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Message Subject DNA Test Performed in Alien Abduction Case...Basque Link ...Aryan Chinese Mummy Link
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I happen to 1/4 Basque.

It is said that the Basque and Gaelic/Irish were the original inhabitants of this planet and that they come from Atlantis. Then the flood came and they migrated to their current homelands.

There was a Basque writer I forgot his name that claimed that Basque was spoken on earth during Babylonian times and when they were building tower of Babylon to reach the heavens god prevented it by destroying the language and making everyone speak a different toungue, this is in the bible in fact.

Reason this writer said this is cause one of the provinces of the Basque Country is Guipuzkoa, which literally translates to, "our broken language"

Some food for thought....
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