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Message Subject Lauryn Hill Exposing ILLUMINATI
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is definitely an attack against the Luciferian, Zionist, Occultist Illuminati.

Check this out:

"In the Neo-Luciferian Church we adhere to the following simple statements:

1. Lucifer is the deity[b/] of illumination, education and insight.
2. Lucifer is the deity of pride
3. Lucifer is the deity of freedom.
4. Lucifer is the deity of prosperity.
5. Lucifer is a primeval force."

You can read more here: [link to www.neoluciferianchurch.org]

Additionally, I highlighted the point about devil's technology, because its well known that Luciferians worship knowledge and science, and therefore love to control the masses through technology.

Check out this Luciferian Manifesto right here:
[link to www.scribd.com]

The Luciferians are subtly abusing the people of the world. We are slaves fighting for our spiritual freedom above all else. Check it, Lauryn's lyrics make specific attacks against them and their bullshit. It's all a mind game folks.
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