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Message Subject Hpw to succesfully secede from the USA.
Poster Handle danielHut
Post Content
From: Daniel Hutchins (quoted above)

Someone wrote:
Why don't you just move? Move to another country.
You are already in another country. USA is the District of Columbia. the so-called "states" are occupied territory wanting for a government.

Also, do you like roads? Cops, Safe food?
The cops break more laws than they enforce.
You like safe food, but is it safe to go to work in the WTC, or is it safe to breath air?

If any state were to secede from the USA, the federal government would look at them as a national security issue. Interesting, but I'm not sure about this. They have an oath to uphold the constitution of the united States of America. If such a movement only sought to peacefully occupy the prior-existing states, they just might defend such a movement.

You would be cut off from the entire world. completely wrong. The entire world does not like the United States. If someone sought to establish a new republic and offered favorable relationships, the foreign nations, might recognize such a movement.

Or do you think you will create an economy and buy from China, N Korea, Iran, Hammas? Because USA and the rest of the developed world won't trade with you. part of this is wrong. They WILL trade with us.
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