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Message Subject Hpw to succesfully secede from the USA.
Poster Handle danielHut
Post Content
From: Daniel Hutchins (quoted above)

If you accept benefit-priveleges of US citizenship, then you are a US citizen.

If you are new to this subject, then you are probably contracting with the US.

0) Do you have a mailbox? Yes? Uh-oh. Everytime you accept mail from the mail box, if it has a zip code, if the state is given as a two-character representation, if it has an address, and if you accepted the benefit privelege of allowing the mail to be delivered to your mailbox, then you are a US citizen.

1) Absolutely absolutely absolutely if you do not want to be in the union, stop voting in it. Voting is 100% voluntary and intentional. If you vote, you are a citizen of the USA.

2) Military service is 100% voluntary and intentional. If you are serving, then you are a citizen of the USA.

1b) Are you a registered voter? Yes? OK. If you want to get out of the union, you have to rescind every single voter signature, where you signed, yes, you are a "US Person" or that, yes, you are a 14th amendment citizen.

3) Do you have a driver's license? Uh-oh. If you signed the driver license application without taking any exception by accommodation, then you are a US citizen.

This is a huge problem. They violate the Magna Carta everytime they molest a traveller for not "carrying his papers." I suggest prudence. sign the driver's license by accommodation to make clear that you are not the US Person that is contracted.

4) Do you have a bank account? If yes, you probably signed that YES, you are a US person. Therefore, everything you put into the account is owned by the government, not you.

5) Realize that USA is a registered trademark of the UNITED STATES corporation.

6) There is a republic which is spelled with "united" as an adjective which modifies "States," the same as on the Declaration of Independence:

Republic for the united States of America

This is de jure, on the land.

Thanks for quoting my letter to the editor.
Also, thanks for giving me credit.

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