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Ghetto Monk's Karma

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4/29/2013So much easier to be here now. Gratitude.
4/28/2013Good warning monk :)
4/27/2013Keep up the great work!
4/27/2013Garbage Disposal
4/27/2013GLP Spring Cleaning
4/27/2013Ty from kitkat123
4/27/2013Great Job GM. Thanks for all you do - Nem
4/25/2013Because the AC tard pissed me off. -SewDucky
4/25/2013Everything is A-O, *boooom!* - CoTA
4/24/2013The guy in your avatar is cool
4/24/2013Why am I banned from your threads? Kate :(
4/24/2013Megalomaniac, much?
4/24/2013BillyClubs For Students!!!
4/24/2013He is the Ghetto Monk the half brother of Bone Funkenstein
4/24/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/24/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/24/2013Thanks for doing a Round-up!....Exempler​
4/24/2013Fuck Alex Jones!! -snark
4/23/2013Yay Rah Truth!
4/23/2013I know ya dont need more karma, but thanks for keeping GLP on track.
4/23/2013Welcome Back! Molon Labe 2013
4/23/2013Glad to be on the right side of that line.
4/23/2013You are amazing. I think I have a crush on you
4/23/2013You nailed it. -Astro
4/23/2013Please Please do not make the "comedian" a mod...
4/22/2013From theworldsenemy thanks
4/22/2013Just for being u
4/22/2013So you Muzzie lovers - don't go away mad... just go away :)
4/21/2013Fuck those libs. ~ LunaticFringe
4/21/2013For banning Australian ACs! - Comedian
4/21/2013Telling it how it is
4/21/2013I fucking love you, GM.
4/21/2013Just adding to your already full good karma. :)
4/21/2013I hate Muslims too but you're just as full of shit as they are
4/21/2013Correct sir not all is a conspiracy.. reality happens
4/20/2013For speaking truth about the death cultists
4/20/2013Godness Greatness Great Balls of Fire. pool
4/20/2013Bad taste in badmouthing a truth searcher, He should be asshamed of him self
4/20/2013The boss
4/19/2013Love Not Fear! Much love ..11:11..
4/19/2013EleKtroN was here :)
4/19/2013Racist tard doomster
4/19/2013Friday Green!! ~Chip
4/19/2013This stupid post. Since when do we accept everything the msm says? Glad this thread got 2.5 stars
4/19/2013About time the truth comes out :)
4/19/2013Word! Darth!
4/19/2013You have BIG cojones. Watching the world
4/19/2013Calling muslims filthy how dare you your filthy
4/19/2013Always liked you Trin! -SumTingWong
4/18/2013The "you know who" thread is more than just a little interesting...thanks - salty1
4/18/2013For sharing the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Wow.
4/18/2013Agreed on AJ.
4/18/2013I bet ur hot
4/18/2013Youre fair!
4/18/2013GG Allin, disgusting, brave, true.
4/18/2013Thank you we have been under attack for some time, scribbbler!
4/17/2013Yes....for that we are grateful.
4/17/2013God is good! he surely answers prayers! :D
4/17/2013Thanks. -w_nb
4/16/2013Awesome fucking attitude! Gypsy
4/16/2013Are you serious?
4/16/2013Speaking out of ignorance- veracious common sense.
4/15/2013Helping all victims accused online crime plausible D.
4/14/2013I like this Ghetto Monk...Madigan
4/14/2013Never thought I'd red Karma you, but that racist joke thread was not what I thought GLP was about.
4/14/2013Racist Thread
4/14/2013Thanks much! ~ ItsMaKa2
4/14/2013You crossed a line bud... thats all
4/14/2013You Do Have A Good Heart - Guam
4/14/2013That's some funny crap!
4/13/2013Keep GLP burning! - RoXY
4/13/2013You still rock Trinity. Sledster
4/13/2013Doing what you want to do, without anyone else's opinion in the way. kudos.
4/13/2013Fuck the biscuit lip motherfuckers, all deserve bullets in there heads +1 for the boss
4/13/2013Just ugly, Only point in any thread is it is someone else's fault
4/13/2013Eat this
4/13/2013Monk for the win! -Downtown
4/13/2013Awesome thread! Commanderbukkake
4/13/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/13/2013Hide his food stamps under his work boots.. -ahahahahaa -Anubis
4/13/2013For shit stiring food stamp joke. Desert Fox
4/13/2013I'm sorry you're so stupid
4/13/2013Your ally forever, i love u man - jack o' diamonds
4/12/2013For the confusing thread full of Primus! Junkyard Lily :-)
4/9/2013... --- -- . / --. .-. . . -. / ..-. --- .-. / -.-- --- ..-
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