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Message Subject Tried everything rational ... I need some "Magick", Please Help
Poster Handle FRIEND
Post Content
Don't even try that Jesus God stuff around Satan - you'll will open up Pandora's Box if you do, no joke, leave Jesus at Church. It may take a day or two but you'll see the results.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 390917

Slimy, slithering snake trying to inject you with its venom. Not even from a religious perspective, but here this person is, actually recommending to you to renounce positive, good intentioned energy in order to reach your goals...NOT good.

It's people like this that you need to be vigilant against,
the deception of the dark, the blindness, it's a powerful force and you can easily lose your way in confusion. As above, so below. Well when you focus on darkness you will ONLY attract more of it ... and the next thing you know, you will realize the error of your ways, only existentially to realize it will very likely be TOO LATE as 'the claws' sink in.

Don't let it happen - don't wager your Soul! The deception is coming to a crescendo before it is exposed...few years yet, patience. You will reap what you sew, no exceptions. Good luck.
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