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Message Subject Tried everything rational ... I need some "Magick", Please Help
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I must agree with this statement "Because once you start practicing the occult, your body starts resonating in vibrations that attract bad energies." as I am a practitioner of magick and I do not advise anyone to open this door. However, if you do then you MUST be clear that the entity that comes through is only to do one thing and then return through the door. I warned you...

If you want Satan in your life repeat the last phrase 3 times.

May Satan the all-powerful Prince of Darkness
And Lord of Earth Grant me my desires.
Let there be ecstasy and darkness;
let there be chaos and laughter,
Let there be sacrifice and strife:
but above all let us enjoy The gifts of life.
Zazas Zazas Nasatanata Zazas.

Thread: Son of Malcolm X Satan is Barack Obama Rothschild Muslim Brotherhood Kabbalah Pindar Ritul Kissinger Brzezinski World War 3 (Page 212)

As far as I understand, it is unwise to use magic or magick to control other people. Even influencing results in opening a door to darkness...

If your heart is pure and you want the best for the girl, you'll find a way.

But if you do go down that road ( all information on spells, magick, magic, witchcraft is on the internet, if you know how and where to search), you should prepare yourself first.

Because once you start practicing the occult, your body starts resonating in vibrations that attract bad energies.

And if you are not prepared and aware of their attacks, you'll soon find yourself as their puppet.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 390917

I don't want to highjack this thread, but since you claim that you practice magick, I can't help myself.

if you don't want to answer I'll understand.

Do you go by Crowley?
What do you use magick for?

Did you come across the teachings of Gurdieff?

It is said that he is a practicioner of illumination magic as opose to the Crowley occult magick. And supposedly Rasputin and Crowley were both very scared of him.
It is also said that in Germany before the Nazis the elite had mystic lodges of the teachings of Gurdjieff which were then overrun by the Crowley occult Nazi lodges.

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