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Message Subject Tried everything rational ... I need some "Magick", Please Help
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You will need to draw on the floor (or 4 large poster board paper) a 5 pointed star using chalk / pen then circle that star. Make the star large enough to encircle yourself, candles and your wife's hair from her hairbrush. Print out a photo of the parents. Put that photo on a sacrificial alter (ashtray) in front of the circled star. Sit inside the star and chant away and burn the the objects, sage, etc but make sure your stay inside. Make sure another 2nd evil entity doesn't sneak in past the main entity who you are commanding. Keep in mind you are commanding. Then Ask and you shall receive. Be nice like your original post - all you want is your daughter back and wife to be free. Don't waver, be on guard, stay focused. Send the bastard back where it came from once the flames about to go out. Don't even try that Jesus God stuff around Satan - you'll will open up Pandora's Box if you do, no joke, leave Jesus at Church. It may take a day or two but you'll see the results.
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