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No intelligent person denies that UFO’s exist . I mean ,the problem is not “Unidentified Flying Objects”, which can be anything ,right. The problem with the UFO community is that they immediately LEAP to the conclusion that UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecrafts with absolutely no evidence to support it. It’s, like, “I just saw something I’ve never seen in the sky before, and I can’t identify it.. Therefore =Extraterrestrial!...That’s crazy and ignorant .

And then I see all these Ancient Aliens and UFO hunter crap documentaries, with declared “scientist” jumping straight to the extraterrestrial conclusion. Realistically , there is no evidence anywhere that UFOs originate beyond Earth. Even the kookiest alien encounters feature aliens that are strait out of Star Trek,,, hilarious! I am sure you all have seen it: Humanoids, with articulated arms, legs, fingers, toes, seemingly perfectly evolved for walking around Earth, breathing our air at the same gas mixture and atmospheric pressure. Do you realize how impossibly slim are the odds that an alien species could survive let alone thrive on this planet?!? Even the Reptoid stories describe creatures that apparently evolved on Earth. But, I mean, it’s not just the UFO documentaries that throw common freakin sense and logic to the wind… I’ve seen the same thing, the same stupidity in the so-called “scientific” documentaries addressing the Big Bang and Black Holes and Magnetars/Quasars and all sorts of theoretical nonsense PRESENTED AS FACT.


Astronomy is a massive edifice of theories. Theories that are not even useful to us all. It’s just pure speculative nonsense. Astronomers are the first to tell you, they wake up in a new world every day ,because their theories get trashed with such regularity . It’s not only the fact that most of what is presented as science is pop-theory, it’s the fact that these scientific documentaries attempt tp frighten the bejeezus out of viewers with nonsense…

For example , one of the most common topics on science network TV is if the human race would(could) escape the earth before the sun turned into a red giant 5 billion years from now. I was stunned into silence. This is what scientific documentaries are teaching the average viewer(mainly kids) today. What a fucking joke!

My answer: The human race will evolve into a n entirely different species , if we don’t kill ourselves in the next million years, No, no human being is EVER going to see the end of the Solar System. No human being will ever prove the existence of Black Holes or Magnetars/Quasars or the Big Bang. Because we evolve to quickly, we adapt too quickly . If we survive the next million years , we won’t be human beings.

All these factual documentaries are pure bunk. They’re not designed to enlighten you. They are designed to mindlessly follow the theorists- who have NO IDEA of where they are going. They are just making money off of bogus videos and bogus literature… And don’t think those various Biblical Archaeology documentaries are any different. They are produced by the same people who produced Ancient Aliens and Deep Space Marvels. They are all produced with very little attention to biblical detail. It’s all prose and some atheist video-editor patching together brief clips of bad interviews with biblical scholars,, attempting to scientifically explain why the bible is bunk. Which it is in a way… My point is ,,ITS ALL RUBBISH!

Yes Science , which is based on a mountain of theory(like the 911 official storyline),, is as much a religion as anything they attempt.

And No!, radio astronomers haven’t discovered anything. You can’t point to anything that radio astronomy has discover3ed, because radio astronomy is depending on signals that are thousands , hundreds of thousands, millions and billions of years old. Everything about radio astronomy and astronomy and astrophysics is generally theoretical . Like the Big Bang, Black Holes etc….. let me tell you something , you could look at the discoveries made right here in our solar system, as our interplanetary probes have drawn back the veil on the various planets ,moons, asteroids, and cometary bodies…Without fail , the closer we come to the planets ,moons and the rest , the less we find we really knew about them. The Voyager probe rewrote the books on everything we thought we knew about the solar system. Until we go on site and observe the planets and galaxies at close range we can’t say we know anything about the universe. That’s why it’s absurd to accept anything from astronomers as hard ,cold fact. Astronomers don’t deal in fact.

Back to Alien-voodoo-science….

Now ,,, is there a plausibility of aliens existing in this infinite (its actually finite) vast universe ?.... SURE. But who care if they do exist. Who cares if we exist. What is in between is the ”elephant in space”. Meaning Space is hostile and this Hostile space will be ones(the space traveler) surrounding-environment for a huge amount of time . Space is Toxic for life . Any life, especially ours.

For any “being” [they] would have to master three(3) vital points . And when I say master , I mean, having the New-physics to conquer these 3 points.

First, is obtaining the capabilities to reach Light Speed. This of course would only account for short distances because LS is still too slow in our universe.

Second, is creating an Event Horizon. This is the only way to crossover vast distances. There is no other way. Whether its using a Black/White Hole, Worm Holes or other unknown forms of folding space; They are all considered Event Horizons.

Third, is Life Support, which is the most important; Aside from the fact that the moment we pass our orbital realm we begin to die quickly ,we must deal with AGING ,,and aging sucks when your destination is 500 years away. ( and don’t get me started with light years).

In addition, the vast amount of energy one would have to release to get from point a to point b. There is no known technology at present to propel a manned or even unmanned vehicle at anything near small fraction of the speed of light. The fastest vehicles ever created by mankind are the Voyager probes , used a gravitational slingshot off the plane Jupiter to attain a velocity from 50,000mhp to 100,000mhp. That’s still the fastest speed ever attained by a man made vehicle , and 5 times faster than any NASA/Airforce propulsion system. The Voyager probes have been in space for over 33 years , and they haven’t even escaped our solar system yet. When the Voyager does cross the Heliopause( where our solar wind terminates) , they will have traveled in those 33+ years or so a full Light Day. Not one light year , ONE LIGHT DAY. One light day is the diameter of our solar system. It is 4 light years to the next nearest star system,,,, please understand this. So far our fastest vehicle ever require about 40 years to travel ONE LIGHT DAY. Multiply that #^% for the amount of time required to travel ONE LIGHT YEAR= 14,000 years . Multiply that by Four light years= 60,000 years. We are talking about way over 50,000 years to reach our nearest star to by traveling 5 times faster than our current propulsion system. Are you starting to grasp how insane the thought of space travel becoming a reality for any being is?!?!


When you hear futurists discussing faster than light speed space travel, they are talking pure fantasy, it’s not based on current technology . We have no idea of how to approach LS or sustain human life in space let alone an extended journey. When you hear string-theorists discussing non-local simultaneity , they are talking subatomic particles- they are not talking about a 12 million-ton deep space colony probe with a crew of 60 human beings.

It took us about 200,000 years to travel 300 miles from the surface of earth to low orbit. Once into the realm of microgravity , it took us another 10 years to reach the Moon. So realistically , from the time we invented the powered flight , it took us 80 years to travel a quarter of a million miles.

And then we STOPPED!

We abandoned our manned interplanetary Apollo program in the 1970s. Our best manned efforts have been stuck in low orbit for the last 40 years. In other words, WE HIT A WALL, and we were barely out of Earth’s atmosphere. Not only do we not have the propulsion tech, we do not have a reliable power source + no life support technology. And there is no hidden technology or some reversed engineered alien spacecraft hidden in a hanger somewhere. That’s fantasy talk .

AND,,,, All of this ,also goes for imaginary aliens thriving in some imaginary alien planet. Life is life, and hostile space cannot be encountered here or tested here on earth:

So don’t assume because some microbe can be thriving in extreme heat or cold , that gives us the right to assume aliens can exist.

So don’t assume because the plausibility an imaginary alien planet could plausibly exist and be plausibly much holder or much younger than us,, should merit the ignorance in blindly believing these being would have and create imaginary-new and much more advance physics to master(obtain) space travel .

It’s all fantasy and solely based on one thing : BLIND FAITH.
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