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Message Subject Tried everything rational ... I need some "Magick", Please Help
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
friend, all of this useless banter aside
even those who wish to help perhaps, though I see more ego than true help
there are ways, but probably the best way would be for you to find your way for yourself
to unseating her with a will, from where she is confined
you have the strength within you friend
and the love shared between a father and a daughter is stronger than the toughest steel, I feel you right and true there
I will do what I can, but without more to go on from here it will be hard
reach within you and use the strength you have to pass beyond these simpletons and simple warnings and fearmongering
useless chatter and bible waving, something the "pious" should have gotten over long ago
reach within you friend
and you will find your way
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