of flesh. Never could any of them conceive of the whole script getting flipped and their efforts coming to naught. I stepped out and I guess they felt like they could fill in the void with a bunch of nonsense as tho the folks I have spoke of, weren't present and watching. They are!
You just watched the face of the dragon clan at the wh. If you watched more closely, you would see over mr obama's right shoulder during photo ops an asian man sitting and paying strict attention to everything going on, much like rove during the bush admin. This is the break in sam clemons' philosophy about the east and west never meeting. Even before clemon's the dragons had already loaned gold to washington in 1786. Also they loaned to the rothschilds and sat very silently as they did their thing. This proceeds right to the throne of england and the vatican, before america was even a 'country'. Things were going on when this was still 'turtle island', as the native people called it.
You want to know what has taken so long to get this done, legalities that extend thru everything that happened years ago. It was never as simple as fighting the revolutionary war, even the king had 'stuff' controlling him. Money and who controlled it. Justice Roberts had to start dealing with the old paperwork and legalities even when bush was in office. Tho americans have been told we don't have any respect for the world court and don't have to listen to the Hague, this is a patent lie. So while you have fun calling Obama names, and want that black man out of the wh for all sorts of reasons, at least he understands who's running the global show and what must be done with america in order to line up. Scary for some because what 'our' history fed to us in school but you know, truth is truth, like it or not. What are you gonna do, go out and protest for the 100's of years, 'they' have been feeding lies to you. The best thing is, not allowing the same thing to happen again once the truth is given.
Talking about politicians doing this or that is really nothing but distraction. Half of them don't even know what they think they do. Tea party...do you know what the 'tea' was???? See if you can find out what was dumped in the boston harbor, research the east india tea company. China kicked their butts and ran them out of there. You can think you're god's chosen people all you want, or destined to run the world but, what IS IS. My job has been to get you ready to have a rude awakening but I will Not hold your hand thru it. Grow up, there's no time left. Mr Hu came to the wh to coordinate what he and mr obama will both do on their respective sides of the planet, simultaneously, without the bad guys listening in via tapping phone lines. They are both intellectuals and will be able to deliver the word, clearly and concisely. Oh, btw, if you think for a second mr hu 'ran' out of here you really have no grasp of the security involved. Not even old man bush has anything that can counter that security. Now, sr, I even know what you were doing with the vatican and the names of the people you were compromising to have your way with bringing in that 4th reich. Have you no shame? Children, people's wives, the pope for god's sake.... Yea I'd probably would be afraid to die too. It don't all go silent and black when you die does it? Only the flesh goes inert but, you know that don't you?
Lightning cracked in Paris friday night after mr hu gave his report back to the mainland and a mandate came down with a lot of cussing so everyone would be clear about what time it is. The release was given and your letters are being readied for the arrival at your door. They will have fresh dates on them and wrinkle free, non yellowed from sitting some place and endlessly messed with. Calling obama a latent homosexual shows me you know nothing about black folks or michelle. You don't get it, his first hurdle with her was his 'white side' and being gay in some way, would have been spotted. Don't get into subjects you know nothing about. Playing b ball on the streets of south chicago...demands you be straight because some of the 'brothers' would have nailed him long ago. It's a 'street thing'. This is unlike the attendees to the bohemian grove..elitists.
Zeus, Odin, the Old One, what ever you want to call him, called it, be ready to have change in your lives. The rest is up to you, I gotta beach calling my name and I'm not in the mops and buckets crew. My function has come to an end and I'm happy as a pig in mud. Have fun ya'll, and may your future be filled with excitement and joy. Pat yourself on the back for having survived this crap and are at a position to 'do' something.
Love and Kisses;
The Real Poofness
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1245471
01/27/2011 11:25 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
January 23 – 30, 2011

Beloved Ones,

You are now entering the field of infinite possibilities and will be experiencing the easier manifestation of your dreams and desires. The feeling of wondrous anticipation that you have been experiencing is this new field of energy that is now pouring down upon the Earth and everyone and everything upon Her. Try to connect to the feeling of expansiveness and practice visualizing your outer self as an expanded, much larger Light Body, that glows with pure Light!

Although there is still cleansing and releasing happening within each of you, there is now a feeling of greater joy and lightness of Being, too. This is a good time to focus and write down what it is you want to experience in this New Year and keep this list ever within your vision and close to you in your sacred space at all times. When you feel yourselves waning in energy level, read back to yourself what you want in your life and your World and expect the highest outcome for the highest good of all concerned. Then, pull up your socks and trudge forward again!

We praise the Human Spirit that is so resilient and determined to manifest a better World and your ability to Love one another even if your own heart seems to be breaking. We encourage you once again, to substitute uplifting thoughts when those of a sadder and lower vibration come into your mind. Be bold! Be daring! See and experience yourselves as Magnificent and powerful Beings in your imagination, dance, sing, light up the stars in the night sky, and before you know it, your mood and your feelings have been lifted up to a higher and happier frame of mind. This is alchemy, Beloved Ones. You are the Creator of your reality!

Spend a few moments each day blessing the Earth, all of Humanity, and all the Kingdoms of the Earth and sending forth the Violet Ray to encompass all. You have no idea how much this action alone can help uplift the frequency of your Planet. Calling upon us before you start will enable us to join with you to magnify and expand the reach of your blessing to all corners of the Earth.

You have now entered a time of truly being the Light in every action, thought, word or deed. We know and understand that some old habits and ways are difficult to replace but if you persist, Beloved Ones, there will come a time when all is cleansed, and all that has been holding you back will have been overcome, and life upon your Planet will become the Heaven on Earth that you have all striven so diligently to manifest.

Hold ever to this highest Vision for the Earth and all upon Her, for in so doing, you are anchoring the Light and Goodness that you have desired your whole lifetime and which you are now bringing into fruition. We are ever at your service, as always.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included. www.therainbowscribe.com
Anonymous Coward
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01/27/2011 11:32 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Joyous hello's to you my friends. In this world of mine that seems to be struggling on so many levels, it would be great if you could offer some upliftment to our souls, and some wisdom to assist us in these challenging times. Thank you.

This is most fortunate wording from you as indeed this is our every intention always. It would not be appropriate for us to do otherwise , for we desire only to serve and allow those of you on the Earth plane who so choose to advance in retrieving the memories of the True soulself, which in turn of course, allows each soul to serve the whole.

There appears to be concern over matters regarding all sorts of oddities that are taking place upon your world. Again we would ask only that you focus on that which we have offered. To concentrate your thoughts, via your heart, and let Love guide you through every moment of your living. We are aware of our continual backup in this vein and yet WE FEEL it so absolutely imperative for you all to understand that it is THIS LOVE OF YOURS that is changing the very vibration of your planet NOW ... and therefore, one must surely recognize that what is happening NOW is what is creating your days ahead. May we reiterate a few pointers?

By all means.

There are so many choosing to remain in fear, even though they are given alternatives. One thing we cannot do is make choices for an individual. That would never do. We can only persevere with that which we know will assist greatly. This is why we have come. To help you understand about LOVE. There are so many that have questions of what may or may not occur within the next few years of your time, and yet have we not said that the way of your world in your future days is entirely up to you? Yet still many ask what will happen to them. Is the sky to fall? Is the world to end? Is black black? And is white yellow?

What is to take place for each soul is what they choose to accomplish within their minds creation. Do you see? It is YOU, ALL OF YOU, by creating thoughts of Love .... by putting into action these thoughts ... by BEING these thoughts ... that shall confirm the pathway that your world is to walk. This is why so many from other spheres have chosen to be a part of this glorious change. To show to you that THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE is what is to be the GUIDING INFLUENCE upon your NEW WORLD. We cannot and shall not create it for you. Yet it is through the purest of LOVE for our family that we have taken it upon ourselves to continue to influence your BEINGS in a manner that serves the entire ISNESS of what IS.

Let go of these man made fears. For so many of you are now aware enough to see that is what they are. You are more than manmade are you not? You are so much more than who you believe yourselves to be. You chose to embark upon a journey of such magnitude in order to bring into BEING a world that is of the brightest future. You, who have endured much in order to bring this about, must recognize that NOW in your finest hours, you are aligning the new vibration with it's fellow assistants and through this the New Dawn is indeed arising. The promises made to the soul self are being fulfilled. The accomplishments that are occurring within yourselves on a soul level are astounding the core of your BEING. For you are awakening to your Truth.

YOU KNOW IT. YOU CAN FEEL IT. Yet it is now at this crucial time, that you must also recognize that there is a devious plot to counteract all that is taking place by those of Light. Many are aware of such matters. Indeed we do not desire to give it energy and focus, for as you have learned, by doing so you are merely feeding the egotistical energy of these lost souls. They sadly survive on the spreading of fear and darkness, and for everyone of you that allows for even just one moment to fall into their trap, you are undoing so much good that has been accomplished. This is why we continue to reiterate the importance of remaining steadfast in your Light and your TRUTH at all times. You know better now than to think for even a second, of matters that will bring down your vibration. Be vigilant dearest friends. Be alert. STOP ... PLEASE STOP recharging energies that do not serve.

We cannot understand, we find it difficult to know why you do so, when you have grown within your own understanding. WHY? Why would you continue to feed this darkness when you KNOW that is only LIGHT that shall see you through into this New World. This does not resonate well for us. Yet, we are not of human form. This we do appreciate and therefore, what may seem entirely plausible to us, may not seem the same to you, for you are working within energies that we cannot be affected by. This is why we are speaking this way at this time. For we so desire our words to get through to you.

FEED ONLY THE LIGHT. BE ONLY THE LIGHT. Let go of every atom of that which does not shine out in LOVE. You wish to move into a world that is of the finest dreams. You wish all wars to cease. You pray that those who leave your planet due to lack of food shall never have to return to such a circumstance. You ask for so many things from the deepest wounds of your heart to change. We say to you .... 'Then make it change. Make this world of your desires come about'.


If you want a world full of laughter, then laugh more. If you want to be peaceful as you walk along in nature then ... be peaceful as you walk along in nature. If you want a world that does not have guns , then do not under any circumstances give thought or energy to guns. To not concentrate on that which you DO NOT WANT. Give intense thought only to that which you do. Behave in the fashion of how your New World should be.

When you were children, you would play. You would create a world of make believe. If you liked a particular fantasy, you would return to that same 'place' over and over. The place and story would expand as one gave more time to it. This is all that is required of you now. Go back to the child that you are. Be one that plays and becomes enwrapped within that world of playfulness. Make that world a place that you choose to reside in more and more. Write down if you feel it necessary, all that you would like your New World to be. Write the script. Draw the scenery. And most of all FEEL the reality of this world you are creating. Use your imaginations. Imagine how you would FEEL in this NEW WORLD ... and hold on to that FEELING .... ALL THE TIME . Catch yourself when you are focusing on that which does not serve you or anyone else and MAKE SURE that you turn it around to FEELING LOVE. ... AT ALL TIMES. If you want a world full of LOVING BEINGS then you must become one ... AT ALL TIMES.

Move on from FEELING sorry for yourself and your world. You are finding these words confronting are you not dearest Blossom?

No , not at all ... I'm loving it . I feel we are in need of a bit of a kick up the proverbial!! Keep going please ...

If you continue in these last days of the old world to have your heart broken by all that you see around you, then you will continue to have your heart broken by all that you see around you. When your BEing is seized by sadness from a particular 'disaster' then BECOME aware that feeding that sadness out to those involved does not assist. Find in that moment of recognition your strength. Take a few deep breathes and change your thoughts to sunshine and laughter and imagine those souls affected by any particular disaster, laughing and Loving once again. Bring about the change through thought. This is so important. We desire that you see through that which is going on ... that which is taking place.

BE UPLIFTING ... to all those around you ... everywhere.

BRING IN THE LOVING THOUGHTS in times when you would find it much easier to break down and shed tears for all those who are suffering in many ways.

BRING IN THE LIGHT to that circumstance or situation. Shower YOUR LIGHT upon the places and the people that are suffering.

DO YOU SEE ... DO YOU SEE ... DO YOU SEE? It is your Light that will make the difference to them. If you cry along with them, you are 'giving in' to that which is not of use. That which does not serve. We are not asking of you to lose all sense of compassion. The very opposite. It is by being of strength and giving of Light that you are BEing compassionate.

There feels to be an urgency with in this wisdom.

Dearest souls who have become so very close to us. We Love each and everyone of you .... WITH A PASSION. We know that under ALL circumstances, the very most .... the very utmost we can do is offer our LOVE to you. All we are asking is for you to do the same to each other.

What may appear ahead may confuse and bewilder those who do not choose to see through it. LISTEN to your heart beat. Within its rhythm your Truth will speak. If it falls out of rhythm then listen to its FEELING .... NOT your mind ... NOT your fear ... for have you not just decided as you read these words of today ... that fear is no longer to be part of your makeup? Did we not just FEEL that so many ... if not all .... just made a decision to only EVER BE OF A LOVING DISPOSITION and to concentrate soulely/solely on bringing about the world of LOVE that lies ahead for each one?

Yep, I think you probably just did!!

Then ALL IS WELL and perfectly AS IT SHOULD BE. We are getting there ...

Where exactly is there?

The exact place that is required for your jaws to drop in wonder. We send to all of you our eternal gratitude for heeding what we have to offer in ways of 'enlightenment'. Our desire is to FEEL the LOVE that each one of you are , when all energies that must now fall away have left and only that of Light can be absorbed by one to another , as recognition that each one is simply a part of that other , just expressing itself in a varied manifestation of the whole.

Cheers my friends. Just what the doctor ordered !! In Love and thanks.

[link to blossomgoodchild.com]

we need to keep this thread alive and work together...
so help and look for ongoing inspiring text on this pages...

highly appreciated to one and all...
Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/27/2011 11:41 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The time will come. It is unfortunate that this has had to go on for so long that there have been so many words that it all begins to sound like babble.

Nevertheless, there is an underlying truth here that will soon be manifest.

Remember, the grist mills of the gods may grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly well.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1245471
01/27/2011 11:44 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Nine Eleven Override

As is typical with the negative Dark Ones—both the non-physical, non-human Beings plus the physical humans they control and use for their agendas—they inter-dimensionally use, steal, siphon-off what is naturally there energetically but they always distort the energies for their own negative purposes. They use energy vortexes and portals. They’ve used super ancient power spots on Earth where very positive structures and buildings were constructed. They use the equinoxes, solstices, and other astrological energies. They use specific numbers (days, months, years) that contain specific numerical energies. They constantly link into, parallel, connect to or tie together past engineered negative physical events designed to produced human emotional and psychological memory imprints and traumas on to current time to continue and multiply their energy food sources. And they always distort what they’re using for their own Dark, debilitating, negative agendas.


I’m not going to spend much more time talking about the decade-old event known as 9/11. I do not want people to drop their vibrations and focus on the Dark Ones (and the physical humans they control) Sept. 11, 2001 attempt to create another timeline offshoot and probable Earth world via the “shock and awe” of mass deaths, destruction, collective emotional trauma and the deliberate manufacturing of and endless reproduction of fear in this country. It’s worked for them all, but as usual a natural higher octave of Nine and Eleven energies is manifesting very powerfully every month throughout 2011—a decade after their attempt to use and distort the 9 and 11 energies back then and again this year. I’m talking about the carefully crafted interdimensional and physically planned event known as 9/11 — September 11, 2001.

They (the non-physical, non-human Dark Ones and their physical human puppets) have a parallel plan in the works now to, as usual, use the current energies of 2011′s 11′s to reconnect back into their negative 9/11 energies. They’re going to try to use and distort the never before transition into the March 9, 2011 Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld which is a nine (9) day cycle instead of the usual twenty (20) day Mayan cycle.

The 1 and 11 energies arrived on New Year’s Day, 1-1-11 and will continue each month this year. With the arrival of the Mayan calendar’s Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld on March 9, 2011, this last and highest frequency time acceleration will dramatically shift humanity from the old Mayan 20-day count or cycle into a much faster and higher frequency 9-day count or cycle. In other words, we’re moving into an intense completion phase of 11′s AND 9′s. Nine Eleven but very positive energies to help us complete all the many past and present cycles.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 =nine days

The first (1) day of each month during 2011 will have an accelerated 9-day count between it and the eleventh (11) day portal, not the old familiar 20-day count. The 1st day is a portal as is the 11th day each month, but now with only 9 days in between them. I didn’t know until I read Carl Calleman’s “March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave” article that we will transition from the familiar Mayan 20-day count into a 9-day count—the “Bolon Yokte Ku”—with the start of the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld on March 9, 2011!

I realize that what I’ve perceived and seen clairvoyantly about the single, double, and triple 1′s and 11′s of 2011, and the Ninth Wave acceleration into a 9-day count, is a bit different from what Carl Calleman is describing. Nonetheless I fully trust what I’ve perceived and seen, and I fully trust what Calleman is claiming is coming with the March 9, 2011 Ninth Wave and shift to a 9-day count. As far as I’m concerned these 2011 numerical energies and the Ninth Wave energies are intimately connected and working together; the absolute highest octave of the Nine and Eleven’s.


Guess how the Dark Ones and the physical humans they control are going to use and distort the current Nine and Elevens number energies? They’re going to force-feed their monstrous, decade-old “9/11″ event and anniversary events down the throats and hearts of everyone as best and hard and often as they can this year building up to the tenth anniversary of it on September 9, 2011. They’re already trying to use, steal, parallel and distort the positive higher octave Nine and Elevens of 2011 to plug back into their Dark created 9/11 event and the fears, pain, lower emotions and consciousness, and endless need to reproduce more fear, trauma and control in the human masses so they can feed and thrive. However, that will NOT work this time but it sure as hell won’t stop them all from trying repeatedly this year. It’s only January 2011 and they’re already working to totally distract the masses from the monthly 1′s, 11′s, and new 9-day count cycle and the 11-11-11 portal and energies coming in November by emotionally, mentally and energetically pulling as many people around the world back down into their dark parallel 9/11 event energies. This is the real reason past horrific dark events are never allowed to leave the mind and heart of humanity; they’re endlessly recycled and emotionally milked by the Dark Ones.

1 & 11 & 9 & THE NINTH WAVE

September is the ninth (9) month of the year and the number 9 is the last number between 1–9. It carries the potent energies of personal and collective completions within a cycle.

Eleven (11) is a “Master Number” and isn’t added together and reduced into a single digit 1–9 energy. It remains 11. The number 11 has to do with integration, awakenings, expanding consciousness, consciously creating, birthing and anchoring the New.

During December 2010 I clarivoyantly saw a 2011 calendar with its monthly pages passing very quickly with the 1 day and the 11 days boldly highlighted in each month. This visual information made it very clear that both the first day and the eleventh day of each month throughout 2011 were powerful energy portals and that something big and important would change with the start of 1-1-11. Weeks later when January 1, 2011 arrived, I suddenly began living what I’d perceived the month before. From my current perspective and personal experiences, the coming March 9, 2011 Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld 20-fold time acceleration energies started on 1-1-11. Then for nine days after New Years Day me and mine came under more psychic attacks, with 1-11-11 being incredibly powerful and positive. The very next day, Jan. 12th, the attacks were back but using slightly different tactics on me and mine which caused me to become physically sick because I allowed myself to be manipulated emotionally by negative Beings using certain humans in my life to get at me. Now at the end of January, I’m still mildly sick with a head/chest cold and trying to get my strength back before the next round begins…and it will. I suspect many of you are also feeling and living this new compressed energy system and 9-day count well before the official start date of March 9, 2011, plus coming under increased attacks from the Dark Ones because of it. It won’t be like this for much longer so hang in there.

My first thought about this was that I was just perceiving and being effected by this compressed different energy because I’m very sensitive and usually do feel energies, energetic changes, astrological transits, solar activity, planetary changes and pressures etc. before they arrive fully within physicality. However, after reading Carl Calleman’s January 18, 2011 article “March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave” (which I quoted here on Jan. 20, 2011), I discovered that more was/is going on than just my being very sensitive to a new level of incoming energies and reality. I would suggest you read or re-read Carl Calleman’s article to better understand what I’m talking about and why the energies have changed so drastically even before the March 9, 2011 Ninth Wave activation date.

Another aspect of this different 2011 energy I’m finding both tremendously exciting and a bit unsettling, is that we’re about to live through a second transition into another Mayan Underworld or Wave. No other humans have ever lived through more than one of these important transitions—only you/me/us! Profoundly rare, deeply exciting, and rather OMFG-ish intense wonderful all at the same time.

In case you’re wondering why I’m excited and expectant over the full arrival of the last and highest Universal Underworld/Ninth Wave—the start of the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld on January 5, 1999 heralded the insanely intense beginning of my biological Ascension Process 27 days (2+7=9) later on February 1, 1999! I didn’t know anything about the Mayan Calendar “Underworlds” or “Waves” until around 2005 when I discovered something about it online. It was only then that I was able to connect the start of my biological Ascension Process on Feb. 1, 1999, with both the start of the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld, and the tight alignment phase of our Sun with the Galactic Center during 1998–2001.

So, yeah…I’m very sensitive to and aware of this last and highest Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld activating fully on March 9, 2011 and how it will, once again, change us and everything else. I know from all I’ve lived, done, and transmuted over the past 12.8 years of my personal Lightworking Ascension Process—aka the Eighth Wave/Galactic Underworld phase—that this last Underworld/Wave is gonna rock us and our world (not to mention the Dark Ones and their physical human puppets and systems) like nothing else ever has or could. Seriously ponder that for a moment but not in fear but in awe, pride and gratitude for being here to live it, be it, help create it and anchor it into OUR New Ascended Earth world and reality.

The Dark Ones and their humans will do plenty between January 1, 2011 through Nov. 11-11-11 to try to distract, sidetrack, waylay, frighten and weaken us and humanity if they can. Their use of their created 9/11 event is high on their list of 2011 tricks and tools so be aware and do not buy into it or allow yourself to get sucked or pulled down into it emotionally or mentally. Simply be aware of their negative stunts and tactics this year and that they’re really panicked at this point because they never though they’d ever have to change. You and I are going to continue doing what we’ve always done, which is to override what they’re producing and Consciously Create and Co-Create over it all. This is a done deal already, but nonetheless you and I still have to climb these last few Nine and Eleven energy stair steps and pass through the remaining portals to finally reach the very top of the Cosmic Pyramid. By our doing so all of humanity has the opportunity to be truly free, safe, and unified.

Denise Le Fay

[link to deniselefay.wordpress.com]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1070051
United States
01/27/2011 02:15 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
The time will come. It is unfortunate that this has had to go on for so long that there have been so many words that it all begins to sound like babble.

Nevertheless, there is an underlying truth here that will soon be manifest.

Remember, the grist mills of the gods may grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly well.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 747095

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1235972
United States
01/27/2011 08:28 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
♪ How long oh Lord, oh long...time comin', ohhh Lord;Oh Lord, Howww Longgggg oh Lord.....♫
User ID: 1184223
United States
01/28/2011 02:21 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Galactic Federation Update for 25 January 2010 by Sheldan Nidle

8 Chicchan, 3 Yax, 7 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come again to discuss the many secret events that are preparing to go public on your world. These events were originally set to change your world many years ago; what is happening instead is a slow, drawn-out demise of the old order, due in large part to the decision of the dark (former) rulers of your world to obstruct Heaven’s edicts at every turn and by every means. These denizens of the dark are now regretting much of the fallout of this decision. They are vividly aware of the baleful repercussions that their relentless obstructionism has garnered for them and are using their dwindling positions of power to try to negotiate last-minute deals with our Earth allies. These shots at reduced sentences are falling on deaf ears. Our Earth allies plan to push these transgressors to one side and render them powerless to interfere with the policies that will be introduced once the interim governments are in place. The bankster gangs and their corporate friends are wholly lacking in the moral fiber that is to be the hallmark of the new temporary regimes.

The new regimes will bring in universal sovereignty and freedom from the enslavement policies enacted by the dark Earth-minions and their former bosses, the Anunnaki. It is time for Truth and an end to the rule of lies and manipulation that has been the modus operandi of the past 13 millennia. We fully realize how difficult it has been for our Earth allies to stand up to the wealth and power of these long-entrenched dark masters; nevertheless, each of you has been given a divine dispensation to leave this nightmare realm set up by the dark. We have had to listen to these dark cabals’ insolent protestations of entitlement when asked to explain to us why their old-order policies are still in play. Indeed, the past decade of futile meetings with them has demonstrated clearly that their vengeful and unrepentant stance remains rigid. Now the escalating quiet revolution is pushing them rapidly aside. The critical component in all this is of course us. We can see how much you need a committed champion and a dedicated mentor, and we are stepping forward to provide you with this.

These exigencies have morphed this first contact into something quite unprecedented: a mission that is both the herald for and the moral executive branch of the Galactic Federation. In this role, we are learning how to relate to each of you and how to best assist our Earth allies in bringing the rule of the dark to a close. This transformation of planet Earth back to the Light has been decreed by Heaven and by Lord Surea, and so we have permission to perform certain tasks not normally tolerated by our superiors. Hence we have conducted missions on your world that have required the direct insertion of our personnel into your midst, and have followed the lead of our Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans, and placed nearly 10 million men and women from our fleet on your world, with a back up of almost 15 million more. Our fleet is huge, and since we have a wondrous group of living Beings (our Ships), this sizable contingent of our personnel on your world does not deplete our resources. These people are our eyes and ears on the planet surface and their feedback prepares us for our future tasks of mentoring.

Freeing you from the oppression you live under is our prime objective, and to this end we have teamed up with the Agarthans to ensure that our plans are appropriate for your societies. We have a moral obligation to contribute our good offices to the cause of our Earth allies because getting the dark cabal to relinquish the reins of power into the hands of our Earth allies is paramount. In the same vein, we also intend to see that our Earth allies carry out those policies that we have jointly agreed to. To this end we have helped provide the precious metals needed to allow for a return to a global hard-currency system. We have also used our technology to give our Earth allies the intelligence they need to outsmart the dark’s negotiators. We provide the transportation and security to whisk our Earth allies from one critical meeting to another, and are also engaged with the dark cabal to ensure its compliance with the demands of our Earth allies. This is only a small part of what we are doing.

The key element in this is our defense technology, which is far in advance of that of your secret governments. Using this superiority across a broad range of defense missions has clearly demonstrated to the cabalists the extent of our capabilities. We have neutralized nuclear weapons and shut down missile launch pads and aircraft and spacecraft bases. This necessitated the actual elimination of the occasional spacecraft and of other exotic technology bases. We have also prevented the deployment of certain secret-weapon modules against our Earth allies, which we had to do repeatedly over the past six months. We have given out clear warnings time and again that any attacks on precious-metals depositories and safe zones for our Earth allies cannot be allowed. These caveats are now starting to sink in. Our neutralizing of their combined satellite networks was the final straw that swayed them that a military solution was not an option.

Protecting and supporting our Earth allies is one thing; it is quite another to attack these shadow governments directly. Bating us into this silliness is a tactic that has taken hold among the dark’s top strategists. We know of this absurdity and have let the cabalists know that the only alternative open to them is unconditional surrender. Regarding the upcoming trials, our Earth allies comprehend that capital punishment is ‘off the table,’ as are lengthy incarcerations for the guilty. The time remaining on the planet surface after the governmental shift has happened is no more than 16 months. The trials are not concerned with judgment or vengeance, but about allowing exposure and understanding, and then moving on. The focus is on mentoring all of you back to full consciousness, and this old game of blame and retribution is well past its sell-by date! Your reality is set for a vast change for the better.

‘A shift in consciousness’ is largely an expression that has little actual meaning for most of you. Yet its implications are explicit, and we are pledged to honor this responsibility. You are a people of great, untapped potential, who are to transcend the pettiness that the dark represents. The deepening nightmare of these times is to be the catalyst for your awakening, and once you emerge from the toxic pall of your present reality, you will be able, so to speak, to smell the wondrous consciousness of Heaven’s rose. This exhilarating experience enlightens the soul and brings joy to your I Am Presence. It is this that lies just ahead of you, and in ‘light’ of this, any dwelling on the unpleasantness of the past 13 millennia would be counterproductive indeed. Focus rather on the glorious future that is about to be birthed!

You are to be awarded with great responsibilities and great things are expected of you. It is not easy to attain to a new measure of who you are, while being harassed, restricted, and derided by your present environment. Your task is to rise above the ridicule and abuse you have endured in this lifetime. You are at a pivotal point and Heaven has given you the divine Grace to succeed at your sacred tasks. We are here to provide you with the means, when necessary, to ensure your success. You are destined to become able to restore yourselves to your former glory! Ours is a supporting role, to clear the way and act as your physical mentors. Your move to Inner Earth completes the journey that you began millennia ago. The time to rejoice is now upon you!

Today, we talked about the great changes that are beginning in your reality. The moment for ending the UFO cover-up is here. Let this be the first step in our grand family reunion. We are in Joy! Our coming is to complete your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
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01/28/2011 02:22 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Message from SaLuSa for 28 January 2011

SaLuSa 28-January-2011

The midnight hour approaches and you are being given every help to raise your levels of consciousness. It will be quite a rapid acceleration as a number of energies come your way, and already some of you who are more sensitive are noticing the difference. It may be the onset of telepathy, which in time to come will be more used than the spoken word. It is more graphic and precise and conveys packages of information where sometimes words are inadequate. A general indication that your consciousness is rising, is evidence of an inner calmness and detachment from the outside turmoil. Becoming centred begins to get easier and once you can hold it, you are not easily pulled into the lower vibrations. Certainly these times are a good test of your resolve, and it will still be a while before you can really sit back and take it easy. However, the good times are coming with pronounced changes before the year ends.

You are involved in not so much in a cliff-hanger, as a steady build up of pressure until the first victory is achieved. Our plans allow for a number of events to materialise, and we have to bide our time to see how it develops. Our intent is that matters start to move on very soon, but it is a complicated issue, involving many people. When a move is made it must be absolutely positive, and bring about the results that are needed. However, the prospects are improving all of the time, and clearly we are not waiting indefinitely. We want your release from the dark Ones to be an occasion to be celebrated, and not marred by any action that is undesirable.

NESARA has been very much in people’s minds for a long time, and its benefits are coming to you. The new approach to the financial side will be far reaching, so as to avoid any repetition of the recent collapse. Banks are to be accountable to the people, and the gambling syndrome will not be allowed. Money will once again have real value and interference with the markets for pure speculation will cease. The most important changes will be in connection with the sharing of wealth so that everyone benefits, and there is no longer such a distinction between the poor and the rich. We have to say that there is more than enough wealth in the world to comfortably achieve our goals.

It seems quite extraordinary to us, that so much needs to be changed in your world. However over millennia of time you have been led into the current situation, and almost reached the point of no return. The erosion of your rights by increasing controls over you, and the misuse of your taxes has brought about a near collapse of your civilisation. In any other circumstances you could all by now have easily been living a comfortable life, with all your needs provided for. You will taste the freedom we talk of very soon and by then you will have contact with us, and a guarantee of your right to choose your own future. It will of course mainly come within the plan for Ascension, but an alternative path may be chosen.

Your role at present is to be a calming affect on those around you, and do your best to eliminate the fear factor. In the long run nothing will really matter, or have the ability to deny you the opportunity to ascend. It is thus written and so it shall be as promised, as the dark Ones have failed to achieve their aims for world control. The chaotic conditions will be cleared up and total peace declared, by silencing the weapons of war. With the consciousness levels increasing it will become much easier to lift people’s minds, into a new way of thinking largely arising from a new found desire for peace. You are to witness a great wave of love and joy sweep over the world, and barriers between people will quickly come down. Most of you seek the same things out of life, and with the return of your freedom you will achieve success.

Almost every day somewhere in the world, what was hidden is being revealed and the truth will continue to become known. It will provide the opportunity to move on from accepted corrupt and criminal activities. Such energies will gradually disappear, to be replaced by the desire for open dealings that are honestly carried out. Once it is seen to bring in the changes, a new mindset will ensure that honesty becomes a way of life. That can of course start anytime and the sooner the better, as there is nothing more likely to be followed that elevates the values Man works from. Be an example to others and help create a new energy of fairness and justice, and let it be seen in your everyday dealings. These are all aspects of the changes necessary if you are to complete your journey in an ascended state.

The Galactic Federation fully understands the tasks confronting you, and we will be making them as easy as possible. In fact eventually we will work together in joint projects, and be on hand to benefit you with our experience. Then you shall really move forward quite quickly and as we have so often informed you, they shall be exciting and fulfilling times. Right now they may seem far away, but you will be surprised at how quickly matters can change. Just keep your sights on your personal goal and put into practise all you have learnt. The parting of the ways has already commenced, and those who choose other than Ascension will tend to lack interest in such subjects. In that case you must allow them to go their way, as it is a freewill choice that should not be interfered with. We have spoken often in this context, as we are well aware of our own need to observe such Laws where you are concerned.

Let and let live has its merits but not where it intrudes into another souls life. If you do, it can rebound on you in the way of karma and bring you another experience to handle. Often they are minor matters, but they will make a point at the very least as what you experience you are attracting to you. Be careful now as to what you think, because as your creative powers increase you may not always wish for the outcome. Place upon others all you would desire for yourself, and you will not go far wrong.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bid you every success in your intent to move out of duality, into the higher dimensions through Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

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01/28/2011 11:24 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
the party has started:)


thank you:)
~*i love you*~
Anonymous Coward
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01/30/2011 12:51 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon
Partaking From the Solar Winds

This message deals with the KA body (a term from ancient Egyptian Alchemy), and discusses how you can utilize this unique energy-body to draw to yourself ascension-energies from increased solar activity. For those unfamiliar with the KA—your KA body is an “invisible” second body that is the same shape and size as your physical body. This energy body both envelops the physical body and interpenetrates it. This body is sometimes referred to as the etheric double or spiritual twin. The KA shares similarities with what is called the Chi body in some traditions (Taoism) and with the pranic body or etheric body in certain yogic traditions. By its nature, the KA can draw to itself, and then into the physical body, highly benevolent energies that accelerate one’s spiritual evolution.

The Message

You are now entering a more volatile time in terms of planetary change.

Your Sun, the solar star of your planetary system, is increasing its energetic potential and is entering a period of increased volatility, solar flares and magnetic storms. While these actions will create real problems for you in terms of your telecommunications and weather patterns, there is also an immense evolutionary potential within this solar activity that we wish to discuss.

Like you, your Sun has an etheric body, a solar KA, if you will. This etheric body of the Sun extends millions of miles beyond the boundaries of the Sun itself. Your Earth is well within this auric field of the etheric sun, and, as the solar flares and solar winds that drive charged particles through your vicinity affect you physically, they also affect you etherically. Indeed, these very charged particles that pose a challenge to your physical dimension are a type of nourishment for your KA, your own etheric body.

Your mental attitude and emotional/vibratory state is what determines whether these solar particles are a source of nourishment and evolution, or rather a source of annoyance and de-evolution.

In this message we do not intend to discuss the many physical challenges that will emerge for you during this period of increased solar activity, rather we will focus on things that will assist you to take the greatest evolutionary advantage of what is occurring with the Sun of your solar system.

Just as there are eruptions of fire and photonic energy from the Sun during solar activity, so too, there are bursts of spiritual or interdimensional light from within your KA body. Indeed, from one perspective, increased solar activity equates with an increased activation of your own personal KA.

There are several things we suggest regarding taking advantage of this evolutionary catalyst. This catalyst of which we speak will extend well beyond 2012 and has to do with the flow of what we call the solar winds. These are distinct flows of photonic and magnetic energy that pass through and around your Earth. By opening yourself to these distinct forms of energy, and by incorporating them into your KA body, you strengthen your KA and greatly accelerate the ascension process for yourself.

As these solar energies increase, so will the volatility and uncertainty of your physical world, as well as your mental and emotional worlds. Irrationality and impulsive behavior will be on the rise. Challenges to cognitive functioning and memory will also take place during heightened cycles of solar activity.

The first step in utilizing these solar energies for your ascent in consciousness is to understand their nature and not to resist their effects.

It is important to understand that the causative agent in the increased solar activity at this time is not originating from within the Sun itself, but rather it is originating from the Central Sun of your own galaxy. This flow of highly catalytic energies from the Central Sun to your Sun is the primary reason for the evolutionary potentials of this particular cycle of solar activity. In turn, the Earth herself is also being affected, especially through her KA—her own etheric body.

So the first thing to understand is that there is no escape from this evolutionary catalyst. You are here to ride it out, whether you like it or not. So the first step is not to resist that which is imminent.

The second step is to embrace it and to utilize these energies with mastery—to ride the tail of the dragon, so to speak. In this instance, the dragon is referring to the Sun itself and the tail to the solar winds. You can ascend to great heights in this period, if you but find the courage and method to do so.

The third step in this utilization of the solar winds is to allow them to affect your KA directly, through an invitation, and this is done through your heart. Specifically you choose, through an act of personal will, to enter into the vibrational harmonic of appreciation or gratitude.

It is important to understand why we are suggesting this. You are not expressing appreciation or gratitude to the universe for the solar winds, per se. You are choosing to enter into one of these high emotional states because they will create an Energy Attractor. In other words, you are entering into a state of appreciation or gratitude for pragmatic reasons.

These emotional states increase the receptive harmonics of your KA, which transforms your entire KA body into a receptive vortex, drawing to itself the photonic and magnetic energies of the Sun, rapidly accelerating the rate of vibration within your KA, your own etheric body.

And it is through your KA that you enter into the ascension process. There are, needless to say, many paths and ways to enter the ladder that leads upward into higher states of consciousness, but regardless of how it is done, or through what spiritual lineage it is accomplished, the KA, your KA, is the foundation.

Creating an Energy Attractor

In this simple but highly effective method, you place your awareness in your second body, your KA. This energy body is the same shape and size as your physical body, but it is energetic in nature, rather than made of flesh and blood. It permeates every space of your body, and thus every cell of your body is within the KA. Your KA is also highly receptive to subtle energies especially to all forms of light and to the charged photons and magnetic energies that comprise the solar winds.

As you rest your awareness in your KA, you consciously and intentionally generate the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude through an act of personal will. This shifts the harmonics of your KA to a higher vibratory rate, which is necessary for it to become an Energy Attractor.

As you continue to hold yourself in the emotional harmonic of appreciation or gratitude, know (realize) that you are immersed in the photonic and subtle energies of the solar winds. You are literally bathing in these energies whether you are consciously aware of them or not. As you hold this awareness, along with the emotional state of appreciation or gratitude, your KA will automatically draw into itself the ascension-enhancing energies of the solar winds.

Spend as long as you can in this state of high receptivity, partaking from the solar winds, and allowing your KA to receive these potent transformational and uplifting energies.

You will benefit greatly from the solar winds if you regularly and often engage this simple method.

The Crystal Palace Within Meditation

We also suggest that you experiment, from time to time, on a regular basis, with the sound meditation we gave previously entitled The Crystal Palace Within. (Links to the instructions for the meditation, which include the audio track for this sound meditation appear at the end of this message.)


As we view your current probable future, you collectively stand before a great storm. The birthing of this tempest is from the very heart of the cosmos and is nothing less than the harbinger of immense change. Do not fear its intensity. Embrace it and ride it to the heights of your own consciousness. By doing so, you will become a light to yourself and to each other.

The Hathors.
January 3, 2011
(Information given January 3, 2011; posted January 27, 2011.)

Link to the Instructions and audio file for the Crystal Palace Within Sound Meditation

[link to tomkenyon.us1.list-manage.com]

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

The Hathors’ method for Creating An Energy Attractor is the central crux of this message. Having worked with it many times and in multiple situations, I can honestly say it delivers the goods. And it is well worth the attention of those who wish to experiment with ascension energetics, especially during such optimal times as these for accelerated evolution (a’ la the solar winds).

One of the beauties of this simple, yet elegant method, is that it builds the KA quite rapidly, and it can be done without any hocus pocus, meaning you can get right down to it in a few minutes without any preliminaries. But there are some critical transition phases in the method that I think would prove helpful to elucidate further.

A bit of caution is advised.

Before we continue, I feel it would be good to insert a caution here. This is not a method for idle curiosity seekers. Charging the KA body with extra energy is a potent and profound undertaking, which should not (in my opinion) be entered into lightly.

One reason for this is that as the KA becomes energized there will be a marked increase in the likelihood that you will experience the physical world as illusionary.

For instance, after particularly strong sessions with the Method (i.e., Creating an Energy Attractor) I often (though not always) experience my KA as just as vividly real as my physical body. In these instances, I am aware of my physical environment as usual (through my five senses), but it has a surrealistic tonal quality, and I sometimes have the distinct impression that I am in two bodies simultaneously—my physical and my KA.

This is, in point of fact, one of the primary shifts of attention that can take place when working with the KA. And I think one would do well to be aware of this possibility. Thus, when/if it arises, you won’t think that you are losing your mental grip on reality—which is why I am belaboring this point.

I think it is fair to say if you practice the Method, you will eventually sense physical reality in new ways—especially when your KA reaches critical mass. By critical mass I mean those moments when your KA has been charged to such an extent that it affects your perception of reality.

In these moments, you may continue to, and probably will, experience the world through the five senses, but you might also see through the play of Maya (the illusion of the senses and the sensorial world). This can be amusing, exhilarating and blissful, or quite disorienting, quite frankly.

In point of fact, charging the KA can result, as I mentioned earlier, in the very odd perception of having two bodies simultaneously—one physical and the other energetic. While this is actually a sign of progress in terms of the KA’s development, it can be mentally challenging if you aren’t prepared for it.

Mental disorientation caused by seeing the world as an illusion should not be underestimated, especially if you are not prepared intellectually and philosophically for such a perception.

This, of course, brings us to a philosophical conundrum—is the world real or is it an illusion perpetrated by the dance of subatomic particles driven by the quirks and quarks of the quantum realm? For me, it (the world) is both real and unreal. And what determines our perception of it depends upon what is happening in our brains, and in the case of the KA, our etheric twin as well.

The Niyama of ethical constraint

I personally feel that anyone who chooses to charge his or her KA with ascension-energetics needs to have some philosophical underpinning regarding personal ethics—i.e., what you will allow yourself to do, and what you will not allow yourself to do.

The reason for this is that as your KA becomes energized, certain types of mental/spiritual powers will naturally arise. It is also vital to understand (in my opinion) that sometimes life-negative aspects of your consciousness may also arise as well. This inherently uncomfortable situation (i.e., the humble realization that there is something negative within you) is actually an opportunity for greater self-insight (if you choose to embrace self-awareness over unconsciousness).

Very simply put, the Niyama of Constraint helps you by placing a boundary on behavior, whether overt (meaning in the outer world) or subtle (meaning in the inner words).

It is up to you to determine what ethical constraint you choose. But for those who have not thought about this much, I offer a simple, highly beneficial niyama:

“I shall strive to remain harmless to myself and others.”

By striving to be harmless to yourself and others, you create a mental ally that will serve you, and others, as you climb the Ladder of your own consciousness to higher states of being.

But… if you are unwilling or unable to embrace this simple constraint on behavior, or another of your own choosing, then I strongly suggest you stay away from this way of building your KA.

Practical Suggestions

According to the Hathors, everyone alive is going to be affected by the solar winds, whether they invite the energetics or not. For some of us, these energies are going to be downright maddening and difficult to contend with. Others of us will use these same energies to elevate and move up the tonal scale of ascended awareness.

There are many degrees or gradations of the ascension process, and if you have not previously read the Hathor message entitled The Art of Jumping Timelines, I suggest you consider doing so. It explains the basic concept of ascension and how to engage it. You can find it in the Hathor Archives of our website.

If you are prepared for the rapid expansion of awareness and activation of your KA that this method brings, I have a few practical suggestions.

First of all, find your balance point. As you work with the Method you will find your own personal comfort zone, meaning how much increased energy in your KA you can tolerate. As you continue to work with the Method, you will be able to handle more energy. But don’t push the river, so to speak. Be gentle with yourself and be moderate.

I also don’t suggest doing this just before going to sleep, or you might not sleep! Again, each of us is different, and some of you may find it to be a great sedative. I do not.

Transition Phases of the Method

There are three fundamental phases in this technique.

First Phase

Place your awareness in your KA body, your spiritual twin or your ethteric double as it (the KA) is sometimes referred to. Since the KA is the same size and shape as your physical body, the inner space of your entire physical body is interpenetrated by this energy body.

Second Phase

As you hold your focus of attention on the entire KA body (from your head to your toes) shift your emotions into the harmonic of appreciation or gratitude. You do this by simply remembering the feeling of appreciation or gratitude. This creates the harmonic required for building the Energy Attractor. This emotional tone is absolutely necessary for creating the Energy Attractor as the Hathors describe it in their message.

Third Phase

Continuing to focus your mental awareness in your KA and simultaneously holding the harmonic of appreciation or gratitude, realize (know) that you are in a sea of photonic and magnetic energies. You are immersed in the solar winds without having to do anything. Once you successfully hold this concept along with attention in your KA and holding the harmonic of appreciation or gratitude, your KA will automatically start to draw in the ascension-enhancing energies of the solar winds.

This may be a tricky phase for beginners since the photonic and magnetic energies of the solar winds do not present themselves through the five senses. These energies are too subtle to be detected via the senses. However, the KA body can and will detect them and will draw them into itself much like (to use a biological metaphor) a plant senses the presence of water and draws the water into itself as needed.

Again, each person is unique in how he or she perceives the physical world and the subtle worlds of consciousness. Part of the discovery process that comes with the creation of an Energy Attractor is to find out how these subtle photonic and magnetic energies present themselves to you. As you continue to work with the Method you will become more familiar and comfortable with how you personally experience these unique subtle energies.

An Experiment in Consciousness and Healing

One of the fascinating things about this method of drawing energy to the KA is that it can be used to send healing and transformative energy to the physical body as well.

Since the KA interpenetrates every space of the physical body, there is no tissue, organ or system that is outside the KA. As a result of this, it is possible to draw ascension-energetics (i.e. via the solar winds) not only into the KA, but also into the physical body. This is, of course, a theoretical statement that will need to be proven as true, or not, by you through direct experience—your experience.

I call this application of the Method (i.e. Creating an Energy Attractor) An Experiment in Consciousness and Healing because each of us will find our own way to work with the healing potentials of this that are unique to us. Perhaps a few things I have noticed when working in this way with myself will prove helpful to others.

My own personal experience is that after I draw the energetics of the solar winds into my KA and let my KA body build itself for a while, I just shift my attention into any area of my body needing “healing,” and since energy follows awareness, the subtle energetics move from my KA into the area where I am focused.

This is not concentration. I repeat, not, concentration. It is as easy as taking a breath or lifting a feather. The subtle energetics in your KA will move effortlessly anywhere in your body you move your attention to—if you allow the movement.

As the flow of subtle energy flows from my KA into an area of my body needing “support” or “healing” I feel the tissues in those areas being energized somewhat like, though considerably less intensely, than when my KA is being energized by the solar winds (i.e. via the Energy Attractor). For me this energizing of my cells shows up as a physical sensation that is either comforting and/or energizing in the area where I am focused. Sometimes there are various presentations of interdimensional perceptions such as light and sometimes even inner (or psychic) sound.

If you choose to explore this realm of possibilities for yourself, you will, no doubt, become familiar with how you experience the subtle energies of healing as they flow into your physical body from your KA.

One thing to take into consideration is that healing and transformative energies from the KA have a faster vibratory rate (in relation to the physical body). Thus, you may find a type of psycho-spiritual detox taking place if there is a lot of energetic-congestion in an organ or area of the body where you are focusing.

It is certainly possible to send healing and transformative energy from the KA to an area of your physical body without having any uncomfortable reactions. However, if you do experience discomfort, especially of the mental/emotional kind, you might consider reading an article I wrote some time ago entitled—Psycho-spiritual Detoxification: Thoughts and Observations—which you can find in the Articles section of the website.
My other suggestion is to drink some water if you have experienced a particularly strong response in your physical body after doing the Experiment (in Consciousness and Healing).

Final Thoughts

I suggest experimenting with the Method (just building the Energy Attractor by itself, as described by the Hathors) in short sessions to begin with. Find a time and space where you won’t be interrupted. Five to ten minutes is more than enough time to begin with. After you charge the KA, spend a few minutes sensing your KA, your physical body, and your immediate environment as it presents itself to you through your five senses. This sensing of your KA, your physical body and the environment will help you to integrate the charged energies more effectively. Remember, the reality of the KA does not circumvent the reality of the physical world or your physical body. It is an enhancement to the physical; it is, in fact, another dimension of consciousness.

It is a totally subjective call on your part as to how long and how often you work with the Method. Besides entering this work with curiosity, I think one of the most important things is to be joyful when creating an Energy Attractor. After all, as a creator, wouldn’t you want joy to be part of what you create?

Copyright Notice: ©2011 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media you wish so long as you do not alter it in any way, do not charge for it, credit the author and include this copyright notice. www.tomkenyon.com

Copyright (C) 2011 Tom Kenyon All rights reserved.
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Greetings and Salutations,

Not that this was any surprise, the drop dead date arrived and nothing happened. They who have nothing scared people enough not to move which percipitated in a big blow out in Brussels. None of which is really secret it was too loud. iF I were a bad guy right now I would be very worried. I guess everyone is about to learn who has the power on this planet. I had heard about a big meeting first thing friday morning, then the location came from they who were present. Don't trip, this is following the scenario I was given nearly 30 years ago. People too greedy and selfish would rather see the world blow up than stand down, have their backs up against the wall. The future has changed for them and that means they will no longer be able to keep you as serf or a slave in their construct. They don't like that. They suffered from a case of the 'big head' and now it's tearing them apart. I wouldn't be surprised if they destablised egypt to get results that favored them. After all the only power they have left is fear. Fear of survival, name it, fear of all sorts of things. Fear; false evidence appearing real. What's wrong with all people having plenty, not having to behave a certain way to be able to eat, have a roof over their heads, or just generally living.

No human can stop universal physics. They created a vacuum with people who have little to meet their daily needs and they didn't think there'd be a response from forces beyond their control? But you argued 'free will' concepts, to be able to trash the place didn't you? Karma is real and you have build up quite the pile haven't you, ya reap what you sow. There is no scientist who can explain that away as hocus pocus. Combine the wrong chemicals and watch what happens. Folks we had a slight set back, nothing long term the folks behind making this a better planet had already factored in the fear factor, what if the us doesn't start on time?

IF you know anything about the forces of nature, understand this, when you constrict energy in anyway there will be a blow out somewhere, even ufo's over the temple mount. lolololol Look at the one photographed over paris and it was built right here, look at the top of the ship, don't need those in outer space. Here's where ya scewed up on your theories humans are energy They are bio electricmagnetic energy units and you thought they were just mostly bags of water to be steered where you chose. A human can change their mind and direction 180 degrees at any given sec, can you factor in all that with your think tanks? NO because your own arrogant ego gets in the way of 'clean' thought processes. It was never about what you 'thought' anyhow, it's about what you 'know'. Did you think for a sec you could hide anything from the "Knowers"? Apparently. You kill people when they don't report back what you want. I can only say. Big DUMMIES!

These people purport to be wiser than you, discounting commonsense in favor of some 3000 year old plan of the dark ones, they are faithful to. Whether you believe in anything they are about works in their benefit. You can brush off the stuff that makes no sense and they can go on unquestioned and continuing their shenanigans and I can be another nutball tapping messages on the world wide web. The world is slam up against a sudden and awesome shift from it's past and whether you believe a word I've told you, the proof will be clear for everyone to see. I have told you I'd be here til it was all over so I am. May your future be filled with all the things you enjoy and all the things you wish to improve. Anyone wishing a consult e-mail this address.

Love and Kisses,

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02/01/2011 12:12 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
SaLuSa 31-January-2011

Changes cannot come without the movement of energies that become powerful thought forms, which when they reach a certain stage of growth energise the people for the purpose they were formed. It is as though there is a sudden coming together of minds that are thinking alike, with the impetus to manifest their desires. It is what is happening in the world now and unrest is reaching epidemic proportions, and it is the reaction of those who have not been treated in accordance with their rights. Sometimes regretfully it is not until matters reach an explosive level and results in violent demonstrations, that the authorities are forced to acknowledge the will of the people. If true democracy existed without corrupt practises, changes could peacefully take place through the ballot box. Using brutal force against the people will not solve the problems, and at best only puts off the inevitable. What you can see is the outworking of the new energies, that are shaking the foundations of anything that lacks the Light. It is to be hoped that in the Western countries a peaceful take over is allowed to take place. Also that new political appointments, are based upon the credentials of those who are energised with the desire to honestly lead the people into a new era of peace.

We have never condoned violence of any kind, and that includes the barbaric practices that are meted out as lawful punishment. Violence of any kind breeds more violence, whereas love is not in any way forceful but gently permeates all other energies and uplifts them to higher levels. It is the answer to so many problems, yet some people find it difficult to express their love. Sometimes it is because they have been shown little love during their formative years. It also comes from rejection and the fear of it happening again, yet all souls have the potential to express their godselves. As you grow in consciousness so it becomes a most natural aspect of life, and is easy to apply in your everyday activities. True love asks for nothing in return but is normally reciprocated because like attracts like, and it is how you uplift people without imposing upon their freewill. In these present times there is a wonderful thought form of great size moving around the Earth. It represents Universal Love that calls for peace and goodwill, to end the rule of the dark Ones. Its energy is so powerful that it cannot be denied for much longer.

So you see Dear Ones that when you send out your love and light, it is not wasted or ineffective but grows in intensity until it brings its desired result. In this way what you send out is returned tenfold, as it attracts more energy from beyond the Earth. Each of you that do so are helping build the new Earth that is forming all around you, even if you are not aware of it. Out of the ashes of the old one, the Phoenix is rising with all the promise of a Golden Age, and we are here to lead the way and help you achieve success. Why else would we be with you in such great numbers unless there was a goal to be achieved? We have your interests at heart and are preparing the way, so that your quantum leap out of the cycle of duality takes place with as little disruption as possible. Changes by their very nature can be uncomfortable and unsettling, but we will bring them to completion as soon as possible. It is true that events have not moved on as we would have preferred, but you shall lose nothing as a result.

It is not just the Galactic Federation that has a prime interest in you, although we will play a greater part in your lives by coming openly to you. There are legions of Angelic Beings also present, and you may be aware that they too have been showing themselves more frequently of late. The Masters also draw closer, and some of them such as St. Germain will play a prominent part in your final preparations for Ascension. Those that you have been familiar with will return to guide you to new pastures, and it will fulfil the promises made to you eons of time ago. At any time you feel doubts just remember how many Higher Beings walk alongside you, and call upon them if you need help. The most wonderful times beckon, and if you so desire you will be amongst those who are lifted up in the end time of this cycle. Live your life as one who is moving into a new level of consciousness, and let go of the old ways that do not fit in with your aspirations. Do not concern yourselves about others around you who are still bound by the pull of the lower vibrations, as they are not yet ready to give them up.

What you see on Earth of the coarseness and vulgarity comes from a lack of respect for each other, and is a state of being resulting from the gradual erosion of caring and love for all souls. However, as you desire to instead bring beauty and harmony into your lives, those lower vibrations will be shaken off. You are continually assessing your approach and attitude to what is considered normal and acceptable, and as you become more discerning so you discard those things that do not harmonise with you. The result is that your vibrations are continually rising, and the feel good factor becomes a major part of your life. You will have noticed that the mass media including television and films spend a disproportionate time highlighting crime and war, until it possible to become saturated by such energies. That is how the dark Ones draw you into their vibrations so that nothing no longer shocks you or sickens your feelings, and you become in danger of losing your sense of what is right or wrong.

For a long time teachers whether incarnate or through channelling have tried to spell out what is needed to lift you up. They have introduced you to Universal Love and the true purpose of life, and warned you of the lower energies that can creep up on you if you are unprepared. You have been helped to understand your true nature and potential to become the gods that you are. Those that have taken heed of the higher teachings, have eventually found that all knowledge is held within and have started their own journey home. Guidance is perfectly acceptable and if you have recognised your intuitive powers you will rarely go astray, but even so will probably quickly find your way back onto your path of Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have an understanding of your difficulties. I say put faith in your own ability to ride out the storm knowing that all will end well, and as you have been led to expect. May you be blessed with true understanding and knowledge.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.
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02/01/2011 10:06 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
January 30 – February 6, 2011

Beloved Lightworkers,

This week will be one that is filled with an extra increase of intense energy that will be filling your system. You will feel vibrations in your ears and sense ‘tingling’ sensations in your crown chakras as you go about your daily living. You may feel tired and may require frequent naps during this time. Many calibrations are taking place now, aligning each of you to the new and higher frequencies of Light.

It will be easier to acclimate if you practice each day raising your vibrational frequency by aligning intentionally with your Great I AM Presence and setting your intention each day to be aligned with the Ascension timeline. If possible, go for walks in the fresh air at a brisk pace as this will help clear your energy meridians and keep the energy flowing through unimpeded. Drink a large amount of pure, clean water and bless it before consumption.

Make each day a sacred alignment with all higher aspects of yourselves. Intend the mastery of your mind, emotions, thoughts, words, feelings and actions. BE what you desire to be and believe that this will manifest within you in grace, ease, safety and protection. You may experience uncomfortable sensations in any one of your chakras. This means there is much clearing taking place and asking your personal Angelic teams to help you release all blockages in your chakra system will be of great assistance during these times.

Much activity is taking place in the energetic fields of every Human at this time. Those of you who have become sensitive to the movement of energy through your physical vehicles will definitely feel this activity. Remember that all is well and that you are never alone. Surrender to your Great I AM Presence and the Divine Plan for your life, your destiny. Release all fears and doubts and attune to the vibratory emanations of your heart chakras. Your heart is the most direct method to attuning to the higher Realms of Light and practicing feeling this pulsation each day will open up this centre more and bring down any walls that have been erected from an earlier time in your life.

All is opening up now. You will start to receive direct guidance from your Guidance Team. Ask any question and voice any concerns that you may have and sit or lie in stillness to receive the answer. Each of you is a finely honed instrument who is allowing your bodies to bring these energies into the Earth and radiating it out in great concentric circles to all those in your field. You are much needed and required in your current area of the World. Your Light is helping to anchor and balance any chaos that arises from within the Earth and transmutes these energies into balanced perfection.

The World is a better place because you are here. Always remember this as you go about your daily existence. You matter! Each of you is important to the overall Divine Plan of the Ascension of the Earth and everyone and everything upon and within the Earth. Shine your Light, beam your Light, Be the Light! Have faith in the highest outcome for the highest good of all and it shall be so!

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included. www.therainbowscribe.com
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02/01/2011 10:09 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
lol this thread is full of nothing but the energy sucking words of vampires (aka: lightworkers)
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02/01/2011 10:14 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Capturing the Moment

Any movement to oust corruption cancels common desires and makes way for more conscious ones. It is a good thing. Many of your countries have corrupt decision makers who drain their treasuries and give those who earn the money nothing for their contribution. Many leaders need to be removed. When man gets content with criminals at the head of government, there is no contact with heart in either those controlling or those being controlled. Faster and faster the divine mandates are becoming actualized. Many of them have big gatherings involved. Once the gathering claims dominance, the antagonists can make the calls.

"New and different". This is the next most important thing to get comfortable with. Turning everything upside down may not be the case, but much of what now is the norm is going to be destroyed. Are we of the unseen world doing it? Absolutely not. Your divine consciousness is getting more developed, and as the mass consciousness alters, anything can appear to demonstrate that alteration. Egypt and Tunesia have both neglected their citizens. New and different consciousness has come. One advancement in the consciousness of Oneness means that more are also able to advance.

Having an audience in other countries lends an obvious nuance to the means of containment a country's dominant cast of characters can use to destroy dissent. One country that did this has made an act of corruption a negative thing in the opinion of others. Now they are quite alone in their management methods, as other countries don't like the image of them, and don't want that image for themselves.

Help against an uprising is not going to occur. No other country can be counted on to rescue a corrupt dictator. Once the people are able to congregate together, that dictator will not continue. If another grab for control occurs, the other countries that have not aided will act against this attempt.

Not all corrupt leaders are going to be overturned, only those whose citizens are being opened up to higher levels of consciousness. Mass consciousness contains all concepts, so more duality is going to appear. Freedom will come, but it still has many obstacles to overcome.

Change the mass consciousness, and you change the manifestations being made. Is this latest event an activation of the collective consciousness of the ancient Egyptians? Yes, many in this drama are old change agents of another time. One of the other roles President Mabarek has had was King of the Nile when Moses was born. Now he must be the one who leaves.

More of this kind of movement, to deliver concern from the men and women who are being oppressed, means no more corrupt managers can feel safe. And when they don't feel safe they are dangerous. Once the next country goes on TV as an example of new courage, many old moves with dictatorial methods can also appear. Nothing is guaranteed in change of this nature. More and more of my chelas are opening their awareness as these moments come to their attention. Are they going to feel content with their own leaders? Are they going to get answers for themselves about whether or not their government has been corrupt when it comes to decision making? We will soon see.

A few of these corrupt leaders have been dreaming of money control and are now getting the realization that this has already been manipulated to not occur. Some of the money distribution avenues have already closed. Others are still open, but not continuing to lean on the corrupt dirivative market that has destroyed all of the world's cash dreams. More debt has denied these corrupt leaders the opportunity to leave their countries with great wealth. Now the heart of money lies in the debt sector, not cash in money depositories. Gold and other metals have gotten too costly for them to be the answer. Gold has nowhere to go but down.

Can military might take the control of money out of the hands of the corporate giants? Not now, but maybe in the near future. Wait and see what the collapse of the US dollar does. It won't be money as usual anywhere.

Now is the time to be aware of this different money condition that is still on the controllers agenda. It can occur at any moment. Be wary of all new discussions about the next generation of money. This is a clue about destroying the dollar as a continued base for other currencies. It will happen. Now is the time to get to the country of your income source. Once this change occurs, US dollars abroad will not have any cash value. Most of the ex-pats on continents outside of their own must not count on dollars for their meals and other necessities.

My channel is moving to a country where dollars are not the only source of her income. I am asking those who are in a similar situation to also go to the US or get your money cashed into the currency of your current residence.

Are you going to listen? I hope that you are. Ask your own inner voice to be certain of the next act of grace for you. I want you to be the light and clear adepts for ascension, not disturbed by money matters.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

[link to comptedesaintgermainsblog.blogspot.com]
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02/01/2011 10:19 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Greetings from Home

This day ranks among the top, for many of you have changed your energy entirely. You have stopped the busy hustle of your own lives for just a moment to revel in the past and to re-member all the beauty you have experienced, then to turn around and raise your expectations for the future. These are the expectations that are creating your future right now. They are determining your path everywhere you go; they are setting aside opportunities for you to experience everything you wanted to in this physical bubble of biology.

Grounding Light

To just allow yourself to be we would like you to take a deep breath, an Earth breath into a physical body, for just a moment and simply allow yourself to be here in this moment right now. With all of the anticipation of what will be, it is very easy for humans to drop into their past or to project themselves into the future. Only one of those three—past, present and future¾is real. That is right now. Your memories of the past are very real, but you cannot live in them. Your expectations of the future are very real and important, but you cannot live in them either. You can live here, right now, and blend the three. We ask you to try not to live only in the present time, for that will become very challenging. Most of you actually create the path in front of you when you plan, expect, or create something. If you are busy enjoying this moment that does not happen as well, so we ask you to understand that it is a blend of these: past, present and future. It is not black and white, so you cannot choose only one; it is a union of the three. We will speak more of this as we go forward. First let us back up and tell you why it is changing, and why your perception of time as humans will be shifting very soon.

We wish to bring together several different pieces that we have spoken of before. Now it will be easier to understand, for much of it you are already familiar with. Even though you may not know exactly how this fits into your daily life, you have accepted much of what we have spoken as truth in your own lives which has created a foundation for a new human to evolve. It is happening all over the planet, because now is the time when humans can carry more of their own spirit in their physical body than they ever have before.

Physical Evolution

There are also several physical changes that are taking place to better accommodate this energy shift, and it is happening every to human being on the planet. Your physical body is beginning to change now, yet it will probably be several years before your medical community can quantify these changes; medical communities typically move very slowly on purpose. Much of what you have been expecting¾what you call ascension¾is possible so that you can bring this light into a physical body walking around on Earth.

Redistribution of Water

Yes, you will always have limitations. You are on this side of the veil, so you must be in the timeline. Although that timeline can be changed as you well know, for you have just changed the timeline of Earth which was to end around the year 2012. You have already shifted that, but yes you are still experiencing many of the things that were going to bring about the end. So many of the shifts and changes you are seeing on your planet, particularly having to do with the re-distribution of water and the re-balancing of the planet, are taking place on a daily basis right now. You are also establishing so many connections with the energy that we call water; yet you do not classify it as energy even though it fits all the classifications to what you know to be energy. Water exists on both sides of the veil as does all energy. You have been able to carry the spirit of your higher self in your physical body, largely due to the amount of water energy that you carry in your bodies. That is beginning to change, for this is one of the physical attributes that will be very easily quantified and measured as time goes forward for humans. You have been comfortable with a certain amount of water in your body, but this water also brings you the grounding of physical Earth. Your emotional levels are actually attached to the physical water. It is how you have been processing emotions through your body, and how you receive emotions from other people through your body. Have you ever been in a theatre where you know perfectly well there are people sitting behind you but you pay no attention to them? Then all of a sudden you feel somebody turn around and look right in the eyes of someone who is staring at the back of your head, almost as if you saw them? That happens through the water. Now what is taking place is the physical body will begin to work with smaller percentages of water. You can literally change the amount of water by as much as 20% over the next 50 years. That is a huge change in humanity and will lead to a lot of different attributes, some of which we wish to talk about today.

The amount of water in your physical body will be reducing and, therefore, your overexposure to emotion will also be reducing. In the beginning, whenever humans change on any energy level there is a resistance to change; typically you grab hold and try to hang onto every part of you. Many of you now feel that your emotions are out of control. A lot of this has to do with these changes that are setting up throughout humanity. Many of you may feel that you are doing everything right: your life is right and your spirit is comfortable, yet you are angry, anxious or hurt all the time. Perhaps you are feeling things that you have never felt before. This is true, for it is part of the shifts that are happening. Let us explain something else, too. We have said for a very long time that humans on this planet are becoming crystalline in nature. We have also said recently that the actual atomic structure of the element that you call carbon is about to change. This is all part of the same change that you will see in your physical bodies, for you are carbon-based creatures. Carbon and water changing at the same time will allow you to evolve to the new levels very, very quickly. It also causes challenges, obviously. It also feels that when you have found your stability, all of a sudden the rug moves. Alas, once you learn the rules of the game, the rules are changed. This is typical of how you grow. You wait, wait, wait…hold onto everything then suddenly jump forward. That jump forward has already begun for many of you. Let us speak first of what life will be like when you have less water in the physical body.

Crystallization of the Body

You are becoming crystalline in nature. At some point this will actually be discovered on a scientific level within the cell wall structures of your physical being. It has already shown up in Botany and in the insect world; it will be known in the animal world and the human world very soon. It will be verified, but what about crystals? What are some of the properties that crystals have that you have not had up until this point? Crystal has the highest vibration of the mineral kingdom, and it is a part of you in the same way that the Earth is part of you. Since human beings are the highest vibration of the animal kingdom, you resonate quite often with crystalline structure¾crystals you consider to be minerals because they are also the highest vibration of what you call the mineral or Earth substance. This has created a connection and has extended your lives much further than you know. When you walk into a room there may be all kinds of trinkets, favorites trophies on the shelf for pictures on the wall for you to look at. Which ones are you drawn to? Generally you will be drawn to the ones with crystals first. If there is a crystal sitting there, you are most likely to walk over, pick it up and just hold it or stare at it for a second to see the shards of light as they bounce around. At that moment it means something to you and it is changing your structure; it is helping you alter yourself.

On this planet, women typically live longer than men. You can see it very clearly in your actuarial tables. We told you before, many of you have believed this is because of war on your planet; war took out many of the men so men wouldn’t live as long, but that is not true. What has led to women’s longevity is that they feel more comfortable with crystals close to their bodies than men do. Typically, a man will not wear a big diamond ring whereas a woman would love to wear one. Because of some of these cultural and societal differences, typically women will live longer than men; they will deal with stress longer than men.

What is happening now is that everyone is starting to become crystalline within their own physical bodies, so this creates a lot of changes. Number one, this is the return of the life expectancies that you have been watching. Many of you know that the human body is well designed to live past the 80, 90 or 100 years that have been typical for humans at this point. Nobody can quite figure out why some people living in a certain part of the world seem to live to age 130. We tell you that even in your lifetime in the physical body you have, it is going to be very possible for you to live 120 or 130 years. As this change starts to happen, it will bring about a natural longevity that will increase life expectancy of a physical body. This is one of the points you are looking for that will be triggered by your change in the actual amount of water or percentage of water that you will be holding in the body. Also, there is another energy which has been harnessed and tamed and used regularly on your planet: electricity. You use it every time you pick up a phone, every time you walk through your daily life, over and over and over. Humans have become comfortable with electricity; they know where the boundaries are. They know they cannot stick their finger in a wall socket because it will bite back, and they learn to live in harmony with this. What is taking place now is that as you hold less percentages of water, as that process starts to happen to your physical body, you will have a different reaction to electricity and to electric instruments all around you.

Many have already started to discover this. Especially those of you who work with instruments or electronics on a regular basis will start to have these wonderful phantom problems as the Keeper calls it. He says, “There is nothing wrong with that machine. It is haunted.” In reality, the machine is reacting differently to his energy because he is the one who has changed. Let us explain a couple of things. The Keeper is going wild right now because we have just made sense of several things that have been happening to him. He will have to share it another time because we are talking now. We will tell you one of them since it is a very common one. The Keeper just returned from a two-week trip and his house was completely closed up for two weeks. No one came in and no one went out, except for the guard cat. What took place is that when he returned and picked up the remote control to the TV set and turned it on¾nothing. He yells at his wife for putting it in the wrong place or perhaps she did something wrong; that is typical. He pushes the power button again and nothing. He changes the batteries and it sort of works. This time, one piece of equipment comes on but the other pieces do not work. He works with it a while longer and after messing with it for about a half hour, it is suddenly working fine. He goes into his office, reaches down, picks up the control and has exactly the same thing happen. He has changed so much in just the two weeks he was gone, that the relationship he already created with many of the electrical devices no longer worked. This is very common with what many will experience. It is much more than this; we are only giving you little pieces to look for to verify it in your own life.

Reduction of Water within the Body

One of the pieces you will all come to question and want to know more about is reducing the amount of water in your physical body. We caution you here because it sounds like we are telling you to drink less , but we tell you that the moment you try to control the amount of water in your body, it will take over and control you. It will even over flood you to make sure that you will not dry out; it has to do it on its own, and it will. This is not something we suggest you try to make happen, for it will occur on its own. What we will tell you is that right now all of you have ambient energy that is traveling through your body. It is microwaves, radio waves, and it is much of the invisible light spectrum that is traveling through your body with no problem whatsoever. There is even a radio transmitter on the Keeper’s belt which is transmitting his voice to the back of the room so that you can hear it. You have not felt these energies up to this point. However, as you reduce the amount of water in your body you will start noticing that there is an accumulation of energy in your body occasionally that you do not know how it gets there. As you start to become crystalline, you will begin to send and receive radio frequencies. You actually have that capability right now, because many of you have already crystallized the pineal gland and it can be trained to send and receive. This is part of what we are calling deep contact. Often the deep contact that is made is done through the pineal gland of many humans right now. It is starting to take place in other forms, and when this happens humans will develop a new area to compensate for all this ambient energy that you will become aware of. It is still flowing through your bodies right now, but you are not aware of it. As this happens, you can easily start to become aware of it and f be overwhelmed by it. What can happen will feel very much like a flu, but without all of the flu symptoms. The Keeper is jumping up and down again because he had this happen to him last night. He is starting to understand what is going on here and he has much to say but again, we will quiet him down for it is important for us to finish. What we tell you is that you will feel things differently. Your electrical charge—the energy from Home you have been carrying that up to this point that holds most of your spirit¾is water and it is changing. It will be electrical in nature as you go forward because the energy of Home, no matter what you call it, can come to you in many different ways.

New Body Electrics

The challenge comes because humans know how to ground themselves when dealing with the water; they know how to ground their energy. They know when they have too much or when they are getting too much emotional energy. But we tell you this will happen especially for those of you who stand in front of audiences, giving speeches, performing or working with people. Let us say that you work with people every week speaking publically with no problem. You learned to put this little boundary up and hold it at bay, talking to the wall if you need to in order to avoid all this incredible energy coming at you on stage. You will feel the energy now because those boundaries you have worked with before are no longer in place. Many of you will start to feel things you have never felt before; they are triggers to start working with this energy. As you become more and more crystalline, the light will enter your bodies in different ways besides the vibrations that water can carry.

Light Grounding

Now, you will be overwhelmed with light. We have mentioned this before only as a teaser, but now it is time to bring it in. Light grounding will be one of the keys that you will learn. Not only will you learn how to do it with your physical being, but you will learn how to do it with electrical equipment. You will learn how to do it with everything you use in order to harmonize your electronics and your physical being with the electronics. The Keeper had to replace four sets of batteries before he was finished that day. He thought someone went through his house and drained all the batteries, but it was actually him. Then he went into his room and started up his favorite computer, the one he uses all the time, and it would not boot. It simply would not work. He tried it three or four more times and finally it sort of came up, then finally the fifth or sixth time it came back completely unharmed. It is because it had to adjust to his new vibration. You are working with harmonics already and the sacred harmony is a very beautiful thing to learn. It is your place in the world, where you fit in, but you must also understand that where you are fitting in no longer holds your energy. You are evolving at an incredible rate and from that overview of humanity this is happening in the blink of an eye. You are the ones leading the way, and you are the ones daring to take it to the next energy level.

We have one final piece to share as well. Because this is also triggering a re-anchoring of the physical body, the body must always anchor itself or what you call grounding to the Earth. The electrical connection itself in your own physical body has to have a place to go in order for it to run through the body. You call this grounding. It is also called grounding in electrical circuits, because it is a return of the current to the ground or to the final resting place. Literally, what is taking place is that your connection is changing; human vibrational patterns are changing daily. Your aura photos are going to change drastically and much of your connection to all of these things that have measured part of your energy field are going to shift drastically. As such, many of you will experience times when you are feeling emotions, or not feeling emotions where you thought you should.

Sexual Energy Wave

The final anchoring of the spirit in the physical body is what we have called sexual energy. We told you several years ago that there would be a new wave of sexual energy on this planet, one that would make your 1960s seem tame in comparison. At the time there was a huge wave that went through very quickly and activated everything; this activation is a revival of that. Now, as you move to this new level you will release your own energy templates. You will start letting your energy return to its normal state instead of trying to hold it within a physical being. As you learn to do all these things you will find a new joy in being alive, and that is the sexual energy. You will find a new light in your smile and we ask you to please not be afraid of it. Embrace it. It is a part of humanity that is evolving on this planet at an incredible rate. We tell you that it is not just sex that we are talking about and certainly not just the act of sex, for that is only one small use of this energy. You have sexual energy every time someone sees your spirit in your physical body. Every time you smile, every time you can carry that light from Home. You are being re-wired, each and every one of you so that your physical body can hold more light while you walk around on this planet. It is your invention; this is not predestined. The destination of planet Earth is about to come up and you are all walking past it, celebrating, enjoying your lives.

You are becoming new humans very rapidly. We are so honored just to be here to watch, for this is what you have worked for your entire life. Many of you have to actually push your way into this particular lifetime, even having a set of parents that didn’t understand you or going through all kinds of difficulties growing up just so you could be here right now. We made it! Espavo. You made it! Enjoy these next steps. If you get scared, reach out and hold each other’s hands and help each other to the next step one heart at a time. This planet is turning into heaven on Earth.

We leave you with three simple, familiar reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for there are many gods on this planet. Nurture one another and clear the path for each other every chance you get. Know that it is a beautiful game and play well together.


The group

[link to lightworker.com]
Anonymous Coward
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02/01/2011 10:23 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Anonymous Coward
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02/01/2011 10:46 AM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
February Photon Levels

Day Level

1 6.02
3 5.47
6 5.09
8 4.87
11 4.09
13 3.69
17 3.93
19 3.43
22 3.01
25 2.65
28 3.04

Read more about photon energy in the Photon Energy section of our Library of articles on www.Kirael.com
Anonymous Coward
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02/01/2011 01:06 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
lol this thread is full of nothing but the energy sucking words of vampires (aka: lightworkers)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1245646

We speak as we are


you see lightworkers as vampires because you are a vampire.

Why do you bother posting here with such dribble anyway?
Anonymous Coward
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02/02/2011 08:32 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Sheldon Nidle Sirian Update Feb 1/11 Print Email
Galactic Federation
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 14:04

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Eb, 10 Yax, 7 Ik

Dratzo! We come together to continue our discussion about the transformation of this reality and you. At present we are watching how your solar system is changing, including big changes to your Sun. All the seemingly anomalous occurrences noticed in your solar system concern the migration of your reality to the fifth dimension. This momentum is predicated on a divine plan that is to rearrange the appearance of your solar system. The most drastic of the changes presently happening is the mutation from bipolarity to monopolarity. This means that each of you and the ecosystems that surround you need to be completely realigned. Your electrical and magnetic systems are revivifying the parts of your body cells that control your electrical and magnetic selves. The restructuring of your RNA/DNA is just a small part of this process. Your base frequency is rising as more and more of this reality subtly alters, transforming the very nature of the density of your body. As this density lightens, you are able to take in ever more of the sacred-Light data packets that are changing your physical essence.

These body changes are concurrent with similar changes that are transforming the physical structure of each of the Sun's planets. Thus Mars is undergoing a type of 'global warming' similar to Gaia's. Venus is beginning to modify the nature of her unlivable, boiling atmosphere, and Mercury and the outer gas giants are experiencing a great deal of exuberant growth in volcanism, planet quakes, and odd changes to their north and south polar regions. The shifts in the solar electromagnetic and gravitational fields that bind your solar system together are also reflecting this mutation. Like Gaia, the Sun is moving its South Pole inward as its North Pole migrates south, creating vast depressions or 'holes' across its surface. This explains the release of huge coronal fields that are shooting enormous displays of solar particles toward its daughter planets, and these are acting as catalysts to further hasten the changes happening throughout the solar system.

This increasing activity in your solar system stimulates your own changes. The huge electrical fields generated by the Sun are pushing you onward and upward. When these fields encounter your energy fields they trigger the awakening of your latent 'junk' DNA, causing a series of cellular encoding episodes that are leading to the New You. This changes how you perceive your reality; in essence, you are becoming more spiritually oriented, prompting you to search for answers that your global society cannot readily provide. Whole movements are forming all over the world, with the objective of finding answers to these basic questions. This worldwide movement has reached the secular world, creating a network of organizations dedicated to change from the ground up and a rescaling of operational structures that emphasize the small over the large, and the local and regional over the global. You are starting to create the foundation for what is shortly to morph into a quasi-galactic society. Your global society is to become more coalescent as new technologies and new abundance provide it with additional reasons for existence.

The present is a period of transition. Those who monitor developments around your globe notice two primary trends: first, your global economy is on its last legs. The 'appearance' of a recovery is mostly hot air and smoke-and-mirrors. The amount of debt continues to grow, while the chorus advocating a new system based on a series of hard currencies and a more local approach swells by the day. The present power structure is reaching the end of its ability to maintain the fiction so loudly trumpeted in the world's mainstream media. The second trend is the growth of people-oriented and spiritually based power structures, which we are interlinking to the rising movement to end the UFO cover-up. Many nations, and even a large group of corporate directors, are advising their associates that the time to redirect their priorities on this issue has arrived. We have personally met with members of the global business community and some key leaders of interconnected global spiritual networks.

All these diverse groups give us the same fundamental reply: the time has come for a benevolent group of outsiders to intervene decisively in the affairs of your world. We have informed them of our first contact mission and of the role in this assigned to the Agarthans. They gladly welcome us and request that such a positive intervention happen in the very near future. The 'families' in charge on this world have grievously erred and humanity stands on a precipice; it can either continue on over the edge or go in a new direction and succeed spectacularly! The key factor in this outcome is for the 'benevolent outside force' to use its advanced technology to produce a situation compelling the dark cabal to resign. Those who operate at important gateways in your society cheer us on toward action during our recent encounters with them! We then tell them about our Earth allies and ask them to join us actively in achieving their passionately held goals.

Thus, a movement is rising up all across your world that is deeply desirous of change. This movement will not be assuaged with mere passing 'fixes' of the multiple ills that assail your societies; it demands a massive recasting of the operating structures and these must reflect new, more enlightened social contracts that are able to keep pace with the swiftly changing New You. Our task is to move all this through its final hoops and prepare you for the transformation of your consciousness. Those who persist in trying to obstruct the inevitable and who want to prolong the financially and spiritually bankrupt status quo are rapidly becoming the dinosaurs on the verge of another mass extinction! Our divine intercession among you intends no such tribulation; we come to shepherd all of you through the final steps of a gleeful journey back to full consciousness. This means we have a very specific mission to accomplish.

We come to expedite the removal of the dark cabal from power and to encourage the global détente that will ensure that the path forward is one of joy! To do this, we began over a year ago to meet regularly with representatives of major governments appointed by the dark cabal. These delegates filled these meetings with grim pronouncements, but lately it has been our turn to do likewise, as we need to make it clear that the furtherance of the dark agenda is now untenable. Moreover, we have the superior technology to back up what must be done. This is not a threat, merely a statement of fact. Our Earth allies, under our guidance, are ready to act and put into effect the truly long-overdue programs. The time for your universal abundance and the recognition of your unalienable rights and individual sovereignty has arrived!

First contact began for us as a very odd mission and was proclaimed by Heaven to be a divine intervention. At first we had no idea how to proceed. We have learned a lot during the interim, and now we understand that we have become a divine option whose grace and wisdom is to lead you back to full consciousness. This is not undertaken lightly. Now we need to intervene more directly and so have increased exponentially the ships in your skies. We have contained those secret technologies that threatened us and that were to be used to enslave you. The only possible future for your world is the one decreed by Heaven and by Lord Surea: the one that is abundant and free and that sweeps you up into the transformation ordained by the divine plan!

Today, we carried on with our discussion of current developments in your reality. Your abundance is at hand, along with a constellation of changes which constitute the next stage on your path to freedom and full consciousness. The moment to celebrate and rejoice in your victory is near! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) info@paoweb.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Anonymous Coward
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02/03/2011 01:26 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Message from SaLuSa for 2 February 2011

SaLuSa 2-February-2011

The stirring in people’s consciousness is speeding up the awakening process, and it is helping to focus their minds on a solution to the problems of the world. You will already have noticed that corruption is beginning to be rooted out, and honesty in all dealings is being sought. It is all part of the new energies that are pressing to be manifested, that have been building up for a long time. Progress and change cannot be prevented even if they can be delayed, and the Divine Plan is assisted by Great Beings who are directing events. Their powerful energies are affecting the whole Earth, and there is no place for the lower vibrations to hide. They will be transmuted and in so doing the dark Ones are rapidly losing their control over you. They are confused and in panic as what they have worked for brought them in sight of victory, but has crumbled and is falling apart. Even so, they cling forlornly to the hope that something may happen to restore their power, but we can assure them that it is no longer possible. Their days are up and they are destined to complete failure.

The people will pick up the pieces but not to restore them, but to confine them to history where they now belong. Changes such as you are experiencing are inevitably going to test your resolve, but with a glorious future ahead it becomes much easier to last the full course. Our coming is still to be a pivotal point in the near future, and the pressure is increasing almost by the day for disclosure to come out. You will find that it is happening now, but not in the way that will be announced to all countries. However, once it is you will learn that every country has been contacted by Space Beings over the last century, and quite often in recent times. All will agree that our approach has been one of peaceful intentions, and we have made clear that the end times have to be prepared for and that we will not wait much longer. The war machine is one of the first groups that will need to be disabled, so that we can work safely with you. Our craft have been fired upon and chased through your skies, although that is in fact pointless as we have a far superior technology to avoid their attention.

We have also in recent times prevented the weaponization of Space, and have previously warned the Big Powers that we would not allow it to happen. Time and time again our advice has been ignored, but it makes no difference. We have shown what we can do without involving any kind of confrontation, and we have easily stopped attempts to provoke another world war. It is now time for wars to cease and the energies put to better use, to bring peace and happiness to the people. The tiredness at repeatedly being placed in states of fear is evident, and if your governments do not respond soon then we shall. Our plan is to immediately lay down the foundations for peace, and the redeployment of forces of war and their removal from foreign countries. Freedom is to return in such a way that many laws intended to control you will be repealed. Treated fairly and with compassion we know that you will reach a new level of respect for others, and crimes against each other will drop quite dramatically. In an atmosphere of trust and a bright future to look forward to, people will live their lives more fully and open their hearts to each other.

We have often spoken of living to your highest ability in anticipation of ever increasing levels of awareness. See in others their potential to lift up into the higher vibrations, as the same opportunity exists for each soul. Encourage others to open their eyes to what is happening, and assure them that a wonderful future will arise out of all the changes. It is not about any particular religion but it is about God, the One God that is known by many names yet is the same to all people who are birthed in his/her image. It is Man who has distorted such an image by attributing human traits to God, instead of understanding that every soul is a part of God with the ability to express pure love. Look inside to see if you are aware of your divinity, and if so lead your life as one who is awakened. Treat all souls as reflections of each other when it comes to seeing the Light that they carry. Focus on their good points and drop the habit of being judgmental, as it is not given to any other individual to know the facts of their life. Each of you has your own life plan and it is quite unique, and is especially for you and your evolution.

There is so much lined up that is at breaking point, and we are pressing for progress to speed up. We feel the time is right to now move forward, and we urge our allies to be ever aware of opportunities when they present themselves. Do not allow circumstances to pull you down, and see every change as a prelude to much greater happenings that will bring you much happiness. Every step of the way will lead to fulfillment of your spiritual quest, and you will leave duality a much more experienced soul than when you first came into it. That is indeed the object of all the lives you have had, which have been planned with your objective in mind. Regardless of what you have done with your various lives, there is not a single soul that will not have benefited from their experiences.

Remember also Dear Ones, that the babes in arms are nevertheless old souls who have their reasons for incarnating at this time. Perhaps they are renewing links with those they have known previously, or simply desirous of being part of Ascension with Mother Earth. They will have already decided what they want to do in the future, and it is most likely they are already well advanced spiritually. Look into their eyes and it will tell you a lot about them, realize that they understand far more than you probably give them credit for. It is being realized that recent generations have been attracted to Earth not only because of Ascension, but because they have something to offer mankind beyond what would normally be expected of young persons. Listen carefully as many have much wisdom to impart.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I know that the Light is ever increasing upon Earth, which is a very good sign of the progress being made. Out of the darkness a grand Light beams out and reaches all around the Earth, moving into those areas of turmoil and bringing a more peaceful energy. Shine yours to wherever there is unrest and it will help bring in peaceful vibrations.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.
User ID: 1184223
United States
02/04/2011 02:25 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Message from SaLuSa for 4 February 2011

Things are hotting up and there is a movement amongst people all across the world that is pushing them towards a new age. There are changes coming as a result and it is setting the scene for major changes, in line with the promises made to you. So although it is not apparent exactly where it is all leading, you will eventually see that the people are getting attention and their demands being met. It proves that people power is real, and that when sufficient people direct their energies in unison and for the same purpose, it brings results. Also as the levels of consciousness increase, more people are awakening to the truth of their reality. The chains of slavery are beginning to fall away, and suddenly there is an air of expectation that Man will once more become free. It is creating a focus for release from the dark Ones, and soon you will see events that clearly show that their time is coming to an end.

Most of the changes involve quite complicated plans, and include the cooperation of our allies. We will succeed because we have already made great progress, particularly where financial changes are concerned. However, it must take place with absolute precision to avoid causing hardship, and we do not expect much difficulty in getting world-wide support. Once the changes are achieved there will be a prompt return to normality, but with a system that works in everyone’s interest. Hitherto, the money markets were monopolized by the few and used to keep the people in debt, and that will all change.

We are paying great attention to the Middle East which is a model for what might happen to other countries. It has been a hotbed of confrontation for hundreds of years, and sought after for its wealth. Many countries have histories of being occupied by foreign troops, and once we can come into the open we shall assist in returning them to their native population. People must be freed of oppression and allowed to express themselves without interference, even if their ways appear alien to how others live. Respecting such sovereignty has been sadly lacking but as soon as it is accepted that You Are All One, things will be seen from a higher perspective. In previous lives your placement in different cultures and countries has been made for your advancement through selected experiences. It is therefore important that you are given absolute freedom to follow your desires. That is of course providing you do not hurt or interfere with another person in the process.

Life may seem very chaotic, but it provides what you attract to yourselves which is necessary for your advancement. The challenges often come thick and fast and if you successfully overcome them, life eventually evens out and settles down. This is more likely to happen when you enter the last stages of your life. However, you do not all undertake the same degree of testing, but whatever you do it will be within your capability to be successful. Sometimes you will get lucky but all experiences are intentional and karma can be viewed as either negative or positive. There is a misconception sometimes that it is a form of punishment, and that is far from the truth. You elect to have certain experiences that enable you to overcome your weaknesses. It is quite amazing to consider that so many people are involved in each of your lives, yet they intertwine and cross paths as planned. You all learn from each other, and none more so than the dark Ones.

Those of you who feel settled in your lives are most likely far along the path to Ascension. To all intent and purposes your life plan has been completed, and you will spend the last period tidying up and concentrating on your goal. You have the ability to help others along, and in the midst of turmoil can be a steadying influence. Certainly in some areas where they catch the main thrust of Mother Earth’s changes, we are allowed to lessen any affects. This will apply more so when we have made contact with you, and we can work together. There will be much earth surface work to do, and this is where you can be of great help. The seas and skies are more our domain, and in fact we already do quite a lot of cleaning up.

We note that already there is much more compassion being shown to your animal world, and there are some wonderful groups doing excellent work. Animals will often move out of danger areas well before they are threatened, so Man is well advised to observe unusual movement patterns. You may be surprised to learn that animals are moved around between planets, and also kept on board our Mothercraft where we have created ideal conditions for them. Such craft are so large that they are in fact the cities of the skies, and you would hardly realize that you were on one. They are so complete and with technologies that supply all of our needs, so that we can travel for several years and be self-supporting.

If you are ambitious to be a Space Traveler, you will be able to do so once you have reached a certain spiritual level such as the state of Ascension. In a short time your consciousness is going to grow quite rapidly, and it will be due to the uplifting energies reaching your Planet. Make friends with your ego and you will find life becoming easier, and you will become more in harmony with all other life. Ego tends to boss you around, and keep you to the old paradigm that will have no place in the future. You can change your approach to life if you wish, by doing your best as you would imagine an Ascended Being to be. Set your sights high and do not worry if at first you seem unsuccessful. With a strong intent to do well you will be helped, and by that same intent attract it to you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and tell you that we monitor all of your news, and we are well aware from one minute to the next as to what is going on. Better still we also know what is in the minds of the dark Ones, and they cannot fool us as hard as they try. As we have now told you on several occasions their time is up, and they will have less and less affect on us. Even now their activities are being curtailed and we do that with full authority. We have the greatest authority one could work with, and that is your assurance of success. The Divine Plan is the key to it, and has mapped out your whole journey.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Anonymous Coward
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02/07/2011 08:52 PM
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

By FatherMotherGod... - Posted on 07 February 2011

~Galactic Free Press~

~Your Unique Newspaper, for the Real Reality a Multi~Dimensional Experience~




Greetings. Welcome to “Nibiru”.

We have some friends here at the Nibiru Council:

With me are Alcyone, St Germain, Lady Master Nada and KOS, Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda, Rama, Tom the RingTail Cat and some of our other Paschat Friends. The are the ones you have met before, and the other Members of our Council you will become more familiar with.

We welcome you all. Thank you for joining us here on Nibiru. We come to you tonight to bring a message about family reunions. Many of you have been to Nibiru or originated from Nibiru. There is much about your own ancient history you do not yet remember.

NASA has come out with a lengthy discourse denying the existence of Nibiru. I assure you, Nibiru exists and it is very real [Check out pictures of Niburu from NASA! [link to www.welcomethelight.com] Tony]. We are here because Earth is ascending. We are here to assist all the inhabitants on Earth in their ascension.

There are millions of Galactics now living on Nibiru. Our MotherShip is in your Earth’s orbit. We each have a job to carry out which assists in bringing Earth to this change point. We work with the Sirian Commander, U.S. President Barack Obama. He has prepared many lifetimes for the role he now plays.

He has special abilities and will carry Earth into a new era of One Race. We help coordinate the Master Plan for Worldwide Peace.

I have lived before on Earth, for thousands of years, during the Golden Age in Egypt. I am known as Mother Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess [see Robert Masters book"The Goddess Sekhmet"].

I am joined here with the Galactics, your family. We are the lion people, the bird people, and the reptile people. We are all humanoids, we are hybrids.

We are joined by the Kumaras of Shamballa, the peoples from Inner Earth, in the Argatha Network, and the Council of 4 and 20. We are also joined by Councils from Planets in your Solar System and beyond your Solar System.

All of us are meeting together and we will be meeting with you on Earth. We have been working with the people of Earth on Ascension.

As Earth vibration raises up to the Higher Dimensions, there are some who have chosen to leave the Planet rather than make the changes needed to ascend with everyone else. These Ones have volunteered to wear the Dark Hats and teach about duality. They got so into their role-playing,that they were unable to turn the Dark Hat to a White Hat.

Their time is up. We love them, because they lovingly played these roles so each one of us could experience life’s lessons.

The Ones who are leaving now have volunteered to be returned to the Source. That is my role, to help them go. For too long the Dark Hats have controlled, lied, and manipulated their fellow humanity on Earth. They have kept your true origin from you. They have manipulated you into forced slavery for their own benefit. They have kept you in a place where you are unable to see you are all Creator Gods. The only way to bring World Peace on Earth is to bring all the Councils, working together, to make it happen. Many of you here now are lightworkers and starseeds who incarnated at this time for the sole purpose of turning Earth back to a Planet of Love where all races live together in harmony.

Mother Earth [Gaia], with her Twin Flame, Vywamus, has requested an end to her destruction and nothing can stop these changes from coming to pass.

We have Galactic Technologies on our Ships which support this effort along with millions of Galactics here to play roles in bringing about Earth Ascension. We have transportation, communication, intel, computer systems, imaging abilities, and healing capabilities which far surpass anything you have ever been aware of in recent memory.

We have used all of these things to help bring about necessary changes. Our Galactic members have their own Secret Forces which have members placed in all levels of law enforcement. We have Galactic members with special abilities, such as shape shifting and telepathic communications, working in the Secret Service Guarding the President of the United States so he may carry out his Mission.

This President is entrusted with communicating with all the World Leaders in every country, to let them know that they must cooperate with the Master Plan, or they will be leaving the Planet. Gaia/Vywamus can no longer tolerate pollution, war, strip mining, misuse of water, slavery, violence, and lawlessness to be the norm.

The Master Plan is one where there is an end to all wars everywhere on the Planet. Neighboring countries will be required to live together in harmony. Only then can Mother Earth be safe from destruction through nuclear holocaust. The Master Plan has provisions for No Nukes. The end of Nuclear proliferation is at hand, it will no longer be tolerated.

All countries must work together to accomplish this. Any country with leaders entertaining the idea of building and storing nuclear weapons, will see arrests and removals. We will be certain that the new leaders put into place, are working together with all countries to end nuclear weapons. As a matter of fact, no weapon which is being used for the intention of harm will work.

There have been rumors that President Obama will take away American’s right to ‘bear arms’. That is a misunderstanding. Hunters all over the U.S. have been hoarding guns and ammunition since President Obama was elected.

When the time is right, these arms will no longer discharge. They will be holding onto a pile of junk which no longer has a use. There will be Peace. The animal kingdom will be honored with all of Earth’s citizens and there will be an end to hunting.

It is not President Obama who will take away the right to have a gun. It is the Galactics who will insist on World Peace, by Gaia’s request, that will make the weapons inoperable. President Obama, along with me and you and all of us are also Galactics.

It is through the coordinated efforts of the Galactic Federation, those in the skies over Earth, and you, the Ground Crew, working in your roles, who are bringing Peace to the Earth. We also have Galactics working in the courts. We have the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague. We have Universal Jurisdiction.

We have 16 million men working with the King of Swords (KOS). All the Dark Hats, working with the 13 Families of the Illuminati, will be rounded up, arrested, and tried for war crimes, including genocide. These atrocities will no longer be allowed on Earth.

The Master Plan includes dissolving the Federal Reserve Bank and the The Internal Revenue Service. There will be payments made to every man, woman and child for monies taken from them illegally. This will be for every person on Earth.

The division between the haves and the have nots will be permanently eliminated. Everyone will have all they need, once the payments are received. There will be new currencies, and new partnerships in the countries around the world.

In order for the Master Plan to be fully carried out, we must have disclosure of the Galactic Presence on Earth. This means everyone will learn about the millions of Galactics here now, who are working through the Office of the Christ, to bring harmony to Earth. We are working in concert with you to solve the World’s problems. President Obama has been criticized for tackling too many issues at once. What cannot be seen is that he has millions of Galactic helpers working on these issues with him. It will be accomplished. It is happening now.

Once everyone is aware that the removals have taken place, there will be no reason to hold up disclosure. There will be no reason to hold up the payments made available through the Reformation Act, NESARA Law.

When this happens StarShips of all sizes and all types will be seen flying in the skies over all Earth. This is called mass decloakings. Everyone will know we are here.

It will be a great reunion with all of you, a part of our larger family of star nations. Within days we will be landing on Earth and interacting with you. You will have mentors to help you work into your new lives. You will have loved ones coming back to live with you. You will have technologies that will make life easy. You will have all necessary abundance.

Free energy and new building practices will end pollution on the Planet.

All of these things we have been talking about for many, many years. There are some new to these ideas, so we went into a detailed review for the ones reading this news for the first time.

NASA will have to remove the denials from their website and this will be done at the time of decloakings.

What we have not been talking about is, at the time of decloakings, there will be an half-step increase in intelligence and heart opening for all inhabitants on Earth. This serves the purpose of dropping the veils which stand between you and the other dimensions and parallels. With these veils dropped, you will remember you are a Creator God.

You will be ready to explore Co-Creation with immediate results. We would like you to consider what this means. Instant Creation. Some of you are doing this now, in fact you are very good at it. You repeatedly create that which you do not want in your lives, due to repetitive thought that you do not want it in your life.

We have healing techniques that can help you balance all of your subtle bodies, the mental, physical, the emotional and spiritual bodies. In doing this, you change your point of view. You will be able to rise above the chaos on Earth and come into joy and love. When the declaokings come it will be easier to be fully in joy and experience more love.
You may begin today removing old programs and shifting your thoughts to those of abundance. Continue to imagine the changes you will have in your life when the changes come about.

Many are asking questions, What about this and What about that? We hear all the questions you toss around in your minds. The world will so greatly change, when you have the Galactic Technology; in a short time you will not believe the improvements.

The greatest thing the Nibiru Council would like you to know, is we love you beyond measure. We are your family. We are human-hybrids from other Star Nations. We are here to assist you to a life of freedom and restore your status and your understanding that you are an unlimited Divine Being. We wish to show you new ways to live lives of ease and enjoy all the fruits life has to offer.

Your primary thoughts will shift away from the repetition of survival and you will be able to create in new ways. You will be able to live in harmony with yourself and with nature. You may live in a world where everyone is encouraged to work together for the greatest good of all.

You will be living in immortal bodies which do not need to experience disease.

The possibilities of what we can create together, with our technologies is endless. There is no place you will not be able to visit, including Nibiru, and other StarShips, Stars, Suns, and Planets, as well as all points on Earth. Experiencing the cultures of all the different species of hybrid humans will be a great adventure.

Remembering that you are one of us will cause your souls to expand. Very quickly we will be as equal partners, working together creating a new Earth. When we have decloakings and landings, it will be a deeply personal experience. Each person will meet someone they remember and they know. Some will be meeting again in the physical with their Twin Flames, their true love, who they have waited for a very long time.

These friends and family, the trillions working with you from the trillions of Ships now in Earth’s atmosphere, will go to meet with the ones they know, in the places where they are on Earth. None of us are strangers to you. When you see us, you may ask us all of the questions you are now unsure of. Each Soul is on another part of their spiritual path and each has a different perception. We will be here to fill you in on the things you do not already know. There will be no fear. We are here as loving members of your family to help you wake up to the truth.

As soon as we land, you will be made aware of all the gifts we will share with you. You will have new modes of transportation, new technologies for healing, replicators to build or bring to you anything you need, including all of the basics.

These will be available as soon as immediately. No one will be left out. Everyone will have what they need.

You will very quickly remember your role with us. Many of you already work with us nightly. You will take up your passion and join us in the effort to restore Earth and balance all that is needed for humanity. We will make our computers, holodecks, and training facilities open for your use.

You may drop the illusion that you were meant to do menial labor until you are too old and worn out to care. You may drop the illusion that you have no control over your life. The only requirement will be living life from a heart-centered focus, with love.

Love for all on Earth, including Self-Love. It begins here.We welcome you to call on us for assistance at any time along the way. Call me, Mother Sekhmet. I will show you in subtle ways the steps to take, as we move forward in changing this Planet back to Love.

We look forward to reviewing all the stories from days gone by. We look forward to laughing at ourselves for the roles we played. We look forward to the delightful times ahead as One. We will join you and live with you and build Terra Nova together.

Bring these ideas into your heart, with joy, as we co-create this as reality, now.

~Mother Sekhmet





As above so within, with the deepest Gratitude, Highest, and Purest intent for the GRANDEST AND HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL.

Thank you for this Grand opportunity to create Heaven on Earth, to fully awaken AS Human Angels into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS..Thank you for the outpouring of Unconditional Love, Joy, Happiness, Miracles, and Grandness. WE all watch in amazement and deep GRATEFULLNESS as the Divine Plan unfolds before our eyes.

Thank you for the return to Completeness, Wholeness, Balance, and Pureness, perfectly aligned in this Beautiful Master Plan as the next level of Creation begins in the unknown….Thank you as we meld with The Universe back into the ONE, and for the belly laughter as we each take off our masks, remembering we were playing a game of illusion…Thank you for setting in front of US Real Reality, A True Reality of Creation, HEAVEN ON EARTH… where we all are living in True, Peace, Harmony, fully supported in our I AM Presence….

On this day Love, we release everything that no longer serves Us for the Greater Good of the ALL… Thank you for blessing US and the release of all that is not of Pure Love…. Thank you for your constant and Loving support as “We” shine our lights, Live our TRUTHS, with courage and confidence. Thank you for all the help and guidance we have been receiving, as we step out of illusion, and Home into True Reality Connecting US to Our Real and True Selves.

Thank you for the Smooth and Effortless Transition into The New Earth, and for guiding US with Grace and Gratitude. Thank you for the RETURN OF PURE LOVE… Pure Essence, and for the Abundance of Unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, flowing through US NOW…. this is Just the Beginning of a New beautiful Journey together as One, within Creation.

Thank you for the amazing and wonderful messages, processes and events..leading to our destination HOME. NOW we can see each other in our Highest Lights and Highest Truths as we cross the bridge, Home into the Light. Thank you for this Moment of Now for we really are LETTING GO AND LETTING LOVE Be In Charge. We Are Becoming The True Reality of Who We Really Are.. as Human Angels.

ALL of US NOW, Are each taking our unique roles as instruments of Love and Fulfilling our contracts and purpose in Service to Love Everywhere Present… Thank you as we release today any and all which does not serve US and the ALL for the Highest good at all times…..so as we Become The Human Angels we are Destined to Be.

Thank you for this NEW EARTH in which Supports Life, Abundance, Freedom, Equality and Oneness… We are ready with our Hearts open to receive… to begin manifesting A NEW STORY… One of Peace, Harmony, Joy, Unconditional Love, Abundance and Grandness.. Thank you for The NOW in which We Are Creating A Paradise of Heaven on Earth

Let US bathe in The Great Love that WE Are, let us play like children underneath the waterfalls and Rainbows and Trees. Let Us dance with the unicorns and Give and receive Love Freely… Let US sing with the animals and all of Creation.. Let US swim in the oceans with the dolphins… Let our laughter carry US in sweetness and Unity as we Are the examples of Joy, Love and Peace. Let US Play in the soft grass with freedom of expression and Pure Ecstasy in our Love For Each Other, The Love For the ALL.. [Pause] [inhaling 3 breaths into the heart center] Thank you for this New Earth where we can be WHO WE TRULY ARE AS Gods/Goddesses for this is our vision becoming a True Reality.

We are NOW prepared to BECOME THE GREATEST, GRANDEST VISION~VERSION WE CAN BE…To experience again in A New Way, The True Way of The Love Called God Everywhere Present….

And so it is as Above, as it is Within, and Forever Eternally. The Present Moment of NOW, IS The Eternal Forever Moment of NOW, and Always From This Moment on, and So It IS Done.

Love, ALL Divine Human Angels

“Creation is an open ended Journey that is Always Beginning.”

Evolution~ A Process in which Creation changes, becoming Significantly Different and Much Grander than before. To develop by an Evolutionary Process, from a primitive [the mind] to a Multi-Dimensional Galactic Human, (A Divine Human Angel with Wings! A Divinely Intelligent Brilliant Being!). To be Developed, Revealed, or Unfold. Come Forth Emerge. To undergo Change and Transformation, to roll out, unfold. Example- Humanity is Evolving from out of illusion, and this Is According to the Divine Plan. Each Moment you are Becoming Grander and Grander Beings, Galactic, Divine Beings. Your Evolution proceeds depending on How much Energy you can Bring into Yourself. Currently within every Human Being on Planet Earth=Heart,this Divine Plan is unfolding, which is an unstoppable Process of Creation. This is Evolution Occurring on this Planet and not a revolution. Evolution is a Process that is always becoming Grander and Grander and is currently “Rolling out” for a Transformation. This is Creation, The Ethics Train, The One River/Flow of Life, that is Expanding at Faster and Faster Rates. It is an Energy of Pure Consciousness, irreversible. This Energy is Permeating through Everything in Existence, including all of You and all the Atoms, until it's a “Fireworks” Display. Are You Ready?

The Energy is Going to where it's going, and it cannot be stopped. WE Highly recommend Just Riding the Cosmic Wave, It's A JOY RIDE. Here at Galactic Central, the Galactic Portal is Definitely Opening, as WE Prepare for the Ship's Arrival. This Opening cannot be Closed.

Visions- Prepare for Planetary Liberation, Mother Earth is Free and So are ALL of Her Inhabitants.


[link to soundofheart.org]


Email: mothergod1111111@gmail.com

Skype: father.mothergod.amon.ra

Facebook:FathermotherGod Amon Ra [link to www.facebook.com]

web: [link to soundofheart.org]

With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

No Copyright, Share Freely

[link to soundofheart.org]
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.

Thread: JUPITER IGNITION!!!!!!! (Page 325)
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Sheldine Nidel

Dratzo! We return! Much has happened, and we arrive at a most critical juncture in the transformation of you and your reality. A grand final accounting is in progress, and when this two-step operation is completed, the global abundance deliveries and the much-needed change of governments can commence. These changes are the final requisites before the UFO cover-up can be sent packing! Accordingly, we are working very hard to see that these events happen as Heaven so decrees. Lord Surea has set forth a series of divine proceedings that will see the start of a vast transformation of your solar system's reality, which is even now quite evident in the increasing and unusual activities that are taking place from the Sun to the outer edges of your solar system. And yet these changes are only a pale intimation of what Heaven is preparing to do: she is to transform your reality from a limited-conscious dipolar one to a fully conscious monopolar one. In the end, your solar system will bear only a slight resemblance to its present form.

This physical transformation is to create the environment in which you will carry out your role as true physical Angels in this Milky Way Galaxy. You will be responsible for sustaining your living world and for maintaining the vital life energies that flow throughout the solar system. Yet these tasks are not limited to simply keeping up your planetary homes; they extend to helping other groups of physical Angels maintain this galaxy and all others that are part of physicality. We understand that at this time this can seem rather overwhelming to you, but it will, in truth, be only one of the many tasks you will perform each day. Surrounding and supporting you will be a planetary galactic society, made up of many major 'clans' that allow your society to function at its fullest potential. Next, you are in contact with fellow associates from other worlds scattered throughout this galaxy. Together you have formed the Galactic Federation to be the vehicle through which you can all fulfill your primary duties to Heaven and to each other. Furthermore, you have reached out to other galaxies and created similar organizations to manifest the divine plan.

The above scenario actually describes our experience four million years ago. Since that time, we have been integrating hundreds of thousands of galactic societies into our Federation from the farthest reaches of this galaxy. As we welcome these newly awakened star-nations, we learn much about the stunning diversity that the Creator has spread among us. You, too, are in for a magnificent treat as you begin your own journey of consciousness. We have come here to oversee the procedures that will return you to full consciousness, despite our Science and Exploration fleet's assessment that you were far from ready for our arrival. Inspired by Heaven's pronouncements we assembled a first-contact command and came in joyful anticipation to your shores. Over the past two decades we watched and learned, and then incrementally (as allowed) participated in those actions that are now leading you to full consciousness. These actions have now reached a stage where a synopsis would be useful; it is important that you comprehend that we are not in violation of your free will.

The Creator sent us here with a broad mandate which we are now to discuss with you. This mandate is divided into two parts: first contact, and the wider implications of this for each one of you, starting with your history which can be divided roughly into three parts: the first is your arrival on Lemuria; the second is the rise of Atlantis and your fall into limited consciousness; the third is your protracted odyssey through the dark realms and your rise back to full consciousness. From this bird's eye view, you can understand that this time span is composed of a sequence of what many on your planet call Grand Cycles. Each of these cycles is approximately 26,000 years. Since the beginning of Lemuria over 900,000 years ago, you have completed 34 such cycles and are poised to complete the 35th. This grand cycle is to conclude in the coming solar (or galactic) year of 8 Manik. This is when a special series of galactic events is slated to occur after your Sun crosses the Galactic Equator.

The principle reason for our arrival in great numbers is, quite simply, that this special time in your history has arrived. The tumultuous events happening all across your planet are a result of the fact that you are completing this 35th grand cycle. We come to welcome you and to assist, both as mid-wife and as mentor, in your transformation into full consciousness. This moment was pegged way back in your history as the time for this wondrous change in consciousness. The Anunnaki, at that time affiliated to the dark continuum Anchara, were well aware of this and had intended to circumvent this eventuality by means of a series of dastardly deeds, but this was short-circuited by the abrupt change of allegiance and subsequent pacifist declarations of Anchara. This led in the mid-1990s to a peace treaty with the Galactic Federation, which profoundly altered the wars in this galaxy. It brought forth the great peace that had been ordained by the Divine many eons ago.

In this time of galactic peace, we have come to complete a prophecy that is pivotal to that peace. Gaia (Mother Earth) contains the source for this galaxy. She is therefore vitally important to that peace, since the Peace of Anchara is dependent on Mother Earth wholly returning to full consciousness. This places the onus on us to complete this historic mission successfully. For a time the dark cabal delayed this goal, and so we must now hurry things along more rapidly than first intended. To this end we have brought to the attention of the dark cabal's regimes the fact that our patience has run thin. Several actions have been taken to reinforce this point to the cabal's leaders, thus bringing the various objectives we are responsible for to the brink of manifestation.

At present we are in the midst of finishing those tasks that precede the grand changes that we have touched on in many messages to you. Gaia, in tandem with your global reality, is at that point where her vast transformation can commence; the rising turbulence in your atmosphere and oceans, and the rumblings of your land are signs of this. This indicates that your reality has arrived at that decisive point where it requires either enhanced bolstering, or the go-ahead for the dramatic calamities to begin. We know that these portents show clearly that further delay will only increase the intensity of these changes. The moment for the great changes to be unveiled has arrived, and the time for action is now. Great deeds to spearhead this imperative for change are now urgently required.

Our first contact team is preparing for action. For too long we have let the forces on your world control the extent of our actions but this policy has now passed into history. The moment to don the mantle of the 'galactic option' has come. Until now, our task regarding the heads of the dark cabal was to read them the riot act; this has been done. The next phase is to take the timetable they have long been apprised of and enact it. The requisites for implementing the new financial and monetary system are in place, and we have foregathered those who are to create the interim caretaker governments. The timetable is ticking and about to sound the alarm. Our fleet and personnel are agog and fully prepared to carry out the mission which will change the course of human history!

Today, we discussed what is happening and what we intend to do about it. Supreme moments in Creation are marked by valiant and just deeds which unfold the divine plan, giving sovereignty and liberty back to those who have temporarily been divested of these God-given rights. We come as instruments of the Divine, ready to unfurl the next chapter in your history. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
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Re: Affirmation: NESARA and First Contact Updates.
Free scifi reading for the masses, follow Wrath of Nibiru on this forum...serious reviews only
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