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Don´t Get Yer Hopes Up!!!
04/15/2005 07:03 PM
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Real NESARA website disclaims ties to prosperity programs from [link to nesara.org] news/ rumors.htm - There are some popular rumors we want to dispel.

Firstly, many people who write to us seem to believe that secret sessions are in place, or that NESARA is actually law but (strangely) not made public. We can only respond by saying, no, no such thing. The legislative process is rather cut and dry, set in stone if you will, and a couple of mouse clicks to the Thomas locator registry ( [link to thomas.loc.gov)] will dispel such rumors. Furthermore, our status page is updated weekly and, if anybody knows the status of the bill, we expect that we will.

Secondly, many people who write to us seem to believe we are somehow connected with various financial schemes. At least some people are representing or claiming such an idea. We cannot vouch for the validity of those schemes, nor do we care to investigate. Get-rich schemes probably have existed since the beginning of recorded history, and although many schemes are legitimate, some are not. We can only caution that each of you do your homework before investing hard-earned funds into any venture. We suggest you do the same with NESARA. You should not take our word that NESARA is a good thing for America, or the word of so-called experts. Read the bill for yourself and make up your own mind.

Thirdly, we remind people that NESARA is not a debt forgiveness program. NESARA changes the banking laws and introduces new banking loan equations. Under the new equations and laws, existing secured debts are recalculated and some people will find themselves debt free, but nobody will get less than they bargained for. There is no forgiveness of loans, only recalculations. We ask you to study our FAQs as we thoroughly explain this fallacy. We also ask you to download our spreadsheets so you can visualize how the new laws and equations affect your personal debt situation.

However, we do offer our word that we are not affiliated—at all—with any investment venture or scheme. Whether or not NESARA seems to fulfill certain gurus’ claims or even if NESARA appears to fulfill certain prophecies, we can only state that such connections are coincidence only. The authors of the NESARA web site have presented NESARA to the world as a pure grass roots effort. There never has been any connection with the authors’ efforts and the efforts of financial gurus or investment ventures.

We addressed similar rumors back in October of 2000. Sadly some of these rumors have circulated for several years, long before the bill was posted to the web.

We really do not know how to dispel such rumors other than refute them, but you can help by not forwarding the rumors to others. Although our effort to date is a labor of love, the rumors are frustrating for us and responding to such queries does indeed consume some of our time. We hope that this particular message will serve notice that there are no connections and that you would work to quash those rumors.

We do not wish to make a big deal out of this, nor do we wish to discourage your enthusiasm, but rumors do not help the cause. As many of you have discovered, legislators do not like working with fringe elements or “nuts,” and when legislators are confronted with rumors, that is exactly what they think and they become callused to the true cause that might lie underneath.

We understand how the rumors possibly start. NESARA is written with a fundamental understanding of basic natural rights. Unlike most legislation that is highly partisan and slanted toward special interests, NESARA was written so that all parties are winners. NESARA is truly a bill that benefits all people, not just a chosen few. Therefore, just about anybody can “lay claim” to the bill. Although we dislike the rumors, observing that so many people have attempted to connect themselves with the bill is indicative that many people, deep in their hearts, understand the fundamentals of natural law and free markets. Because of those cornerstones, many people are attracted to NESARA. NESARA creates a win-win situation, and so the rumors start flowing.

Perhaps the only people who might think they do not win are the legislators and moneyed elite. That should surprise absolutely nobody. NESARA reforms the banking laws, greatly discourages Congress from trying to create money out of thin air, and eliminates government intrusion into our lives by swapping a sales tax for the much hated tyrannical income tax. All the more reason to pressure legislators and to encourage upcoming candidates.

We are always available to answer questions and to sit with qualified people to explain the details of the bill. NESARA can be deceptively simple, yet the long-term implications of NESARA are not so simple. Therefore, we urge you to contact legislators and urge those legislators to contact us. We urge you to place in their hands a printed copy of our PDF version of the bill. Most of us can afford to send a 2-to-3 day priority package to their legislators. We also urge you to contact upcoming 2002 candidates. Provide them with a copy of the bill. Urge those new candidates to contact us. NESARA provides a powerful tool to the 2002 challengers of the incumbents.

If your legislators refuse to support NESARA, then we urge you to respond in a rather simple but dramatic manner. Ask those legislators, “Then why do I need you?” Be blunt. Politics is often a slow game, but bluntness and loss of support seems to get legislators’ attention. We are talking about nothing less than your future and the future of your children. Somewhat unbelievably, only a few dozen phone calls to each legislator with “Then why do I need you?” will shake the tunnels and halls of Congress. Sometimes bluntness pays—and is much easier than trying to validate rumors.

Thanks for your support.


Posted By: Q
Date: Sunday, 8 October 2000, 7:39 a.m.

Secret Congressional Bill
New Treasury Bank System

The End of the IRS

The Return to the Constitution

The new bill

1) Brought the Treasury Bank system with precious metals-backed currency into existence,

2) Abolishes the IRS,

3) Returns us to Constitutional law and takes us out of Admiralty and Statutory law,

4) Provides for prices and values adjustments to bring prices into alignment with the new currency.

October 7, 2000

Dear Friends of the Constitution,

I have been asked to write some of you to let you know the background of why and how the 50 states are going to a Treasury Bank system.

This Treasury Bank system is expected to be announced in the next few weeks, although it has been close to being announced for some time.

The timing is dependent on another major and quiet event occurring.

I want to explain what has happened so you know that people who love the Constitution are behind this event.

In March, 2000, as some patriotic people looked forward to the dangers of this Fall stemming from the one world government plans, they realized that some very strong steps had to be
taken to move the 50 states into a safer position.

One evening in March, some of these brave patriots caused a late night session of Congress to occur.

The Senators and Representatives were presented with a bill which:

1) Brought the Treasury Bank system with precious metals-backed currency into existence,

2) Abolishes the IRS,

3) Returns us to Constitutional law and takes us out of Admiralty and Statutory law,

4) Provides for prices and values adjustments to bring prices into alignment with the new currency.

The Congress passed this law that night. (There is more to the story, however, this is all I can tell you right now.)

There was a "gag order" imposed on Congress until the announcement of the Treasury Bank system. We MAY see some mention of the Treasury Banks in our media in the next week.

I have been told that all major countries in the world will be
announcing their own Treasury Bank systems either at the same time as the announcement in the 50 states, or soon after. Again, all of this is dependent on an outside event which essentially provides the capital for the new Treasury Banks systems worldwide.

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation about HOW this will work.

My information is that it will proceed in the most gentle,
comfortable fashion possible. At some point, there will be a conversion of the Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) into the new Treasury Bank notes.

There will be some form of adjusting prices, real estate and mortgage values, wages, etc. into alignment with the new system -- the intent is that the adjustments are "accounting adjustments" and that everyone is able to RETAIN their wealth now.

The stock market prices per share will have to be adjusted down a bit because they are all based on the inflated FRNs and
there´s probably not enough precious metals already mined to back all the FRNs in circulation.

HOWEVER, because prices of all goods and services will also be adjusted, in the end, people should have the same buying power.

There is the possibility that there will be other economic advantages when this new system is announced, in addition to abolishing the IRS. I have not asked for specific information on this from my knowledgeable contacts, however I have heard from other sources that there may be some forgiveness of credit card debt, as well as all income taxes.

I do know that abolishing the IRS is supposed to effect "past, present, and future" income tax issues.

There is every intent and effort being made by our brave patriots in the military, the judicial system, and the government, to have all of this happen with ease and comfort and lack of loss for ALL the people in the 50 states.

There is a very big emphasis on keeping this situation FREE of
martial law.

YOU can help all of us to keep these transitional times FREE of martial law.


We all can help avoid panic by letting our friends, families, and business colleagues know that this banking system change is for our BENEFIT.

The reason behind getting this secret bill passed is to enable us to free ourselves of an oppressive banking system and income tax system, and to reinstate all our rights under the Constitution and return to Constitutional law.

You can help by telling people to be calm and avoid panic -- this will enable us to be FREE of any need for marital law. Change is scarey for most people, however, when we have some understanding of WHO is behind it and WHY -- this can help us to move through these days free of any panic.

In the last few months, due to my activities in a situation which provides the capital for the new Treasury Bank systems, I have been brought into contact with some of the brave people who made sure this secret bill was passed in March, 2000.

These people know all about the very dangerous intents of the one world government, about those who are aligned with that
plan, and how their plans would bring harm to most people in the 50 states.

There are three major factions in our federal government/congress, military, judicial system, and world banking system.

There are the ones who are aligned with the one world government and have things planned to TRY to cause reason for martial law this FALL, and (probably) trying to turn this country over to the one world government.

There are people in the government, judicial system, military, and banking who are totally oblivious to any of this. And, there are our brave patriots who have on many many occasions taken very quiet action to counter the moves that would harm all
of us.

I know you may find this hard to believe, but there are many in the Supreme Court who have been working very hard to get us to the point of having Constitutional Law reinstated -- they have been shocked and dismayed at how the use of Admiralty and Statutory law has been used to take our rights away!

They are very much working behind the scenes to make sure
these major changes are implemented and to move our country away from the one world government plan.

Worldwide, the initiating of Treasury Banks in each country is a direct REFUSAL to go along with the one world government plans. All of the other countries, who are also going to their own precious metals- backed Treasury Banks, are doing this to show that they are REFUSING to be part of the one world government.

These changes are the BEGINNING of regaining our sovereignty. We will have MUCH more work to do to make sure we totally neutralize the dangerous plans of the one world government and the people behind it.

We all need to work together to make sure we neutralize every aspect of the danger.

Although the new currency probably has metal strips for tracking, we must DEMAND that the computer systems be dismantled with track our currency.

We must DEMAND that the computer systems such as FinCen, which track all our banking transactions, are totally dismantled and destroyed.

There is much work for us to do to fully bring back our sovereignty and our rights!

Our Canadian neighbors demanded that their government dismantle
a snooping computer system and they were partially successful. The computer system links were taken apart.

However all of us around the world need to demand that all these computer programs are totally eradicated.

This Fall is a time of great concern. Although we will make great strides with these announcements of new banking system, abolishing the IRS and income taxes, returning to Constitutional law, etc., we all must work together to make sure that the dangerous plans of the one world government FAIL to go forward.

You and I can do our part by getting the word out that this banking change was made possible by Patriots in the military, judicial system, and government.

We can help by avoiding panic.

We can help by realizing there are people in the military, judicial system, and government who are working to move us out of danger.

We can help by making sure we each do our part in whatever way we can.

How going back to Constitutional Law will look in the implementation is yet to be known.

How that might effect the laws passed by Congress and the
ones currently under consideration - is yet to be seen. I am guessing there will be a transition time on all of these issues.

I know you may find this information difficult to believe, however, if you have a close relationship with someone in a major bank, you might ask them if they have received word yet about the Treasury Bank system.

I know major banks in the 50 states are making the change. Smaller banks are now planning to make the change within a few months.

Banks have been given the option of making the change or staying with the current system for a while.

If you pray or meditate, I hope you will join thousands of us who are aware of these changes and pray that all these changes occur in a benevolent, comfortable, liberty-increasing way for all in the 50 states.

The intent of our brave patriots, who have made sure this secret bill was passed, is that these great changes occur free of any bloodshed, free of marital law, free of harm to anyone.

Even though the financial and stock market adjustments may "look" like there is a loss, there actually should be a washing out that leaves people with the same level of wealth, or even MORE WEALTH due to the abolishing of income taxes.

The intent is to enable people to have greater wealth and

I know I am probably unknown to you. However, I simply ask that you watch the events unfold and consider that what I am sharing is true.

Many brave patriots have done much to bring us to this point of regaining our sovereignty and our liberty -- at the risk of their lives!

WE can do our part by avoiding panic and fear. We WILL have a lot more work to do to totally regain our sovereignty -- this is a start.

Blessings to you,
Just the Facts
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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NESARA is an acronym for the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, which is a legislative proposal that merely reintroduces specie as alternative currencies to help combat anti-inflationary policies of the paper currency. The NESARA proposal is sponsored by the “NESARA Institute”, having offices at 7635 Jefferson Highway, No. 354, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809 (Ph: 864-886-0657). Although the NESARA proposal has been presented to many Congresspersons over the years, and some have expressed interest in the proposal, it hasn´t yet built up sufficient support for even introduction to Committee, much less to a full vote by Congress. Maybe someday the NESARA proposal will find support in Congress and may be presented for a vote, but that really isn´t the point of this webpage. (You can read all about NESARA at www.nesara.org). The point of this webpage is that when certain scam artists claim that NESARA has been "enacted into law" by "secret Acts of Congress" they are telling a great big lie and total fabrication because NESARA has never even been formally made into a Bill or presented for either a Committee vote or a full vote or Congress

Scam artists often latch on to something that sounds good to relieve suckers of money. For example, scam artists will often set up boiler-room phone solicitations to seek charitable donations for firemen or policemen, which the scam artists then pocket without actually giving any money to firemen or policemen. The making of charitable donations to firemen and policemen is a good thing, but the scam artists simply divert the donations to their own pockets.

The NESARA proposal is currently being used in just this sort of a scam. Some of the same people who helped keep alive the myth that Omega Trust & Trading would eventually pay out millions of dollars for every $100 sent to “trader” Clyde Hood (now convicted and serving a lengthy prison sentence), are now saying that Omega Trust & Trading and the other “original Prosperity Programs” will still pay out their millions/ billions/ trillions/ quadrillions of dollars when (not if) the “true NESARA law” is finally announced.

The scam artists pitching the NESARA scam claim that the “True NESARA Law” was already adopted by Congress in 2001, but that Congress has been keeping it a secret all this time (like anybody in Washington D.C. can really keep a secret about anything), and that soon the “True NESARA Law” will be announced. According to these scam artists, the “True NESARA Law” does the following:

All of the “Prosperity Programs” (failed HYIP and bank debenture scams) will fund, giving zillions of dollars to those smart enough to have invested in them and believed in them even after their promoters were convicted of fraud and went to prison.

Because the funding of the “Prosperity Programs” will swamp the Earth with wealth, nobody in any country will ever have to pay taxes again, which is nice.

Because the banks will have more money than they will know what to do with (because of deposits from those smart enough to invest in the “Prosperity Programs”), there will be “Debt Forgiveness” of all debts, i.e., home mortgage payments, car payments, credit card payments, whatever, which is also nice.

The scam artists have set up several websites “updating” NESARA and pitching the coming debt forgiveness and new money system. These websites make some of the wildest, bizarre, and downright gut-busting statements as to why the “True NESARA Law” has not yet been announced. For instance, at [link to www.2012.com.au] NESARA_Update.html the scammers claim that on September 11, 2001,

" at 10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, Alan Greenspan, was scheduled to announce the new Treasury Bank system, DEBT FORGIVENESS for all U.S. citizens, and abolishment of the IRS as the first part of the public announcements of NESARA.

Instead, at just before and after 9 a.m. EDT, planes attacked the World Trade Center. The attack on the WTC served to stop the announcement of NESARA because a crucial banking computer center on the first and second floors of the WTC was prevented from carrying out a computer system download to U.S. banks which was scheduled to begin at 9 A.M. EDT."

This same website similarly claims that:

“For the last month in Orange County California, citizens have been receiving letters enabling them to have ALL their credit card debts forgiven and their mortgage debt taken off their shoulders. If their mortgage was taken out before 1997, it is totally "forgiven" and the DEED to the property will be mailed out to the owner. If the mortgage was taken out during 1997 or later, the mortgage bank is required to turn it into a "self-liquidating loan" which the BANKS are required to pay off on behalf of the citizens. Some lucky people in Orange County are receiving these benefits of NESARA which EVERY citizen in the United States is SUPPOSED to have ALREADY RECEIVED!”

Hmmm. So everybody in Orange County, California (about 4 million people) had all their debts forgiven but the rest of the nation didn’t hear about it? Wow, the power of the government to suppress information cannot be underestimated! For that matter, we here at Quatloos! are all in Orange County, but our debts weren’t forgiven. Hmmm.

But if you think all of that is strange, you haven’t heard anything yet. The primary scam artist goes by the name of "Dove of Oneness" or usually just “Dove” hosts a website called “The Four Winds” at [link to www.fourwinds10.com] that spews a bunch of New Age hooey, such as “Lord Ari’s Galactic Tales”. Additionally, Dove has an “update line” that you can call at: (206) 781-3897 to hear the latest updates on the “True NESARA Law”. These updates, which are archived both on Dove’s website and ours (for posterity, of course) offer totally bizarre news events, such as that “100,000 Bankers who would not accept the True NESARA Law have been eliminated” and that the spaceships of the Galacticans are regularly seen visiting Washington D.C.

For those of you in law enforcement, Dove has listed her address for purposes of sending “donations” as:

3430 Pacific Ave. SE
Suite A6, Box 217
Olympia, Washington 98501

which apparently, in a course consistent with more sane scam artists, is simply a drop-box. Dove has conspired with a bunch of other scam artists/nuts

But others much less intelligent have allowed themselves to be drawn into this scam, as have some who have been mentioned as “White Knights” (whom the scammers claim are persons that protect the “True NESARA Law” and fight for it’s announcement) who probably aren’t even aware of NESARA. The nut category includes Sheldan Nidle, who gives updates from the Planetary Activation Organization, [link to www.paoweb.com,] and writer David Icke, [link to www.davidicke.com,] who claims that most important politicians and leaders are actually shape-shifting lizards from outer space, see [link to www.davidicke.com] icke/ temp/ reptconn.html.

But as amazingly stupid as all this stuff is, it is still nothing more-or-less than a scam, and one that is at times simple to discern and at other times more complex.

The easy part of the scam is little more than a common “donations” scam. Dove and several of these nuts openly solicit “donations”, ostensibly to keep their phone lines on, etc. When they need more money, they will spin a bogus tale of somebody needed medical treatment or an operation, or about somebody’s house about to foreclosed, and invite their listeners to send them money. Then, they simply pocket the cash.

The most active of these scammers is Jennifer Lee who, again for our friends in law enforcement, lists her address for purposes of sending “donations” as:

8726 South Sepulveda, Apt. B-13
Los Angeles, California, 90045

Jennifer operates her own “update line” at (310) 842-5902, and daily (and sometimes three or four times per day) generates several minutes of airhead stream-of-consciousness, usually summarizing Dove’s updates or reciting the babble of several other scam artists who have come on board. These scam artists have amusing names, such as “A and A”, the “King of Swords”, and our personal favorite, “The Nameless Ones”.

Usually, towards the end of her message, Jennifer will spin a sob story about not being able to pay the rent, or pay her phone bill, or pay her electricity bill, or whatever else comes to mind, and about once a week she asks for money to “help” somebody else out. The Galacticans must sure be cheap if they themselves can’t help ‘ol Jennifer out with the phone bill!

From this relatively simple scam comes the more complex stuff. Dove and other scam artists will from time-to-time either offer themselves or direct their listeners to their shills who continue to sell units in one or another of the “Prosperity Programs”. Believe-it-or-not, people actually send money to these idiots to buy units in programs that have proven to be totally fraudulent, and where the original promoters (such as Omega’s Clyde Hood) are serving long prison terms. Ah, the stupid and their money shall soon be parted . . .

Some of Dove’s function is just to keep the scam victims quiet and thinking that eventually they will receive their money. Before Clyde and the other Omega fraudsters were indicted, Dove was strident in remarks aimed at keeping the sheep in line for sheering. Although we’re not sure, Dove’s voice seems eerily familiar to that of “Mumbles”, who ran a scam called Destiny that was supposed to “fund” at the same time as Omega. People actually sent “Mumbles” $100 bills wrapped in aluminum, without getting receipts, and then listened to bizarre messages predicting imminent funding on a voice machine traced to Texas. Again, the stupid and their money are soon parted . . .

This scam also has, in addition to the weird New Age aspects, an extremist left-wing bent. Hardly a week goes by that Dove doesn’t call for or predict the arrest of Bush, Cheney, et al., and at times Dove’s messages have seemed to be an open invitation for some nut to take unilateral action and attempt to assassinate them so that the “Prosperity Programs” can finally fund.

More information on other these and other looney-tunes is on our Omega Chronicles page, at [link to www.quatloos.com] cm-omega/ omega-chronicals.htm
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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This is the true NESARA site:
[link to www.nesara.us]
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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Right, all the other phony NESARA crap is disinfo to discredit the movement.
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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[link to www.omegansareliars.com]
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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keep the critic to yourself

we ll just have to wait and see
12/08/2005 10:07 AM
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You´ll be waiting a long time.